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    Sup, y'all. I have a problem, and I am sick of throwing money away trying to solve it.

    I have very pale skin, but dark eyes and dark hair, making me look more translucent than pale, and more sick than not. I don't want to get more sun, and can't afford/tolerate a spray tan, so I use bronzer on my face to look a little bit more healthy. However, I can't find an affordable, light powder bronzer WITHOUT GLITTER. I have no idea why they do this, but it makes me look like a washed-up showgirl and I hate it.

    I tried Joe "cheek tint" cream bronzer: terrible. It's a pores highlighter at best.
    Annabelle hard powder compacts are the worst sparkle culprits so far, apart from those boasting inexplicable 'shimmer.' I'm too old to look like I've been rolled over a summer camp craft table. I've tried lots more, but they've been given away so I won't know the name until I see it suggested, haha.

    So, from your own experience, pale skinned mamas, which powder compact has least glitter, lightest bronzing, without having to go to Sephora and sign over a week's pay? I literally beg of you.
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    Sometimes I like using a darker shade of face powder as a bronzer/contour.
    Usually one or two shades darker, always making sure to brush some on the neck so you don't have a huge colour difference between your face and neck
    90% of pressed face powders won't have shimmer or glitter and you can choose from a variety of shades and brands. Ones that feature a "matte" finish is even better.

    I'd avoid orange tones, choose something in the neutral shade of brown.
    Top off with a pop of (coral or light pink) blush on the tops of your cheeks, blending really well, to make your skin more lively.
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    givenchy prisme
    amazing bronzer, i use their bronzer and blush, great depth of color!

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    I use the physician's formula organic bronzer and its amazing. No shimmer, and a very light powder!

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    No gold flakes in the one I have. I've been using it for ages and it's really good.
    I have it in Sun Light 21 and I am beyond pale in winter.

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