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    This wishlist is for the year of 2012.
    A few housekeeping rules:

    1. Wishlist only.

    2. No chatting on this thread (keep it clean).

    3. We usually meet at the
    RBC Plaza food court at around 4:30pm (Toronto time, just in case you are wondering) on the 16th of the month. If it falls on a weekend, it will be on the Friday before.

    Directions (if you can't remember where to meet):

    4. Please, if you are only going to come once or are not sure if you are attending, please do not post on the wishlist here, or if you come once and afterwards you realize you don't want to see us anymore, please delete your post. No offense but its easier for everyone that way.

    5. The reason why we have a wishlist is for us to prepare an envelope of coupons for the person. You don't necessarily have to do that, but you must;

    6. Bring an envelope, box or truck heehee (whatever you may like) of piles of coupons you won't be using, aka the "do not care" pile. You never know, someone might use it. Please label this with your SC name so we know who to ask where you got that great coupon from in case we haven't seen it before.

    7. During the meet we go through giving each other envelopes, loving each other, chatting, and going through the "do not care" pile.

    8. If a meet up is CANCELLED (generally because of lack of attendance) whomever cancels the meeting must PM the ppl that were still attending (just in case they do not check the thread).

    9. Please, just in case you find 100 FPC'S of house/ shampoo/nail polish/body wash/laundry soap in one of the "do not care" piles, try and not to take them all. One per person unless you go around and make sure no one else wants any.

    10. No, Security won't kick us out, and yes we act crazy so be careful
    This is a wiki thread too so feel free to add rules or proof read for me.
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    KittyC wishlist

    Aveeno $3 off
    Reach $2 off
    Miss vickis coupons
    Royale TP $1 off
    Frebreze car clip -The product, building a birthday present for a friend
    Mayo coupons
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    November WISHLIST

    Starbucks (empty ones with unique designs/patterns)
    LCBO (one can only hope and dream)
    Metro / No Frills / Longos

    Heinz coupon (good on any or ketchup)
    Marc Angelo
    Veggie Patch

    Cetaphil (face cleanser or face lotion)

    Huggies wipes (not diapers)

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    October Wishlist

    FPC Timothy's k-cups
    FPC Swanson Skillet Meals
    Starbucks free drink vouchers
    Starbucks empty GC's (I am collecting them for their designs)
    Permanent "p" stamps
    Stouffers or Lean Cuisine pins
    $1 any Driscoll's product (berries)
    Miracle whip (not the squeeze bottle)
    Country harvest or dempsters bread (not white bread)
    Heinz ketchup (any amount)
    $1 Philadelphia cream cheese ( printable)
    Hamburger helper
    Colgate Palmolive mailouts from the company
    $1 Heinz coupons from the company (good on any product)
    $2 WUB 2 dozen eggs - June 30/13 exp
    $1.00 Happy Planet (2015 exp)
    Arthur's smoothies - RLF
    $1 Tetley infusions
    BOGO Tetley infusions
    Pop chips - yum yum yum
    Club House Seasonings - good for the specialty seasonings like Thai, Greek etc
    $1 Marc Angelo (good on any product)
    Cheemo Perogies
    $2 WUB 2 Christie products - Dec 31/12
    $1 Cookin' Greens
    $1 Diana Sauce or Marinade - NED
    $.50 Orville Redenbacher ready to eat popcorn - June 30/13
    $4 off any Quaker, Aunt Jemima or Rice-A-Roni products - Dec 31/13
    Kellogg's Cash for Gas pins (a girl can dream)
    $4 off of ground beef or chicken wub an Old El Paso Dinner Kit
    $.50 PopTarts June 30/13 RRRRLF
    $1 Classico
    $1.00 Tim Tam cookies - yummy!!!
    Playtex coupons (good for the fun monthly stuff)
    $1 Lou's peameal bacon - no expiry date
    Schneiders country naturals hotdogs
    Schneiders country naturals bacon
    $.75 select general mills products (I think websaver or
    $2.00 Delissio rising crust pizza - Dec/12 exp
    $2.00 Delissio thin crispy crust pizza - Dec/12 exp
    $.75 any post cereal - Dec/12 exp
    $.50 wub 2 cans of Dole fruit - NED
    $.75 premium plus crackers - Dec/12 exp
    $2.00 Hershey Kisses (from the SS insert)
    Laughing Cow Cheese
    $1 wub Dempsters pita or tortilla plus Summerfresh dip and Hummus
    $1 any Liberte product (peelie) - Dec/12 exp
    $2 Schneiders Country Naturals fresh sausages (peelie) - Dec/12 exp
    $.75 Sealtest 500ml Sour cream or Cottage Cheese - Dec/12 exp
    $2 Breathe right strips (the hubby snores and these are for my sanity)
    $2.00 any Maple Leaf Prime naturally product - Dec/12 exp
    $.50 Carnation Hot Chocolate - 2013 exp
    $1.00 Boursin cheese
    Last edited by Chimmi; Sat, Nov 10th, 2012 at 10:20 PM. Reason: creating my wishlist is a work in progress

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    mothu's trading list
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    Stouffer Pin.
    Lean cuisine FPC / Pin.
    bread UPC for free calender.

    JnJ from call in Cpn.
    Colgate $ 1.50 from Dentist.

    Astro Yogurt cpn. ( not Greek yogurt)..
    POM cpn.
    Tuna $$ off.
    $2 Europes Best Fruit Essentials product, Dec. 31, 2012
    medicine FPC. ( headache, multivitamin).

    $.75 any D'Italiano product
    $2 Olivieri pasta or sauce
    Bagelo buy2 save $1 exp 2014.

    Last edited by mothu; Wed, Oct 17th, 2012 at 04:05 PM. Reason: Oct meet.

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    Astro yogurt $1
    Dove soap
    Tomato sauce
    Cottnelle $2
    Nescafe tasters choice
    Premium crackers
    Energizer battery coupons
    Last edited by peacestar; Sat, Apr 7th, 2012 at 09:57 AM. Reason: For Apri meet up

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    Screamy's list...
    Any amount: Philips Sonicare toothbrush replacement heads (crying about needing to buy these again, ugh...I think these are coupon unicorns)
    $1.25 off two / $1 off one product - Charmin/Bounty
    $1 Cottonelle (RRLF these, sister is spending full retail and it's driving me insane!!)
    $1 St. Ives body wash or face scrub
    Webber Naturals / Jamieson / etc. vitamin coupons, good on stuff other than multi-vitamins (still working through my stash of Multibionta!)

    $1 off eggs
    $2 Janes (chicken)
    $0.50 Pillers
    Heinz or Bush beans
    $1 Hunt's
    Cheese coupons - Amooza, Armstrong, BD, Boursin (CZ are good too, if there are any for after November 30th)
    IOGO coupons post-2012 expiries, if they exist
    Any brand of organic milk
    $1 Lactantia post-2012 expiries

    - Diet Coke or Pepsi
    - salad dressing (Kraft, Hidden Valley Ranch, etc.)

    Other stuff I'm always willing to take off of someone's hands (LOL):
    Stouffers/LeanCuisine PINs; icoke PINs; recommendations for a good read; Pampers coupons for a friend at work.
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    Uncle Ben's
    Bread - almost anything (white or brown) (not grain stuff)
    Hot dogs and burgers (Top Dogs from websaver)
    Bull's Eye

    Busy Bones

    $1 J+J call in
    Reynolds. $0.50 off any Reynolds StayBrite Baking Cups, 07505560, Dec 31, 2012

    Heinz Beans
    Black Diamond cheese
    Cheese slices
    Pickles (Bick's + Vlasic)
    Cavendish french fries
    Dr. O Ristorante pizza
    Smart Kraft Dinner ($0.75 -
    Smuckers sundae syrup

    Fruit cups
    Handi Snacks
    Other snacks to-go...

    Crush - 12 case
    Any Ginger Ale - any size

    Pink Gloves (Vileda?)
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    spice_43 wishlist

    Diaper coupons (Huggies, Papmpers or whatever ellse you have!!!0
    Baby coupons (like the Gerber or Nestle treats)
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies
    Frozen Pizza coupons
    Bluewater seafood coupons
    Cereal coupons
    Tomato sauce coupons
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    Jillyfree's wishlist***Europe's best fruit******

    Barilla Pasta
    Natrel Milk/Lactancia Milk
    Armstrong Cheese/Saputo Cheese
    Yogurt (plain types - liberte, western creamery, astro)
    Tazo Tea

    Any type of wipes - lysol, greenworks, clorox
    >$1 off tampons (any type)
    $3 Aveeno
    $2 Cottonelle/Cashmere
    $2 Stayfree/Carefree (JnJ mailout)
    Last edited by jillyfree; Wed, Dec 5th, 2012 at 08:09 AM.
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    Couponing Princess!
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    Natrel Baboo
    FPC Dempster Farmhouse
    $5WUB3 Garnier
    $2/$5 Maple Leaf Prime chicken (web saver)
    $2.00 JnJ Carefree
    $3 Aveeno (any)
    $2.00 JnJ Reach
    $0.75 Black Diamond Block Cheese
    $1/$5 Colgate Palmolive (mailout from the company)
    Colgate Total Advanced $1.50 (from Dentist)
    Advil Liquid Gels from Spin you Win - (not nighttime)
    $2+ Dove Bodywash
    $1+ Tide
    Dove soap
    Any FPCs
    Carnation Evap milk coupons
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    Canadian Guru
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    like the name says
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    March Wishlist!

    Yoptimal yogurt
    Olivieri pasta RRLF
    Maple Leaf Prime chicken marinated or frozen stuffed (not portions)
    Dempsters Ovenfresh baguette (WUB Frozen Prime stuffed chicken ok)
    Luigi's Italian ice
    0.75 fresh produce from ziploc RRLF
    $1.50 fresh chicken from ziploc RRLF
    Astro Biobest yogurt smoothie
    Activia drinkable yogurt
    Lean Cuisine pin or Stouffers
    Keebler pie crusts
    Oasis juice premium carton or jug. Not shelf juice
    Pom Pistachio inserts
    Maple Leaf natural selections hot dogs or deli meats
    Summerfresh or Fontaine Sante Hummus
    Del Monte refrigerated fruit cups
    Skim Milk 2L cartons (not Lactose free or Organic)
    Dental floss (brandsaver WUB mouthwash is ok)
    Marc Angelo meats (good on sausages or any)
    Maple Leaf Simply Savour Roasts
    Arthur's Smoothies
    Johnson's baby shampoo
    Contest pins for Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza Rome holiday
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    love it

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    Virrys (Nancy) Wishlist:

    Coupons for:

    Any Pizza (but especially like: Dr. Oetker; Panebello; Casi Di Mana)
    or any other thin crust
    Visine (for the eyes)
    Any type of brown eggs and white egg coupons
    Purex Laundry Detergent $3.00 or $1.00 coupons
    Gain Laundry Detergent
    Dempsters bread
    Clearly Contacts Solution
    Dove Soap Coupons
    Maxwell house coffee coupons
    Toilet Paper (any) coupons
    Diet Pepsi
    Colgate Optic White $1.00 coupon
    Kotex coupons
    Nivea deodarant
    Downy Unstoppables coupon or sample of the green bottle

    Thanx in advance
    Last edited by virrys; Tue, Nov 27th, 2012 at 08:45 PM.

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    Colgate Advanced $1.50 - from your dentist -RRRRRRLLFF
    Kelloggs T-shirt pin
    Nexxus 2013 ???? if it exist.
    Icoke PINs

    If you have extra I also take :

    Chapman FPC
    Breakfast pin
    Palmolive (Mailout)
    JNJ (Mailout)
    Stouffer's pin - RLF
    Gift Card's - Canadian Tire, Presidents Choice, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart or Credit Card(Mastercard, Visa, AMEX)
    Empty beer and wine bootles.
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