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    Expired on: Sun, Jan 1st, 2012
    Would love to trade these off to someone who can use them! It's almost as bad as throwing money in the garbage! Please PM me if you want to trade! Thanks!

    My Trade List:
    Store Specific:
    Magicuts $12 Design Cut -Save up to $12.95- Exp. Jan 31/12
    Magicuts $10 Colour with design, cut and style!! Save up to $69.95!! Exp. Jan 31/12

    Cleaning Products/Supplies:
    2X Bounce Save $0.50 Exp. Dec 31,11 (any bounce sheets or bar)
    2 X Bounty paper towel-not one roll- Save $1 Exp. Dec. 31/11
    3 X Charmin any but 4 roll Save $1 Exp. Dec 31/11
    2X Charmin any Save $1 Exp. Dec 31/11
    Charmin, Bounty, Puffs Save $2.50 WUB2 Exp. Jan 19/12
    Downy Save $0.75 any Exp. Jan 17/12
    Downy Save $1 (simple pleasures) Exp. Jan 17/12
    2 X Febreeze any Save $1 Exp. Dec 31/11 or Jan 17/12
    Febreeze Save $4 WUB any fabric freshener and one other product Exp. Jan 19/12
    Febreeze Save $2 WUB2 (any) Exp. Jan 19/12
    Glad Bags with odour guard Save $1.50 Exp. Dec 31, 11 (manufacturers printed)
    Glade Automatic room spray holder Save $5 Exp. Jan 04/12
    Snuggle Save $1 liquid or sheets-not 20 sheet- Exp. Dec 31/11 (printed smart source)
    Snuggle Save $1 liquid or sheets -not 20 sheet- Exp. Jan 6/12
    Swiffer Sweeper or Dusters Starter kit Save $1.50 Exp. Jan 19/12
    Swiffer Sweeper Vac starter kit Save $10 Exp. Jan 19/12
    Swiffer dust and shine or duster refills Save $1 Exp. Jan 17/12
    Swiffer refills Save $1.50Exp. Jan 17/12
    2 X Tide washing machine cleaner Save $1 Exp. Dec 30/11
    Tide to go pen Save $0.50 Exp. Jan 17/12
    Tide Save $1.50 on stain release WUB Tide Laundry detergent Exp. Jan 17/12
    Tide Save $1 Exp. Jan 17/12

    Drug/medicine cabinet:
    Advil Muscle and joint Save $4 Exp. Dec 31/11
    2 X Advil any large size Save $2 Exp Jan 31/12
    Band-aid/Polysporin Save $2 WUB any 1 of each Exp. Dec 31/11
    Metamucil Save $2 any product Exp. Jan 19/12
    Natures Bounty any prenatal product Save $2 Exp. Mar 31/2012
    Natures Bounty Save $1 on any Exp. Mar 31/12
    Nyquil cold n flu 354mL Save $2 Exp. Dec 31/11
    Pepto-Bismol Save $1 WUB2 Exp. Jan 19/12

    Babybel Save $1 net of 6 or 12 portion Exp. Dec 31/11
    Cambells Ready to use broth (900mL) Save $0.75 WUB2 (printed)
    2 X Dempsters Oven Fresh Save $0.75 any baguettes or dinner rolls Exp. Dec 31/11
    Fibre Plus Cereal 310g Save $0.75 Exp. Dec 23/11
    Giovanni Pazani (any) save $0.75 Exp Jan 6, 2012
    Habitant Spread Save $0.50 (any) Exp. Dec 31/11
    2 X Minute Maid B4G1FREE Exp. Dec 31/11
    Newmans Own Salad dressing Save $1 (any) Exp. Dec 23, 2011 (printed smart source)
    NOS Save $1.50 any 473mL Exp. Jan 19/12
    Orville Redenbacher's Save $1 (minis or flavor shakers) Exp. Dec 23,11 (printed smart source)
    3 X Premium Plus any 450g or 500g Save $0.75 Exp. Dec 31/11
    Smuckers Jam any Save $0.75 Exp. Dec. 31/11
    Smuckers Sundae Syrup Save $1 Exp. Dec 31/11
    V8 V-fusion 1.36L save $0.75 Exp Feb 25, 2012 (printed smart source)
    VH Save $1.00 WUB 1 steamers frozen entree and 1 VH sauce Exp. Dec 8/11 (printed smart source)

    Pet Products:
    2 X Cats Pride cat litter save $1 (any size) No exp.
    Cesar dry small dog food 1.6 or 3kg Save $2 Exp. March 31/2012
    Iam's dry dog food Save $3 any size Exp. Jan. 19/12
    Iam's wet dog food Save $0.50 Exp. Jan 17/12
    Iam's dry cat food save $3 WUB any size 1.5 lb or larger exp. Dec 31, 11
    Iam's dry dog food Save $3 WUB 3.5 lb or larger Exp. Dec 31, 11
    2 X Iam's wet cat food Save $.50 on any size Exp. Dec 31,11
    Pedigree any Save $1 Exp. Mar 31/12 (printed)
    Purina ONE Smartblend 2.7kg or more Save $4 Exp. Jan 31/12
    2 X Saular Scoop-able cat litter (any size) No exp.

    Arm&Hammer Toothpaste Save $0.75 -any- Exp. June 30/12
    Braun Save $15 WUB any shaver Exp. Jan 19/12
    Clairol Save $2 on any hair color box Exp. Jan 17/12
    Clairol Save $5 WUB2 boxes of hair color product Exp. Jan 19/12
    2 X Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief 75 ml Save $3 Exp. Dec 31/11
    2 X Colgate Save $0.50 on any toothpaste 125mL Exp. Apr 30/12
    B2 manual oral-B or Crest toothbrushes get 1 Crest toothpaste free Exp. Dec 31/11
    Crest 3D Save $0.50 any Exp. Feb 28/12
    Crest Pro-health for me rinse Save $1 Exp. Jan 19/12
    Dippity Do Save $2 (any) Exp. Dec 31,11 (printed)
    2 X Head and Shoulders Save $1 (any shampoo or conditioner) Exp. Dec 31,11
    Herbal Essences Save $0.75 WUB any styling product Exp. Jan 19/12
    2 X Live clean products any Save $1 Exp. Mar 31/11
    Olay Save $4 Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex Exp. Dec 30/11
    Oral-B Save $10 professional or triumph electric toothbrush Exp. Jan 19/12
    Oral-B or Zooth battery brush Save $3 Exp. Jan 19/12
    Pantene -any- Save $1 Exp. Dec 31/11
    Pro-Namel Sensodyne iso-active Save $1 Exp. Mar 31/12
    Spinbrush toothbrush –glo-brush- Save $1 Exp. June 30/12
    Spinbrush toothbrush -kids- Save $1 Exp. June 30/12
    Spinbrush toothbrush -adult pro clean, pro whitening or pro select- Save $1.50 Exp. June 30/12

    Pampers Save $2.50 WUB any diapers or pants AND wipes Exp. Jan 19/12

    Duracell Save $3 on NiMH rechargeable Exp. Jan 17/12
    Duracell Save $2 on (any coppertop or ultra) Exp. Jan 17/12
    Duracell Save $5 WUB any NiMH charger Exp. Jan 19/12

    Anything for my cats and dog, and groceries is my main priority!
    I actually have two lists, the second list is stuff I don't need as much.
    So please refer to the main list first.

    Any fresh or frozen or canned fruit or veggies
    Any Seasonings/Spices
    Baking Supplies
    Bagged salad
    Becel (or other popular margarines)
    Betty Crocker hamburger helper
    Bicks pickles
    Black Diamond (any)
    Breyers Ice Cream
    Bush’s beans
    Campbell’s soup
    Cascade or other dishwasher products
    Catelli Healthy Harvest Pasta
    Chef Boyardee
    Chili (Stagg)
    Classico pasta sauce
    Cloverleaf mussels or oysters
    Club House Slow Cooker Seasonings
    Coffee (Maxweel,folgers or Nabob)
    Cookies, chocolates, candies
    Cracker Barrel cheese blocks
    Dad's soda
    Dairyland Milk
    Dog Chow, Purina or Pedigree Dog Food
    Dog treats
    Egg nog
    Eggo waffles
    Finish or any dishwasher products
    Fruit Roll ups
    Gillette shave creams men or womens
    Heinz canned meals (alphaghetti etc.)
    Heinz beans
    Heinz Ketchup
    High value laundry detergent (tide or purex)
    Hot dogs (top dog or schneiders)
    HP Sauce
    Ice cream, any
    International delight creamer
    Jones soda
    Kelloggs or GM Cereals
    Knorr sidekicks
    Kraft Bullseye BBQ sauce
    Kraft Dinner
    Kraft Peanut Butter (Any)
    Kraft salad dressings
    Light bulbs CFL (if such a thing)
    Lilydale breakfast sausage
    Lexmark Computer Ink
    Luch snack items
    Maple Leaf Bacon
    McCain products
    Meat (any)
    Michilinas Frozen Dinners
    Minute Maid Juice
    Miracle whip
    Old dutch chips
    Old El Paso (any)
    Olive Oil
    Orville popcorn(any)
    Pepsi or Coke products, others please ask
    Philadelphia cream cheese (plain kind)
    Pillsbury tea buscuits
    Pizza pops
    Pop tarts
    Primo canned tomatoes
    Primo pasta
    Quaker oats portioned products
    Ragu Pasta Sauce
    Ritz Crackers
    Sandwich meats
    Shirriff coupons
    Soft soap refill
    Swanson turkey pies
    Temptations Cat Treats
    Tuna (clover leaf)
    Uncle Bens 10 min rice
    Vector cereal
    Venus razors
    VH Sauces (must be valid on any)
    Whipping cream aerosol
    Whiskas Cat food
    Yogurt (activia)

    Air fresheners and candles
    Arm & Hammer Cat litter deoderizer
    Axe products
    Always and Tampax products
    Betty Crocker (Cake Mixes or Icing)
    Body wash (any)
    Bread (almost any)
    Carnation Hot Chocolate
    Cold n flu drugs
    Colgate Toothpaste or toothbrushes
    Cleaning products
    Cling Wrap (Glad)
    Deoderant (ladies Soft & Dry or Mitchum)
    Glad Garbage Bags
    Shampoo & Conditioner (Pantene,Garnier,Dove) Others, please ask
    Shampoo for psoriasis and or dandruff
    Zip-lock bags any

    Thanks so much,

    And happy couponing
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