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    I notice on this week's SDM flyer that the Travalo Atomizer is (on sale ?) for

    $9.99 - see first pic lower right, black and gold, and
    $12.99 - see 2nd pic top left, pink polka-dots.

    I plan to buy a few.

    Any comments on the price and quality of these?
    for those who have used it. Thanks!

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    love it!!!!
    fantastic product, in my opinion.

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    That looks great as I have some family visiting from out of the country who can't take a lot of heavy presents back with them so this is a perfect little stocking stuffer. I did a search online and sells this product and the reviews were almost unanimously positive. It seems the trick is that you spray the cologne or perfume into the uncapped bottle. One person said it took about 20 sprays to fill it, but that's fine. Everyone commented on how airtight and convenient it was so that's good. I'm going to pick one up tomorrow.

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