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Thread: Really, Additionelle? THESE didn't sell?!!

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    I used to work at Pennington's, and the staff that worked there used to take all the good stuff from the shipments and put it in the back for themselves. I liked a lot of their clothes but 90% of them were too big.

    Dont know if this is still their policy but when I worked there a couple yrs ago, people could return 10 yr old clothes as long as the tag inside the garment was still attached. Their return policy never expired.
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    Sometimes I Think The Designers Of These Clothes Are Simply Mocking Women With A Plus Sized Figure...
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    Not going to spend hours reading all the replys but just glad someone else, many someone else's agree with me. 99% of the crap they have in that store is e. Gosh I can hardly if ever find anything in there and I've gotten to the size where I HAVE to shop at plus sized stores. I went to the states last april with my aunt and was able to find lots of nice stuff. they also mark the sizes down so if you're a 3x you are a 2x there. It was nice to pretend.

    I've had an $80 additionelle GC in my wallet for years because everytime I go there it looks like the glitter fairy puked all over the store. Or sequins. Or weird button hard stuff.

    Plus the sales people in my local store are SUPER rude. They make you feel like a beached whale and are just not nice at all. Its a little intimidating shopping for fat clothes when the sales assistance is size minus 100
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    Sorry you're having such a hard time finding well-fitting, attractive clothes. When we went away in March to the US, I shopped at a Ross store, and bought a plain-coloured, 3/4 sleeve, scooped neck top in every colour they had and I love them! They're made by Jones NY, so thank heavens some designers are designing non-bedazzled clothing in our sizes!

    Look at the offerings at JCPenny and Land's End; I've purchased very nice things from them in the past (esp the clearance section of LE...their blouses, left open over a tank, look great!)...shipping is very decent ( JCP must send through a Canadian shipping area, since I've never paid any duties, etc)...I believe the same thing goes for LE....Great for us Canadian gals!!

    Hope you find something you like there, Hon!!
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