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    Expired on: Thu, Dec 8th, 2011
    The countdown continues......

    Yep that's right as of today (Oct 30th) there are 55 days until Christmas!!

    I'm already getting ready for Santa's arrival, growing my stockpile, and getting stocked up on coupons that will help us through the most expensive part of the year.
    I'm also looking for neat ideas/traditions/decorations/recipes etc, to make this year memorable.
    For this train I want to incorporate both of these ideas!

    Along with the required number of coupons each rider must include one Christmas themed item -a recipe, a craft idea, a tradition that you do in your home, something special you do with/for your kids etc. You only need to send this to me -I will type all of them out and include them in each riders bundle when the coupons return home

    For this train I will take 8 riders total

    Please read ALL the rules before requesting a seat. Please post in the thread then send me a PM with your wish list and address at the same time to secure your seat. I will not be chasing people down to get their wish list.


    - Mail date is NOV 3rd or earlier
    Mail date may change if train doesn’t fill quickly

    -You must send a minimum of 4 coupons from each rider's list, if you do not have enough coupons 1 P stamp = 2 coupons.

    -Coupons must expire DEC 31st or later
    PM rider if you have questions about a coupon expiring earlier & then send me a PM showing the response

    -Please only send EXACT coupons requested -no substitutions!!

    -Please ensure all coupons are sorted and labelled including your name and the recipients name

    -Please separate coupons using paperclips, ziploc or plastic wrap on staples or tape please!

    -Boarding Pass (BP)3 unused "P" stamps to send your envie home (extra postage will be returned) plus 1 unused “P”stamp or 2 coupons from the conductors wish list (in addition to the 4) Envies will be sent home the next business day after the last one arrives.

    -Your wishlist must be a minimum of 40 coupons with no more than 5 FPC and must include at least 5 current websaver/save/brandsaver or go coupons. I want to keep this train easy for everyone (newbies included!) to participate in.

    -Please keep your wish list realistic. We all know some items very rarely have coupons, some coupons are harder to find and people are unwilling to share their stash, and being extremely specific can limit the coupons other riders can send you. So filling your wish list with these items will only leave you disappointed and newbies frustrated with trying to find items for your list. If your wishlist proves too hard to fill, I WILL ask you to edit it..

    Please include: Coupons -Y
    French -Y/N
    Printable -Y/N
    TFT -Y/N
    Stack -Y/N
    If this is not included it will be assumed that the answer is YES to all.

    -Please make sure to get you envelope weighed to ensure proper postage --then please post on train thread when you have mailed. I will keep the first post updated with mailed and received dates.

    -Riders who fail to follow any of the rules will have their BP used to return their envelope to them (harsh I know -PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to follow the rules).

    -You must leave feedback for all riders and the conductor.

    1 unused “P” stamp = 2 coupon
    1 GTG/Huggies/Stouffers/lunchmate etc = 1 coupon
    1 FPC (2.99+)= all 4 coupons
    .50 CT$ = 2 coupons

    If you have any questions please ask.

    Let’s get this Holiday VWL train on the track……….


    1.pumpkin9211 -ARRIVED NOV 7
    2.Jody22002 -ARRIVED NOV 15
    3.Trillium15 -ARRIVED NOV 15
    4.couponandoff -ARRIVED NOV 15
    5.chulamom -ARRIVED NOV 15
    6.kroopons -ARRIVED NOV 7
    7.CaperSaver -ARRIVED NOV 15
    8.CouponLadyBird- READY

    I will PM everyone with my address once the train is full
    This thread is currently associated with: Air Canada, Air Miles, Bell, H&M, Huggies, Coupons, Staples, Websaver
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    pumpkin9211's WL

    I will accept:
    I will not accept: Printed/Store Specific/French/TFT
    I can’t stack(UPC's don't matter to me)

    FPC Green Giant Veggies WUB Hamburger Helper(counts as all 4)
    $4 off Chicken WUB Ol El Paso (counts as all 4)
    $4 off Beef WUB Ol El Paso (counts as all 4)
    BOGO Gillette Razors (counts as all 4)
    $3 Clean and Clear(J&J Call in---Counts as 3)
    $1.50 Sunny D
    $1 Natrel Milk (Feb 2012 expiry)
    $1 Oylmel Ham
    $1 Oylmel Bacon
    .50 Oylmel Hot Dogs
    $1 Johnsonville Sausage(-on “any”/”Italian”/”ground”)
    $1 Ocean Spray Cocktails (not diet)
    .75 Lactania Cream (March 2012)
    $$ Old El Paso Kits
    $2 Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee
    Heinz Ketchup
    $1 off one pack of any Pedigree Jumbone, Dentabone or Superchew
    Hunt’s Tomato Paste
    Hunts Diced Tomatos
    Mann’s Vegetables
    $1 on ANY Heinz Toddler or Little Kids products
    Carnation Hot Chocolate (2012)
    Miracle Whip (expiry april 30 2012)
    .50 any Danone
    Sunrype Juice (May 2012---not the TFT--- thanks!)
    Dianna Sauce (not Gravy!)
    $$ off ANY Bread with 2012 expiry
    Pringles B2G1 FREE(will count as 4)
    $$ off Pringles (not the small snack things—thanks!)
    BBQ Sauce(any except for Canadian Club)
    $2.50 on Jergens Moisturizer (Dec 2012)
    Buy Pam--Save $2 on Eggs
    .75 G.U.M Products (2012 or 2013 expiry)
    $1.50 Colgate Total (not sensitive—advanced is ok-thanks!)
    Selsun Blue
    $0.75 Lactantia butter product 454 g*****
    $2WUB2 on any Ziploc, Jan 31/12
    $1 Robin Hood Flour, Apr 29/12
    $1 Europe's Best Frozen Fruit, Apr 30/12
    $1 Tropicana Trop50 1.75L, all varieties (2012)
    $2 Oasis Juice
    $1 Oasis Juice
    $1.00 Del Monte perfection 540ml glass jar(October 31, 2012)
    $0.50 Del Monte fruit twists 108g, mini fruit twists 324g, fruit stripes 108g - not valid on 18g single packs(October 31, 2012)
    $0.30 Del Monte 568ml, 4x112.5ml, or 4x107ml portable fruit (October 31, 2012)
    Nature Valley Granola Bars (NOT the BIG pack)
    Any Razors with 2012 Expiry
    Peanut Butter(not Adams)
    .50 off Danone Silhouette yogurt(March 2012)
    .50 Simple Pleasure Moments
    $2 Delissio Pizza
    U by Kotex (not Tween)
    $5WUB 3 Garnier
    TRISCUITS(not thins)
    $1 Chapmans Frozen Yogurt(Mmmmmmm)
    Campbells Soup(not broth) Are there any?!?!?
    $1 Silk (2012)
    $1 Parchment Paper (2012)
    $1 WUB 2 Halls
    B2G1 Free Halls
    Aero Bubbles
    $2 Nescafe Latte/Cappucino
    $1 Rice Krispie Squares (Jan 31, 2012)
    $1 Sunlight (Dec 2012--UPC:72613594)
    $1 any Fibre1(not Fibre Plus)cereal 76143276 Feb 29, 2012
    .50 on any Philadelphia Dips. Exp Dec 31/11
    Magazine Pin from Yogurt Promo(counts as 3)
    $1 Dempsters Country Naturals(websaver)(will accept Dec 15+ expiry)
    $1 Olivieri (websaver)
    $5 WUB 2 Stayfree(
    $2 Busy Rollhide (SAVE.CA)(looking for 2012 expiry)
    $1.50 Busy Bone(Save.CA)(looking for 2012 expiry)
    $1 Cheez Whiz (
    BOGO Clubhouse Slow Cooker Seasoning (
    $2.50 Oylmel Chicken (gocoupons)
    Cadbury clusters save 1$ wub2, 13307950, may 1st, 2012
    Sun-Maid Raisin Bread save 1$ wub2 12519125 jan 31, 2012
    Dare & Grissol save .75 wub2 participating products 11624660 jun 30, 2012
    $1 off WUB4 Campbell's Condensed Low Fat Cream Soups or Broths (284ml). Expires Dec.31 '11.
    .50c off MilkBone Biscuits or Maro-bones 450-500g Jan29, 2012
    .50c any MilkBone Chew-Lotta snack 141/178g Jan 29, 2012
    $1 off wub 2 cans of Aylmer Accents tomatoes, Dec 31, 2012
    $1 ANY Silk
    $4 Advil Cold and Sinus March 31, 2012
    $2 materna 12923120 EXP June 30, 2012(only 1 per rider-they are for my sister)
    Folgers black silk coffee or k cup gourmet selections portion packs save $1.50 March 31, 2012
    Uncle ben's bistro express save .75 on any size May 31, 2012
    Yoplait Asana .50 29212167 EXP APRIL 30, 2012
    Any coupon for Pedigree DRY Dog Food (there was one that expired July 31, 2011 & Oct 31, 2011 SO... I am hoping!!!)

    **if you are having trouble with my wishlist, please PM me—I have other wishes. Don’t be shy! **

    Jody2202's WL

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – no
    French – yes
    Can you stack – no
    Store Specific – no(unless specified)
    Printables – no

    FPC Juice
    FPC Bread
    FPC Yogurt
    4.00 off chicken or beef wub Old El Paso
    Any Call Ins
    FPC Cheese wub Old El Paso
    FPC Salsa wub Old El Paso
    FPC Veggies wub Hamburger Helper
    3.00 off Beef wub Hamburger Helper
    5.00 wub3 Garnier
    2.00 Oasis(from mag)
    2.00 off wub2 Grissol/Dare
    5.00 wub2 Stayfree(
    BOGO Peek Freens
    BOGO Snuggle
    BOGO VH Steamers
    Any .50/1.00 Call In
    b2 chips/get dip free(safeway okay)
    b2g1 Miss Vickies(safeway okay)
    1.00/2.00 Old Dutch
    1.00 Hunts Snack Pack
    2.00 wub5 Heinz
    2.00 Glade(one ONE from mag)
    2.00 Garnier Peelie
    2.00 Olymel Peelie
    1.00 Oasis Nutrisource
    2.00 off eggs wub Pam
    1.00 Lilydale
    1.00 Johnsonville(good on any)
    1.00 Schneiders(good on any)
    2.00 Dove(on ONE)
    2.00 Cottonelle
    2.00 Aveeno
    3.00 Kibbles and Bits
    SunMaid Raisins
    Heinz ketchup
    1.00 wub3 Heinz products(good on any)
    1.00 Hot Chocolate
    2.00 Turtles
    1.00 Smarties
    1.00 After 8
    1.50 Stouffers
    1.00 wub both Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese
    1.50 wub2 Christie Crackers
    .10 Stride GUM
    1.00 off 3 or 4 packs of gum
    1.00 Europeans Best Fruit
    McCain pizza
    MIR Forms for the new Congra spend 20.00/get 25.00 in coupons promo
    1.00 Little Bites
    .75 Black Diamond
    .75 Kraft Singles
    1.00 Babybel
    1.00 Laughing Cow
    .75 Wonderbread
    .50 Dempsters Thinfuls
    1.00 wub2 SunMaid Raisin Bread
    1.00 wub2 Campbell's Broth
    Campbell's Soup
    b3g1 Knorr(good on any)
    Catelli pasta
    Mapleleaf Canned Meats
    Chef Boyardee
    1.00 wub3 Heinz
    .50 HP
    1.00 Tobasco
    1.00 Frank's Red Hot
    Hunt's Pasta Sauce or Paste
    1.00 Knorr Homestyle Stock
    .74 Dole Fruit Crisp
    Del Monte Fruit Cups/Twists
    .50 Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    1.00 Oasis Juice Boxes
    .50/1.00 Oasis Shelf Juice
    1.00 Oasis Health Break Smoothie
    1.00 Tropicana
    .50 Sun Rype
    .75 Crystal Light
    1.00 Nestea Singles
    b2g1 Aquafina
    1.00 Ocean Spray Diet Drinks
    1.50 Splenda(not 1.00 or 3.00 wub2)
    .50 Added Touch
    .30 Duncan Hines
    .50 Betty Crocker
    1.00 Olymel Bacon
    .50 Olymel Weiners
    .50 Olymel Peelie
    1.00 Olymel Ham
    1.00 Country Naturals
    1.00 Natural Selects
    .50 Pillers
    1.00 Smart Ones Frozen Meals
    1.00 McCain breakfast potatoes
    1.00 Tenderflake
    1.00 keebler pie crust
    .55 kozy shack
    .30 Hunts Puddings
    Chef Boyardee
    .75 wub2 Dare
    .50 bear Paw Cookies
    .50 Wagon Wheels
    .50 Peek Freens
    .50 Dare Simple Pleasures
    1.00 Keebler Pie Crusts
    1.00 Tenderflake
    Mapleleaf Canned Meats
    1.00 Activia
    1.00 Danino
    1.00 Minigo
    .75 Danone
    .50 Yoplait Tubes
    .50 Astro Peelie
    1.00 Halls
    1.00 Ricola
    .50 Old El Paso
    .75 Lactania Cream
    .75 Lactania Butter
    2.00 Delissio Thin and Crispy
    1.00 Dr Oetker Pizza
    .30 Down Unders Hair
    1.50 Dove Hair
    2.00 wub2 Mens Dove
    1.00 Ziploc
    1.00 Dempsters(websaver)
    1.50 NOS Energy(websaver)
    2.00 wub2 wonderbread(websaver)
    2.00 wub2 Ziploc(websaver)
    1.00 J&J(
    .75 Thinsations(
    3.50 Dog Chow(
    3.00 Beneful(
    1.00 A&h litter(
    .75 a&h litter deodorizer(
    1.00 Nature Valley(websaver)
    1.25 Dole Fruit Crisp(
    1.00 Pillsbury Pie Crusts(websaver)
    1.00 Cheese Whiz(
    1.00 Kraft Singles(

    Trillium15's WL

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – yes
    French –no
    Can you stack –no
    Store Specific –no
    Printables – yes must be in color

    FPC Triscuit
    FPC Maxx Scoop Cat Litter
    FPC Peak Frean Cookies
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal (not instant)
    FPC Yogurt from Cereal Boxes
    $10 off MultiBionta (counts as all coupons)
    4.00 off chicken or beef wub Old El Paso(counts as all)

    After Eight Chocolate
    Astro Balkan Style (NOT Greek) Yogurt
    Aunt Jemima syrup
    Bertroli Olive Oil
    Canadian Tire .50 = 2 coupons
    Cheerios (must be good on Multi-grain)
    Clovberleaf Flavored Tuna
    CoffeeMate Liquid Nestle (must be liquid not powder)
    Driscoll Berrys – $0.50 printable from website (RLF - Really Looking For)
    Eggs (not liquid) $2 off when you buy PAM
    Europe’s Best Frozen Fruit
    Fillippo Berio Olive Oil $2.00
    Fleischman’s Yeast (not pizza)
    Gilette Fusion Pro Glide Series Razor Refills
    Greenworks $3.00 (
    Heinz Ketchup
    Kraft Shredded Cheese (
    Lactancia Cream $.75 or $1.00
    Minute Maid OJ (RLF)
    Peak Frean B1G1 Free Cookies
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Pillers meats
    Purina $3.50 off Dog Chow (
    Quaker – good on any product or regular oatmeal (not instant)
    San Danielle Mortadella .50cents Printable coupon
    Science Diet/Hills Cat Food Dry or Wet (call in to mfg) (RLF)
    Shoppers Optimum Points 100 pts = 1 coupon
    Sour Cream (Gay Lea or Sealtest, not when you buy Cottage Cheese)
    Tim Hortons GC $3 = 4 coupons
    Tin Foil
    Tostitoes B2 Get a Dip for free
    Turtles chocolates
    Yoplait Source .50cents (gocoupons)

    couponandoff's WL

    Unless specified in my wish list: NO INSERTS - NO FRENCH - NO TFT - NO PRINTABLES - NO STORE SPECIFIC

    Please ensure I am receiving the correct UPC.
    UPCs are important to me, because I stack coupons. A UPC is the number underneath the barcode.
    Sometimes a barcode is not present. In this case the words coupon code will precede the number.
    Sources for my wish coupons are in (brackets)

    If you do not have enough of my wishes, I can look at your trade list.
    I welcome any PM – don’t be shy. You may have coupons I didn’t even know I wanted!

    #1 Coca Cola Bogo (icoke, ALL 4 COUPONS
    #2 SunnyD $1.50 March 31 2012 UPC 5070467(cereal box) - or any SunnyD $1.50+
    #3 Hunts Thick & Rich $.50+ NOT wub
    #4 Sunlight Laundry Detergent $1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 72613594 (tearpad?)
    #5 Sunlight Laundry Detergent $1 Dec 31 2011 UPC 72613381 (tearpad)
    #6 Sunlight $5wub2 – unsure of other details – have seen on other wishlists.
    #7 Purina OneSmartblend $5 UPC 27672176 ( = ALL 4 COUPONS!
    #8 Aveeno $1+ NOT UPC 04381033 (tear pad I think)
    #9 Aveeno 2$ Fresh Essentials Dec 31 2011 UPC 04384713 (tear pad I think)
    #10 Aveeno 5$ wub2 Fresh Essentials Dec 31 2011 04384728 (tear pad I think)

    · Bananas FPC (cereal box)
    · Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.75+ regular size NOT UPC 76142840
    · Betty Crocker Potatoes $1+ (websaver?
    · Campbells $1wub2 broth Dec 31 2011 UPC 00923385 NOT UPC 00923330 (tearpad)
    · Cheerios $1+ NOT CHOCOLATE
    · Cheemo Perogies FPC 907g bag Dec 31 2011(unsure of source)
    · Danone Silhouette Yogurt $.50+
    · Delissio Thin Crust or Rising Crust only
    · Dove $2 Nourishing Oil Care Dec 31 2011 UPC 89288104
    · Dove $2wub2 Dec 31 2011 UPC 83168459
    · Dove $2wub2 UPC 83168439
    · Dove $2wub2 UPC 83168428
    · Dove $2 Deep Moisture Dec 31 2011 UPC 89288164
    · Dove $1.50 hair and styling products Feb 29 2012 UPC 89288266
    · Dove $1 Any Shampoo Dec 31 2011 UPC 89288259 (unilever insert) THIS IS THE ONLY COUPON I ACCEPT FROM AN INSERT.
    · Finish Quantum $5 WUB2 Feb 28 2012
    · Finish Quantum $3 Feb 28 2012
    · Frank’s Redhot $1 NOT UPC 06542896
    · General Mills $1+ good on any
    · Ground beef $3 wub hamburger helper Dec 31 2011 UPC 76141704
    · Hamburger Helper $1+
    · Head & Shoulders $1.00 February 13 2013 UPC 63755028 (Charmin TP)
    · Hellmann's $.50+ NOT OLIVE OIL NOT UPC 87410420
    · Janes $2 Dec 31 2013 NOT FISH (Jane’s booth)
    · Kraft peanut butter $.50+
    · Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.00+ (
    · Lays Potato Chips $.50+
    · L’Oréal Paris $2 UPC 46963130 (
    · L’Oréal Paris $2 Hair Expertise Dec 31 2011 UPC 46962645 (tearpad)
    · L’Oréal Paris $2 Hair Expertise Dec 31 2011 UPC 46964159 (tearpad)
    · Nature Valley $.75+ regular size NOT UPC 76142824
    · Nutri grain bar $0.50 June 30 2012 UPC 71578138
    · Old Dutch $1 Dec 31 2011 UPC 45503418
    · Old El Paso kit $.50+
    · Olymel Bacon (from Olymel box)
    · Olymel Frozen poultry Products$2.50 (
    · Peek Freans bogo (facebook)
    · Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $.75+( or
    · Pringles $1 Feb 13 2013 UPC 63814431 (Charmin TP)
    · Pringles B2G1 June 30 2012 UPC 63815636 NOT SNACK PACK
    · Purex detergent $3 (from sample) = ALL 4 COUPONS
    · Ragu Sauce $.50+
    · Saputo Mozzarellissima Cheese $.75 500g+ March 31 2012 UPC 5070494 (tearpad?)
    · Saputo Mozzarellissima Cheese $1.00 500g+ March 31 2012 UPC 5070505 (tearpad?)
    · Sharwood’s $.50 no expiry date UPC 84406141 NOT UPC 84408251 (tearpad?)
    · Sharwood’s $.50 no expiry date UPC 84406066 (tearpad?)
    · Sharwood’s $1 June 31 2012 UPC 84408365 (tearpad?)
    · Shelled Eggs $2 wub2
    · Turtles 417g box or Holiday Tin April 30 2012 UPC 71578907(RiceKrispie Squares box)
    · Tropicana Juice $2+ (chatelaine magazine?)
    · Yogurt FPC any! (Yoplait in Oatmeal Crisp box)

    kroopon's WL Coupons -Yes
    French - No
    Printable -No
    TFT -Yes
    Stack -No

    Aero Mint Bubbles Chocolate Bar
    Arm & Hammer laundry soap (valid on HE products)
    Baking powder (Arm & Hammer only please)
    Bear Paws cookies/crackers
    BOGO Coke
    BOGO Peek Freens
    Bread (any sandwich breads)
    Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mixes
    Chapman’s Ice Cream $5 of product
    Chips Ahoy Cookies
    Canadian Tire Money (50cents = 2 coupon)
    Cool Whip ($1 off coupon)
    Dove Shampoo/Conditioner (NOT save $2 wub 2 different products)
    Fruit (fresh or Canned)
    Gillette product coupons (not sure if there are a new round of these)
    Gum (10Cent Gum Coupon)
    Greenworks (Buy 3 save $3 only)
    Ground Beef wub Hamburger Helper
    Heinz Ketchup
    Hamburger Helper
    Helluva Good Dip
    Hot Dogs
    Icing (betty crocker, duncan hines)
    Juice boxes (will accept any)
    Kinder Egg FPC
    Kids snack coupons (fruit by the foot, etc –no 14 count –just regular)
    Kraft peanut butter
    Kraft dinner
    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
    Lunchable coupons
    Milk coupons (valid on 2%)
    Minute Rice
    Miracle Whip
    Movie passes/coupons (cineplex only)
    Mr Big FPC
    Pop tarts
    Primo Pasta SAUCE
    purex save $3 (will count as all 4 coupons)
    Ragu Pasta SAUCE
    Schneiders (hot Dogs, Lunch Meat, possibly others)
    Sour Cream
    $2 Smartbread Coupon
    Strawberries FPC
    String Cheese
    SunRype Juice
    Sunlight Detergent (must be good for HE machines)
    Thinsations (B1G1)
    $3 Tim Hortons GC (will count as all 4 coupons)
    Whiskas cat food (wet food only – ex: b3g1 free whiskas)
    Ziplock (save $2 wub 2 – must NOT exclude 40 ct)

    chulamom's WL

    Save/Websaver/Brandsaver/tearpads = Yes
    Stack/French= No
    Store Specific = No
    Printable: no, unless otherwise stated below.....see notes below…

    All expiries for coupons must adhere to train rules unless otherwise stated, please! Thanks!

    FPC: (any FPC can count as all 4 coupons)
    Always pads, any kind
    Ice cream $$
    Johnson and Johnson baby
    Toothpaste(2012 or later expiry only)
    Cream for coffee, any kind
    Shampoo or conditioner
    mayonnaise (hellman's, I know you're out there!)


    Activia Yogurt (November expiry or later acceptable)
    Always, Pads/liners (regular or infinity ok)
    Armstrong or Saputo cheese 0.75 off (good on any)
    Aunt Jemima pancake mix or syrup
    Advil, good on any
    Advil, good on nighttime($4.00 off, no size restriction)
    Black Diamond Cheese(good on any including blocks
    Bear paws (2012 expiry)
    chips, any kind
    Danone Danactive Yogurt or coupon valid on any Danone yogurt
    Driscoll’s, $1 off on any one product
    Dare, 0.75 off WUB2, good on any product
    Europe's best frozen fruit
    Gatorade, good on any
    Heinz beans, good on any ($2.00 off WUB 5)
    Heinz Ketchup
    VH, soy sauce....good on low sodium one.
    Hunt’s, $1 tomato sauce only (WUB2 Bran Cereal box one is fine), not WUB paste
    Johnson & Johnson dollars (call in, $3.00, $2.00 or $1.00 off, either one can also count as 2 coupons)
    Kraft, Peanut Butter
    Kraft Mac and cheese(not cups)
    Kandoo wipes
    Kimberly-Clark call in coupons
    Laughing Cow Cheese
    laCoupe $2.00 off from mail out sample
    Milk, any kind of regular milk
    Marc Angelo
    Nexxus shampoo or conditioner
    Neutrogena, good on any product or fresh foaming scrub
    Oasis, $1.00 or $2.00 coupon
    Phili Cream Cheese (not dips)
    Peak Freens Lifestyle cookies B1G1(facebook offer)(can count as 2 coupons)
    Poise, $2.00 off any(non-printed coupon 2012 expiry)
    Polysporin, good on any (not WUB)
    Pop, coke only
    Purex, $3 mail out - good on any or with zout fine
    Royal Toilet Paper (12 or 24 rolls, 2 ply only, 2012 expiry please)
    Robin Hood Flour, good on any variety or size
    Special K oats and honey cereal ($1.50 preferred)
    Sudocrem (diaper rash cream)
    Scott paper towels (printable ok…in colour, page in tact)
    St.Ives, good on any product or facial scrub
    Tostitos - Salsa, chips or con queso
    Tropicana juices (not Trop50)
    Tetley Tea, regular tea or Green tea fine)
    Tena, $2.00 off any Tena product coupon from sample request or any other
    Tenderflake pie crust
    Taster's Choice, instant coffee
    Tylenol, good on Children's tylenol only
    Tylenol, good on any adult Tylenol
    Western Creamery, Cream Cheese or good on any product
    Wonderbread($2.00 WUB2 websaver), regular bread, not Simply or simply +
    Vim, good on any Vim product
    Ziploc ($2.00 WUB 2 from Websaver only)

    CaperSaver's WL

    sdp count as 2
    .50 cent canadian tire Money counts as (2 coupons)
    anything fpc is 4 coupons
    steamer bogo count as 3
    Peakfren Bogo count as 2
    chapmans count as 3 ($5.00 counts as 4)
    gillette wub3 get 5.00 count as 2
    any free procdut will take items not here except baby and pets
    free gas cars count as 4
    tim cards 3 bucks count as 4
    Billy bee honey
    robin hood flower
    head and shoulders
    body washes
    shredded cheese
    Mircale whip
    frozen Pizza
    pizza pop
    toaster strodle
    or pop tarts
    Purina Indoor cat chow
    anything Kids treats for lunchs
    or for recess LIKE fruit bars and stuff
    baking soda Powered
    colgate 1 dollar mail out
    postage stamp
    green gaint veggies
    pasta Not catelli
    frush fruit from ceral
    sobeys cents off gas 7dawn dish soap
    frozen pizzA any kind
    pizza pops
    tin foil
    glad bags
    tooth paste any kind or size
    coupons for free banana (was on cereal)

    CouponLadyBird's WL

    Save/Websaver/Brandsaver/Go Coupons -Yes
    French -No
    TFT -No
    Printable -No (unless indicated -full page only please)
    Stack -No

    Kashi FPC
    Yogourt FPC
    Natrel Lactose Free Cream FPC
    Oasis Juice FPC
    Almost any other food FPC -just ask!

    0.50 Carnation Hot Chocolate (2012 exp)
    1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate (2012 exp)
    Any McVitties cookies with 2012 expiry (HobNobs, Digestives etc)
    Any Cadbury's buttons

    any fesh produce
    Mann's veggies

    Cracker Barrel block cheese
    0.75+ Armstrong block cheese
    Philli Cream cheese
    1.00 Activia - 2012 expiry
    0.75 Lactancia Cream
    Kraft cheese slices

    2.00 Delisso Garlic Bread or Crispy Thin Crust Pizza (2012 expiry)
    2.00 Olymel peelie
    1.50+ Janes Chicken
    1.00+ Marc Angelo (good on any)
    1.00+ Johnsonville Sausages (2012 expiry)
    1.50 Stouffers Bistro
    1.00 Any Bluewater Fish (2012 expiry no size restriction)
    3.00 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    4.00 Ground Beef WUB Old El Passo -will count as all 4 coupons
    4.00 Chicken WUB Old El Passo -will count as all 4 coupons
    0.50 Pillers (2012 expiry only please)

    Any frozen fruit
    Any frozen veggies

    Maxwell House Coffee
    2.00 Tasters Choice (good on singles)
    1.00 Tasters Choice (good on singles)
    2.00 Oasis (1.75 L -mar 31 2012)
    0.75 Oasis (good on 960 ml)
    0.50 Oasis (good on 960 ml)
    1.50 Sunny D
    2.00 Sunrype

    1.00+ General Mills Cereal (good on any)
    1.00+ Post Cereal (good on any)
    1.00 Cheerios (any -choc/banana/honey nut/reg -we like them all!)
    0.50 Quaker Hearty Medleys Oatmeal *****
    any instant oatmeal (single serve pouches) *****
    0.50+ Dare (good on various products -not WUB)
    1.00 Snack Pack Puddings (2012 expiry)
    0.30 Snack Pack Puddings
    BOGO Peak Freans
    Almost any other lunch box snack item -please ask

    Any flour (robin hood etc)
    Duncan Hines cake mix
    Betty Crocker cake mix or icing
    1.00 Hamburger Helper
    1.00 WUB2 Hunts pasta sauce
    1.00 WUB3 Hunts paste
    Classico pasta sauce
    Catelli Smart pasta
    1.00+ Campbells (good on various)
    Kraft peanut butter
    any canned veggies or fruit
    Gold Seal or Clover Leaf tuna (not flavoured or no drain)
    any beans/chickpeas etc
    2.00 WUB 5 Heinz beans
    1.00 WUB 3 Heinz beans
    B3G1 Knorr Dry soups (not sidekicks/broths etc)
    Celebrate Tomatoes B3 Heinz/Classico/Diana/Catelli G1 Heinz Tomato Juice
    1.00 Hellman's mayo

    Other food items- just ask!

    1.00+ Kimberly Clark -good on various products
    1.00+ Colgate Palmolive
    3.00 Purex (not with Zout)
    2.00 Scotts Towels (printable- NO photocopies please!)
    3.00 Cottonelle (printable -NO photocopies please!)
    5.00 WUB 2 Magesta
    1.00+ Playtex

    1.00 Huggies wipes
    1.00 Pampers wipes
    5.00+ Pull Ups/Easy Ups

    1.00+ Colgate or Crest toothpaste (not 3D or sensitive)
    3.00 Nexxus
    0.75+ G.U.M.

    P stamps
    CT $
    Stouffers pins
    Danone Magazine pins (will count as all 4 coupons!)** RRLF
    Almost any other call in coupons -just ask!

    If you are having any issues with finding items for my WL let me know! I collect coupons for donations to a local shelter and for my Mum so I can always add more I am looking for I also don't mind earlier expires for many of the items listed -please check with me first
    Last edited by CouponLadybird; Mon, Oct 31st, 2011 at 01:51 PM.

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    me......Me........ME.........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkin9211 View Post
    me......Me........ME.........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! Please.
    Welcome aboard pumpkin9211!!

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    *sings* (to the tune of Last Kiss)

    Oh, where oh where can my Jody be?
    The coupon section took her away from me
    She's gone to trade, so I got to be good
    So I can see her wishlist when she joins this train.

    Oooh~ ooooh~ Oooh~ ooooh~Oooh

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkin9211 View Post
    *sings* (to the tune of Last Kiss)

    Oh, where oh where can my Jody be?
    The coupon section took her away from me
    She's gone to trade, so I got to be good
    So I can see her wishlist when she joins this train.

    Oooh~ ooooh~ Oooh~ ooooh~Oooh

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    LOL You are such a nut.

    Me please. I will PM you my list shortly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jody22002 View Post
    LOL You are such a nut.

    Me please. I will PM you my list shortly
    lol, Great!! Welcome aboard!

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    Hi. WOuld love a spot. Will PM you shortly
    Earn Points & Cool stuff at SwagBucks

    Couponing...not just a hobby but a lifestyle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trillium15 View Post
    Hi. WOuld love a spot. Will PM you shortly

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    Me too!

    ? Are you curious ? My quest to separate cheese from bras in the Deals & Flyers Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by couponandoff View Post
    Me too!
    Welcome aboard!

    My youngest DD wants a hippo for Christmas! Seems that your house hippos might be a good match

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    me too please...always love riding your trains! WL to follow shortly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chulamom View Post
    me too please...always love riding your trains! WL to follow shortly!
    love having you on my trains! welcome aboard!

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