Hello all, I am new to the forum, and I have a bottle of ESTEE LAUDER PLEASURES 3.4 fl oz that I can no longer wear. I got it for Christmas and like it but due to my family having perfume allergies, can no longer wear it
It is opened but as we all know good perfume bottles do not open and therefore, stay completely closed off inside and have a one way valve spray mech, nothing can get in there.
Anyways not sure how it works but if anybody has any offers I'd be interested in girlie stuff to trade or best offer of cash. I looked it up and full this bottle was worth $92 Canadian new so as it is almost full I'd want $50 out of it.
If anybodys interested just msg me and hopefully we can meet up.
I have transportation, so check it out if that is your scent it is a great deal!
Thanks everybody!