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I'm feeling a little disappointed with some selfish couponers in my little town of Port Alberni.

Coupons have been disappearing at an alarming rate. So much so that some Store Managers are investigating options as to what they can do about what they perceive as theft.

Apparently there are 2 women in town who teach couponing classes and sell coupons at them. I have been searching stores at which I normally found coupons and have mostly come up empty as they just clear off the tear pads. Even SDM isn't putting out the beauty and personal care products coupons. And Safeway won't put out the $0.75 off catelli coupons as they know they'll be gone in a heartbeat. it sucks

I was just saying to my DH he other day that if someone took 10 coupons off a tearpad that would give a person plenty to get deals and even trade, and that would leave tons still on the tear pad. As always, it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.

I realize that most couponers are fair and like to help one another out. But to those that aretaking entire tear pads....Remember folks....let's share and let everyone enjoy in some savings!!

Lately there seems to be an extreme amount of greed by many. I currently live in Kamloops and when I first started couponing tearpads would be there until they were expired. Now, your lucky if you even get one coupon.

Like all of you guys there is one person who is taking them all. Multiple employees & managers at separate locations have been telling me about her. They know her name. I wont repeat her name as I don't want her running to a store to snitch on me again (we've had this problem in the past).

All I can suggest is just try to keep your head up high. Know that karma will eventually get them.