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    As of today I set the date for my wedding so I have started my planning and I've come across a few wedding freebies, please add any that you come across.

    -Free fabric swatches from the incredibly Infinity one size fits all bridesmaid dress. Chose up to 5 swatches. This is a confirmed offer (My MOH received hers the other day)

    -Free invitation samples by
    Chose up to 3 samples as well as a catalog. (Just signed up for this so no conformation)

    -Sign up to attend a free bridal showcase with The Welcome Wagon, where you have the chance to win a door prize (Currently a Kitchen Aid $450.00 value) And a honeymoon getaway. If event is full a representative can come to your home, or you can sign up for the next event. (I have experience with Welcome wagon coming to my home when my son was born and it was great)

    - No freebies here but a great free site to plan every detail of your wedding, with completely free sign up.

    - if you haven't jumped on this craze yet it is the most amazing site, and incredibly useful for planning a wedding.

    This is what I have found so far, I will add more as I find it. =)
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    Thanks so much for this, we just picked out our date! everything seems so much more serious now that it's been chosen! ~after being engaged for 2 years, lol!!~ silly indecisive man saying things like 'lets talk about it later!' ......2 years later, lol...

    anyhow, thanks for these!

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    Thanks for sharing. I personally prefer for a planning website, it's amazing!

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