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    I`m looking to purchase an Iphone with Koodo as I have heard great things about Koodo.

    I`ve been with Rogers, Fido and Virgin and refuse to go to either of them

    I need opinions/suggestions/feedback if you are an iphone user or koodo customer

    Thanks SCers!
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    I have an iPhone 4, but I'm with Bell. My best friend is with Koodo, but no iPhone, lol.

    I looked at the plans and it seems like my Bell plan is almost the same as Koodo's.

    The only issue my friend has with Koodo (besides her phone always dying) is that her service sometimes cuts out depending on where she is (whereas it doesn't for me). It's not a big deal, she works around those spots.

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    I've been with Bell and Virgin before. After being long-time customers with them, they offer no deals or incentives for me to be a loyal customer. Now, im a koodo client ....since late 2011. I like Koodo coz it has no contracts and cheapest phone plans, by the second billing, free long-distance. I'm not a phone big user and have no data plan, but my research shows it was the best deal I could get. I got my Samsung Galaxy Ace at Loblaws, with 75$ gift card towards groceries. Best Buy and Future Shop was offering only 50$ GC at the time. I heard Koodo changed their plans recently... the plans are now by the minute billing and free voice mail and call display, I think. I still think they have the best flexible plans. PM if you need a referral.

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    I have a LG Optimus One phone with Koodo since September 2011. The old plan, which I have, is per second billing and I pay extra for voice mail and call display (I decided to go with voice mail only).

    The new plans are per minute billing and include call display and voice mail. I'm assuming this is the same for iPhones.

    I've never experienced problems with my phone or customer service.

    One thing I like about Koodo is you don't have to sign a contract. You can buy the phone outright or put it on the tab. For example with the tab, if your phone bill is 20.00 a month, they take 10% of your bill to pay down the cost of your phone. If you decide to quit Koodo, you pay your last phone bill and the remainder of your tab.

    I got mine at a Koodo kiosk in the mall. At that time if you signed up ( certain phones applied), they gave you a free $75 Visa gift card. If you check the kiosk, Walmart, Best Buy etc they often give gc's if you get certain phones.

    I hope this helps!
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