Hi SC's in Barrie...

I have a student (took the class last week in Bradford) and she has asked for my help in locating some Glucerna coupons for her family. Apparently she has more than one in need of this type of product. She is still super new to the internet and coupon world, so I said I'd help out, the best I could.

I have lots of coupons to trade... just a matter of finding something you need to make the swap on her behalf.

I have lots of Smart Source flyers (current and past), in their full, uncut state, if that is of interest.

I also have lots of new coupons as well.

Let me know if you have Glucerna and how soon we can meet and where.

Thank you!

I have a TON of October 31 expiry dates to share with people... let me know if you can use something that you know is of that expiry (lots of us know our coupons inside and out and know the dates, etc).