So I was wondering if anybody in the Windsor area has ever redeemed prizes off of swagbucks and had them shipped. Just wondering how that worked. I always redeem for Gift Cards and I have been able to do the electronic gift cards. It was sweet as it paid for all my xmas and bday gifts this year for the kids. There is a prize I kind of want during the bday bash on swagbucks but am unsure about shipping.

I was forced to stay home when my son who is disabled was getting worse so I really have to rely on coupons and gift programs. So far I'm doing ok card wise:

Swagbucks - $45 per month---usually amazon cards
Superpoints - the one you need an invite for -- $20 per month -- usually amazon cards
mturk - $200 a month for random freelance writing--- usually gift cards or paypal.

Any other ones that anybody has tried that works well?