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    This is so fantastic; found out about these a while back from YouTube Amazing-ness!

    My Monster stickers arrived yesterday; the envelope is HUGE, and you get a TON of great stickers! The sheet is absolutely gigantic, super large stickers. Just follow this link: for type, enter other.
    Fill in the information. When you get to the part about writing, say you love their products, and was wondering if they could send you stickers. For this to come, you must enter a valid addy. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE AN EMAIL FROM THEM. Soon enough, your stickers should come. Mine did..

    the information is on their website under FAQ's somewhere, but it says to send a SASE (self addressed stamped enelope) to this address, and they should send you some stickers.
    Skullcandy Free Stickers
    1441 West Ute Blvd. Suite 250
    Park City, UT 84098
    I'm mailing out my envelope soon.

    Loads of other brands will do this too...I e-mailed Nike and got some about a week later. Just say how you love their brand and such, and keep up the good work. Not everyone will send but some will. YouTube has some awesome videos about these!


    *Sorry about the long post*
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