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    A perfect combination of cake and brownie, this rich and very moist chocolate square is made with dark Belgian chocolate. Topped with a melted chocolate drizzle, this easy-to-prepare dessert is a true chocolate-loverís delight!

    These are excellent! They are two different packets in the box; one is the cake mix, the other is chocolate "coins" you melt and drizzle over the finished cake. They are very easy to make and as simple as any cake mix.

    The cake is very rich and moist. It is as moist as the McCain Deep 'n' Delicious cake, but this is denser. It isn't chewy like a brownie, but more of a very moist, dense cake. It stayed moist, uncovered, in my fridge for several days - even the cut edges didn't dry out and get crumbly.

    The chocolate flavour is amazing! I've tried cake and brownie mixes from Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker and Dr.Oekter/Added Touch, and this is a million times better. All of those, to me, tasted overly sweet and artificial, but not really chololatey. And the textures of those weren't as good either. These have a rich, "real" chocolate taste. I would compare these to bakery-quality.

    These are $3.99 at No Frills. A bit more expensive than the other brands, but worth it.
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    that sounds sooo yummy... might have to give them a try!

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