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    Expired on: Wed, Dec 21st, 2011
    To secure a spot on this train please POST IN THIS THREAD and PM ME your wishlist and address.

    · Must be divided into a point system. 4 points for most wanted, 3 points for really wanted & 2 points for wanted, 1 point for least wanted
    · Must have a minimum of 30 items, including at least 5 online coupons. (Stamps will equal 2 points).
    . Most FPCs will equal 4 points

    The boarding pass for this train is 3 'P' stamps ( I will cover any extras)


    You must send at least 4 points for each rider
    - If you send 1 coupon from the 3 point wishlist and 1 coupon from the 1 point wishlist, then you have fulfilled the requirement.
    - If you send 1 “P” stamp and 1 coupon from the 2 point wishlist, then you have fulfilled the requirement

    Absolutely NO substitutions or early expiries (unless OKAYED by the rider).

    Send envie by October 27, 2011
    Expires after December 15, 2011

    Please be sure to label who the coupons are to & from & paperclip, wrap or baggy them. Please do not use any tape or staples


    1. cjethani - ARRIVED
    2. StaceyG - ARRIVED
    3. Bricon1621-ARRIVED
    4. Jody22002 - ARRIVED
    5. Sweetmomma - ARRIVED
    6. Ameba - ARRIVED
    7. Coupmama -ARRIVED
    8. coocoo_4_coupons - ARRIVED
    9. AryanasMommy - READY
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    4 points
    coke FPC
    mr big FPC
    Aquafina water FPC *****
    $3 off ANY purex from sample pack
    Sunlight $5 WUB2
    Aveeno call in cpn
    Johnson & Johnson $'s from manuf
    FPC bread

    3 points
    $1.50 Sunny D
    $2 oasis only
    M&M movie tops

    2 points
    Stouffers pins
    lunchmate bucks
    10cent gum
    $1 old dutch
    nestle water (no sparkling)
    $3 nexxus
    $1 marc angelo
    soft soap

    $1 Mr Christie Snak Packs
    $1 Colgate Palmolive
    $1 snack pack
    $1 chef boyarde

    1 point
    BOGO thinsations
    $1 El Monterey Product
    $1 off pillsbury cookies(from back of box)
    $1 off playtex coupon from company only
    Aunt Jemina (box or frozen)
    Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
    Betty Crocker Icing
    Farmers Milk
    Cheerios (not chocolate)
    $1 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
    Motts applesauce
    $2 Janes (No TFT)
    KD cups
    Thinsations .75
    Finish $5 with 2012 expiry
    Nesquick squeeze bottle
    2.00 Any Kelloggs Cereal
    Primo Call In Any
    Cheemo Perogies
    Campbell's Call In ANY
    activia ( only)no desert
    $1.50 reg colgate total (no sensitive)
    .50 minute maid (cans)not wub
    CT money ($0.50 = 1 coupon)
    icoke pins
    $1 mini wheats little bites
    Quaker Granola Bars
    $2 nivea (tear pad)UPC ending in 51
    $1 energizer max batteries
    $1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    $0.50 Oasis (must be good on 960ml (fruit zoo juices, etc))
    $1 oasis 1.75L from apple juice bottle
    Any Call in Coupons
    .30 snack pack pudding
    Save 1$ WUB3 Heinz products
    $2.00 off a 417g box of TURTLES
    $1.00 off a 300g carton of AFTER EIGHT
    $1 dempsters bread

    ************************************************** ************



    FPC Quaker
    FPC Any Dry Pet Food
    FPC 12 pk coke
    FPC Strawberries
    Any 2.00+ Congra

    BOGO Peek Freens
    BOGO Snuggle
    BOGO VH Steamers
    5.00 wub3 Garnier
    3.00 J&J Call In
    2.00 on ONE Dove
    5.00 Iams(cat or dog)
    2.00 Oasis
    5.00 wub2 Stayfree(


    2.00 Saute Sensations
    2.00 Aveeno
    2.00 wub5 Heinz
    1.50 Stouffers
    1.50 Dove Hair Care
    1.00 Lilydale
    2.00 J&J call in
    .50 Congra Call In
    2.00 Glade(off one from magazine)
    1.00 Oliveri
    2.00 Olymel Peelie
    1.00 Olymel Bacon
    1.50 Sunny D
    2.00 Playtex
    .30 ketchup
    3.00 Nexxus
    2.00 Nivea(UPC ending in 51 only)
    b2g1 Aquafina
    b2g1 chips(dip is fine)
    1.00 wrigley's gum
    1.00 off Neilson sour cream and cottage cheese
    1.00 Europeans Best Fruit
    2.00 McCain pizzas

    2.00 wub2 wonderbread(websaver)
    2.00 wub2 ziploc(websaver)
    2.00 Gillette Body Wash
    1.00 J&J(
    1.00 a&h litter(
    3.50 Dog Chow(
    3.00 Buckleys
    3.00 Advil Cold and Sinus
    3.00 Benilyn
    1.50/2.00/3.00 Kids Tylenol
    b2g1 Halls
    1.00 wub2 Halls
    1.00 Ricola
    G.U.M Products
    1.00 Always
    1.00 Kotex(no inserts)
    2.00 Axe
    1.00 Smart Ones Soup or Frozen
    1.00 Johnsonville
    1.00 Country Naturals
    1.00 wub2 or 3 Mapleleaf Canned Meats
    1.00 Natural Selects
    .50 Pillers
    1.00 Activia Dessert(
    1.00 Activia
    1.00 Minigo
    1.00 Danino
    .50 Yogurt tubes
    .75 Black Diamond
    .75 kraft Singles
    1.00 Ocean Spray
    .50 Sun Rype
    1.00 Oasis(any kind is fine)
    1.00 Oasis Juice Boxes
    .50 Minute Maid Juice boxes
    1.00 Nestea Singles
    .50/1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    1.00 Tropicana
    1.50 Nabob
    2.00 Van Houtte
    .75 Crystal Light
    .50 Vlassic
    Catelli Pasta
    .50 Betty Crocker Cake
    .30 Duncan Hines Cake
    .50 Added Touch
    1.00 wub2 Dr Oetker Desserts
    .30 Hunts Pudding
    1.00 Hunts Snack Pack
    Chef Boyardee
    1.50 Janes
    1.00 Nature Valley(no value packs)
    1.50 Splenda
    .50 HP Sauce
    .50 Uncle Ben's Rice n Sauce
    1.00 Uncle Ben's Rice
    1.00 Frank's Red Hot
    1.00 Tobasco
    1.00 Cheese whiz(
    1.00 Keebler Pie Crusts
    1.00 Tenderflake
    1.00 Pillsbury Pie Crusts(websaver)
    .50 Philly dips
    .50 Helluva dips
    1.00 Cafe Inspirations
    .75 Lactania Butter
    .50 Old El Paso
    2.00 Rollhide(
    1.00 Vaseline
    .50 Reynolds Baking Cups
    1.00 pizza pops
    1.00 pizza pockets
    1.00 McCain Pizzas

    ************************************************** *********


    French N
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT Y,groupon,websaver,brandsaver Y

    4 points
    1000 SDM Points
    Summer Fresh FPC

    3 points
    Renees Salad Dressing
    Tassimo T-Disks coupons (Any Tassimo T-Disks FPC will count as 5 pts)
    Summer Fresh B1G1 RRLF, early expiries are OK
    B1G1 Peak Freans (from FB)
    $2 Blue peelie for Pillsbury Pizza Pops or Individual Pizzas

    2 points
    Orange Juice (100% Natural Tropicana, Oasis, Simply Orange) Expiries Dec 31 or later
    $3 Purex (with Zout is ok)
    Cerama Brite
    Bella Colour Hair colour
    Any Got2B Hair Styling products
    $$$ Stouffers/Lean Cuisine $2 Canada Dry
    $2 Smartbread (Websaver)
    $1.50 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (Websaver)
    PINs from Danone Silhoutte for Free Magazine subscription
    $1 Dempsters Natural Selections Bread (Websaver)
    $1.50 Sunny D

    1 point
    Frutopia or Five Alive, not frozen or powdered
    ANY Juice boxes or Nestea boxes
    Tetleys Orange Pecoe tea, not Herbal, Green or Decaf
    ANY Tampons (not O.B. please)
    Kellogg Rice Krispies Cereal regular, not chocolate
    Rice Krispies squares
    Motts Fruitsations
    Black Diamond Cheese Slices, block or shredded (Dec 31 or later expiries please)
    $1.50 / $2 / $3 Janes - good on any
    Pepsi/Coke product
    Campbell soups Regular or Chunky, not Light
    $1 WUB2 Campbell Broth
    Any bagels except Dempsters Thin Bagels
    Healthy Choice Steamers RRLF, not TFT – I have lots of those
    B1G1 VH Steamers (
    $2 McCain Thin Crust Pizzas ( or Websaver)
    Any frozen Vegetables
    Classico or Catelli spaghetti sauce
    Schniders Hot Rods pepperettes
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    $1.25 Dole Fruit n Crisp

    Misc 1 pt
    Aeroplan PINs
    Lean Cuisine or Stouffers PINs
    Lunchmate Bucks
    250 SDM Points = $1 or 1 Point in coupons
    PINs from Danone Silhoutte for Free Magazine subscription (count as 2 coupons or 2 points)
    Box tops from Nutrigrain bars, Fibre Plus bars, Special K bars or All Bran bars (for $5 Kellogg Gas Promo)
    ************************************************** *********************************


    No TFT/Printed/Store Specific/French Please

    FPC Sunlight Laundry Detergent
    FPC Coke 12pk/2L
    FPC Oasis Refrigerated 1.75L, 960ml, 8x200ml Classic, Fruit Zoo, Fruits ETC
    FPC Dempsters Country Originals
    FPC Strawberries(early expiry is fine)
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars(good on Chewy)

    $1 Natrel(Shopper's Voice/tearpad-good on 4L, no specialty please)
    $1 French's Dijon Mustard(good on 1)
    Danone Silhoutte 0+ Pins for FREE Magazine
    Goldfish Crackers(not graham)
    $4+ Pampers Easy Ups
    $1 Any General Mills(peelie)
    $1 Classico(NED)
    $3 Nexxus
    $2 Any Janes(2012 expiry please)

    $2 WUB 2 Wonderbread
    $1 Dempsters Country Naturals
    B2G1 Gerber Graduates(not entrees)
    Baby Mum Mums
    $1 Softsoap Bodywash(Nov Glow Magazine)
    Carnation Hot Chocolate
    B3G1 Knorr(good on Bovril ONLY please)
    M & M Bagtops for Movie Promo
    $2 Any Glade Holiday Product(Right Made At Home)
    $1 Any Old El Paso(not Smart Fiesta)
    $1 Any Johnsonville Sausage
    $2 Turtles(pop tarts box)
    $2 Oasis Refrigerated Juice

    $0.30 Catelli
    $0.75 Catelli Smart
    $1 Any Special K Cereal
    $1 WUB 2 Pringles Superstacks/B2G1
    $0.75 KD Smart
    Stouffers/Lean Cuisine Pins
    Pampers GTG Diaper/Pant Codes
    Huggies ETR Diaper/Pant Codes
    $1 Charmin

    ************************************************** *


    4 POINTS
    Amy’s FPC
    Similac cheques ($5 or $10)
    Enfapro ($12 off)
    Any baby product FPC
    Skinny Cow $5

    3 POINTS
    Hemp Bliss
    Yves Veggie Cuisine
    Amy’s 1.00 off
    Swiffer liquid refills
    Atkins bars
    Burts’ Bees products
    Good Start Formula

    Bagged salad
    Crest Spinbrush kids or adults (any EXCEPT 65333889 exp may 30, 2012, 65333887 exp Apr 30,2012, or 65333892 exp may 30,2012))
    Any stevia coupon

    2 POINTS
    Amy’s 0.55 off
    Any Enfamil or Enfapro
    Almond Breeze
    Liveclean products
    St Ives
    Huggies (any)
    Huggies wipes
    Stoneyfield yogurt
    Frozen veggies OR pasta & veggies
    Olympia organic yogurt
    Pediasure (any except 18217357 exp may 1, 2012)
    Heinz baby cereal
    Country Naturals meats
    Natural selections meats
    Children’s Tylenol

    1 POINT

    Any Greenworks products
    Downy liquid fabric softener
    Bounce liquid fabric softener
    Fleecy liquid fabric softener
    Resolve stain remover
    Finish dishwashing detergent
    Finish dishwasher cleaner
    Cat litter
    Crest Spinbrush kids or adults (65333889 exp may 30, 2012, 65333887 exp Apr 30,2012, or 65333892 exp may 30,2012)
    Any mouthwash except the whitening kind
    Honey Bunches or Oats cereal
    Almond Fresh
    Blue Water
    Royale regular tissue (12 or 24 double, not ultra)
    SunRype Sqiggles
    Nutragrain bars
    Nature Valley (not value pack)
    Kashi bars
    Sunlight laundry

    ************************************************** ****


    Printable – N
    TFT – Y (Toronto / Ontario only)
    Store specific – N
    French – N (until specified in front of coupons mentioned down)
    ****** No multiple coupons please, if you are not finding anything else to send, please PM me and confirm first******

    4 Points

    Tims $5 card from survey
    FPC - Olivieri Garlic Bread, Purex, coke/Sprite/7up/fanta-12*355ml only,Cascade Action Pacs, General mills oatmeal cereals good for almonds flavour
    Gift cards $5 or more-Please ask
    $7 SC Johnson
    $5 Gas Card - no MIR/Form
    $5 chapmans
    $5 or more any Kimberly Clark product
    $5 Colgate Palmolive call in
    $5+ SC Johnson Vouchers

    3 Points
    FPC Glad Kitchen Catcher/kitchen dustbin bags 22-24L capacity
    FPC for yogurt
    Kimberly Clark $3.00+
    FPC Always infinity
    Any other FPC - just ask
    FPC Quaker
    FPC Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated
    FPC Multibionta
    Marc Angelo $5

    2 Points

    Kellogg’s box top for MIR (Fibre Plus bars, NutriGrain, Pop tarts, Special K bars not Fruit Crisps, All-Bran bars) - not the forms
    Royale $3.00
    Blue $3 J&J call in (valid on aveeno, etc)
    Bulls eye BBQ sauce
    BOGO Can Coke
    Heinz Ketchup
    Sunsilk Shampoo
    Sunsilk Conditioner
    Jolen face bleach
    Oriflame Cosmetics
    J&J call in coupon good for Aveeno or Listerine
    Heinz call in
    $1-$2 Reckitt Benkiser voucher
    $2.00 any ScJonhson product (orange peelies)
    Multibiona, save 15$ on any 60 caplet bottle of multibiona, 45601718, dec 31, 2011

    1 Point

    Pins-Yogurt codes for magazines (1pin=1 point)
    $1 offAfter Eight300g carton 71578893 Expires April 30, 2012
    $1 Billy Bee honey - No expiry
    $3 Purex
    Lysol No Touch REFILLS
    Eggs (real, not liquid)
    $1 Nesquik squeeze bottle
    Lysol wipes
    Snuggle sheets good for 20ct aswell
    Scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl gel tabs (not BOGO, no insert)
    Renee's salad dressing
    SAVE $1.00 on DANACOL yogurt drink -
    smart catelli -
    Ziploc $2WUB2 - 2012 exp preferably
    Conagra Foods Call In $1.00+
    $2 Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated Juice (Canadian Living Magazine)
    Vaseline not wub
    BOGO Snuggle
    Dove $2 – good for any 1 product, no wub
    $1-$2 SC Johnson Vouchers(Good on any)
    $0.75 Michelnas Entree
    $0.75 Lactantia Butter
    $1 Kimberly-Clark
    $0.50 Barilia Pasta
    B2G1 FREE Pringles
    $1 Colgate-Palmolive - 2012 expiry
    $1 Robin Hood Flour
    Gillette $5 WUB3 any product
    Brita Coupons (good for filters from the running room May/June magazine or any other)
    $1.00 CT money=1 point
    $5 when you buy 2 majesta (
    $1.50 greenworks (no
    $3 wub 3 any greenworks ---websaver
    $$ off on any Webber Naturals vitamin tabs with 2012 exp only
    Centrum, save 3$ on any centrum product, 12922967, no exp date
    $$ off on any jamieson vitamins - 2012 exp only
    Centrum, save 4$ off any centrum product, 12923?29, may 31, 2012
    Save 3$ on any Janes chicken product, (French/english), 57730805, dec 31, 2011
    $2 Olivieri Garlic Bread (websaver/FB)
    $1.50 or $2.50 Wonderbread (good on any type of wonderbread not wub)
    $1.00 driscoll coupons (not printable)
    Canada Dry $2.00
    $1.00 on any 1 dare product (not wub)
    $1.00+ D'Italiano Bread (good for garlic bread , not wub)
    $1.00 off any General Mills Cereal – oatmeal crisp almond especially
    B1G1 or Save $1.00 Green Giant frozen vegetables
    $1+ Babybel
    $1+ jello - good for any flavour
    $1+ Conagra Voucher (valid on any product)
    $1 Kraft Vouchers (from company, good on any)
    Astro Original Yogurt-not from jordans cereal
    $2 coupons for Delissio garlic bread pizza only
    $1+classic/raghu pasta sauce
    Chips (tostitos/lays/ruffles/kettle brand only)
    Stride "Spark" Gum Coupon for $0.10. FB coupon
    Primo (good on ANY product)
    $1 Unico
    .50 minute maid (cans-no b4g1)
    Minute maid juice box 10 pack or more
    Quaker Granola Bars
    $1+ Wonder Bread (not invisibles, no wub)
    Gold Seal, $0.50 off one can
    Pringles, $0.50 + WUB 1 can
    Gold Seal Tuna (not flavoured)
    $3.00 Danone voucher
    Excel gum
    Primo (good on ANY product)
    $2 Kellogg’s (good on any)
    $1 Astro original -
    Tropicana orange juice - no trop 50
    Summer fresh dip : good for spinach dip
    $1 Tropicana Trop50 1.75L, all varieties, Mar 28/12
    $0.75 Fleischmann's Pizza Yest, Dec 31/11---sachets only
    Glade Sense&Spray Try Me Free --
    $1LindtFamily Bar, any (Dec 31 11)

    ************************************************** ***********


    All Online Coupons & TFT- YES
    Printable, French- NO

    4 points
    ANY FPC (except mcdonalds)
    3.00 Purex
    3.00 J&J call in
    5.00 Chapmans
    J&J FPC
    5.00 wub 2 pitabreak

    3 Points
    Any J&J call in (except baby)
    any coke/pepsi
    philly cream cheese (NOT DIPS)
    5.00 WUB 3 garnier
    5.00 wub 2 ob/stayfree
    1.00 General Mills good only
    3.00 any venus razor

    2 points
    5.00 WUB 2 Majesta
    1.00 Colgate/palmolive
    2.00 any kelloggs
    Disney Rewards Code
    Stouffers Pin
    2.00 Janes
    any J&J call in
    2.00 st ives
    1.00 cheerios
    1.00 dairy oh
    j&j call in baby
    Any frozen veggies
    2.00 ANY glade
    2.00 dove body wash (wub 1)
    1.50 lean cusinine

    1 Point
    3.00 Nexxuss
    1.00 Armstrong cheese
    .50 Canadian tire $$
    1.00 cinnom toast crunch
    1.00 oasis
    Advil nighttime (no size restrictions)
    Ziploc baggies
    Kraft Peanut butter
    1.50 any janes
    1.00 summerfresh hummus
    kraft cheese slices
    1.00 vildea scrunge
    5.00 febreze luminaire
    2.00 wub 2 dr pepper, crush etc
    old el paso taco kits
    2.00 minute rice
    smart ones entrees
    greenworks 3.00 wub 3
    Sunlight 5.00 WUB 2
    2.00 All Bran
    1.50 Bistro

    ************************************************** *******


    TFT~ N
    French~ N Y
    Gocoupons~ Y
    Websaver & Brandsaver~ Y
    Printables~ N
    Store Specific~ N

    4 points
    $5 MarcAngelo
    FPC sunrise stir-fry tofu n’ sauce
    FPC strawberries
    FPC Quaker YOUGRT bar
    $5 gas form from cereal box, not from tear pad

    3 points
    similac cheque, NO coupons plz
    Pampers codes from diaper package
    $2 Kellogg red peelies
    $2 Janes (No TFT)

    2 points
    Ensure cheques/coupons
    $2 Nivea good for CREME product (Dec 31, 2011)(08917951)
    $2 Delisso crispy flatbread pizza from tear pad
    $3 ground beef from hamburger helper
    Stouffers pins,
    $1.50 colgate total advanced (any size)(not sensitive)(2012)

    1 points
    $$ Old Dutch Chips, any flavour.
    $0.50 Sunrise tofu
    $1 MarcAngelo,
    $0.50 MarcAngelo,
    $1 or $2 WUB 2 dozen eggs,
    $ off biore product with no expiry date,
    $$ off Pringles stix,
    $1 one package, any size or variety of Johnsonville sausage(Dec 31, 2012)(44203841)
    $1 maple leaf peelie, GOOD on fresh meat
    icoke pins(not product # inside the box)
    $0.50 on ANY Danone product, except 150g, 175g(Dec 31, 2011)(29407819)
    $0.50 on ANY Danone product, except 150g, 175g(Mar 31, 2012)(29407633)
    $ 0.75 ANY Danone product(2012)
    $0.50 Nutri grain bar upc 71578138 exp June, 30 2012
    $1 hamburger helper from 1 per rider)
    B2G1 pringles cans(162g-191g)(63815636)(Jun 30, 2012)
    $2 SC Johnson peelies, good on any product
    Chef Boyardee product(Max. 1 per rider)
    $2 All bran cereal
    $2 & $3 J&J call in coupon(Not $1 baby)
    kelloggs nurtigrain,fibre plus, all bran, pop tarts or special K box tops
    $0.75 Nutri grain bar from websaver(Max. one per rider)
    $5 wub 2 stayfree from one per rider)
    $1 hamburger help from (Max. one per rider)
    $1 mott’s fruitsations from (Max one per rider)
    BOGO coke from websaver(Max one per rider)

    ************************************************** ***************


    Online coupons: Yes
    French, TFT, Store Specific, Printed: No

    FPC 12 pack/2L Coke/Pepsi
    FPC Sunlight Laundry Detergent
    FPC Strawberries
    $5 Playtex or Colgate-Palmolive
    Dempsters/Wonderbread FPC
    $8 Huggies (silver mailout)
    FPC Aquafina Vitamin Water (dec.2011)

    $3 Danone Voucher
    $2 Canada Dry
    BOGO 12 Pack Coke (
    $2 Sealtest/Natrel Milk
    $3 Royale TP
    $1 ANY Driscoll's Berries (2012 expiry)
    $1.50 Weston Bakeries

    $2 Reach etc from J&J
    $3 Aveeno etc from J&J
    $1 Classico
    $2 Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated Juice (Canadian Living Magazine)
    $2 WUB2 Eggs - SHELLED (mail-out)
    B2G1 Aquafina Vitamin Water
    $5 WUB2 Sunlight

    B1G1 Amooza Twists (NO $1!)
    English muffins (Wonder or Dempsters please)
    $1 Hamburger Helper ( (only 1 per rider please)
    $1+ANY Maple Lodge Product
    $1 Fresh Potatos (good on ANY brand)
    Dole Fresh FRUIT
    Heinz Ketchup
    $3 Purex (from sample)
    Heinz Tomato Juice
    $1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (
    $0.50 Minute Maid Frozen Juices (NOT b4g1)
    $1 Kraft Singles (
    Ragu Pasta Sauce
    Kraft Peanut Butter (not whipped)
    $1 Astro Original Yogurt
    Campbells Condensed Tomato Soup
    Kraft Dinner single Boxes (NO CUPS,NO SMART)
    $1WUB2 Knorr (good on sidekicks)
    $1.50 Sunny D (janes box)(only 1 per rider please)
    $1 Pizza Pops
    Barilla Pasta (good on lasagna noodles)
    Laughing Cow Cheese (good on 8-pack)
    Spitz Sunflower Seeds
    Alcan Tin Foil
    Betty Crocker Icing/Cake Mixes
    1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    $3 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    $2 on ONE Dove (not 2wub2)
    $1 Oasis JR Juice Boxes (only 1 per rider please)
    $1 Colgate-Palmolive
    $1 Motts Fruitsations ( (only 1 per rider please)
    $1 Cheerios (2013 expiry)
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    I'd like a seat will send wishlist this afternoon.
    Shhh.... I am saving money.

    RRLF: Movie snack FPC's, Nestea powder drink crystals, coke classic cans

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    Seat please- Will PM wishlist soon

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    Great! Welcome aboard

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    sent PM

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    me too. PMing you in a minute.

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    Me please! I will get my WL to you later tonight. Need to revise to 4pt list.
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    Can I have a seat please?

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    Can I have a seat as well please, if there is still spot available

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ameba View Post
    Can I have a seat please?
    Yes! Welcome Aboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coupmama View Post
    Can I have a seat as well please, if there is still spot available
    Welcome Aboard Coupmama

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    seat please....

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    Me Please

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