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Thread: p.b.'s "back in the day" VWT - envies heading home friday the 27th

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    Expired on: Tue, May 15th, 2012
    remember back in the day when BP's did'nt cost us FPC's, 4-5 stamps, our first born?

    remember when peoples wishlists were actually attainable & it was'nt just a stamp exchange?

    i miss you?

    well this VWT is dedicated to thoes days & hopefully getting a little bit of them back.

    i will be accepting 7 riders (8 total inc. me), no minimum trade rating required, anyone willing to ride welcome.

    Boarding Pass = 3 unused "p" stamps, if it only takes 2, i'll send the 3rd back.

    send each rider 3 exact wishlist coupons. (more are always welcome, if you can ) if you cannot come up with coupons please replace with the following.

    1 "p" stamp = 1-2 missing coupons

    expiary date: May 30th or later

    sound ok?.....................if so.

    post in this thread & pm me your wishlist. wishlist must have a minimum of 30 items. FPC's & call ins ok but only on top of your 30 items. if someone is generous enough to send you a FPC it will count as all required coupons. ALL call ins will be worth a minimum of 2 (3 if you really, really want it). also include at least 4 currently available online coupons (gocoupons, save, etc.) to make things a bit easier. (please make note where these can be found)

    PLEASE>>> do not submit a wishlist full of unicorns (heinz ketchup, q tips etc.) if you are unsure if something exists but would love to possibly get 1, put it at the bottom of your list on top of the 30 required. also please edit your wishlists. $2 majesta, $2 royale & many others are no longer available & will expire before the minimum exp. date requirement. thank you.

    be sure to label "to:" & "from:" on all bundles so i know who gets what.

    & lastly don't forget to note if you will accept printed, TFT, french or store specific. if you do not, you may end up with coupons you cannot use or want.


    1. gracesmommy - mailed - arrived
    2. mrsfreeman - mailed - arrived
    3. rancid162001 - mailed - arrived
    4. bairdgoodwin - mailed - arrived
    5. couponclipper12 - mailed - arrived
    6. Lunamoth - mailed - arrived
    7. jennybean1010 - mailed - arrived
    8. jezz - mailed - arrived
    9. peachblush (conductor) - ready

    **NOTE: in no way, shape or form am i criticizing the BP's for many of the trains going on. I love all the new ideas out there & it is understandable that to allow for great prizes, larger BP's are asked for**
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    No printed
    French okay
    No multiples except where noted
    No t for t
    Stacking- yes

    counts as 3
    FPC Lay's
    FPC Coke or Pepsi
    FPC finish (facebook promo, not mir)
    FPC bagel rrlf
    FPC veggies wub Hamburger Helper
    FPC smarties
    FPC quaker choc chip oatmeal
    FPC superbowl (any) *twistos!*yum
    FPC slim fast
    “Smellys” fpc’s
    2l coke wub old el paso
    3.00 off ground beef wub Hamburger Helper
    2 l coke product wub old el paso
    3.00 off Bread wub Ziploc
    7 stamp mcgavin bread shop(5.00 0ff) rrlf
    1 kelloggs code for full sized cereal rrlf
    Kelloggs breakfast promo fpc
    3.00 off olivieri wub chicken (peelie)
    3.00 Pogo
    Any con agra mail out
    $3 Chapmans

    Counts as 2
    Oasis -not nutrisource
    Any old dutch including wub rrlf!!
    2.50 olymel chicken bites(go coupons) I have enough 2.00 ones
    1.00 off bagels
    1.00 off olivieri pasta or sauce
    1.50 rice krispie granola bars (early ex okay, websaver)
    1.50 gingerale rrlf
    Marc angelo
    2.00 toilet paper,any brand
    Save 1.50 on 2 aero bubbles
    Save 1.00 on 1 aero bubbles
    1.0 johnsonville
    1.50 harvest medleys (
    Minute maid OJ
    1.00 black diamond
    1.0 Wub 2 Pepsi

    Counts as 1
    .50 bear Paw Cookies (not cereal and fruit)
    .75 Black Diamond
    Catelli any but whole wheat
    Pringles-not snack sized
    betty crocker fruit snack
    $1 Hamburger Helper
    $0.50+ Green Giant Vegetables (cans or frozen)
    $0.50+ Campbells Soup or products
    Snack Puddings
    Slim fast- no expiry
    Nutrigrain superfruit
    International Delight
    Cavendish fries..sweet potato or any(was told they weren’t in AB, but I found them at SDM!!)
    Wheat stixs
    *U by Kotex liners tween okay
    Special K original
    1.00 nutrigrain superfruit (websaver)
    bogo bullseye
    Handi snaks tearpad
    Sugar-not splenda
    Heinz Ketchup
    Yoplait 1.00 +
    Yop, if good on individuals, any amount!!
    Janes Chicken, 1 point per dollar worth... any upc any kind...
    *janes flapjacks rrlf
    Crest pro health toothpaste
    g.u.m. .75
    lunchables, any
    kelloggs cereals (kid friendly and not gluetin free rice krispies...yucky)
    pasta sauce
    juice. *Multiples on any juice fine!!*(no v8 or welchs please!)
    pancake syrup
    ice cream
    betty crocker
    Olymel(not ham, or 2.00 chicken bites)
    old el paso
    mccains pizza rrlf
    any quaker products
    aunt jemima
    any saran wrap
    aluminum foil
    crystal light
    smartfood popcorn
    cheese whiz

    If you have a new great coupon I might be interested in and its not on my list message me!! Thanks so much.


    Please no french, no t4t, no printables, no store specific

    Counts as 3 coupons
    FPC bananas
    FPC VEG wub HH
    FPC danone creamy yogurt
    FPC eggos
    FPC quaker chewy granola bars
    $5 maple leaf prime stuffed chicken RLF
    $1.50 fresh chicken
    roll up the rim coffee/donut
    $3 chapmans ice cream
    $5 children's advil (spinuwin)

    Counts as 2 coupons
    75c minigo yogurt RLF
    75c danone creamy yogurt RLF
    $1 fresh express salad
    $1 marc angelo ssgs
    75c fresh produce
    $1 driscoll berries
    $2 janes chicken
    cheerioes (honey nut or original)
    $1 colgate/palmolive call in
    $3 huggies peelie
    $1 heinz little kids product (good on granola bars)
    75c any cheese (ziploc)
    $1 renees (good on caesar salad)
    BOGO hunts thick n rich
    Superbucks gas $$ (any amount)
    $3 bread WUB ziploc
    $1 classico sauce NED
    $2 gillette mens deoderant

    Counts as 1 coupon
    50c bushs beans
    $1 wub2 topdog (websaver)
    50c italpasta (websaver)
    $1 wub1 ziploc (websaver)
    75c wub 2 christie crackers
    75c any lactantia cream (dec 2012 exp)
    $2 finish jet dry rinse agent
    $1 danino yogurt (kids drinkable or mini containers NOT danactive)
    75c black diamond cheese (2013 exp)
    75c black diamond cheese (dec exp)
    75c allens apple juice
    75c d'italiano bread RLF
    25c snack pack pudding
    $1 honey bunches of oats (sept. expiry)
    $1 oasis juice boxes (apple juice can)
    75c catelli (any)
    $1 catteli smart (
    $1 philly cream cheese (any) (
    $1.50+ maxx scoop kitty litter
    50c shake n bake (dec exp)
    $1+ purina cat chow (must be good on REGULAR ADULT)

    online coupons=yes
    tft= nostore specifics= noprintables= no
    french =no
    stacking= no
    counts as all
    fpc any food
    $5 chapmans
    fpc coke/pepsi
    fpc kitty litter
    fpc lays
    fpc trop50
    bogo coke
    campbells soup voucher from company
    colgate-pomolive call in
    playtex call in
    roll up the rim win coffee

    counts as 2
    $2/$3 j&j call in
    bogo beneful prepared meal (
    bogo gillette razors
    bogo snuggle
    bogo sunlight
    $3 huggies peelie
    counts as 1
    allen's juice
    arm & hammer laundry soap
    beneful prepared meals

    bush's beans
    campbell's chunky soup
    canadian tire money .50
    catelli pasta sauce
    ceasers bistro
    cheerios (any)
    .75 cheese blocks (ziploc)
    christie crackers
    clorox wipes (websaver)
    club house gravy
    $2.50 corn pops
    cottenelle wipes
    cracker barrell cheese blocks
    diaper genie elite II refills
    $3.50 dog chow (
    dove ( womens only)
    $1 french's mustard
    .75 fresh produce (ziploc)
    gain laundry soap/fabric softener sheets (p&g)
    gerber puff snacks
    $1 grill 'ems
    hambuger helper
    $1 honey bunches of oats
    $1+ huggies wipes(baby or moist wipes)
    huggies etr codes (diapers & pull ups only)
    .50 hungryman
    icoke pins (1 pin =1 coupon)
    juicy jumbos
    kibbles n bits
    kraft dinner (box no smart)
    kraft wub
    lysol wipes
    maple leaf top dogs
    mccain french fries
    mccain pizza
    michelina's entrees
    $2 minute rice
    oasis juice
    ocean spray
    $1 old dutch chips
    $2 old spice
    olymel (no ham have enough) (gocoupons)
    pamers gtg codes (diapers and easy ups only)
    $1+ pampers wipes
    philly dip
    pop (any)
    prego pasta sauce
    premium plus crackers
    quaker granloa bars
    quaker wub
    ragu pasta sauce
    raisin bran
    shake n bake
    special k (original or good on any)
    stagg chilli
    st.ives facial scrub
    sunny d
    sunrype juice
    trop50 (any)


    Printables NO (unless specified)
    Store specific NO
    French NO
    TFT YES (good in Ontario)
    Websaver, brandsaver, save, go coupons YES

    Any FPC
    Michelina’s $0.75+
    VH sauces (must be good on any)
    $1 off any Driscoll's product, (Dec 31 2012)*RRLF
    Chicken $4 wub old el paso
    Ground beef $4 wub old el paso
    Green giant vegetables wub Hamburger helper
    Tostitos or Old El Paso salsa
    Arctic Gardens vegetables BOGO
    Natrel, Sealtest, Neilson or Beatrice milk (regular only, no organic or lactose free)
    Lactantia milk $1 (regular only, not store specific) RRLF**
    Tostitos chips or dip
    Cherrios (must be good on honeynut)
    Christie crackers
    Peek Freans
    Dare bear paws cookies (not cereal & fruit)
    Goldfish crackers (NOT grahams)
    Ritz crackers or pretzel crackers
    Dole fruit n crisp
    Minute Maid juice boxes
    DelMonte or Dole fruit cups (not refrigerated cups)
    Silhouette yogurt good on 8, 10, 12 or 16 packs
    Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mix or frosting
    Hunts Snack Packs - pudding
    Kraft peanut butter
    Bicks pickles .75 tear pad
    Vlasic pickles
    Catelli smart pasta *RRRLF ( or tearpad)
    Mr. noodle
    French’s dipping sauce
    McCain fries or sweet potato fries
    Nestle ice cream sundae tubs
    Olymel chicken $2+ (not chicken toast) (gocoupons or from box)
    Schneiders chicken strips, nuggets or wings
    Schneiders or Maple Leaf Bologna
    Schneiders country nautrals bacon
    Pillers sandwich meat
    Jane’s chicken
    Philadelphia cream cheese or dips
    Jakes bakehouse bread
    Wonder bread $2 WUB2 *RRLF
    Dempsters bread .50 or $1 wub 2 *RRLF (not smooth multigrains)
    Dempsters oven fresh bread
    Old ElPaso taco or fajita kits *RRLF
    Hamburger Helper *RRLF
    Pepsi products, coke products, Schweppes or crush coupons
    Rockstar energy drink *RRLF
    Xyience energy drink *RRLF
    NOS energy drink *RRLF
    Pillsbury coupons
    Green giant frozen veggies
    Yogurt – Silhouette, Source, Astro Zero $1+ only
    Astro Original yogurt tubs $1 (not greek)
    Tenderflake frozen pie shells (websaver or
    Fresh produce $.75 (from Ziploc box)
    Fresh chicken (from Ziploc box)
    Fresh eggs

    Household & Pet
    Baby Oxy clean
    Soft Soap hand soap
    Bounce sheets $1+
    Clorox or lysol wipes (websaver is ok)
    Cottonelle toilet paper $2 or more (printables ok)
    Scott paper towels $2 or more (printables ok)
    Old Spice $3 wub2 (brandsaver)
    Beneful dry dog food $2 +*RRRRLF
    Glade jar candle BOGO or $3 wub2 (brandsaver is ok)
    Herbal essences (not styling products) $.50 (exp may 31, 2012) (brandsaver)

    Johnsons baby toiletries $1+ *RRLF (
    Boiron drops (camilia, or coryzalia)*RRLF
    ACET 120mg or 160mg acetaminophen suppositories *RRLF
    Pampers diapers good on any $2+ *RRLF (brandsaver is ok)
    Sudocrem diaper rash cream
    Huggies or pampers baby wipes $1 or more
    Gerber graduates meals or snacks *RRLF (not toddler drink)

    Pampers G2G codes (2 codes from wipes refills count as one coupon, each diaper code counts as 1)
    icoke codes
    Canadian tire money .50= 1 coupon


    Toonies For Tummies: No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printable: No
    Stack: No
    On-Line Coupons: Yes

    Counts as all
    Arctic Gardens FPC (Shopper’s Voice)
    Chapmans $5
    Dempster’s Bagels FPC
    Kellogg’s – any pin for food FPCs
    $5.00 Prime Chicken
    Snack Size Chocolate Bars $4.00 (Bear Paws Box)
    OASIS juice FPC
    Quaker FPCs
    Superbowl Promo FPCs

    Counts as two
    Kelloggs cereal $2.50
    Buy 2 Nutrigrain, special k, or rice krispie BARS and get 1lbs Apples free june 30/2012
    $1.50 off fresh chicken (ziploc)
    .75 off fresh produce (ziploc)
    .75 off cheese (ziploc)

    Counts as one
    Allen’s Apple Juice
    Arctic Gardens
    Black Diamond block cheese or cheese slices
    Children's Tylenol
    Delissio Pizza
    Dempster’s tortilla wraps
    Vector 2$
    Special K
    $1.50 Rice Krispie Bars
    1$ General mills – good on any product
    1$ Kellogg’s
    carnation Hot chocolate
    Olivieri (
    Jane’s Chicken
    Nutri-grain bars
    Alymer Tomatoes (websaver)
    $1 Amooza twists (
    $.75 Catelli valid on any multiples welcome
    $1 Dempsters Bagels (websaver or other)
    $ Kraft Cheese Slices (
    $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese (
    Pasta Sause
    Triscuits crackers
    Villaggio Bread / buns
    Oasis $1.25 or more
    Old El Paso Salsa, wraps or kits
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese, dip, or new cooking cream
    Quaker granola bars or Instant Oatmeal
    Snak-Packs pudding


    French, TFT, store specific, printed = no
    Online, inserts = yes

    3 coupons:
    FPC Superbowl promo (any but twistos)
    FPC Kashi cereal
    FPC Sunlight
    FPC Yogurt
    FPC Orville flavor shakers popcorn
    Kelloggs share your breakfast pins
    $5.00 Prime chicken
    $5.00 Ice cream (chapmans or cereal box)
    $5.00 Skinny cow ice cream
    Unused spin u win codes
    $1.50 Fresh chicken
    $2.00 Orville popcorn

    2 coupons:
    B1G1 Amooza cheese strings
    $0.75 fresh produce
    $4.00 snack pack chocolate bars
    Dare call-ins
    Congra-agri call-ins
    Campbells call-ins
    General Mills call-ins
    $2.00 Highliner good on any kind
    $4/$5 Childrens advil
    $0.75 Skippy PB, good on any kind (not naturals)
    $1.50 Olympic krema greek yogurt
    $5.00 NeoCitran
    Buy 2 Kelloggs bars, get apples free
    $3.00 Hamburger wub HH
    Oasis juice boxes
    $2.00 Kashi crackers

    1 coupon:
    Becel margarine (good on regular kind)
    Dole canned fruit
    $2.00 Filippo Berio olive oil
    Rogers flour peelie
    Tuna (regular, not flavored or kits)
    Arnott's tim tam cookies
    Lindt chocolate
    $2.00 Cottonelle
    $2.00 Quantum finish exp Dec 31
    Sunrype juice
    Oasis juice
    Lactania butter with 2013 expiry
    1.00 Nutrigrain (websaver)
    1.00 Mini wheats exp Dec 31
    4.00 Cover girl
    Del monte perfections glass jar
    $0.50 Nivea lip care
    $1.50 Canada dry gingerale case
    $2.00 wub2 Dove
    $1.00 Astro original yogurt (no multiples thanks)
    Marc Angelo
    Cream of wheat
    Hersheys chipits
    Huggies pull-ups (from manufacturer or peelies - NO inserts!)
    $2.00+ Pampers easy-ups 2013 expiries
    Renees dressing
    Coffee mate liquid
    Heinz products
    Jane's chicken
    $0.75+ regular block cheese with Dec 31 or later expiry
    $2.00 Old spice deoderant/body wash
    Fresh fruit
    Quaker granola bars
    Fresh express salad
    $2.00 PAM spray
    $0.75/$1.00 Catelli smart pasta (websaver)
    Eggo waffles
    Green giant frozen veggies
    $0.75 Black diamond cheese exp Dec 2013
    Pampers stackable diapers (must say "limit 4 like coupons")
    Garnier ultra-lift
    B1G1 Sunlight dish soap
    Delissio pizza
    $1.00 Highliner good on any kind, 2013 expiry
    Kraft single slices (
    $1.00 Dempsters bagels (websaver)


    TFT N
    French N Y
    Websaver & Brandsaver Y
    Printables N
    Store Specific N

    Almost any Food FPC - just ask
    FPC Kashi Cereal or Bars
    FPC Smartfood
    FPC Lays/Ruffles
    FPC Trop 50
    FPC Eggos
    Kelloggs FPC breakfast items (pins) - counts as all
    $5 wub3 Garnier - counts as 2
    Nordica Cottage Cheese
    .75 on fresh produce
    $1.50 on fresh chicken
    $1 Chex cereal
    .75 D'Italiano (good on any bread)
    Casa Di Mama Pizza
    $1 Lever 2000
    $1 General Mills peelie
    $10 Robax (good on any size) counts as all
    Becel (regular only)
    Goldfish crackers (regular, not the graham ones)
    $1 Dare products or 1.50 wub2
    Quaker granola bars
    Classico pasta sauce
    Catelli pasta sauce
    Catelli pasta (tear pad or websaver)
    $3 Tide - counts as 2
    Bear Paws cookies or crackers(not cereal and fruit)
    Bush Beans
    $5 Chapmans - counts as all
    Hunts pasta sauce
    Colgate/Palmolive call in - counts as 2
    French's Mustard (regular only please)
    $1 Kashi cereal
    $2 Kashi snack crackers
    Black Diamond Cheese Strings
    $1 Nestea 12 pack
    B1G1 Dempsters - counts as 2
    Hunts Puddings
    $2 Garnier peelie (good on shampoo/conditioner)
    Sunny D
    Sunlight $5wub2 - counts as 2
    Smart Ones Soups
    Smart Ones Entrees
    Weight watchers bread/snacks
    $4 Advil Night from spin to win (must be good on any size) - counts as 2
    $1.50 Rice Krispies Squares (websaver)
    Eggo Pancakes (websaver/other)
    Thinsations (
    $2 Kashi bars
    $2 off any Resolve
    Aluminum foil
    Pillsbury cookies or cinnamon rolls
    Oasis juice (regular orange juice)
    Oasis Juice boxes
    Budding lunch meat
    $1 Ziplock (websaver)
    $5 wub3 Gillette - counts as 2
    Crystal Light
    Villaggio bread
    $2 Dial


    worth 3:
    FPC twistos
    FPC coke/pepsi
    $5 chapmans/ any ice cream
    FPC trop50/oasis juice
    FREE McDoanlds fries (halloween cert.)
    timmies roll up the rim wins
    FPC any granola bars
    b1g1 12pk coke (websaver/icoke)
    $4 any 1 covergirl (june exp.)
    FPC ruffles/lays/tostitos
    $2+ janes chicken
    $2+ huggies/kim clarke shiny silver mailouts
    FPC smarties

    worth 2:
    $1.50 fresh chicken (ziplock)
    .75 fresh produce (ziplock)
    b2g1 chefboyardee
    $2.50 rice krispies (early exp. ok & expected)
    $3 wub1, 25 use tide
    $off beef/chicken wub old el paso
    $2 wub2 dozen shelled eggs
    $2 J&J call in (listerine or stayfree)
    $1 huggies/kim clarke shiny silver mailouts
    bogo hunts thick & rich
    quaker cheyw granola bars
    $2.50 corn pops (early exp. ok & expected)

    worth 1:
    $1 oasis juice boxes (no junior juice)
    $1 nutrigrain bars (websaver) - 1 per rider please
    .75 thinsations ( - 1 per rider please
    $1 wub1 ziplock (websaver, or any other source)
    $1 wub2 dozen shelled eggs (heart & stroke callendar)
    $3 huggies peelie
    .75 schneiders lunchmate (peelie)
    .50/.75 any danone
    .25 chef boyardee
    hunts snak pack pudding
    $1 wub2 chefboyardee
    $1 honey bunches of oats (sept. exp. only)
    .75 d'italiano
    CT$ (.50 = 1 coupon)
    pampers GTG codes from diapers or easy ups
    huggies ETR codes from diapers or pull ups
    $1 newmans own salad dressing - 1 per rider please
    pringles chips (no stix, snacks or multigrain, just plain ol' pringles chips)
    $1 wub4 campbells soup (july 2012)
    .75 wub2 christie crackers
    $1 wub1 johnsonville sausage (no 5 cheese)
    top dogs (websaver)
    carl budding lunch meat
    $1 eggo pancakes (websaver)
    $1.50 rice krispie squares (websaver)

    crystal light (good on singles)
    betty crocker cake mix or icing
    driscolls berries
    .50 alymers wub1
    .75 black diamond cheese slices or bricks
    $1 black diamond cheese strings
    honey nut or choc. cheerios
    ragu/catelli or prego pasta sauce
    $1 catelli smart pasta (no .75 please)
    $2 cottonelle toilet paper
    minute rice (good on white, no cups)


    printables – no
    ct money- no
    toonies for tummies- no
    stackable- YES!
    French- no
    store specific- no
    stamps- yes (counts as 1-2 each)
    no inserts except where noted

    I love duplicates!! If it's on my list I want loads of them!! (if you are having trouble with my list please pm me...I'm an easy trader, just suggest something! Also, the dates are more for me so I take things off my list, I will accept other dates unless it says "only")

    Jezz’s top 10 non-FPC’s (points as listed below too);
    1-buy 2 allbran bars get apples!
    2- 0.50 goldfish (good on other stuff too)
    3-Silver Hills bread
    4-Cream of Wheat (yuuummmmy!)
    5-Black Diamond Cheese- any source, any amount
    6-Mach 3 razor blades (not wub something else)
    7-Delmote vegetables- $1.00 wub2 (less salt)
    8-$1.50 off chicken
    9-0.75 off any cheese
    10-$2.00 All-Bran cereal

    Counts as all: (i'll trade extra for most FPC's if you want to pm me....because who doesn't like FREE!)
    Popcorn FPC
    Eggos FPC
    Smarties FPC
    pin for cereal fpc
    trop50 fpc (from superbowl)
    Smartfood popcorn fpc (superbowl)
    Tistos fpc (superbowl)
    Triscuits FPC
    Kimberly Clark FPC
    Gilette: Bogo or $5 wub 3
    Kashi cereal FPC
    Dempsters- FPC
    Ziploc- $3 off bread
    $5.00 Chapman's icecream- phone offer
    any laundry soap fpc-(Tide, Sunlite, Arm and Hammer, Purex)
    $5 off any icecream (cereal box?)
    FPC Dishwasher Detergent (or stack)- not mir
    Peak Freans- BOGO
    $3.00 J&J good on Aveeno
    Healthy Choices Steamers bogo
    Mini-wheats cereal bogo (sept/12 I think)
    any Colgate-Palmolive call-in
    $3.00 Cottonelle call-in
    $4.00 off chocolate snacks (bear paws box)
    Tetley Tea fpc
    Any superbowl FPC
    Oasis juice FPC
    Cottage cheese fpc (nordica?)
    Pretty much any normal fpc (not smellies)

    Counts as 2
    $2.00 wub 2 different Dove (dec/12)
    $2.00 All bran cereal
    $2.00 J&J
    Advil $3.00 good on all (except 10s)- tearpad?
    All bran bars more then 0.75 (so the $1.00/1.50 and $2.00 ones)
    Colgate-Palmolive call-in
    Tim Hortons roll up the rim to win
    $2.00 Gilette (good on men's deoderant)- 2013 expiry, found one on battery coupon, might be others (don't care about dates...just an example)
    Dove bar soap- no inserts but any others
    Kellog's- $1.00/$2.00 off any
    $2.50 off Corn Pops cereal
    $2.50 Mini-wheats
    Cottonelle- $3.00/$2.00 wub1 ($2.00 is Dec expiry I think)
    Aylmers canned no-salt veg- $1.00 wub2- from can
    Activia- $2.00 on tubs
    chicken-$1.50 off any (ziploc bags)
    fresh produce- 0.75 off any (from ziploc bags)
    Oasis Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L),- $1.25 exp. March 2013
    $2.00 Kashi crackers
    $2.00 wub 2 Dove antiperspirants
    Dove bar soap- $1.50
    Amooza BOGO
    any $1.00 or more call-in (surprise me!)

    Counts as 1:
    Advil/Children's Advil/Caltrate/Centrum from Spin you win (anything but the robax)
    Aerobubbles- $1.50 wub2 (dec/12) or any others!
    Allens Juice
    Arctic Gardens
    Astro original yogurt
    Aunt Jemima Syrup (may be unicorn)
    Aylmers- 0.50 wub1 - from can
    Dairy Milk chocolate bars - 0.50 (dec/12)
    Black Diamond cheese
    Blue diamond almonds- no expiry date
    Billy bee honey- $1.00 (unicorn?)
    Cadbury Clusters save 1$ wub2, may 1st, 2012
    Campbell- .50 wub1 of humungous selection
    Carnation breakfast- $2.00
    Cottenelle- $2.00 exp dec/2012
    Cracker Barrel Cheese
    Cream of wheat (did I mention I like cream of wheat...yuummmy!)
    Dare Real Fruit Gummies (2013 expiry only please)
    Dare/Grissol- $1.00 on any 1
    Delmote vegetables- $1.00 wub2
    Dempsters bread/ bagels (not rye please)- $1.00 may/31/12 or others
    D'italiano bread -0.75
    Duracell batteries- $2.00/$3.00 wub1- not insert, usually on battery packs
    Europe's best frozen fruit/veg
    Fresh fruit- 0.75- from ziploc bags
    Goldfish crackers (not grahams!)- .50
    Greenworks-$3wub3- (websaver)
    Healthy Choices Steamers
    Hunts snack packs
    J&J- $1.00 (saving for a friend!)-prefer 2013 expiry
    Jello+dreamwhip- $1.00 wub 1 of each
    Johnsonville sausages- $1.00 good on any (dec/12)
    Kellog’s Cheerios (on
    Lactiana Butter
    Maple Leaf Natural Selections- $1.00-
    Maple Leaf Natural Selections Deli Meat- $1.00 tearpad
    Mars Canada chocolate bars- $1.00
    Motts Fruitsations- $1 wub2 or 0.75 (on
    Nestle Ice Cream treat (don’t know details)
    Nature’s Valley- $1.00 websaver; NO value pack
    Oasis juice- good on 1.89 L refrigerated or bigger non-refrigerated
    Oasis NutriSource (1.89L)- $1.25, exp. March 2013
    Old Dutch chips- $1.00 (may exp?)
    Old El Paso Kits - 0.50
    Post-honey bunches of oats (the September expiry if possible)
    Pringles-BOGO only
    Quaker Omega 3 granola bars- $1.00 off (not value pack)
    Schneiders country naturals- .50 (good on hotdogs) (NED?)
    Skippy peanut butter- 0.75 dec/12
    Smuckers $1.00 fruit toppings
    Snackpack pudding
    Saputo cheese (sept/12 or other)
    SummerFresh- $1.00 (have enough .75 thanks)
    Tampax- tearpad only (sorry don’t know details…I think $1 or $2)
    Thinsations- $0.75 off- on
    Tide- stackable (can't say "strictly prohibited, and long expiry because it takes a long time to find a few)
    Venus Razor refills-not p&G website/insert- $3.00 2013 exp
    Wonder bread- $2 wyb2
    Zantac $3.00 expiry 2013- good on any size
    Last edited by peachblush; Sat, Apr 14th, 2012 at 12:52 PM.

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    claires mommy too! <3 gracesmommy's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    angus, on
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    392 (100%)

    ill join! pming you now...

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    Senior Canuck
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    Feb 2012
    etown baby!
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    138 (100%)

    i'd also like a seat on this train. thanks

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    Junior Canuck
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    May 2011
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    192 (100%)

    welcome aboard gracesmommy & mrsfreeman!

    thanks for joining
    mrsfreeman likes this.

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    Frosh Canuck
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    Sep 2010
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    id like a seat pming you now

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    Orillia Coupon Newbie
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    Sep 2011
    Orillia, Ontario
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    146 (100%)

    I'll ride! I love that it doesn't cost me a fortune in stamps to join!

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    Junior Canuck
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    May 2011
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    welcome aboard rancid162001 & bairdgoodwin!

    i will post the wishlists this evening when i get home.

    looking for 3 more riders!!

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    claires mommy too! <3 gracesmommy's Avatar
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    angus, on
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    c'mon peeps this is a good one!

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    Senior Canuck
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    Mar 2011
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    I need to update my wish list but would like to join. Will send in a few min

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    Senior Canuck
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    I would like a seat please Love the simplicity of this one!

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    Junior Canuck
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    May 2011
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    I would love a seat too please! Just have to update my wishlist...I'll have it to you within the hour if that's ok

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    Smart Canuck
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    Nov 2011
    Vancouver Island
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    I can't see if you are full or not...if there is room let me know and I'll pm my wl asap.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jezz View Post
    I can't see if you are full or not...if there is room let me know and I'll pm my wl asap.

    i don't think anyone would mind one more!!

    welcome aboard couponclipper12, Lunamoth, jennybean1010 & jezz!!

    we are now FULL!!! i will start posting wishlists & i will pm everyone tonight or in the am.

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    Junior Canuck
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    all wishlists are posted......except 1. i will wait til noon tomorrow & if i do not have it we will proceed with the train. i will pm everyone my addie & send day tomorrow, i'm off to bed.

    thanks again for joining everyone.

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