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    Quote Originally Posted by BMyltoft View Post
    What model did you get and how much was it? wanting to switch over from tassimo.
    I'll buy your Tassimo off you. I've tried the Keurig asnd I find the taste of all 5 or 6 coffees and hot chocolate I've had to be yucky.

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    I have a Keurig and a Dolce Gusto...Think I might return the Dolce Gusto...can't make a un-frothy cup of plain coffee.
    I also LOVE Keurig's customer service and deals on coffee online
    Where is my mail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweetybird999 View Post
    So the the cups of different brands are not interchangeable in the different machines? Can you use a Keurig cup in a Tassimo machine?
    Nope, not interchangeable. They are specific to each machine.

    I have Keurig and I like it but I just tried a Choccochino in a Dolce Gusto today and it was awesome. Wasn't too happy that I couldn't just put a cup in and let it go, had to turn the water off rather than push a button, but the drink itself was yummy. I wish Keurig would do more like that.

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