RCSS Save Foward coupons
Save $0.50 WUB 2 Cadbury chocolate Bars 85-100g or Maynardís candy 170-185g
Save$0.50 WUB 2 Christie Crackers 100-454g
save $0.50wub2 bear Paws cookies 150g or Whippet 200/250g orWagon Wherl315g
Save $0.50 WUB 2 Pringles Chips 158/156g
Save $0.50 WUB 2 Christie Cookies 198-303
Save $1.00 WUB any 1 Downy fabric softener 3.06-3.83 L
All the coupons exp Feb28/19
This was all that was there when I went this morning there was lots of slots missing coupons
There was also the Kelloggís coupons for save it forward I didnít take any since I got the tear pads from Walmart.