Hey londoners...
a friend of mine asked me for some help, so i said i would post this here for her.
this is the message she posted me, looking for used blackberry phones:

Any blackberries that accept a sim card and turn on. It is for a Canadian run non-profit organization in India, Families for Children Orphanage. It is to help the staff and volunteers be better organized and to stay in touch. Deadline Mon Feb 27
Information I've been asked to keep track of myself from my sister are names of people donating (for thank you cards), if they are unlocked or not and making sure they have a charger (if not that is okay too, the more the better)

My friend volunteers for lots of organizations this being one of them. Her sister is in India now working at the orphanage.

this is not a scam if thats what you are thinking. My friend is by far the sweetest person you will ever meet, she does me a ton of favors, so i thought i'd return the favor and post this.

If you happen to have old blackberrys lying around you would like to contribute, i'll come to you to pick it up.

thanks so much for reading.