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    Expired on: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012
    looking for riders with a trade rating of 25 or less please.

    I ask that you please read the requirements before messaging to join the train to ensure that you will be able to send enough coupons. Please post in the thread, then send PM with your address, real name & wishlist at the same time for a seat to be reserved
    . I have a bonus envelope of tear pad coupons for the person most generous to the conductor.

    **I will be taking 6 riders plus me (7 riders total)**

    Must send a minimum of 2 different coupons from each rider's list! (Any duplicates are considered extras unless the rider agrees to multiples (forward the message to me where they agree to multiples).

    If you do not have enough coupons for the rider:
    1 unused stamp =1 coupons short

    Coupons must expire December 31th or later

    Please sort and label the coupons without using tape or staples including the following information:

    Boarding Pass
    4 Unused P stamps AND 1 coupon from my wishlist (in addition to the 2)

    Wishlist must be a minimum of 45 coupons no more than 5 FPC, and must include at least 5 current redplum/smartsource/ websaver/ or go coupons. This is a newbie train so please try and limit specific UPC's to 5 to keep it simple.

    Please send only the exact coupon the rider has asked for, as well as no early expiries -NO substitutions . All coupons will be checked by me before sending them back out. Coupons/tear pads/peelies/newpaper clippings are all welcome

    /Printable/TFT/Store Specific are NOT

    Mail date will be November 14th at the latest

    *Feedback is MANDATORY for all riders and the train conductor.

    1) allydawg75 -mailed Nov 14 -received Dec 1
    2) cally-mailed Nov 13 -received Nov 16th
    3) savings bag-mailed Nov 14 received Nov 17th
    4) angel_2011-mailed Nov 14 received Nov 17th
    5) sonyamary-mailed Nov 10 - received Nov 16th
    6) qponmum-mailed Nov 14 -received train Dec 6
    7) queenofcoupons
    This thread is currently associated with: Red Plum, Coupons, Smart Source, Staples, Websaver
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    queenofcoupons wishlist:

    i coke pins (RLF really looking for) 1 pin = 1 coupon
    canadian tire money (RLF) $0.50 = 1 coupon
    ANY FPC (counts as all coupons)
    Oasis Juice FPC (counts as all coupons)
    BOGO 12 Pack Coke (counts as all coupons)
    FPC Kinder Egg (counts as all coupons)
    $2 Canada Dry
    $1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Ragu Pasta Sauce
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    any candy/chocolate
    any chips
    $1 Pizza Pops
    cool whip
    Barilla Pasta
    1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    ANY Juice boxes
    Rice Krispies squares
    Motts Fruitsations
    Uncle Ben’s Rice
    Triscuts (RLF)
    Crystal Lite
    Quaker Granola Bars
    Thinsations (SAVE.CA)
    Natrel Milk
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    Dole fruit and crisp (
    Lunch meat
    catelli pasta (
    Janes chicken (RRLF)
    canned veggies
    frozen veggies
    French Fries
    philadelphia cream cheese or dips
    snack pack
    cheemo perogies
    Pot of Gold Boxed Chocolates (websaver)
    any pop except pepsi max
    Hamburger Helper
    mapleleaf natural selections
    cheese whiz (SAVE.CA)
    pringles (brandsaver)
    any cheese (RLF)
    any baking supplies
    any dog treats please no more T-bones as I already have 30 lol)
    any canned/ soft dog food
    whiskas hard cat food
    friskies soft cat food
    $1 Colgate-Palmolive (RLF)
    royal facial tissue (gocoupons)
    lysol or clorox wipes
    Tide liquid or powder laundry soap
    gain laundry soap or fabric softener
    sunlight laundry soap (
    Hershey Seasonal Bagged Candies (websaver) early expiry okay

    allydawg75's Wish list

    french N
    Printables Y
    Store Specific Y
    TFT N,groupon,websaver,brandsaver Y
    Stackable Y

    Diet Coke / Diet Pepsi
    Pull ups or Easy Ups
    Huggies Wipes
    Iams Cat Food (Dry)(brandsaver)
    Gillette Products (Razors / Shaving Cream / Deodorant)(brandsaver)
    Any Laundry Detergents (brandsaver/
    Kraft Products: Shredded Cheese Coupons(
    Cascade Action Pacs (only soft dish detergent tabs)(smartsource)
    Pampers Kandoo Kids Hand/Body Wash
    L'oreal Kids Shampoo
    Oil of Olay Products(brandsaver)
    Any Paper Towel Products (gocoupons/brandsaver)
    Any Toliet Paper Products (except Charmin) (gocoupons)
    Any Campbell Soup Products
    Any Smart Pasta (websaver)
    Any Classico Pasta Sauce
    Newman's Own Salad Dressing and Other Products
    International Delight Creamers
    Garbage Bags
    Summer Fresh Dips
    El Paso Taco Kit
    Colgate Sensitive Pro Health
    Crest Toothpaste
    Dove (Bodywash and Hair Products)
    Bounce Dryer Sheets
    Frozen Pizzas (McCain, Oetker)
    McCain French Fries / Breakfast Potatoes
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    General food coupons except drinks

    Cally's wishlist:

    Toonies for Tummies (formerly Cash 4 Kids): No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No - exception Becel
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: No

    Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese FPC - would count as all coupons
    $4 Off Chicken - El Paso - would count as all coupons
    $5 Off Prime Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast(s) - would count as all coupons
    Kraft Shredded FPC - would could as all coupons
    Kashi FPC - would could as all coupons

    Becel Pro-Activ Margarine ($2/Printable)
    Panabello Pizza
    McCain Pizza
    McCain Sweet Potato Fries
    Catelli Pasta (Smart/Healthy Harvest)(save)
    Dempster Country Orignals
    Dempster Healthy Harvest
    Maple Leaf Naturals Deli Meats
    Olymel Chicken ($2 or higher)(gocoupons)
    Natrel Milk (Valid on 4L) (can be found in cheese packages)
    Lactantia Cream (.75 or higher)
    Lactantia Butter
    Campbells Soup (.50 or higher)
    Kraft Dinner/Smart
    Kraft Peanut Butter (Any)
    Betty Crocker
    Sunmaid Raisins (not bread)
    Nestle Noir ($1 - 100g)
    VH Sauces (must be valid on any)
    Patak Sauces (must be valid on any)
    Goldfishes (Not Graham)
    Quaker Oats Oatmeal
    Orville Popcorn ($1 or higher)
    French Mustard ($1 or higher)
    Old El Paso (any value)
    Maple Leaf Bacon
    Scheindars Bacon
    Ah Carmel Snacks
    Heinz Ketchup
    Bicks Relish (any kind)
    Kashi - $2.00
    Olive Oil
    Aunt Jemina Pancake Mix/Syrup
    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
    Keebler Pie Crusts ($1)
    Bravo Spaghetti Sauce
    HP Sauce
    Lee&Perrin’s Worchestershire Sauce
    Marc Angelo ($1 or higher off ANY/Kabobs)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips ($1 or higher)
    Thinsations (.75 or higher)(
    Kraft Parmesan Cheese
    Black Diamond (any)
    Cracker Barrel (any)
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies
    Olymel Chicken (gocoupons)

    Personal Care
    Stayfree ($5 WUB 2)
    Bath and Bodyworks
    Irish Spring (Must include Bar soaps)
    Zest Body wash ($2 or higher)
    Natures Bounty Vitamins ($2 or higher)
    Pantene Shampoo ($2 or higher)(brandsaver)
    Cottonelle ($2 or higher)

    Household Items
    Liquid Plumr
    Glad (must be valid all garbage bags)
    Green Works ($1 or higher - can be $3WUB3)(websaver)

    Savings Bag's Coupon Wishlist

    French - No - Yes - Yes & - Yes
    Printables - No (except for Scotts $2 and Cottonelle $3)
    Store Specific - No
    Toonies for Tummies - No
    Stackable - No

    $5 Chapmans
    FPC 12 pack Coke/Pepsi
    BOGO 12 Pack Coke or any
    $2 Canada Dry
    Coke products
    Pepsi products (not dr pepper)
    4.00 off chicken wub Old El Paso
    FPC Cheese or Salsa wub Old El Paso
    FPc veggies wub old el paso

    Colgate call in coupons from company
    Kimberly clarke call in from company
    glade call in
    congra call in
    unico call in
    J&J call in coupons
    Dare call in coupons
    Any salsa
    $0.75 any Black Diamond cheese product
    $0.75 Thinsations (
    $0.50 Aylmer Tomatoes (exp Dec 31, 2012)
    Ragu Pasta Sauce
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    1.00 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    ANY Juice boxes
    Rice Krispies squares
    canned veggies
    canned beans (Primo, Unico etc) good for any type of beans (kidney, chick peas)
    canned tomatoes
    tomato sauce
    spagetti sauce
    $1 WUB2 Alymer Accents 2012
    celestial seasionings tea (good for any)
    Old El Paso kits
    Heinz Ketchup
    FREE Heinz tomato Juice WUB3 Heinz Products
    Ice Cream (any)
    Tostitos or Old Dutch tortilla chips
    Lays Chips
    Any chips (not the Mac's spicy ketchup)
    $0.75 off any cheese saputo products
    1.50 orville reddenbaucher popcorn (websaver or save?)
    Egg Coupons (fresh eggs only, not wub)
    Kraft dinner includeding smart kd (websaver or save?)
    Lean Cuisine or Stouffers (not spa, good on any)
    Philedelphia cream cheese ( or any)
    Astro yogurt (must be good for any yogurt)
    Tassimo T-Discs (must be good for any variety)
    Silk Almond Milk
    Shake & Bake (good for any variety)
    $0.75 WUB2 any dare products (or any amount)
    $0.50/$1.00 Oasis (boxed shelf juice carton) (960ml)(not refrigerated) gocoupons
    $1 Latancia cream (off carton) or any amount
    Any $ Off vegi's or fruit (Fresh)
    $0.50 Minute Maid Juice Boxes
    $2.00 Saute Sensations
    b1g1 redrose tea (
    $3 Purex
    $1 any Ziploc
    $1 any Vim
    $3 Cotonnelle toilet paper
    Tin foil/ cling wrap (Alcan, Reynolds etc)
    $1 snuggle coupon (not exc. 20 sheet) (
    $2 WUB2 Ziploc(
    $2 scotts (printable good for any)

    $2 St Ives any facial product
    $1.50 Olay Body wash, bar or lotion (exp Jan 31, 2013 or any other later expiries)
    $5 WUB3 Garnier products (exp Dec 31/2012)
    $1 Garnier Shampoo (good for any)
    $2 any Olay hand and body product
    3.00 nexxus
    Nivea Coupon (blue one-good for any) (not pure and natural one)
    greenworks save $3wub3 (

    Huggies wipes
    Pamper Diapers (not wub)
    Huggies Diapers (not pure and naturals)
    Pampers wipes
    $2 any Nature's Bounty Vitamins (including inserts)

    $0.50 Canadian Tire money

    angel_2011's wishlist

    My wishlist:

    $2 L'Oreal Expertise (websaver)
    $2 L'Oreal valid on any Haircare product (websaver)
    $1+ Secret Deoderant (not clinical)
    Goodnites underwear
    $2 covergirl (brandsaver)
    Palmolive Dish Soap
    $1 Dawn dish soap (not wub2)
    Chapman's $5 (will count as all)
    Irish Spring Bar soap
    Glad - lunchbags or clingwrap
    $2 wub2 Ziploc (websaver)
    $1 Ziploc
    Campbell's chunky soup
    $1+ wipes (huggies or pampers)
    BOGO 12pk Coke
    Thinsations (
    any Juice
    Clorox wipes (websaver)
    Laughing Cow
    Nescafe instant coffee
    Lysol wipes
    Lysol disinfectant spray
    Heinz Ketchup
    McCain Pizza pockets
    $ 2 Kelloggs valid on any or red peelie Dec 2011 expiry (or valid on Fruit Loops)
    Pasta Sauce (Classico, Hunts, Ragu, Primo)
    Delissio pizza
    Primo canned tomatoes
    Philadelphia cream cheese
    $3 Purex (will count as all)
    Stouffers skillet sensations

    sonyamary's wishlist

    stackable: N
    printables: N (except $3.00 cottonelle)
    french: N, websaver, gocoupons, brandsaver: Y
    TFT: N

    WL-any meat (except high liner pan sears or schneiders naturals)
    $3.00 cottonelle (printable)
    any frozen veggies
    heinz beans
    bear paw cookies (not crackers)
    wagon wheels
    peek freans
    nature valley bar (not the big pack)
    old el paso kits
    all bran bars
    $3.00 purex
    $3.00 nexxus
    gain laundry soap(brandsaver)
    tide laundry soap(brandsaver)
    any olive oil
    betty crocker potatoes( or websaver?)
    betty crocker cake mixes (save or websaver?)
    betty crocker frostings (save or websaver?)
    black diamond cheese
    quaker instant oatmeal
    kraft singles
    mott's fruitsations
    dole fruit n crisp
    del monte fruit cups/twists
    duncan hines cake mixes
    chef boyardee
    $1.00 minigo (gocoupons)
    $1.00 pillsbury pie (websaver)
    $1.00 johnsonville (2012 only)
    $1.00 tenderflake
    carnation hot chocolate
    0.50 pillers (2012 only)
    $1.00 rice krispie squares
    $2.00 wub2 ziploc
    snack pack puddings
    $2.00 rollhide (
    $1.00 smart ones frozen meals
    oasis health break smoothies
    spices or herbs
    vh sauces
    frozen fruit
    any juice boxes
    pizza pops
    shake n bake

    qponmum's wishlist:

    Toonies for Tummies : No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: No
    websaver,, tear pads, peelies etc: YES

    FPC Aero Bubbles
    FPC Yogurt
    FPC Oasis Juice

    Gillette Body wash
    Any Coffee
    $ 4 folgers K-cups (or any K cups) RLF
    Lipton pyramid Tea
    Quaker granola bars
    Bear paws
    TUMS (not WUB2)
    Hunt's Snack Pack pudding
    NutriGrain bars (
    Wonderbread (
    Dempster’s Bread
    Majesta bathroom tissue ( (2012 expiry only)
    Any fresh or frozen veggies/fruit
    Premium Plus Crackers
    .75 Thinsations (
    Cheese (blocks/shredded or slices)
    $1 Kraft Chez whiz (
    $1 philadelphia cream cheese
    Olymel chicken (gocoupons)
    Catelli Smart Pasta
    Huggies Diapers/Wipes
    Mccain pizzas
    Delissio Pizzas
    Pizza pockets or mini pizzas
    McCain frozen hashbrowns
    Halls Cough Drops
    Kellogg’s Cereal (good on any)
    Pop (any kind)
    Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap
    Gain Laundry Soap (brandsaver)
    Purex Laundry soap
    $1 (or more) Tide
    Glad or Ziplock sandwich bags
    Glad Saran wrap
    Tampons (not OB)
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    Let me know if ok I'm still pretty new!

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    I'm in.

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    Welcome back Cally!

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    Where are all the newbies today?

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    still need riders

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    bump bump bump

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    I'll take a ride again. Pm'ing you my wl and addy (think you should have it on file from last week lol).

    Wow, you've really collected the feedback points...great job!

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    welcome everyone so far. Still looking for 3 riders

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    need 2 more riders

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    good morning - i'm glad to be in

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