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Thread: SDM related questions

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    I was so excited today to get a few of the new Jello coupons from a rep. First good coupon I got in a store in a very long time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bargain_hunter_lola View Post
    Has anyone been able to find any of the $3 Nexxus coupons in the area?

    I've been to about 4 SDM's now and all the tear pads are empty. So sad! Especially since I know the 1 whole pad was taken in less than 1 day. I went in to get DD some supplies at night (no display/tearpad), then the next afternoon I went in to get my pictures that I ordered online and the display was up but the tearpad was empty.

    Anyone have any luck? I buy the full size at SDM on bonus point days so I'd love to find some. I'm sure I can get some off trains or even from my sister in another city but it's sad that Kingston is now a coupon wasteland. Someone is taking EVERYTHING!
    Someone is taking everything!!! I got lucky and found some Nexxus downtown back in May, then I went around to a bunch of other Shoppers and they did not have any So I tried again the next morning, empty tear pads everywhere. I even went back downtown to try and grab a few more and they were also all gone. I wish I grabbed more when I saw them, but I did not want to be greedy. I am finding a lot of empty tearpads as well. Someone is taking everything. It really ticks me off.
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