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    Pm'ing you

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    Okay Sending Master Wishlist. Along with instructions. Thank you everyone for being patient with me.

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    Okay Remember to send 3 unused stamps along with the coupons so I can mail them to you. I will msg my Address to you all
    Try to send the Coupons out as soon as you can latest by Friday thank you.

    1) Please send coupons that will not expire right away like Dec or later.

    2) Send 3 coupons from each riders wishlist(you can send more, but min. of 3)

    3) For missing coupons 1 unused postage stamp = 1 missing coupon

    4) Make your wishlist realistic so that people are able to send you something

    5) If requesting a FPC (free product coupon) that will count as all 3 of your coupons. Same for any coupon valuing $5 or more

    Happy Couponing
    *Please Remember to Rate me*

    Master Wishlist:

    Jmae #1:

    Dove $2WUB2 UPC ending in 231, 237, 239, 228
    Dove Men's product 1$ off UPC ending in 175, 182
    Dove Men's $2WUB2 upc ending in 286, 288
    Dove $1 off UPC ending in 255
    Nivea $2 upc ending in 172, 202
    Any Orville Popcorn coupons
    Softsoap $2
    Tums $2 WUB2 UPC ending in 339, 499
    Any k cups coupons
    Any cat litter coupons
    Any men's Schick coupons
    Oikos upc ending in 249
    Any greek yogurt coupons
    Cling Wrap
    Any FPC other than for toothpaste
    Aveeno peelies, tearpads or call in
    1$ Clorox clinging gel
    BOGO Free Steamers
    Any Elastoplast coupon
    2$ Hidden Ranch Valley dressing coupon
    Miss Vickies B2G1 free
    Clover leaf tuna B3S1$
    2$Wub2 ziploc, not the one that excludes 40 ct

    Daisiefire #2:

    $1.50 Heinz baby food
    Huggies little movers mailouts (not inserts)
    dove men 89288182
    Dove men 89288286
    Dove body wash 89288255
    Tampons or pads. Not bladder protection
    Fish crackers 1.00 or Graham .50
    Aveeno peelie or
    Aveeno tearpad
    Free cheese wub taco kit
    $1 vim
    Similac cheques step1 or 2 or 18216279
    I can use sensitive similac too(just not ready to feed)
    Pediasure cheques
    Crest any or prohealth
    $3 Purex
    Lactantia butter

    Koda22 #3:

    .75 Melitta Filters
    $3 Van Houtte Specialty Coffee
    $1 Ricola throat loszenges
    .50 Dempsters Bread
    B3G1 Knorr Products
    $2 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue
    $1. Veet Products
    $2 Folgers Black Silk Coffee
    $1 Cheese Whiz
    $2 Wonder Bread WUB2
    $2.50 Purina One Dry dog food
    $1 VH steamers
    $1, $2, or $3 Quantum Finish Coupons
    BOGO coke coupons
    BOGO VH Steamers
    BOGO Beneful prepared meals (dog food)
    Any Iams Dry dog food coupons
    Any Cereal Coupons
    Any Sensodyne Toothpaste coupons
    Any Gaviscon coupons
    Any Tide Coupons
    Any Downy fabric softener coupons
    Any K-Cup coffee coupon

    Salayah #4:

    Baby Items:
    Pediasure Any,Insert,GoCoupons
    Huggies Mail Out or Printables
    Pampers Mail out stackable
    Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink
    Similac Cheques
    Playtex cheques
    Di V Sol Websaver
    Food Items:
    Stouffers Bistro Sliders FPC
    Heinz canned food
    Olive oil any
    Vegetable oil any
    Becel margarine Tearpads
    Yoplait tearpads
    $1 off 2 dozen eggs
    Philadelphia cream cheese
    Campbells soup no broth plz
    Europes Best
    Hunts tomtato
    Catelli pasta
    Yves Vegetarian any
    Maple Leaf Prime peelie ex $5 portion
    Black Diamond Cheese
    Dempsters Tortilla
    VH Steamers $1.50 wub 2(not the sauce)
    Driscoll berries printable
    Cheerios any
    Silk tearpad
    Minute maid rice
    Goldfish any no printables
    Ritz crackers any
    Green Giant
    Nature Valley tearpad, no inserts
    Betty Crocker tearpad, no inserts
    Hamburger Helper
    Splenda $1 tearpad or $1 inserts not the $3 wub2 plz
    Kraft Dinner
    Dare cookies any
    Mccain pizza
    Kraft Peanut butter
    Rockstar energy drink
    So Good
    Silk no printables
    V8 Fusion any
    Oasis Juice $2 refrigerated
    Oasis Nutrisource tearpad
    Oasis Healthbreak tearpad
    Ensure cheques
    Rice Dream any
    Frozen Juice
    Coke BOGO
    Lays Chips
    Old Dutch chips
    Miss Vickies
    Cabury snack cakes from every slice counts book
    Any Chips
    Rice works
    Rice Thins
    Aveeno Tearpads or J&J mail outs
    Dove nurishing oil printable
    Dove Tearpads $2 wub 2
    Dove hair products $1.50
    Garnier $5 wub 3
    Ensure cheques
    Advil Nighttime tearpads
    Tylenol tearpads or J&J call in no
    Playtex Cheques
    Multibionta inserts
    Pediasure any
    Flinstone vitamins Tearpad/any no printables
    Vim Tearpads
    Sunlight FPC
    Purex $3
    Pledge tearpad with free cloth
    Scrubbing bubbles dollar off no BOGO's please
    Snuggle tearpads
    Paper products:
    Purex dollar offs
    cottenelle $3
    Orajel Tearpad/any no prints
    ARm & Hammer toothbrushs
    Crest 3D white
    Colgate Call In
    Colgate 360
    Reach call ins
    Kotex any
    Rubbermaid containers

    #5 Angeez:
    · Becel, save 1$ on any becel buttery taste margarine, (2 different UPCs for both)
    Becel, save 0.75$ on any becel product,
    · Carnation, save 1$ wub3 evaporated milk 370ml carnation (2 different UPCs for both)
    · Carnation, save 1$ wub3 cans of carnation evaporated milk,
    · Charmin, save 1.25$ wub2 charmin or bounty or puff product
    Charmin, save 0.50$ on 1 charmin product
    · Crest, save 1.50$ on any two (2) crest pro-health toothpaste 75ml or larger
    · Downy, save 0.50$ on any downy liquid product
    · Finish, save 5$ on any 2 finish quantum(2 different UPCs for both)
    Finish, save 3$ on any 1 finish quantum
    · Folgers, save 1$ wub 1 box of new folgers gourmet selection K-cup portion packs (12ct)
    · French’s mustard, save 0.50$ off any one (1) bottle of french’s mustard
    · French’s mustard, save 1$ wub 2 french’s mustard or Frank’s redhot products (any variety), (2 different UPCs for both)
    French’s mustard, save 1$ wub2 french’s product (325ml or larger)
    · Gasviscon, save 2$ off any size or format of Gasviscon,
    International Delight, save 1$ on the purchase of any Café Inspirations product,(different code then one below)
    International Delight, save 0.75$ on the purchase of any Café Inspirations product,
    · Aveeno, 3$ off the purchase of any two aveeno products, (lotions and bodywashes only please if specific) tearpad, peelie is fine
    · Jergens, save 1.50$ on moisturizer 375ml or larger, (2 different UPCs for both)
    Jergens, save 2.50$ on moisturizer 120ml or larger,
    · Kellogg’s, save 1$ on Mini-wheats little bites cereal, (2 different UPCs for both)
    Kellogg’s, save 1$ on Mini Wheats Little Bites
    · Knorr, buy any 3 knorr lipton soup and get one free
    · Rubbermaid,save 1.50$ on one (1) Rubbermaid glass with easy find lids container,
    Rubbermaid, save 1.50$ on one (1) Rubbermaid easy find lids lock-its, produce saver or premier container,
    Rubbermaid, save 1.50$ on one (1) Rubbermaid easy find lids lock-its, produce saver or premier container,
    Rubbermaid, save 1$ on one (1) Rubbermaid TakeAlongs container ,
    · Sunlight, save 1$ on any sunlight laundry detergent
    (Woolite, Downy, are also fine, if different UPCs would be great)
    · Tetley, save 0.50$ on purchase of any Tetley green tea
    · Van Houtte, save 2$ on purchase of 2 boxes of K-Cups,(or any
    · Gillette, buy one get one free, on any one (1) mach3 disposable 3ct or 6ct, sensor3 4ct or 8ct, customplus3 4ct or 8ct. up to a 20$ value
    · Maxx Scoop Cat Litter
    · Any K Cup coupons

    #6 RegulusLeonis
    FPC/$2 Bread
    FPC/Any fruit/veggie coupons
    Similac Cheques/stackable formula and diaper
    Nexxus Hair ($3)
    Pasta/Pasta sauce (any stackable)
    Salad Dressing (any stackable)
    Bodywash/Deodorant/Shampoo/Conditioner - High Value OR Stackable

    Please, no Toonies for Tummies, French or Printable unless otherwise specified. Thanks!

    High Value/Manufacturer/FPC:
    Silk FPC
    Dempster's Country FPC
    Srawberry FPC (cereal box)
    Banana FPC (cereal box)
    Smartwater FPC
    Always pads/Kotex pads FPC
    Hidden Valley Ranch FPC
    Becel FPC
    Astro BioBest FPC
    Natural lunchmeat FPC
    J&J/Aveeno product replacement coupon (no max value)
    Mann's Vegetables FPC
    Most grocery FPC
    Pretty much any other FPC ... just ask!
    Hain-Celestial call in
    Gardein (good on any)
    Kellogg's (good on any)
    Johnson & Johnson: $1 off J&J Baby, $3 off Aveeno
    Unilever (good on Becel margerine)
    General Mills
    Most others ... just ask!
    High Value
    $5 Skinny Cow (cereal box)
    $5 Breyers
    $5 Champmans
    $3 off any Purex Laundry detergent
    Most others ... just ask!
    $1 off 1 Johnson & Johnson or Pentaten product
    If you have any grocery coupons you think I might like, please let me know!
    Driscoll's Berries - printable is ok
    Any $ off any fresh or frozen fruits or veggies
    $1.00 Silk (cereal box) - 87805143
    $1.00 Silk (tearpad)
    $1 Europe's Best
    $2/$1.50 off Jane's Chicken
    Hidden Valley Ranch $2 (01221220, 01221158, 01221233)
    Yves ANY
    Green Giant Vegetables
    Summerfresh Hummus
    Hunt's Tomato Sauce $1 off WUB 2 - Cereal box/Tearpad
    Healthy Harvest Pasta ($1 off WUB 2, $0.30 off)
    COFFEE!! - Melitta, Maxwell House, Nabob
    Canned Tuna (not flavoured)
    Fresh Vegetables
    Fresh Fruit
    Frozen Fruit
    $2 off Dempster's Smart Bread
    Pom pomegranate juice
    Tostitos Chips
    Campbell's soup (good on any)
    Astro BioBest yogurt - 11909750, 11909747, 11909734
    $0.30 off any Catelli product - 10832790
    Newman's Own products (must be good for salsa and/or pasta sauce)
    $1 WUB 2 Eggs
    $2 WUB 2 Wonderbread
    Maxx Scoop Kitty Litter
    $2 off 2 Ziploc products (websaver)
    $2 off 2 Ziploc - 33687100
    Cottonelle ($3 printable ok)
    Cascade Paper Towel - 7960260 only
    Greenworks $3 WUB 3 (no laundry soap or dish soap please)
    $2 Scott Paper Towels - Printable ok
    Scrubbing Bubbles $3 Power sprayer (websaver/ only)
    General Health
    Jamieson Vitamins - Good on Any OR: Omegas, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Prenatals
    Live Clean - $1 off any, $1 Tearpads (no more $2.50 WUB 2 for now )
    $7 on Dr. Scholl's Skin Tag remover - 60313759 (?)
    $3 any KY product
    Oral Health
    Arm & Hammer Toothpaste - $0.75 (65333957, 65333876, 65333883) and $1 WUB 2 - 65333912
    Women's Health and Beauty
    Stayfree pads
    Garnier $5 WUB 3
    Dove body wash/haircare ($1.50 off Dove Hair)
    $3 off Nivea
    Dove deodorant (not WUB2)
    $3 off Nexxus
    $2 off Dove Nourishing Oil - printable ok
    $2 on Dove Go Fresh Body Wash - 89288170
    Dove coupons from the Unilever insert
    B2G1 Dove Nourishing Oil
    Men's Health
    $2 off Gillette Bodywash
    Unused P Stamps (1 Stamp for $5-$10)
    SDM points (50 points/$1 in coupons)
    Gift card for WalMart, Shopper's Drug Mart, London Drugs, Starbucks (no Timmy's please!) or gas ($5 for $50 in hand-picked coupons, $10 for $100 in hand-picked coupons)

    #7 JollyBanana
    Yes newspaper/tearpad
    No printables
    No stackables
    No brandsaver (unless specified)
    No store specified

    Baby Johnson products (no penaten)
    WUB or $1 up Aveeno or Baby Aveeno product
    Gerber graduates.
    Nestle baby cereal
    $1 royale toilet paper double roll
    J&J call in coupons (aveeno)
    kraft or black diamond cheese slices
    minute maid frozen juice
    green giant frozen vegetables
    shake and bake
    lysol wipes
    $5 call in Colgate/Palmolive
    $5 Maple Leaf Prime good on Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (June 30/2012), Crest pro-health toothpaste
    olive oil
    so good chocolate soy milk
    silk milk chocolate
    $3 ground beef
    Becel or imperial margarine
    HP sauce
    Robin Hood Flour
    coconut milk 1.89 lt, 1.
    $1 almond fresh
    Bacon (no bits)
    $1 up mayo hellmans
    $1 up Heinz ketchup
    $1 up pizza coupons
    Any coke or pepsi products
    $2 WUB5 Heinz beans
    Hamburger helper $1 any Folgers coffee product
    aloe vera drinks (if exists)
    Unused stamps

    #8 PinkFlowergirl86
    Any Pampers coupons (except for Inserts)
    Any J&J Call ins
    Any Playtex Call ins
    Any Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Any Head & Shoulders
    Any Old Spice
    Dove $2WUB2
    Lady Speed Stick Stainguard
    Tide liquid laundry detergent
    Purex liquid laundry detergent
    Cottonelle bathroom tissue,
    Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
    Any Cereal (except Fiber One and Honey Bunches of Oats)
    $1 Vim
    Any Pop coupons (Coke, Pepsi etc)
    Cheese Whiz
    Any Resolve coupons
    Any Ziploc
    Any Glade blue recycling bags
    Any Cheese (black diamond, armstrong etc)
    Any Dove Men's (Not tearpad)
    Any Aveeno Baby
    Any Pledge
    Cascade Action Packs (not insert ones)
    Glade Plug in refills (not insert ones)
    Any Covergirl
    Any Maybelline
    Any Nexxus
    Gerber Graduates
    Minute Maid Juice

    #9 Olat
    Similac cheques or coupons
    Huggies coupons (not slip on)
    Pampers coupons (not p&g)
    Dove (not hair product or save $2 wub men care)
    nestle coupons
    nivea coupons
    Highliners coupons
    Ensure cheques
    Finish coupons
    Purex coupons.

    #10 Honey_Bee
    $2 Dove Nourishing Oil (facebook printable)
    Any other Dove (not 89288266)
    Noxema from tearpad
    Multibionta (any value, not printed, not 45601864)
    $2 WUB 2 Tums (not 83828876)
    Advil (any)
    Advil Cold & Sinus (any)
    Toothpaste (any Crest or Colgate)
    Sunlight Laundry (not; not $1.50 from recent insert)
    $3 Finish Quantum
    Any other Finish Quantum not from Smart Source
    $3 Cottonelle Printable
    Kashi Cereal (any)
    Special K (any)
    Kellogg's Fibre plus cereal ($1.50 from boxes or $2.00)
    Silk Soy Milk (any)
    Yves Veggie Cuisine (any)
    $5 Skinny Cow or Chapman's Ice cream
    $5 Purina One Smart Blend dry dog food from
    $2 Busy Rollhide from
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    I was under the assumption that everyone needed to provide at least 30 items for their wish list? Anything shorter makes it extremely difficult and expensive as stamps then have to be used...

    RRLF most baby related coupons! PM me!

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    Sweet!! I got the master list printed off and will keep my eye out in case anything changes!! Yaay to my first train!! Thanks again!

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    Salayah, can you give me your name to put on the envelope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyBanana View Post
    Salayah, can you give me your name to put on the envelope?
    Ooh can you PM that to me also please


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    Also need your name

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    LoL sorry ladies my name is Sarah Michel

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    Mailing out tonight

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    Mailing tonight, too

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    Sorry everyone, I will be a little bit behind. I left for banff on tuesday and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon so I don't think they will get mailed out until Monday. I am stopping in at the grocery stores along the way from banff to Jasper back to Edmonton to check out their tearpads lol! Even on vacation ...

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    Have a great time jmae!!

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    I am going to try to get this done so I can send today, if not, it will be sent out on the way to preschool in the a.m!!

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    me please if there is still room.

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