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    Did any of you local folks go to the Jack Frost Fest?

    We've gone for the last couple of years. My MIL lives in Charlottetown, so it's an opportunity to visit her as well as let our DS have fun.

    This year we only did Saturday. While DS had fun, it was a bit disappointing for the price, not quite as good as last year. The bouncy things, not nearly as many, and the ice slides were smaller (that may be related to weather). The inner tubes down the hill, you had to wait a half hour in line to get a tube, and once you went down, you gave up your tube and waited in line again if you wanted to do it again. We went down once and DS immediately wanted to go down again. So DH went to get tubes, while we did other things. The two tubes he got, we let DS use both of them, just waited after he got done with one ride then gave him the second.

    I waited over an hour (yes, 60 minutes +!) in line to get a balloon hat thing. DH and DS did other things while I waited, and I never did get to the front of the line, there were at least ten people ahead of me when we realized DS was getting tired and crabby and left.

    We paid about $50 for the three of us to come in for one day, and I guess we got our money's worth for DS since he had fun (although the $32 that DH and I paid for our admission as supervisors was kind of wasted, we didn't use the attractions). What about the rest of you, did you go? Feel you got value for the money?
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    Didn't go, was only on town the first or second evening it was on. I felt so bad for the kids, the snow sculptures look quite sad, it was raining, but hey, the kids were still going down the slides. Just mucky and not very winter festive.

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