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    I don't know about you but i can't seem to find tear pads anymore! If the tear pads are out today tommorow they will be gone! i remember tear pads lasting with weeks! what is going on?
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    I went to Metro today to find the .50 cereal bars and they were gone already. I was just there on Wed and they were not out
    There was only a few left on the .50 uncle bens so I took 2 and left the rest, I would have like to have gone back to take a few more as we eat a lot of the brown rice, but theres not point in going back as Im sure they will be gone when I go back too.
    What part of the city are you in? I live near Manning and it seems like all the food tear pads disappear right away. Ive been lucky at SDM tho.
    Just a quick question as Im a bit new to this. Is there usually new coupons at the end/begining of each month?

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