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    Expired on: Fri, Dec 30th, 2011
    Another FUN FUN FUN train. So I have not been doing tran for awhile but i need to do another lol.
    So this is how it will work.
    I will do at least 2 cars. 1 for newbies and 1 for oldies lol.
    if we have a lot of riders i will make another train to accommodate.
    Mail date.... 1 Week from when we are full!!!
    In the meantime I will run fun contests. Any prizes that need to be mailed can then just be added to your envie. Contests will run until the day I send your envies back to you

    Some seats are reserved on this train for riders who have asked for the train. i will do my best to get everyone who wants on.

    Train Rules:
    * Trade rating of 50 or higher for the oldie train. Trade rating for 50 or lower for the newbie train
    *Got this great idea from KK7( thanks for letting me borrow)
    We will be sending $4 minimum in coupons to other riders.
    * BOGO are worth $2
    * 1 Stamp for every $ missing
    * If you are really stuck PM me and I will see what I have
    * minimum for 40 items on your wishlist. Please include 15 easy to find coupons. Either tear pad, websaver, save,P&G etc.
    *Only send exact coupons from riders wishlist unless Ok'd first( please send me PM's to verify)
    *FPC's will go by the value of the product on the coupon. We all value them differently so for this train we will value them at the suggested retail price. Seems the fairest way!
    *Coupons must expire November 30 or later, NO early expires unless rider oks. Please forward me PM's to verify this is ok
    *Please separate coupons (paperclips, saran wrap or baggies) and clearly label who each bundle is for and who it is from
    *Mail Date:Thurs oct 27th
    *Post in thread and PM wishlist to reserve seat
    *BP-Please send 3 "P" stamps to mail your envie back. *Make sure to get envelope weighed to ensure proper postage
    *If you do not send Wl coupons I will use your postage to send your envie back to you and you will get a neutral FB. ONLY WL coupons!!!

    1.Shop Girl-mailed

    1.Squark-dropped off-picked up envie
    2.dlee-mailed home
    3.kristab84-mailed home
    4.hydroxybutane-mailed home
    5.beckz1-mailed home
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    Sweetmomma's WishList
    No TFT/Printed/Store Specific/French Please

    FPC Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
    FPC Strawberries
    FPC Dempsters Country Originals Bread(websaver)
    FPC 12pk Coke(websaver)
    FPC Oasis Juice(1.75L Refrigerated, 960ml or 8x200ml Classic, Fruit Zoo, Fruits ETC)
    FPC Cineplex Popcorn
    Baby Mum Mums
    Diaper Genie II Elite Refills
    Huggies Pullups(long expiry)
    B2G1 Gerber Graduates
    Pampers Wipes
    $4+ Pampers Easy Ups
    $3 Nexxus
    $1 SoftSoap Body Wash(Nov Glow Magazine)
    B3G1 Knorr(good on Bovril & broth cubes)
    Jakes Bakehouse Bread
    $1 Bounty
    $1 Charmin
    $1 Any French's Mustard(good on one)
    $1 Classico(NED)
    $1 Natrel(tearpad, Shoppers Voice-no specialty milk)
    Goldfish Crackers(hot chocolate label?)
    $1 Any General Mills(peelie)
    $1 Any Cheerios(from Pampers)
    Welch's Grape Juice
    $2 Any Janes
    $3 Aveeno(J & J Callin-blue)
    $1 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner(websaver)
    $1 Any Energizer Max Batteries(2012 expiry)
    Any Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks(good on any size)
    Pampers GTG Diaper/Pant Codes
    Huggies ETR Diaper/Pant Codes
    Sihouette 0+ Pins for free magazine
    Stouffers Pins
    M & M Bag Top-Collect 8 For Movie Tickets
    Playtex Bucks
    Kimberly Clark(good on many brands--from company)
    Catelli Smart Pasta(websaver)
    $2 WUB 2 Eggs
    $0.30 Catelli Pasta
    $2 WUB 2 Wonderbread
    $1 Dempsters Country Naturals Bread
    $1 Any Special K
    $2.50 Olymel Frozen Poultry Products
    $2 WUB Tide 20 Load+ Laundry Detergent(Shoppers Voice)
    $2 Royale Paper Towels(Shoppers Voice)
    $5 Chapmans
    Boxtops For $5 Gas Card Promo(Special K Bars, Nutrigrain, All Bran, Fibre Plus only)
    Miracle Whip
    $1 HealthBreak, Jr Juice, Oasis Premium
    Motts Fruitsations
    $2 Turtles (rice crispy box)

    Shop Girls Wishlist
    FPCs & HVs

    FPC Kraft Amooza
    FPC Mott's Clamato (from Shopper's Voice)
    FPC Mr. Big chocolate bar
    FPC Oasis Fruit Zoo 8x200ml
    FPC Quaker granola bars (valid on the chewy granola bars)
    $5.00 Chapmans
    $5.00+ Colgate-Palmolive (coupon must be valid on any Colgate-Palmolive product)
    $5.00 Playtex Bucks (coupon must be valid on any Playtex item)

    Unused PINS or Codes or other non-coupon wishes:

    Disney Movie Reward codes from dvd purchases (please write down what movie it’s from)
    M&M candy pouch tops eligible for 2 free movie tickets when you collect 8
    Pampers Diapers Gifts to Grow Codes (from diaper packages)

    Regular Coupons

    Act II popcorn (must be valid on any type or size)
    $1.00 Aero chocolate bars
    $1.00+ off one package of any Armstrong cheese
    Astro Yogurt (must be valid on the Smooth & Fruity variety)
    Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix or Syrup
    Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Multi-Purpose Solution 355ml. have found $5.00 (74208760) and $3.00 (74208773) both expiring May 31-12
    Becel (must be valid on any size – or at least the 907g tub and not type specific)
    $1.00+ Campbell's (coupons valid on any Campbell's company products)
    $1.00+ Cheerios
    Cheese Pleasers
    Classico Pasta Sauces RRRLF
    B1G1 Coke 12x355ml case(
    $1.00 Colgate-Palmolive (coupon must be valid on any Colgate-Palmolive item)
    $1.00+ voucher Congra Foods
    Heinz Baby $1.00 off ANY one product
    Heinz Baby Cereal $1.50
    Heinz Little Kids products $1.00+ RRLF ($2.00 wyb 2 okay too)
    Heinz Toddler products $1.00
    Huggies Diapers valid on any diapers from the manufacturer, (not from flyer coupon inserts please)
    Huggies Wipes valid on any wipes from the manufacturer, (not from flyer coupon inserts please)
    $0.30+ Hunt's Snack pack
    J&J Call-in coupons 2012 expiry only: $3 Aveeno, $2 Tylenol, $2.00 Stayfree, $2.00 Band-Aid
    $2.00+ Janes
    Kellogg's cereals (valid on any not cereal specific)
    Kimberley-Clark silver coupons (any amount, must be valid on Huggies)
    B1G1 Kraft Amooza
    Kraft Dinner (regular boxed KD)
    Kraft Dinner (Smart KD from okay)
    Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese (not whipped or wub) ( or other)
    Lean Cuisine (not spa)
    $1.00+ Marc Angelos Meats (No Expiry Date)
    McCain International Pizza
    Mott’s Fruitsations ( or other)
    Nature Valley Granola Bars (must be valid on any type) ( cashew one okay)
    $2 Nivea (valid on any product – not type specific)
    $1.00+ Nutrigrain Bars
    $1.00+ Oasis Juice (Fruit Zoo) must be valid on the 5x200ml packages please
    $1.00 Playtex Bucks (coupon must be valid on any Playtex item)
    $3.00 Purex laundry detergent (valid on any type)
    Quaker (valid on any Quaker product)
    Quaker granola bars (valid on the chewy granola bars)
    Ragu Spaghetti Sauce
    Red Rose tea (valid on any size, must be valid on orange pekoe)
    $3.00 Royale Bathroom Tissue
    Ruffles Potato Chips
    Stayfree $5 wyb 2 (
    $1.50+ Stouffer’s Bistro
    SunRype 100% Apple Juice 1L.
    SunRype 5x200ml packs
    Tropicana 100% orange juice (valid on any type or size not Tropics please)
    $1.00 Tetley Tea (valid on the canister size too)
    B1G1 Thinsations
    $0.75 Thinsations (

    Shawlightning's Wiahlist
    TFT-no can't use them in manitoba
    store specific-no, unless co-op (marketplace) or walmart, groupon, websaver, brandsaver-yes

    -Whiskas UPC codes from bag of dry food****RRRLF
    -$5 gas card codes from cereal boxes
    -Box tops from..NUTRIGRAIN bars, SPECIAL K bars, ALL BRAN bars, FIBRE PLUS bars, POP TARTS
    -Bassili’s Best lasagna UPC’S
    -Stouffer’s PIN’s

    FPC cottonelle flushable moist wipes
    FPC Stouffer’s meals
    FPC Kraft shredded cheese (old el paso kits)
    FPC Green Giant Veggies
    FPC Cascade Action Pacs
    FPC Yoplait (cereal boxes)
    FPC Always infinity
    FPC Multibionta
    Marc Angelo $5
    Royale $3.00
    $1 Billy Bee honey - No expiry
    Dole Fruit Cups
    $1.00 or $2.00 Pizza (McCain or Dellisio)
    $5 IAMS cat food
    $3.00+ Quantum Finish (not WUB)
    $5 Skinny cow
    any HV tide laundry soap ($3 or higher and good for any one or HE)
    $3 Purex
    clorox 2/javex 2 for colors
    fresh fruit (off of the cereal boxes or others if available)
    fresh meats (hamburger, pork, chicken, beef)
    gillette save $5 wub3
    $1 gillette body wash
    $2 Old Spice products (6/30/13)
    Carnation hot chocolate
    Mr. Christie snack crackers
    0.75 WUB2 Dare
    $0.50 Bear Paws cereal and fruit
    B1G1 Mach 3 disposable razors
    sunripe squiggles/funbites (printable or others if available)
    POGO corn dogs save $3/$1
    $0.50 yoplait kids (minigo, yogurt tubes) (gocoupons)
    Alpo dog food
    $1 Marc Angelo
    0.75 Pam
    Buy (1) PAM baking/original spray & Save $2 on dozen eggs--Expiry Feb 29/2012 UPC#44405218
    U by kotex (not tween)
    Any Coke/Pepsi products
    $2 Bic Soleil razors
    Shake and Bake
    Right guard deordorant
    Cottonelle wipes refills
    Lysol no Touch soap refills
    Kool aid jammers
    black diamond cheese fun shapes
    Cheese strings (any brand)
    Juice boxes
    Purex toilet paper
    $1.50/$2/$3 Janes chicken burgers/strips
    purina maxx scoop cat litter
    dove bar soap only
    old spice $3 WUB2
    herbal essences
    L'oreal kids shampoo
    any type of kids body wash
    Pizza pops
    chef boyardee
    Heinz beans
    chips (lays, old dutch, Tostitos, Ms. Vickies)
    Uncle Ben’s rice cups
    Good Host ice tea, etc
    philladelphia dips
    Stouffer’s Skillet Sensations
    Stouffer’s express
    2.00 Stouffer’s Saute Sensations
    1.50 Stouffer’s Bistro
    1.50 Lean Cuisine (good for any)
    1.50 orville reddenbaucher popcorn
    Kraft dinner (no pasta salad)
    minute rice (the white one not brown)
    kraft cheese slices
    any block cheese (black diamond, Armstrong, etc)
    arm and hammer cat litter
    miracle whip
    heinz ketchup
    campbells soup (ready to serve ones or good for any)
    bounty, charmin, puffs (not brandsaver insert)
    Huggies Diapers (not the pure and naturals)
    $2 WUB 3 Kraft products
    $1 WUB2 Kraft products
    special K cereal (not oats and honey)
    Post cereal (good on any)
    Kellog’s cereal (good on any)
    General Mills Cereal (good on any)
    $0.50 Gotta Have Snacks (Rice Thins/Wheat Thins/Ritz/Triscuit)
    $1.50 WUB2 Gotta Have Snacks (Rice Thins/Wheat Thins/Ritz/Triscuit)
    betty crocker fruit snacks (not the 11 count boxes from the inserts)
    pop tarts
    toaster strudels
    minute maid frozen juices (not b?g?)
    $2 WUB2 Ziplocs (websaver)
    $2 WUB2 Ziploc products 33687100 Jan 31, 2012
    Glad Zipper bags
    Glad Garbage bags
    White bread (not the whole wheat stuff)
    pudding cups (any brand)

    Lunamoth's Wishlist
    No Printables
    No store specific coupons
    No TFT
    No French YES

    Maxx Scoop Cat Litter FPC
    5.00 prime chicken
    Quaker FPC
    Cereal FPC's
    Coke/Pepsi FPC
    $5 Gas Card Pin & Form cereal box
    $3 purex laundry detergent
    $5.00 Chapman’s icecream
    $2 Kelloggs red ones good on 1 item
    $3+ Janes (no French)
    $2 Delissio pizza
    Cream cheese
    $2.00 Kellogg's Good on any
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Betty Crocker Potatos RRRLF
    $2+ Janes good on any Janes
    Nestle icecream treats
    Folgers PERK coffee
    $1.50 Lean Cuisine
    $1+ Philadelphia cream cheese
    $1 hunts snack pack pudding
    Kraft shredded Cheese
    Any Black Diamond Cheese
    Minigo yogurt
    Old el Paso kits
    1.00 PC Ice Cream Novelties
    Catelli Pasta
    Stouffer's Bistro
    FPC Bistro March exp max value 3.49
    $1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    Quaker bars
    Quacker instant oatmeal
    Triscuits Crackers
    maxwell house coffee
    Ocean Spray Juice
    Any coke
    oasis Fruit Zoo
    Fresh produce
    Fresh fruit

    Couponmama's Wishlist
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT Y,groupon French N
    ,websaver,brandsaver Y

    FPC List
    Any food FPC
    Cineplex Movie Passes
    $$ Chapmans
    $$ Marc Angelo
    $1+ manufacturer’s vouchers good on any product - ConAgra, Kellogg’s, Quaker, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly-Clarke, etc

    Any FPC's or coupons for Nature Select, EVO or Orijen dog food
    ANY Pure Bites dog snack coupons
    Ceasar wet dog food (Regular, not Bistro)

    Renees Salad Dressing RLF (I know it’s out there, I’ve seen them!)
    Kellogg Rice Krispies Cereal regular, not chocolate
    Motts Fruitsations
    $0.75 Lactantia Coffee Cream (from the Creamer carton or other)
    $$ off Milk (regular, not soy or organic)
    GayLea Sour Cream
    Real shelled eggs

    Christie Crackers’n’Cheese
    Black Diamond Cheese Slices, block or shredded (Dec 31 or later expiries)
    Kraft macaroni cups RLF
    Five Roses Flour
    Stouffers/Lean Cuisine
    Dimpfilmeier Rye Bread
    $1.50 / $2 / $3 Janes - good on any
    Pepsi/Coke product (except Pepsi Max)
    $2 Canada Dry
    Campbell soups Regular or Chunky, not Light
    $2 Smartbread (Websaver)
    $2 WUB2 Wonderbread (Websaver)
    $1.50 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (Websaver)
    Any bagels except Dempsters Thin Bagels
    I can’t believe it’s not Butter
    Summer Fresh B1G1 RRLF, early expiries are OK
    Healthy Choice Steamers RRLF, not TFT – I have lots of those
    B1G1 VH Steamers (
    Pillsbury Pizza Pops or Individual Pizzas ($2 Blue peelie or others)
    $2 McCain Thin Crust Pizzas ( or Websaver)
    Any frozen Vegetables
    Any white pasta or Catelli Smart pasta
    Classico, Primo or Catelli spaghetti sauce
    Schniders Hot Rods pepperettes
    B1G1 Peak Freans from Facebook(considered as 2 coupons)
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    $1.25 Dole Fruit n Crisp (

    Nestea/Pepsi/Coke (can’s or bottles)
    Orange Juice (100% Natural Tropicana, Oasis, Simply Orange)
    Frutopia or Five Alive, not frozen or powdered
    ANY Juice boxes or Nestea boxes
    Tassimo T-Disks coupons
    Tetleys Orange Pecoe tea, not Herbal, Green or Decaf

    $3 Purex (with Zout is ok)
    Cerama Brite

    Cosmetics/Hygene products
    Bella Colour Hair colour
    Any Got2B Hair Styling products

    Aeroplan PINs
    Lean Cuisine or Stouffers PINs
    Lunchmate Bucks
    250 SDM Points = $1 in coupons
    PINs from Danone Silhoutte for Free Magazine subscription (count as 2 coupons or 2 points)
    Box tops from Nutrigrain bars, Fibre Plus bars, Special K bars or All-Bran bars (for Ontario Kellogg $5 Gas Promo)
    Kellogg MIR Forms for $5 Gas Card with a purchase of 3 Nutri Grains. ONT only

    Melissa13 Wish list
    No: TFT, French, Printed, store specific

    FPC Allen Saybon Candy (websaver)
    FPC Mr Big/Aero bubbles
    FPC Pop/Juice
    FPC Silk Milk
    FPC Quaker Dipps bars
    Free Kraft shredded cheese wub Old El Paso kit
    B1G1 Aero chocolate/Mars
    Amys Organics products
    Arm and Hammer Carpet deodorizer (
    $1 Arthurs Smoothies (cereal box)
    Aylmer tomatoes (diced/accents okay)
    $0.50 Bear Paws cereal and fruit (tear pad)
    Blue Diamond Almonds
    $2 Brita Filter multi packs
    $1 Café Inspirations (Mar 2012 from mag)
    $1 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    $1 Cheemo Perogies
    $1 Cheerios (good on Banana Nut)
    B1G1 Coca-cola
    $2 wub4 2L Crush pop (not cans - tear pad )
    $1 Dempster’s Country Originals bread (websaver)
    $1.50 Dove any hair product (tear pad)
    Eggs $2 wub2 or $1 wub2
    $1 Europe’s Best fruit (Booklet)
    $1 Gardein (2012 expiry)
    $1 Glad Cling Wrap
    $1 Hain Celestial (2012 expiry pls - have enough Nov 30)
    Halls cough candy (tear pad)
    $1 Hellman’s Mayo 750ml (dec expiry)
    Hunt’s diced tomatoes
    $1 Hunt’s Snak pack pudding or $0.30
    $2 J&J call ins
    $1/$2.00 Kellogg’s Special K Cereal (any flav.)
    B2 Kellogg’s Granola bar boxes and get 1 Minute Maid 10-pk juice free
    B3G1 Knorr Dry soup mix (good on cream of soups)
    $1 Kraft 100% Parmesan grated cheese 250g (2012 exp. tear pad
    $0.75 Kraft dinner Smart (
    Lean Cuisine
    Mach3 Disposable 3ct razors B1G1
    Mars Pet vouchers
    $1 wub Mott’s Fruitsations (
    B1G1 Nature’s Path boxed products (tear pad)
    $1 Nature’s Path boxed products (healthy shoppers booklet)
    $1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Cashew bars (
    $1.00 Nestle ice cream treats (dec)
    $2 Nescafe Capp/latte (may 2012)
    Newman’s own Salsa (looking for diff upc‘s) (insert)
    $0.50/$1 Oasis 980ml shelf juice (go coupons)
    $1 Ocean Spray juice (not diet)
    $1/$2 Old Dutch Chips
    Peak Freans B1G1
    $1 wub2 Pepsi 2L pop or 7up
    Physicians Formula make up
    $1 Pillsbury (from box)
    $1.50 wub2 Ritz/Wheat thins ect.
    $9 Robax (from shoppers voice?)
    Silhouette PIN for magazine promo (= $4 in coupons)
    $2.50 Silk Soy Milk
    Soft Soap (hand or body wash)
    B1G1 SOL Veggie products or $0.75+
    Special K cereal (websaver)
    $5 wub2 Stayfree (
    Stride gum for $0.10 (FB promo = $2 in coupons)
    B1G1 Summer Fresh Dip or $$ off
    B1G1 Sun Chips (tear pad - good at Safeway okay)
    Sunlight laundry PINS
    $ off Tassimo Coffee discs
    $1 Tetley tea (good on ready to drink)
    B1G1 Thinsations or $0.75 (
    B2 Tostitos chips get Salsa free
    Free Trident gum wub 3 participating products (dec)
    $0.75 V8 Original juice (2012 tear pad)
    $2 wub2 wonder bread (websaver)
    $1 Ziplock (tear pad) or $2 wub2 (from booklet 2012)
    Pretty much any food company call-ins or vouchers

    Cotote00's Wishlist
    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – no
    French – no
    Can you stack – yes (but ok if not stackable)
    Store Specific – no
    Printables – no
    $5 Skinny cow
    $5.00 Platex Bucks
    FPC Coke/Pepsi
    FPC Cereal
    $$$$ Chapmans
    $$$$ Ice Cream/Frozen Treats
    FPC Aero Bubbles
    BOGO Pepsi/Coke
    FPC Crest Pro Health
    FPC Febreze Smellies (not MIR's)
    BOGO Thinsations
    BOGO Peakfreans
    $1.00 + U-Kotex (NOT TWEEN) Will accept printable
    $4.00 Kuerig (
    $0.30 or $1.00 Chef Boyardee
    $1.00 or $2.00 Pizza (McCain or Dellisio)
    $1.00/$2.00 Eggs (Fresh only please WUB ok)
    $2.00 Axe
    $2.00 Nescafe Tasters Choice Instant Coffee
    $2.00/$3.00+ Quantum Finish (inserts)
    1.00 Granola Bars (not limited to Value Sizes)
    $1.00 Fruit Snacks (not limited to value pk size)
    $1.00 Platex
    $1.00 johnsonville ground italian sausage
    $1.50/$2.00 Scott Paper Towels (printable is ok)
    $3.00 Beneful Dry Dog Food (
    $1.00 Bisquick
    $1.00/$2.00 Club House seasonings (
    $1.00 McCain Breakfast Potatoes
    $2.00 WUB 2 Wonderbread (
    $2.00 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
    $.75 Thinsations (
    $2.00 WUB 2 Ziploc
    $1.00 Kraft or BD Cheese Singles
    $2.00 Glad Garbage Bags (Outdoor)
    $1.00 Canned Tomtoes (WUB 2 ok)
    $1.00 Pasta Sauce (not Newmans)
    $1.00 Frosting
    $1.00 Ocean Spray Juice
    $1.00 Campbells (good on any)
    CT Money: .50 = 1 coupon
    $1.00 Franks Red Hot Sauce (limit 1 /rider)
    $1.00 Kraft Shredded Cheese (
    $1.00 any General Mills Cereal
    $1.00 Betty Crocker Potatoes
    $1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    $1.00 Crest Toothpaste (limit 1/rider)
    $1.00 MAXX Clumping cat litter (limit 1/rider)
    $1.50 Special K Oats & Honey (
    $3.00 Greenworks cleaners WUB3 (websaver)
    $0.50 WUB 2 pouches or any 1 Dr. Oetker added touch baking mixes
    $2.00 Filippo Berio Olive Oil
    B2G1 Miss Vickies
    $1.00 Old Dutch on 1 bag (220-300g)
    $1.00 Kikkoman
    $2.00 L'Oreal Hair Expertise

    Jody22002's Wishlist:
    French N Y Y Y Y
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT N

    FPC Yogurt
    FPC Quaker
    FPC Juice
    FPC Bread
    Any Call Ins


    BOGO Peek Freens
    BOGO VH Steamers
    2.00 wub2 wonderbread(websaver)
    1.00 Nature Valley(not value sized-websaver/
    2.00 All Bran
    1.00 Fiber Plus Bars
    2.00 wub5 Heinz
    1.00 wub3 Heinz
    .50 HP Sauce
    .30/.50/1.00 Chef Boyardee
    1.00 Oliveri Pasta
    .30 Catelli
    1.00 Hunts Pasta Sauce
    1.00 Classico
    2.00 off eggs wub Pam
    .75 Thinsations(websaver)
    .50 Peek Freens
    .50 Dare Simple Pleasures
    .75 wub2 Dare
    .50 Bear Paws Cookies
    .50 Wagon Wheels
    1.50 wub2 Christie Crackers
    1.00 Little Bites Cereal
    1.00 Ocean Spray
    1.00 Oasis Nutrisource
    .50 Oasis
    2.00 Oasis(magazine)
    1.00 Oasis Juice Boxes
    .50 Minute Maid Juice
    .50 SunRype
    1.00 wub2 Rockstar
    b2g1 Aquafina
    .50/1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    2.00 Van Houtte
    Maxwell House Coffee
    .75 Crystal Light
    .50 Del Monte Cups
    .75/1.25 Dole Fruit Crisp
    1.00 wub2 Mott's Fruit Sensations
    2.00 Saute Sensations
    1.50 Stouffers
    1.00 Smart Ones Soup or Frozen Meals
    1.00 Johnsonville
    2.00 Olymel peelie
    .50 Olymel Weiners
    1.00 Olymel Bacon
    1.50 Sunny D
    1.00 Country Naturals
    1.00 Mapleleaf Canned Meat
    1.00 Mapleleaf Natural Selects
    1.00 Lilydale
    1.00 Schneiders
    Tuna(not flavoured)
    .30 Hunts Puddings
    1.00 Hunts Snack pack
    1.50 Splenda(not 3.00 wub2 or 1.00)
    .50 Quaker Heart Medleys
    1.00 Europeans Best Fruit
    1.00 Old Dutch
    1.00 Cheese Whiz(
    .75 Black Diamond
    .75 Kraft Cheese Slices
    .50 Old El Paso
    1.00 Tenderflake
    1.00 Keebler Pie Crust
    1.00 Pillsbury Pie Crust
    1.00 wub2 Refrig. Jell-o
    .50 wub2 Jell-o
    1.00 Activia Desserts(save.ca0
    100 Activia
    1.00 Danino
    1.00 Minigo
    .75 Danone
    1.00 Cafe Inspirations
    1.00 Tropicana
    1.00 Ricola
    b2g1 Halls
    1.00 wub2 Halls
    2.00 off fresh veggies wub2 VH
    1.00 off wub sour cream and cottage cheese
    .50 philly dips
    .50 helluva dip
    2.00 Kelloggs Peelie
    1.00 marc angelo
    1.00 Mapleleaf Sausage Patties
    .75 Lactania Butter
    Becel(good on any size)

    Everything else:
    3.00 Benilyn
    3.00 Buckley's
    5.00 wub3 Garnier
    3.50 Dog Chow(
    3.00 Kibbles n Bits
    3.00 Beneful(
    2.00 Rollhide(
    1.00 a&h litter(
    2.00 Axe
    2.00 Dove(on ONE)
    2.00 wub2 Men's Dove
    5.00 wub2 Stayfree
    1.00 Kotex(no insert coupons)
    1.00 Always
    2.00 Playtex
    2.00 Cottonelle
    2.00 Stayfree
    1.00 wub2 Bonne Belle
    .30 Down Under Hair Care
    1.50 Dove Hair Care
    3.00 Advil Cold and Sinus
    2.00 Gillette Body Wash(
    1.00 Tide
    2.00 Glade (from magazine good on one)
    5.00 wub2 Glade
    2.00 Aveeno Essentials
    300 Kids Advil
    Any Motrin
    G.U.M products
    3.00 purex
    3.00 nexxus
    .75 Scotties
    1.00 Scott Paper Towel
    1/2.00 SC Johnson Peelie
    1.00 Vaseline
    1.00 J&J(
    1.00 Purex Toilet Paper
    1.00 Garnier Shampoo

    Trishnbills Wishlist
    French N
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT N,groupon,websaver,brandsaver Y

    FPC Purina Kitten Food
    Kitty Litter FPC (Maxx Fresh only)
    FPC Johnson's Baby Products or Aveeno
    FPC Wonderbread
    FPC Pampers Diapers or Wipes
    Any me
    Shreddies T-Shirt Code - RRRLF
    Alpha-Bits T-Shirt Code - RRRLF
    Sugar Crisp T-Shirt Code - RRRLF
    Honey Comb T-Shirt Code - RRRLF
    Silhouette Magazine pins - RRRLF
    Oliviari Pasta or Sauce
    Purex $3.00 from samples
    Any Coke or Pepsi (Not Pepsi Max or Diet pops)
    $1.00 Campbells good on any from Company
    $1.00 Johnson's Baby
    $2.00 Agropur division Natrel product (Natrel, Sealtest etc)
    $1.00 Philadelphia cream cheese
    $1.00 Chef Boyardee
    $1 General mills from Company
    Vachon Snacks
    $2 Nivea from Go Coupons
    $1 Pillsbury Cookies
    $1 Conagra vouchers
    $1.25 Dole Fruit n Crisp
    $5.00 or $1.00 off Playtex Tampons
    $1.00 Hamburger Helper
    $3.00 Hamburger
    $1.00 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
    $1 Clorox disinfecting wipes
    $1wub2 motts fruitsations 6 packs
    $0.75 Philadelphia Dips
    Wonderbread coupons (Not simply+)
    Allen's juice - NO Oasis
    $1 Kraft Cheese Slices
    $0.50 Hungryman
    $1.00 St. Ives (good on any)
    $0.50 Rice Krispies Squares
    Schneider's Hot Dogs
    Green Giant Canned Veggies
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies
    $1 Betty Crocker Icing
    $1.00 off Betty Crocker Cake Mix
    $1.00 off Pizza Pockets
    $1.00 off Pizza Pops
    $1.00 + Natrel Milk...must be good on 4L bags
    $1.00 off Johnsonville
    Kraft Dinner (not Cups or Smart)
    Koolaid Jammers
    $1.00 off Old Dutch Chips
    Lays Chips
    Chocolate Bars
    Canned Tomatoes
    Hunts Paste and Sauce
    Sour Cream
    Ruffles Chip Dip (not WUB)
    Kraft Salad Dressing
    Heinz Tomato Juice
    Goldfish Crackers
    $1.00 Betty Crocker Potatoes
    $1.00 Satin Care Skin Shaving Gel
    $1.00 Vileda Scrunge
    $1.00 off Jello
    $1.00 off Snack Pack
    Ragu Sauce
    Alfredo Sauce

    bricon1621`s Wishlist
    $3 off ANY purex from sample pack
    $1.50 Sunny D
    $2 oasis only
    M&M movie tops
    $1 WUB 2 dozen eggs
    Sunlight $5 WUB2
    Aveeno call in cpn
    Johnson & Johnson $'s from manuf
    $1 Colgate Palmolive
    $1 snack pack
    $1 chef boyarde
    10cent gum
    $1 old dutch
    Stouffers pins
    lunchmate bucks
    nestle water (no sparkling)
    $3 nexxus
    $1 marc angelo
    soft soap
    $1 Mr Christie Snak Packs
    BOGO thinsations
    $1 El Monterey Product
    $1 off pillsbury cookies(from back of box)
    $1 off playtex coupon from company only
    Aunt Jemina (box or frozen)
    Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
    Betty Crocker Icing
    Farmers Milk
    Cheerios (not chocolate)
    $1 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
    Motts applesauce
    $2 Janes (No TFT)
    KD cups
    Thinsations .75
    Finish $5 with 2012 expiry
    Nesquick squeeze bottle
    2.00 Any Kelloggs Cereal
    Primo Call In Any
    Cheemo Perogies
    Campbell's Call In ANY
    activia ( only)no desert
    $1.50 reg colgate total (no sensitive)
    .50 minute maid (cans)not wub
    CT money ($0.50 = 1 coupon)
    icoke pins
    $1 mini wheats little bites
    Quaker Granola Bars
    $2 nivea (tear pad)UPC ending in 51
    $1 energizer max batteries
    $1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    $0.50 Oasis (must be good on 960ml (fruit zoo juices, etc))
    Any fresh fruit coupons
    Any Call in Coupons
    .30 snack pack pudding
    Save 1$ WUB3 Heinz products
    $2.00 off a 417g box of TURTLES
    $1.00 off a 300g carton of AFTER EIGHT

    Amanda4's Wishlist
    French N Y Y Y Y
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT N

    Any FPC from my WL below as well
    FPc aquafina+ water
    FPC stouffers
    FPC strawberries
    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Hidden Valley Ranch
    $6 Advil Liquid Gels(spinuwin)
    $5 WUB3 garnier products
    $1+ Black diamond block cheese
    $2 Simply Savour roasts
    $1-3 Campbells vouchers
    Any $2 or $3 J&J call in
    $1 cheerios (good on any, not type specific)
    $2 Kelloggs( good on any from the company)
    B1G1 Vh steamers(
    B1G1 Peak freans Lifestyle( FB promo)
    $1.50 Sunlight laundry(Insert)
    $0.75 WUB2 dare products
    $0.35 WUB2 handisnacks
    $4.50 Pampers easy ups
    Any amount baby mummum's
    $0.75 Nutrigrain superfruits(
    $5 Prime chicken portion packs
    B1G1 Sunchips
    B2 ruffles or tostitos G1 dip or salsa free
    $1.50 stouffers bistro
    $1+ lean cuisine ( not spa, good on any)
    $1 WUB2 Hunts pasta sauce(not WUB paste)
    $1 General mills cereal (good on any)
    $1.50 Orville redenbachers popcorn
    $0.50 Stride gum
    Sillhouette 0+ magazine pins
    $2 WUB2 Ziploc(
    $3 Any venus razor(duracell packs)
    $1.50+ Janes chicken
    Get stride gum for $0.10 ( facebook promo)
    $1 Johnsonville sausage ( good on any)
    $1 VH sauce(pogo boxes. Not WUB2)
    $1 WUB2 Chef boyrdee(pogo boxes,not $0.30)
    $1 Hamburger Helper(
    $1 Nestea(good on singles)
    $2WUB2 frenchs products
    $2 Hidden valley ranch
    $0.50 bear paws fruit and cereal
    $0.50 bear paw cookies or minis(not crackers)
    $1 Cashmere(cashmere pink is fine too)
    $1.50 Heinz Bbay cereal
    $1.50 WUB8 Heinz baby food
    $2 Dove Visalbe care body wash(peelie)
    $1 Natrel Milk
    $0.75 Balck Diamond cheese( good on block)
    $1 VH Steamers ( SS insert)
    Any amount congra vouchers(good on any
    $1 cheese whiz(
    B1G1 club house slow cookers(
    $1 any club house herb or spice(
    $1 Philadelphia cheam cheese(
    $1 Kraft cheese slices(
    $1 Classico
    $1 Nature valley bars(, cashew ok)
    $1 Betty crocker potatoes(
    Any amount Carnation Hot chocolate
    $0.75 crystal light
    pampers codes( diapers only)
    icoke pins
    stouffers pins
    kelloggs nurtigrain,fibre plus, all bran or special K box tops


    Squark's Wishlist
    3.00 greenworks product(
    Cleaning Wipes (any)
    Sunny D
    $1 General mills cereal (good on any)
    Post Cereal (Any)
    Kellog’s Cereal (Any)
    kelloggs Cereal(good on any)
    Toaster Strudel
    $1 pillsbury (
    Black Diamond/Cracker Barrel/Kraft Cheese (block)
    Milk (Nelson, Beatrice)
    Kraft Dinner (not smart kd)
    Primo Pasta
    Heinz beans (canned)
    Stove Top Stuffing
    Carl Budding
    Chef Boyardee
    English muffins
    2 wub 2 wonder
    50cents shake and bake
    .75 off any smuckers product
    Kraft peanut butter
    Heinz Products (ketchup...mustard...relish)
    Hunts tomatoes
    hunts pasta sauce
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Hellmann's mayonaise $1+ (no olive oil)
    Diana Sauce
    Bullseye BBQ Sauce
    Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce
    $2 coupons for Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza
    $2 Delissio Garlic Bread Pizza
    $2 McCain pizza Girls night out coupon
    Lean Cuisine or Stouffers
    any kind of chips
    Nestle Ice cream/bars/treats
    Hunts Snack Pack (Pudding)
    Dole fruit products (specially the fruit crisps)
    Betty Crocker Fruit snacks (any but .50)
    Schniders Hot Rods pepperettes
    $1 wub 2 Ritz Bits sandwiches
    Motts Fruitsations

    Dlee's Wishlist
    French: No
    Printable: No
    TFT: Atlantic Canada ONLY
    Store Specific: No
    B1G1 Coke 12x355ml case
    Kraft Dinner
    Stayfree $5 wyb 2 (
    50cents shake and bake
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies
    Any feminine hygiene products (no Tween please)
    Any Soup (just not broth)
    Any Ice Cream
    Mott's fruitsations
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Kraft peanut butter
    Cleaning wipes (clorox, wet ones, cottonelle, etc)

    Alcan Tin Foil
    Almost any FPC or GC - just ask! =)
    Always pads/tampons/liners
    Aveeno ($3 peelie from listerine, not tearpad if possible - just ask)
    Bertolli Olive Oil
    Campbell Soup (not broth)
    Cloverleaf (on any)
    Colgate toothpaste $1.50+
    Crest toothpaste (not the 3D or Prohealth)
    Dawn (dish liquid detergent)
    Delissio frozen pizza (will accept most other types frozen pizza - ask)
    Dove Body Wash (or on any)
    Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo/Conditioner ($2+)
    Fresh fruit or vegetables
    Glad garbage bags
    Green Works WUB3
    Gum - dentyne, excel, just ask.
    iCoke pins
    Jergens Soap
    Johnson's baby or penaten product (
    Kibbles and Bits
    Kimberly Clark from company (good on many products)
    Kraft Shredded Cheese
    Milk - not organic, soy or almond, regular and rice milk ok.
    Old Spice: Body Wash or on any
    Olive oil
    Peak Freens
    Pedigree cat food
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips
    Purex laundry (not 3 in 1 sheets) - $3 from sample
    Scotties Facial Tissues
    Sunlight dish detergent $0.50+
    Sunlight liquid laundry $1.50+
    Tampax tampons, pads, or liners
    Temptations cat treats (only treats, not WUB food)
    Triscuit $1+
    Unico Products
    Unilever from company (good on many products)
    Vicks Vapour Rub
    Whiskas cat treats (only treats, not WUB food)
    Ziploc bags

    Hydroxybutane's Wishlist
    French: No
    Printable: No
    TFT: Atlantic Canada ONLY
    Store Specific: No
    Stack: No
    1. El Paso coupons
    2. Soup – any and all soups
    3. Summerfresh Hummus - any
    4. Any feminine hygiene products (no Tween please)
    5. Kraft Shredded Cheese
    6. Any Dove products (not Men’s)
    7. Bags (sandwich, snack, garbage, blue, eco)..
    8. Salad Dressing
    9. Hellaman’s Mayo
    10. Toothpaste
    11. Pepsi or Coke product (not the Pepsi max)
    12. Granola Bars – any kind all bran, fibre plus, nature valley, etc.
    13. Juices (not V8)
    14. Greenworks products
    15. Tide/Sunlight (MUST be the scent free-hypoallergenic..Free or Natural)
    16. Philly Cream Cheese (any kind if fine)
    17. Old Dutch chips
    18. Bagged Salad
    19. Frozen pizzas
    20. Bread – whole wheat or whole grain only
    21. Tortilla chips
    22. Hamburger helper or Tuna Helper
    23. Green giant frozen veggies
    24. Toilet Paper (Not the pink kind)
    25. Paper Towels (not the pink kind)
    26. Yves Veggie products
    27. Cereal (General Mills preferred)
    28. Tylonel (extra strength or regular)
    29. Coffee (not Van Hottes, instant or Keurig)
    30. Healthy Steamers
    31. Any flour
    32. Any sugar
    33. Other baking products (baking soda, powder, etc.)
    34. Mrs. Dash
    35. Clubhouse Spices
    36. Sparkling Water (Nestle, etc)
    37. Dish soap
    38. Eggs (the liquid ones are fine too)
    39. Baby Bonbel cheese
    40. Juice boxes

    Kristab84's Wishlist
    No printables, TNT, or store specific.

    Oasis juice FPC - RLF
    Sunlight laundry FPC (from pin) - RLF
    Kashi snack bars FPC
    Any other FPC
    1 postage stamp = $1
    Canadian Tire money 0.50$ = $1
    Tim Hortons GC
    Pampers GTG codes
    Any yogurt
    Any ice cream
    Any fresh, frozen, or canned fruits or veggies
    Any baking supplies
    Alphagettis or Zoodles
    Aveeno Call-In $3.00 (not wub 3)
    Black Diamond / Kraft cheese (block, not shredded)
    Campbell's Soup (not broth)
    Cheerios (has to be appl. to multigrain cheerios)
    Cottonelle - $3
    Dare products
    Dole Fruit n Crisp 1.25$ ( - RLF
    Duncan Hines cake mix
    Enfamil A+ powder - RRLF
    Gerber toddler snacks - RLF
    Ground beef (from hamburger helper)
    Hamburger helper
    Heinz baby cookies / snacks/ food / cereal - RLF
    Johnson's baby - call-in
    Kraft or Bull's Eye BBQ sauce
    Kraft peanut butter
    Lysol or clorox Wipes
    Maple Leaf Chicken $5
    Mott's fruitsations
    Nestea iced tea powder mix
    Oasis 2$
    Oasis 960 ml
    Pampers diapers
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Popcorn - any kind
    Puffs kleenex
    Purex $3 - RRLF
    Renee's dressing
    Scott Paper Towels
    Scrubbing bubbles One Step Toilet bowl cleaner $3 ( - RLF
    SDM optimum 200points = $1

    backz1's wishlist
    FRENCH: No
    T4T: No
    STACKS: Yes

    -purex laundry
    -sunlight laundry
    -arm & hammer laundry
    -bounce dryer bar
    -any lysol
    -any windex (not from new smartsource)
    -scotts PT
    -cottonelle TP
    -ziplock bags
    -any disposable razors (ladies)
    -lady speed stick
    -ladies shaving cream
    -U by Kotex
    -kellogs special K
    -quaker granola bars
    -fruit snacks
    -oatmeal to go bars
    -orville microwave popcorn ($1.50 off)
    -any canned soup
    -heinz (not baby)
    -kraft salad dressing
    -fresh or frozen fruit/veg
    -snack packs pudding
    -phili cream cheese
    -robinhood flour
    -lactancia butter
    -Any snack foods
    -NO baby or pets
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    Me me me!! PMING you shortly.

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    Oh me please! This sounds like it will be please. I'll send you my information.

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    Me please

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    To funny. Sc is very slow tonight but I was going ot leave youa message about the train!!!!
    I have alot for you!! For your donations!! i didnt forget. Just collecting!! I will send them with this train!!! i will pay the potage!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jody22002 View Post
    Me me me!! PMING you shortly.
    Welcome aboard everyone else!! We are lucky.We have Trishandbill!!! I have been on trains with her and she si Great!!! So is Jody!!! Wow Great train so far!!!!! It will be great io matter what. Everyone wants to have fun!!!!!!

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    Thanks for letting me know about this! I would love a seat

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    Sent my wishlist. Let me know if you didn't get it or got it ten times. SC keeps timing out on me!!

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    May I have a seat please, will PM shortly

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    I told myself no more trains but this sounds like too much fun. a nice break from full time studying and working. =) PM-ing you now!

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    I'm in! Sc is slow this morning too! Hopefully it's speedy once I return this aft-LOL!
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    Any more spots left for the "oldies"?

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    I'm an oldie any room left for moi

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    i will take a seat too please. messaging you now!!

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    Welcome aboard everyone. SC seems to be acting up and I can't post anything quite yet. But I will post everyone as soon as I can!!!!!!

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