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Thread: **SC' being SC Secret Sender + VWL train***All Envies have arrived!***

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    Mail Date :May 3rd
    Welcome to my "SC's being SC's" Secret Sender + VWL train!! I will take 15 riders on this train (plus myself) If boarding is too slow I may decide to board the train with less then 15 riders. You will be sending every rider (including me) 3 exact wishlist coupons. Plus you will send your secret buddy a minimum of 5 extra coupons....of course more are welcome and encouraged! The goal is to do what we SC's do generous!! I will not be sending wishlist coupons as I will be supplying all the prizes.

    The Rules:

    • You must have a trade rating of 30+ with no negatives (some exceptions can be made depending on how long and reason)
    • No expiry date before June 30 (unless ok'd and confirmation send to me)
    • FPC's & Call ins $3+ count as all
    • Not enough coupons 1 stamp = 1 coupon
    • Double check that you are sending the exact coupon from the riders list
    • Any riders with errors will automatically forfeit any prize won.
    • Riders with more then three errors will have there envie returned to them minus there boarding pass
    • You must post in this thread when you mail & receive your envie
    • You must leave feedback for all riders after you receive your envie

    Boarding Pass: 4 stamps to mail back your envie (I'm expecting them to be a little heavier this time) (As always Any unused stamps will be returned to you)

    1 FPC...I am open to almost all FPC's but if you have something not on my list please PM me to confirm
    $2 Timmies Card/$2 Superbucks (valid for Ontario stores)

    4 stamps plus 2 extra wishlist coupons

    CORRECTION: This boarding pass Option should have read 2 stamps + 2 Wishlist coupons NOT 4 stamps + 2 Wishlist coupons

    Prizes will be awarded for:

    Please Note: Each winner will choose there own prize with 1st pick going to "Most Generous to Conductor" 2nd pick: Most Generous to your secret buddy. 3rd pick to"2nd most Generous to Conductor etc. etc
    1. Most Generous to conductor (does not include 3 reg. Wishlist coupons)
    2. Most Generous to your Secret Buddy
    3. 2nd Most Generous to Conductor (does not include 3 reg. Wishlist coupons)
    4. 2nd Most Generous to your Secret Buddy
    5. 1st to guess their buddy
    6. 2nd to guess their buddy
    7. Voted Best Joke
    8. Voted funniest pic/video
    9. Most active in this thread ( I will add up each persons jibberish please lol)
    10. Pick a number between 1-100

    I reserve the right to not award prizes if there has not been an entry...meaning if no one sends extra coupons for the "Most generous" prizes then there will be no prizes for that category.

    Most Generous prizes. "Most generous" prizes will be awarded for the highest point values sent to conductor and/or your secret buddy! **NEW** As a bonus anyone who sends something from their secret buddies or the Conductors RRRLF list will get 10 bonus points (per item) towards Most Generous to conductor prize/Most Generous Buddy Prize!

    Guess your buddy game:
    After the train fills and buddies have been given out you will need to create and send 4 "clues" that your buddy can use to figure out who you are. Please make your clues difficult enough that it won't give it away right away!! After all envies have been mailed I will post 1 clue each day until we have our winners!! (If nobody has figured out who their buddies is, more clues will be added)

    Voted best Joke:
    You may post as many joke as you like (after all who doesn't like a good joke). To show your support or vote for another riders vote simply click the "like button on their post" You may vote for as many jokes as you like! The rider with the most "likes" on any ONE joke will win the prize!!

    Voted Funniest picture or video: You may post as many pics or videos as you like (pics/video's can be taken from anywhere on line or your own collection.) Again riders can show there support/vote for a video/pic by clicking on the like button on the post. Vote for as many as you like! The rider with the most votes on any ONE pic/video will win!!

    Most active in this thread:
    The rider with the most post in this thread by the time I am ready to mail back your envies will win this prize!!

    Pick a number
    I will pick a number between 1-100. each rider will guess a number and the closest to my number will win!!

    The Prizes:

    1. $5 Future Shop GC
    2. $2 Timmies Card
    3. FPC McDonalds Small Fry + FPC Small Drink (valid for kids 12 & under, no expiry)
    4. 2 FPC McDonalds Ice Cream Cone (valid for kids 12 & under,no expiry)
    5. FPC SideKicks
    6. FPC Sheriff Mousse
    7. 2 sheets of stickers
    8. 4 Postage stamps
    9. 1 pin for Kellogs "love your cereal promo"
    10. 2 x $3 Call-In coupon for Clean & Clear/Aveeno/Neutrogena/Lubriderm

    To board this train please post below and PM me you adress as well as you wishlist. Please organize your wishlist in " 5 point" format. Please see my wishlist below if your not sure how (or PM me)


    Couponsrule received
    alicia123 received
    misstarbender received
    Amy4coupons received
    Bluzsuz received
    6.Mandolimed received
    7.Pumpkin received
    8.Trish1980 received
    9.JMarshall received
    10.CouponandOff arrangements have been made

    : Jemwars
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    Jemwars Wishlist;

    French; N
    TFT: Y if valid in Ontario
    Printed: N
    Multiples: I am ok with multiples of any of my RRRLF Items!!
    Store Specific: N

    Bonus; anyone who sends something from my RRRLF list will get 10 bonus points (per item) towards Most Generous to conductor prize!

    Counts as 5 points (worth all 3 coupons)

    $5 Chapmans **RRRLF
    FPC Purina Maxx Cat litter ***RRRLF
    FPC Fancy Feast or Meow Mix (dry food)
    smartfood (superbowl promo)
    FPC Purina/Beneful Dry Dog Food ***RRRLF
    FPC Quaker Instant Oatmeal (facebook promo) ***RRRLF
    Will Consider Almost any FPC or Call In just ask!
    movie passes/tickets~~no bogo's please
    Pepsi 6x710mL or 2L Pepsi (Superbowl promo) ***RRRLF
    Lays or Ruffles (Superbowl promo)
    FPC Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
    Kelloggs or General Mills (good on anything)
    Dempsters bagels (facebook promo) ***RRRLF
    Pin for free breakfast item (cereal boxes) ***RRRLF
    Sunlight/Any Laundry FPC***RRRLF
    2L Pepsi (Superbowl promo) ***RRRLF

    3 points (counts as two coupons)

    Timmie's Roll up the Rim winners

    $2 Bandaid Call in (J&J)
    $1 Fresh Bananas
    $1 Fresh Berries
    $5 Maple leaf chicken beast (not stuffed)

    75 cents on any Fresh produce (from new ziplock coupons)
    Highliner *$2.00 ~ Good on any(shoppers voice)
    1 Kellogs pin for free cereal
    $1+ Campbells Vouchers from company (from company, not $ off wub)
    $2.00 Nutri-Grain bars, any size (from Holiday gift box) ***RRRLF
    $2+ Kimberly Clark (good on anything)
    $$$ Quaker coupons from company-good on anything
    $1.50 off any chicken
    $1 wub 1 ziplock or similar (good on any)
    $3 off Beef wub Hamburger Helper
    BOGO Artic Gardens
    -Kelloggs $2 (NED)
    BOGO VH Steamers
    Buy one (1) Ziplock brand product and save$3 on bread.
    BOGO Snuggle Fabric Refresher (from sunlight contest)
    BOGO Healthy Choice Steamers (Facebook)
    5.00 WUB 3 Gillette (oct 2012)
    $5 wub 3 Garnier (good on shampoo)
    any coke/pepsi/dr.pepper/crush coupons
    1lb Free apples WUB any 2 Nutrigrain/Special K bars/Rice Krispie bars
    $3 off any Nexxus product (exp. Sept.30 '12)

    1 point (counts as 1 coupon)

    $2 off any Revelon tools ***RRRLF
    Dempsters hot dog/hamburger buns ***RRRLF
    75 cents off block cheese (from Ziplock)
    save $6 wub 1 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs product
    .75 off any D'Italino product

    .75 off any D'Italino buns
    Artic Gardens
    Armstrong Cheese
    Black diamond cheese (2013 expiry only)
    off Catelli (good on any) ***RRRLF
    Dole Bagged Salad (not salad kits)
    $1 Europes Best
    Astro original yogurt (not greek)
    $1.50 Orville Redenbacher Smart
    eggs (real eggs please)
    canned vegetables (any exce
    pt Aylmer Accents) ***RRRLF
    1.50 Rice Krispies Granola -websaver ***RRLF
    $1 General Mills peelies
    Stouffers Bistro
    $0.75 Thinsations (
    $1 Eggo Pancakes (websaver)
    McCains French Fries (not sweet potatoe)
    $1 WUB2 Motts Fruitsations
    frozen vegetables (no Almyer Accents!!)
    Nature Valley bars (regular size boxes)
    3.00 Beneful Dry Dog Food
    $1 off Hamburger Helper
    Imperial Margarine
    Jane's Chicken $2+
    Dempsters Bread (good on white bread)
    $ Old El Passo Kits
    Kraft peanut butter
    .50 on any Hunt's sauces (must include pasta sauces)
    save $1 on any two Hunt's Thick and Rich Pasta Sauce 680 ml
    any Hunt's pasta sauces (please no $1 wub 1 hunts sauce and 1 hunts paste)
    $3 listerine (good on any no whitening please)
    $2.50 off Olymel products (go coupons)
    $1 off Dare Grissol products (milk magazine)
    Quaker Granola Bars
    $$ WUB ?? Kraft products
    save $3 wub any two products from Bounty /Charmin/Puffs.
    Stayfree ($5 WUB 2)
    Canned Tuna (NO flavored,NO salad kit)
    $1.50+ Dove shampoo/conditioner
    $1.00 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese (from
    $$$ Toaster Strudel

    Couponsrules' Wishlist:
    French- NO

    TFT- Yes-Ontario only

    10 bonus points (per item) for all RRLF Items towards Most Generous to Buddy prize!

    3 Coupons (5 points)

    $10 any Robax Product -RRLF

    FPC Potato Chips
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal

    FPC Arctic Gardens-RRLF
    FPC Trop50-RRLF
    FPC Smartfood
    FPC Sunny D- RRLF
    $5 any Ice Cream-from Cereal Box -RRLF
    $5 Children's Advil
    $5 Chapmans Ice Cream-RRLF
    $5 wub 3 Garnier
    Unused Pins from Cereal Boxes
    FPC Eggos

    $3 J&J Call-In
    $3 Children's Advil
    $2 Olay Bodywash
    $3 Nexxus-
    $2 Cottonelle
    $2 Cashmere

    $3 Ground Beef wub HH
    BOGO Sunlight-
    BOGO Healthy Steamers
    2 coupons
    .75 Fresh Produce
    $1.50 Colgate Total
    $2 Eggos
    $2 any Resolve Product
    $2 Pam Spray
    $3 Febreze Home Collection
    Buy 2 Kelloggs, get Free Apples

    1 Coupon (1 point)
    $1 any size or variety of Johnsonville Sausage(upc 44203984)

    unused "P" stamp
    Gold Fish Crackers(good on Cheddar)
    .50 any campbell's product
    $3 Charmin/Puffs(2013)
    Catelli Pasta-
    Lean Cuisine Pins
    $1.50 Chicken

    $2 Dove Visible Care
    Marzetti Dip

    $1 off Astro Original Yogourt 650/750gm (exp. Dec.31 '13)
    $1 off McCain Sweet Potato Superfries or Breakfast Potatoes (exp. June 30 '12)
    D'Italiano Bread-
    Egg creations French Toast Blend (500g) $1.00 Off 12/31/2012 2 42406059
    La Crème Cow Spreadable Snack Cheese $0.75 Off 8/31/2012 6 46215925
    Lactancia Cream (500mL or 1L) $0.75 Off 12/31/2012 6 13611428
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    Nutella- If any
    $1 Elastoplade bandages
    $1 off any Kelloggs Product
    oikos yogurt
    Special K Cracker Chips
    $2 Becel Margerine
    Dairlyland Li'l Ones Yogurt
    Bick's Pickles

    Oasis Fruit Zoo, the 960mL carton

    $1 any Tetley Tea
    $1 Lipton Tea
    $2 any Jamieson Viatamins
    $1 any SC Johnson Product
    .50 CT money
    $1 Europe's Best Frozen Fruit
    $1 Dare or Grissol Products

    Lactantia Regular Milk-NO LACTOSE FREE PLEASE
    Natrel Milk-No Lactose Free or Organic
    Black Diamond Cheese Strings

    Ziplock-$2 wub 2 or $1 wub 1
    .75 any cheese(FROM ZIPLCOCK BOX)
    $1 Summer Fresh
    Post Cereal-good on any-not specific kinds
    General Mills-good on any-not specific kinds

    Shake n' Bake
    Thinsations (
    $1 Eggo Waffles/Pancakes
    $1 Dempster's Bagel

    Sunlight Dish Soap
    Palmolive Dish Soap
    Dawn Dish Soap- wub 1
    $1 Olymel Bacon or ham

    $1 Marc Angelo Product
    .75 Allens Juice
    Dole Salad

    Alicia123's Wishlist:

    Printed: Only in color
    TFT: N
    French: N
    Store Specific: N
    All other: Y

    10 bonus points (per item) for all RRLF Items towards Most Generous to Buddy prize!

    Counts As All (5 Pts):
    FPC Bread RRRLF
    $5 Playtex
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/Tostitos chips ( from Superbowl promo) RRRLF
    Pin/FPC any Breakfast item
    $4+ Huggies call-ins RRRLF
    $5 Chapmans RRRLF
    FPC Coke RRRLF
    General Mills call-ins RRLF
    $1.50 off one VH Steamers ( from last winter Shoppers Voice) RRRLF
    $5-$10 Pampers
    $3 Venus Razor (Jan/2013 Expiry only) RRRLF
    FPC Smarties
    $5 Children’s Advil
    $5-$10 Colgate – Palmolive RRRLF
    $3 Aveeno call-in (2013 Exp. Only) RRRLF
    $2 Sunrype
    Disney rewards codes RRRLF
    Quaker vouchers (from the company)

    Counts as 2 (3 Pts):
    BOGO VH Steamers RRRLF
    BOGO Amooza twists RRRLF
    $1 any Cheerios
    $1.50 fresh chicken RRRLF
    75c fresh produce RRRLF
    Any Nutella RRLF
    BOGO healthy Choice Steamers
    $1/$1.25/$1.50 Oasis juice
    $1 Black Diamond cheese RRRLF
    75c any block of cheese
    $1 Playtex RRRLF
    $1 Colgate-Palmolive RRRLF
    $2 JNJ Band-aid (2013 Exp. Only) RRRLF
    50c any Campbell’s brand products – multi use one good on chunky soup, V8, V-Fusion, Gold Fish, etc. RRRLF
    Huggies rewards codes RRRLF
    Any Poptarts
    Free apples WUB any 2 Nutrigrain/Special K bars/Rice Krispie bars
    $1 on Bananas RRRLF
    $2+ Kimberly Clark call-ins RRRLF
    $3 on bread WUB Ziploc RRRLF

    Count as 1 (1 Pt)
    Any Hot dogs
    Dairyland lil ones yogurt
    $1 Royale paper towel
    75c Thinsations ( Tearpad only)
    $1 any Janes Chicken
    Kraft handi snacks
    25c Snack Pack pudding
    Huggies Wipes (no Inserts)
    Huggies Pull-ups (no inserts)
    Huggies diapers (no inserts)
    $1 Palmolive dish soap RRRLF
    $1 Softsoap body wash
    $1.50 Fleecy liquid fabric softener RRRLF
    Goldfish cookies or crackers
    $1 on one VH Steamers
    BOGO Dr. Oetker pie fillings or pudding
    $2 WUB2 dozen eggs RRRLF
    any Smart Ones frozen entrees
    any Stouffers Saute Sensations
    $1.50 Satin Care (2013 Exp. Only)
    Europe’s Best frozen fruit
    Pampers GTG codes
    Any Motts Fruitastions
    $3.00 WUB2 Haagen Dazs 500mL tubs & multipacks.
    $1 Amooza twists

    Misstarbender's Wish list:

    TFT:NO Store Specific: NO French: NO! Printables: YES ( but please ask me first!) Inserts: please ask first Stack:YES (ONLY if it DOESNT say cannot be used with blah blah blah or use of more then 1 coupon prohibited)

    3 POINTS
    FPC Dempsters Bagels
    FPC Natrel Baboo RRRLF
    FPC popcorn
    FPC sunlight laundry soap
    FPC triscut crackers
    FPC liberte greek
    FPC Oasis (any)
    FPC Philly cooking cream
    FPC any grocery really...just PM me!
    FPC granola bars
    FPC quaker hot cereal
    $10 similac cheque RRRRRRLF
    $2 Royale (must be good on any)
    $3 yellow huggies peelie
    J&J call in
    $5 similac coupon
    $5 similac cheque RRRRRRLF
    $5 Chapmans (RRRLF this is the only ice cream my DD can eat)RRRRRLF
    $5 or $10 PEDIASURE cheques RRRRRRLF

    2 points

    $2+ any frozen pizzas
    $4 Van Houtte RRRRRLF
    $2+ Mann's veggies
    $1 old dutch chips (May 31 exp)
    $2.50 cinnamon corn pops RRRRRRLF
    FPC coke WUB old el paso
    $4 beef WUB old el paso RRRRRLF
    $3 beef WUB Hamburger Helper RRRRRROLF
    ANY chicken WUB old el paso
    FPC veggies WUB Hamburger Helper
    $1 any Kellogs cereal
    any coke or pepsi and Dr. Pepper RRRRLF
    $1+ bread (must be good on whole wheat)
    International Cream (not the cafe creations) RRRRRRLF
    $2 Kashi Crackers (RRRRRRLF)
    $1 Dempsters Bagels (multiples okay)
    Pizza pops RRRRRLF
    Kraft peanut butter
    BOGO red rose tea (multiples okay)
    Sunkist fruit packs
    $1+ Fresh produce (not WUB V8 * have enough of those)
    Glucerna (I'll take any glucerna) RRRRRLF

    1 POINT
    $2+ Huggies coupons or peelies (good on any NOT WUB)
    baby food jars/cereal
    Philly cream cheese (RRRRLF)
    cheese (slices or block and babybel and cheese whiz no amooza)
    pasta sauce
    Ital pasta
    gold fish crackers or grahams
    butter (not buttery taste or gay lea)
    chef boyardee (NOT TFT)
    Kraft Dinner(RRRRRLF)(multiples is good NOT smart)
    motts fruitsations
    .50 bicks (any)
    Sunrype juices
    .50 cadbury chocolate bars RRRRLF
    old dutch salsa
    lays coupons (any)
    mrs. vicki's coupons(any)
    $1 snack pack coupons
    helluva dips
    mccain fries Not sweet potato
    Hunts tomato sauce (not WUB)
    $2 purex laundry soap (good on one RRRLF pods)
    Dawn dishsoap NOT WUB
    $1.00 cling wrap
    tin foil
    ziplock bags not containers
    $1 Janes
    $5 Garnier RRRRRRRRLF
    $1.50 Satin care RRRRRRLF
    pringles (not snack stacks)
    dove $2 wub 2
    old el paso
    RRRRRLFmug cakes (Dec exp) RRRRLF

    Bluzsuz Wishlist

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – Atlantic Canada
    French – no
    Can you stack – no
    Store Specific – no
    Printables – check with me....
    **I don’t need specific UPC’s, so if there is one listed don’t worry about it!

    Counts as all Coupons (5 Points)
    FPC Coke 2L
    FPC Pepsi 2l
    FPC Pepsi 6x 710ml
    Any SuperBowl FPC
    FPC Popcorn
    Free McBistro Chicken Sandwich
    FPC Oasis Juice - ANY!!!
    FPC Dempsters (product replacement)
    $5 Ice Cream - RLF
    $2, $3 J&J CALL INS - 2013
    FPC Philly Creme
    $5 Prime Chicken Breasts ( not stuffed)
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars
    Pretty much any FPC, just ask or surprise me, just no smellies, cat stuff or crap.

    Counts as 3 Coupons (4 Points)
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    $1 or 2 Rice Crispies Cereal - good on Vanilla
    BOGO Rice Krispies - good on vanilla
    $1/$2 Smart Bread
    $1 Summerfresh - good on bruschetta RRLF - multiples!

    Count as 2 Coupons (3 Points)
    Aquafina Vitiamin Water - oh how I wish it still existed!
    1.00 BD Cheese
    .50 Campbells (chunky, goldfish etc.)
    $1.50 Canada Dry Ginger Ale
    $4 Cover Girl
    $1 any Crest Pro Health Rinse UPC 66010555
    $1.50 Dove Bar 4 x 90 g pack
    $1 General Mills Peelie
    .75 General Mills - - RRRLF
    Graves apple juice $1 WUB 2 (945ml) Oct 31/12
    Green Giant Veggies/Arctic Gardens/Europes Best
    $1 WUB3 Heinz
    2$ on Fresh Fruit WUB2 4 packs Hunts Snak Pak 7/31/2012
    $2 Jane's Chicken
    $2 Kellogs Peelie
    Kellogg's B2 Nutri-Grain bars, Special-K bars, All-Bran bars, or Rice Krispies bars and get free apples
    Kraft refrigerated dressing
    Lean Cuisine
    $1.00 WUB2 Maple Leaf® Top Dogs, Maple Leaf Natural Selections hot dogs or Dempster’s, Ben’s,hot dog or hamburger buns.
    $2 Olymel Peelie
    Stouffer’s/LC PIN’s
    $1 WUB2 2L or 2 6x710mL Pepsi Max products. Expires April 30.
    Rrrrolll up the Rim prizes - the Camry Hybrid would be perfect!
    4.00 Snack Size Chocolate bars (from Bear Paws box)
    $3 WUB 2 Sponge Towels
    $1 Sun Rype
    $2 WUB1 Tampax Radiant RRRLF
    Top Dogs/ML Weiners - Peelies OK!
    U by Kotex - no tween please - RRRLF
    $3 Venus Razors
    Weight Watchers Satisfying Selections BOGO

    Count as 1 Coupon (1 point)
    Allen's/Graves/Rougemont apple juice
    $2 Afresh (good for dishwasher)
    Aluminum Foil/Parchment Paper/Sandwich bags
    .75 Armstrong Cheese
    $0.75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g, any Dec 31 2013
    Baking powder
    BBQ Sauce - Any type
    Busy Bones
    .50 Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars
    .50 Canadian Club BBQ Sauce
    Canned Veggies
    Canned Tuna (*NOT flavored, *not salad kit)
    .50 Carnation Hot Chocolate - May31st ok!
    .75 any Catelli Pasta/Smart Pasta
    $1 WUB2 Certo
    $3/6 WUB 2/3 Charmin, Bounty or Tide
    .75 Cheese (Ziploc)
    .25+ Chef Boy R Dee
    .75 WUB2 Christie Crackers
    0.75 off any Danone product (except 150/175g) with expiry Jan 31/2013 upc 29505803
    .50 Dempsters Hotdog, Hamburger Buns
    Dempsters anything pretty much - burger buns, white bread, smart bread, hot dog buns, bagels, English muffins. Not fans of ww,multigrain, rye etc.
    $1 Dr. Oetker Pizza (Good on Casa di Mama, Ristorante OR Panabello) Dec. 31.12
    .75+ Dr. Oetker Supreme Cake Mix
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    $2 Dial
    .75 WUB any d‘Italiano
    English Muffins
    $1 on Fruit wub Toblerone
    1.50 fresh chicken (Ziploc)
    .75 Fresh Veggies (Ziploc)
    $1 any Fresh Express packaged salad
    $1 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner
    $2 Finish Quantum
    $2 Finish Jet-Dry or Turbo-Dry Rinse Agent,
    $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    Frozen Juice - not B4G1
    $2 Gilette Body Wash
    $3 WUB Glade Candles - 1 per rider
    products. Expires Oct.31 '12
    .25+ Hunts snack packs
    $1 WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012
    $1 Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) expires Dec.31 '12
    Kraft WUB
    .30 KD Cups
    Kernels Popcorn seasonings
    .50 Kikkoman
    .75 Lactania Butter
    .75 Lactancia Cream (not lactose free)
    .50 LeClerc Cookies
    Larsen’s Meats - Salami, bologna, Ham - not weiners please
    Lighthouse Salad Dressing
    Lysol/Clorox wipes
    .50+ Maple Leaf Peelie
    1$ off mcCain thin crust pizza exp june 30 2012
    1$ on Mars Multipack 180g-240g or M&Ms/Maltese Stand up Pouches 162g-230g 6/17/2012
    .50/.75 Marzetti Dips
    .50 Minute Rice Cups
    1.00 Mio liquid water enhancer
    Motts Fruitsations
    Multi Pack Chocolate Bars/ Single Bars
    Multi Pack Gum
    Natural Selections Deli Meat
    $3 Nexxus
    Oasis $1 - Juice Boxes 2013
    Oasis $1.25 - Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L) 2013
    $0.50/.75 Oasis 960 ml
    Old Dutch/Lays
    .50 Old el Paso peelie
    $1 Old El Paso Tortillas
    $1 Olymel Bacon
    $1 Olymel Peelie
    $2 off Meat WUB Pam
    Pasta Sauce
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips
    ANY POP - $2WUB, $1WUB
    q-tips - hahahahahhaa
    $2 Resolve
    Renee’s Salad Dressing
    $1 Philadelphia Cooking Crème
    1.50 Satin Care
    $1/2 SC Johnson Peelie
    .75 Skippy (not natural)
    .25+ Snack Pack Pudding
    .50 Sun Rype
    Simply Minute Maid
    $1+ Source Yogurt
    .50 Welch’s Cocktail

    Available Online
    .50 Welch`s
    $1 Ultra Clorox
    $1 Clorox Toilet bowl Cleaner
    $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    .75 Old El Paso Tortillas
    .75 General Mills
    $1 WUB2 Maple Leaf BBQ stuff
    $1 Schneiders
    $1 Olivieri


    Toonies for Tummies: No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Yes
    Online Coupons: Yes

    ______*RRRLF:* (MULTIPLES accepted on these!)_____

    ~ CAMPBELLS; 50c any (1) product UPC *00923792* {count as 2}

    ~ DEL MONTE Fruit Snacks websaver or 75c (or any other not UPC ending in *73) {count as 2}

    ~ PAM (valid on Original) not UPC ending in *70* or *81* {count as 2}

    ~*ANY* coupons from the 'GRILL TO THRILL' booklet! {counts as 1-unless PAM or VH STEAMERS counts as


    ~ V8 Fusions (any but not: light products/not UPC *44 or *22/not printables) {multiples!!}

    ____{Count As ALL Thankyou!}____

    TIM HORTONS Rrrroll Up The Rim wins

    AMOOZA BOGO (not $ off)
    OLIVERI BOGO (facebook offer)
    FPC NORDICA Cottage Cheese (Facebook Offer)
    FPC OASIS Juice (from cereal boxes or other?)
    FPC PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese/Cooking Cream
    ANY* Breakfast Items FPC (from cereal boxes)

    AUNT JEMIMA syrup
    BECEL (good on original-NOT buttery)
    BOLTHOUSE farms (good on refridgerated salad dressing)
    MAPLE LEAF Prime Portions $5
    MCDONALDS free fries Halloween coupon
    Pam $2 (good on one)

    Almost any food FPC~just no Greek yogurt/silk milk/etc, please PM me

    HUGGIES $3+ valid on Size 4+ (no inserts please)
    GILLETTE $5.00 WUB 3 Oct 31, 2012
    FPC laundry detergent (any brand)

    $5/$10 Similac Cheques
    $5 SIMILAC magazine coupon
    any other Similac Coupons:::please NO Similac Mom/NO Ready-to-feed Nursers/NO $1/)
    Inserts OK. Lactose Free OK. Must be good on powder tins.

    ____{Count As 2}____
    $1.50 fresh chicken (ziploc)
    $$ off GROUND BEEF wub Hamburger Helper
    GENERAL MILLS; 75c any ( {multiples!!}
    Apples: Buy any 2 Nutrigrain, Special K, All-bran or Rice Krispie Bars & get 1 lb. of apples
    ARMSTRONG cheese (not snacks)
    AYLMER ACCENTS ( or 50c label) {multiples!!}
    $0.75 fresh produce (ziploc) {multiples!!}
    ARCTIC Gardens BOGO
    BLACK DIAMOND cheese-any but NOT ending in *23) {multiples!!}
    CAMPBELLS ; 50c any (1) products (incl V8 fusions) {multiples!!}
    DARE $2 wub 2
    DARE $1 on all participating Dare and Grissol products (All You Need Is Cheesemagazine) UPC *11624657*
    DEL MONTE Fruit Snacks websaver or 75c tearpad (or any other not UPC ending in *73) {{multiples!!}}
    EGGS (fresh $1wub2 dozen-heart & stroke calendar)
    HUNTS SNACK PACK $1 {multiples!!}
    JOHNSONVILLE (good on breakfast sausage) {multiples!!}
    KERNELS popcorn seasonings
    KRAFT shredded cheese $1
    MARC ANGELO $1 {multiples!!}
    PAM (valid on Original-*NOT baking*/not UPC ending in *70* or not *81*) {multiples!!}
    $$ off beef WUB PAM {multiples!!}

    HEINZ Baby Cereal (valid on Step 2)

    MCGAVINS bread basket (coupons from Entertainment Book Edmonton)
    MAPLE LEAF BACON (not ready crisp, not natural selections)
    OLYMPIC sour cream
    QUAKER chewy granola bars

    V8 Fusions (any but not: light products/not UPC *44 or *22/not printables) {multiples!!}
    V8 {any but not ending in *22 or *31} {multiples!!}
    VH Steamers (NOT UPC ending in *38 or *00 or *73)

    HUGGIES $2 valid on Size 4+ (no inserts please)
    COTTONELLE $2 (Dec 2012 expiry)
    $3 wub any 2 Bounty, Charmin or Puff
    ZIPLOC $3 on bread
    ZIPLOC $2wub2
    $2 ROYALE ( on paper towels or toilet paper-not april 30 expiry?)
    $3 Similac Cheques
    MAXX scoop cat litter
    PINS for free cereal

    ____{Count As 1}____
    AYLMER ACCENTS (insert) (not booklet ending in or*59*)
    BLACK DIAMOND Cheese strings (milk bag ) $1
    CAMPBELLS chunky soup 50c
    Celebrate tomatoes, buy 3 get free V8
    DEMPSTERS Oven Fresh bread
    EGG Creations (*NOT ending in UPC *46 or *59) french toast blends OK
    FRENCH'S yellow mustard $1 (Dec 31/12 expiry)
    GAY LEE Spreadables (just *NOT* UPC ending in *63 OR *76)
    HEINZ *anything
    HUNTS paste
    HUNTS tomato sauce (not ending in upc *67*)
    will take wub Thick n Rich & Paste
    HUNTS BOGO Thick N Rich
    HUNTS SNACK PACK (any $ value)
    LACTANTIA COFFEE Creamer (not lactose free)
    MCCAIN thin crust
    NATUREEGG Simply Egg Whites Liquid Egg Product (any but NOT 838*)
    OASIS Juice boxes
    OASIS with 2013 expiry
    OLIVIERI pasta (not lasagna sheets) (
    OASIS refridgerated (2013 expiry)
    PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
    TABASCO (dec 2012 expiry)
    VH sauces (NO inserts, please watch expiry)
    V8 Fusions (any but not: light products or UPC *44 or *22 or no printables) {count as 1}
    save $1 on fresh produce wub2 V8 or Vfusions-but *NOT ending in 14

    $1 HUGGIES valid on Size 4+ (no inserts please)
    FRISKIES canned wet cat food (NO whiskas)
    NEOCITRON (not liquid-powder only)
    PUREX (liquid-not crystals)
    SIMILAC $1 coupon
    ZIPLOC $1wub2[/QUOTE]

    Pumpkin's wishlist

    I will accept:
    I will not accept: Printed/Store Specific/French/TFT
    I can't stack (if I listed an UPC its because I want THAT coupon)
    ***If you have a different expiry, please pm me ***

    Will Count as ALL
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC Beneful Wet
    FPC Cereal(ANY)
    FPC Coke 2L
    FPC Egg Creations
    $2 Fresh Fruit WUB 2 Snack Pac **RRLF
    BOGO Gillette Razors
    FPC J&J Trial Pack <-- my little sister is having a baby **RRRLF
    FPC HAIR DYE(Don’t care what brand—I just color my stupid grey roots! L )
    FPC Kashi Cereal
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/etc (from superbowl promo)
    FPC Oasis Juice OR Juice Boxes OR Oasis Smoothies**RRLF
    $3 Olivieri Pasta or Sauce WUB any Prime Chicken Peelie (Dec 2012)
    FPC Pepsi/7UP/Crush/ETC (from superbowl promo)
    FPC Quaker Cafe Squares or Granola Bars
    FPC SmartFood(superbowl promo)
    FPC Tea(ANY)
    FPC Trop50(superbowl promo)
    FPC Twistos(superbowl promo)
    ANY FPC for FOOD/BEVERAGE/CLEANING SUPPLIES/BEAUTY/PETS-- I’m not picky when its free.

    Count as 2
    ANY .50+ Call in
    ANY J&J Call-in with 2013 expiry
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    $6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    $1.50 off 1 case of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Green Tea or Canada Dry White Tea Ginger Ale w/ Raspberry! Good on 12x355ml or 10x355ml **RRLF
    $2 Club House La Grille 30 Minute Marinades(inside ziploc bags—wave 2)
    $1 Colgate Palmolive Call in
    $2 Cottonelle (Dec exp)
    $4 off any covergirl exp June 30/12, 63762785(Came with the FPC Clarol Hairdye Facebook offer)
    BOGO Dempsters
    Eggs... carton... not omega. $1 WUB 2.... $2 WUB 2 ***RRLF
    $1 Europes Best March 31, 2013 (from Easter Bakefest Booklet)***RRLF
    .75 Fresh Produce (from Ziploc)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    $1 Fresh Chicken(from inside ziploc bags-wave 2)
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier
    $5 WUB 3 Gillette Expiry Oct 31, 2012 UPC: 66008457
    $2 any Gillette Body Wash (excl. trial size) 99599268, May 31, 2013
    B1 Gillette Deodorant G1 Gillette Body Wash FREE (June 30, 2013)**RRLF
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Deodorant Feb 28, 2013
    $2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Feb 29, 2013
    $3 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    $1 Hain/Celestial
    .75 Honey Bunches of Oats Oct 31, 2012 #26003317******RRRRRRRLF
    $3+ Huggies Diapers (not WUB something else NOT BOXES)(NO INSERTS!)
    $1 J&J BABY CALL-IN(2013-please----trying to stock up for my sister)
    $2 on ANY Melitta Coffee (Dec. 31, 2012).*****RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLF
    $1 ANY Nestea 12 pack product (Dec 31, 2012)
    Old El Paso $0.50 Jul 31,2012(PEELIE)
    Olympic Krema - Save $1.50 – July 31, 2012 (from Canadian Living Magazine)
    $1.50 Satin Care (2013)
    $2 WUB 2 Smart Food********RRRLF
    $3 Any Venus Razor Jan 31, 2013 OR Feb 28, 2013
    Ziploc—Save $3 on Bread

    Counts As 1
    $4 Advil Nighttime 10's/20's/40's(Dec 31 13)(from spinuwin)
    $$ Advil Gel Caps
    $1 Always Radiant Pads, Liners or Wipes Sept 30 2013
    Apple Juice (Allen’s or Rougemont)
    $0.75+ Arctic Gardens
    $0.50 Aylmer Accents Dec 31, 2012 *1 per rider
    BBQ Sauce
    Becel (NOT Buttery Taste) * 1 per rider
    $1 Beneful WET July 31, 2012
    BOGO Beneful(
    Bicks Pickles
    $0.75 Black Diamond cheese 340-500 g Dec 31, 2013 (recipe plus calendar)
    .75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g (Dec 31 2013)
    $1.25 WUB 2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs (Feb 2013)
    $3 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    .50 Bush's Beans
    $1 BusyBone July 31, 2012*****RRLF
    $1 Busy Rollhide July 31, 2012
    $.50 Campbell's Chunky Soup 540ml July 31/12
    .50 WUB any Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Ready to use broth, Goldfish Cracker or V8 July 31, 2012
    Canned Veggies(NOT ACCENTS!) (Less salt is A-OK with me)
    Cashmere Toilet Paper or Wipes
    $$ Chapmans Frozen Yogurt/Icecream
    $1 Charmin Sept 30, 2013 OR Dec 31, 2013
    $0.25 Chef Boyardee product Feb 28, 2013 (recipe plus calender)
    $1 WUB 2 Chef Boyardee
    Cheez Whiz (unicorn??)
    .50/.75/$1 Chew Lotta (dog treat)
    Chips(any kind, not WUB)
    Cliff Bars
    $1 CoverGirl, any product Sept 30 2013
    .75 off WUB2 Christie Cracker Aug.31 '12***RRLF
    $1 Colgate OPTIC White * 1 Per Rider
    $1.50 Colgate Total (June 30, 2012 NOT June 1, 2012)
    .50 any Crest June 30, 2013
    Corn Pops Cereal (cinnamon is A-OK with me)*1 per rider
    .75 any D'Italiano Product 7540264 exp. Sept. 30/12
    .50 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars
    .50/.75 any Danone
    Dare/Grissol $1 on any
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    Delissio Pizza
    $1 Dole Salad
    $2 off WUB2 different Dove products, expiring Dec.31 '12***RRLF
    $1 WYB3 ED Smith 540 ml pie filling Sept 30, 2012
    .75 ED Smith Jam *1 per rider
    $$ Europes Best**RRLF
    .75 Gay Lea Gold Premium Sour Cream(peelie or coupon) (I am not looking for the coupon)
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Body Wash Aug 31,2012 OR Sept 30, 2012 OR Oct 31, 2012
    .50 off any Goldfish CRACKERS or snacks July 31, 2012
    .75 G.U.M
    Healthy Choice Steamers (WUB 1 only)
    $1 ANY Highliner (not type specific)
    $1 any Highliner product 215-700gm. March 31 '13
    $1+ Huggies Wipes (not WUB anything else)(NOT INSERTS!)
    Hunts Tomato Paste (NOT PASTA SAUCE)
    Icoke pins (1 pin = 1 coupon) *one per rider
    $2.00 On any 1 Irish Spring Body Wash 443ml-532ml or Irish Spring Antiperspirant/Deoderant 92g (Oct. 31,2012) (smartsource insert)
    1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012***RLF
    Jello Refrigerated Products
    $1.50/$2.50 Jergens
    Johnsonville Sausage—WUB 1 (any kind except 5 cheese)
    Juice boxes
    .75¢/$1 Keebler Pie Crust
    $1 Kraft Parmesan GRATED Cheese September 30, 2012**RRLF
    $1 Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) Dec.31 '12
    $0.75 Lactantia butter Dec 31, 2013(recipe plus calendar)
    $0.75 Lactantia Butter Sept 30, 2012(from Keebler Pie Package)
    1 on 4l or 2x 2l Lactancia Milk #13611529 December 31,2012
    $1 WUB2 OR $1 WUB3 participating Maple Leaf canned meat products Dec.31 '12
    Marc Angelo
    .50 Marzetti Dip (NED)**RRLF
    May Family Farms Deli Meat
    $1 Newman's Own 645ml Pasta Sauce, Dec31/12
    $1 Newman's Own Dressing 350ml or 236ml, Dec 31/12
    $1 Newman’s Own Salsa
    $1 Oasis Juice Boxes (8x200mL or 5x200mL) March 31, 2013(back of Allens Juice Label)
    $1.50 Oasis Refrigerated jugs -any flavour (2.63L) March 31, 2013(back of Allens Juice Label)
    $1.25 Oasis Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L) March 31, 2013(back of Allens Juice Label)
    $2 (on 1) Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant/Body Wash (June 30, 2013)
    B1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Solid or Body Spray G1 Fresh Collection Body Spray Free Sept 30, 2012
    B1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash G1 Odor Blocker Body Wash Free Sept 30, 2012
    Olive Oil (any kind, any amount)
    $1 Olivieri Dec 2012 (websaver)
    $1 Oylmel Bacon
    $2 Olymel Chicken Wings or Chicken Chunkies (July 31, 2013 #2200264) <- this is the only one I want!
    $2 Olymel Peelie
    Olymel Weiners
    $$ Olymel Peelies
    .75/$1 off any Olympic Product
    $1.00 on any 1 Palmolive Ultra 739ml Dish Liquid (Oct. 31,2012) (smartsource insert)*1 per rider
    $1+ Panty Liners (any brand)(NOT INSERTS)
    $2 Playtex Peelie
    Peelies(for anything—surprise me)*1 per rider
    Pop-any kind (2L or 12 packs WUB 2 is A-ok with me- BRISK is not pop)
    B2G1 FREE Pringles
    $1 WUB 2 Pringles(not snack packs)**RRLF
    $1 Purex(from sample—not the crystals)
    $2 Resolve *1 per Rider
    .50 any box of rice crispies squares or granola bars(161g.-200g) exp/dec 12, 2012
    Sabra Dips
    Salsa(any kind)
    $$ Satin Care Shave Gel (NO INSERTS)
    Shake N Bake Expiry Dec 31, 2012
    $0.55 on any Skintimate Shave Gel Dec 31,2013
    0.75 any Skippy product (not just the naturals) Dec 31, 2012(recipe plus calendar)
    Smuckers Dessert Topping(2013)
    $0.25 Snack Pack pudding Feb 28, 2013 (recipe plus calender)
    Soy Sauce(NOT VH)
    $1 Sunrype Juice Aug 2012
    $1 Tampax Pearl Jan 31, 2013
    $1 Tampax Pearl Dec 31 2013
    $2 TamPax Radiant Tampons Sept 30 2013
    Tampax-- NOT INSERT
    Tempra(is this a unicorn?)
    Tre Stella valid on any, exp. June 30, 2012
    Tylenol-Infants Only-any amount
    $.75+ U By Kotex(not Tween)
    $1 one Venus Razor Sept 30 2013
    $2 (on 1) Venus Embrace Razor Sept 30, 2012
    $1 Vim Dec 31/12(redplum insert)*1 per rider
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 Expiry Dec 31 2012
    .50 Welch’s ( OR Hang Tags)
    **ANY Gillette/Oldspice with a 2013 expiry
    **ANY Pads/Liners/Tampons/Shampoo(WUB1)/Razors/Deodorant/Bodywash/Soap/Toothpaste with a 2013 expiry
    **ANY Laundry Soap/All Purpose Cleaner/DishSoap with 2013 expiry

    Amy 4coupons Wish list

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies, French, printables – no
    Store Specific – only SDM please

    Peeplies _ any just pm please

    Count as 3(5points)(All FPC real ones not WUB or MIR thing )
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC Dove
    FPC Cavendish Fries
    FPC any laundry detergent/dryer sheets
    FPC Tampax/Playtex tampons-
    FPC Smarties Eggs- from cereal boxes
    FPC Stouffer’s Saute Sensations or Single Serve entree
    FPC Sunlight laundry

    FPC febreze not noticeable
    FPC Huggies or pamper
    FPC Vaseline
    $$GC no tims please
    ** any FPC for anything on my wishlist if any new ones you think i can be interested please pm

    Count as 2(points 3)
    $5 Chapmans -RRLF
    $5 ice cream (from cereal boxes)
    $3 J&J call in- Aveeno/Neutrogena
    J & J replacement RRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (will die if don’t get it lol)
    BOGO Amooza Twists
    BOGO Arctic Gardens veggies
    Gillette BOGO RRLLFF
    Gillette $2 WUB any antiperspirant or body wash
    $10 pampers
    Platex$5.00 call in (must be good on feminine products)

    Count as 1(point 1)
    $.75 any fresh produce- from Ziploc boxes
    $.75 any block cheese- from Ziploc boxes RRLLFF
    Aero Bubbles $1
    Allens apple juice $.75 on 1.89L

    Advil Nighttime $4 valid on 10ct upc 12924543
    Advil Children’s $5

    Always pads (not Infinity) $1+
    Amooza twists $1

    Arctic Gardens stir fry, frozen veggies or rice $1 or $2 RRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFF
    Armstrong cheese snacks or slices $.75
    Arthur's Smoothies $1
    Astro $1 off any Astro product (Original, Biobest or Zero)

    AXE (Has to be good on spray)

    Black Diamond cheese $.75
    $1 Black Diamond cheese
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $6 wub 1 of each RRLLLFFF
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $3 wub 2 RRLLFFF
    Canadian Tire Money ($0.60 = 1 coupon)
    Covergirl $4 (for any product)
    Carnation Hot Chocolate $1
    Chapmans ice cream/frozen yogurt
    Cheerios (not chocolate)

    Cottonelle$2 Dec 1 2012
    Cottonelle$2 Dec 31 2012 RRLFF
    Curel/Jergens$3wub2 Dec 31 2012 RLF
    Curel$2 any Dec 31 2012 R
    Cheese- shredded or blocks $1+ (Black Diamond, Kraft, Armstrong, Saputo, Cracker Barrel)
    Colgate $1 on any 125-170ml
    Colgate Total- no size restriction
    Cottonelle $2 RRLF
    Cashmere $1 off purchase of any Cashmere Ultra 6 roll product
    Expiry Aug 31/12
    Dairy Milk 100g bars $.50
    Dole Salad

    Dial$2 NutraSkin Lotion Dec 31 2012
    Dove soap $ 1.50 off 4 X 90g pack
    Driscoll’s berries $1- RRLF
    2 WUB any Dove Nourishing Oil Care product. Exp. Aug 31/12
    Dare, $0.50 on Dare Real Fruit gummies 160g or 180g, 11621586, Jun 30,2012
    Europe’s Best frozen fruits or veggies $1
    Eggs real one not white or liquid
    EGGS$1wub2 dozen Aug 31 2012
    EGGS $2wub2 dozen June 30 2013
    Five Roses Flour
    Fresh fruit

    1lb Free apples WUB any 2 Nutrigrain/Special K bars/Rice Krispie bars

    Green Giant
    Garnier $5 WUB3
    Garnier $2 peeplie RRLLLFF
    Gain laundry detergent $3 WUB2
    Gillette Fusion Razor 4$
    Hunts Snack Packs $1
    2.00 Highliner (good on any) RLF
    3.00 Huggies (good on any NOT WUB or Boxes
    Jergens Moisturizer $2.50 RRLLF
    Jergens, $1.50 on Jergens moisturizer 480mL or larger, 40015011, Dec 31,2012
    Kellogg's $2 good on any (red peelie)

    Kraft Shredded cheese $1

    Kimberley Clark $3+
    Kimberley call insRRLLF
    Lactantia cream 500ml or 1L $.75 (not lactose free)
    Lactantia .75¢ butter June 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter June 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter Sept 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter Dec 31,2013 RRRRRLLLFFF
    Lactantia butter
    Lysol wipes
    Lactanctia Milk $1 (regular)
    Liberte $1 Peelie

    Marzetti Greek or Ranch Veggie Dip $.75
    Minute Maid juice (not frozen)

    Milk any regular
    Nivea (good on any product, not just the naturals line)
    Natrel Milk $1 off any 4L upc 80104881
    $2 WUB ONE Nivea antiperspirant or deodorant AND ONE Nivea Shower or Soap RRLF
    $5 WUB ONE Nivea Visage Product and ONE Nivea body care product
    $2 WUB any Nivea for men excluding shaving and shower
    $1 and Nivea for Men shaving Product

    OLY not P&G site or insert
    Oil $1+
    Orange juice
    Playtex tampons $2 peelie
    Pantene 1.50+
    Pampers $4+ (not wub)
    Produce .75¢ fresh Oct 31 2012 (Ziploc
    Produce .75¢+ fresh
    $2 purex laundry soap (good on one
    RRRLF pods)
    Purex any other $2+
    Any other good peeplie that you have please pm i might be interested thanks
    Royale$3 RRLLLFFF
    $2 Royale- must be good on any Royale product
    Renee’s Gourmet product $1
    2.00 Resolve
    Scott Paper Towels $2+
    Sponge Towels $3 Dec 31 2012
    Shoppers Optimum Points (100 pts = 1)
    sour cream (not gay lea)
    SC Johnson peelie $2
    SC Johnson Peelie$1 RRLLF
    1.00 Scott Towels
    Sunlight rllf
    Soft Lips $2
    Soft Soap
    0.75 Scotties Peelie
    Scottie $1 RRLLF
    Sponge Towels 6 roll packs $3 WUB 2
    Sugar (regular only )
    Tampax tampons $1+
    Tide $3WUB2- from Duracell packages

    Tide $3 WUB1
    tin foil
    Tropicana juice $1+ (not Trop50)

    Tropicana$2+ Juice any
    Venus razor $3 off any
    White Swan $1
    White Swan Peelie .75 cents
    Wet Ones $1+
    Ziploc (baggies or containers) $2 WUB 2 or $1 WUB 1 (not websaver)
    Zabiha Halal

    Wish list:

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – Y
    Toonies for Tummies – N
    French – N
    Can you stack – N
    Store Specific – N, unless specified
    Inserts - N, unless specified
    Printables – N, unless specified

    Item's I'm RRLF I will take multiples of. Other than that, only 1 of each please

    5 Points (3 Coupons):

    FPC Weight Watchers Products (except Frozen Entrees)
    FPC Johnson's Replacement
    FPC Johnson's Baby
    FPC Aveeno
    FPC Coke/Pepsi/Ginger ale
    FPC Yogurt (minigo or kid type yogurt)
    FPC Oasis Juice or Juice Boxes - RRRRRLF
    FPC Wonderbread or Dempsters - RRRLF
    FPC Tassimo (must be good on tea)
    FPC Lays Chips or Tostitos
    FPC Playtex Tampons
    FPC Fruit - RRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLFFFFF (Can you tell i want these??? lol )
    FPC Laundry Detergent
    Breakfast Item FPC - from cereal boxes
    $10.00 WUB Robax, any (Shoppers Voice)

    3 Points (2 Coupons):

    $5 Maple Leaf Prime Marinated Boneless Skinless breasts, Seasoned Flattened Chicken or Boneless Skinless Breasts
    Playtex Bucks - RRRLF
    Renee's Salad Dressing - RRRRLF
    Driscoll's Berries - RRRRLF
    Olive Oil
    Ruffles Chip Dip (not sure if these exist though...wishful thinking I think) - RRRRRLF
    $4.00 Covergirl (P&G)
    $4.00 Covergirl (from FPC Clairol Perfect 10 Color Giveaway)
    $2.00 Band aid Coupon - mail out from company

    1 Point (1 Coupon):

    $3 Bread WUB Ziploc
    $1.00 + Natrel Milk (Good on 4L bags and regular milk, not lactose free or organic)
    Schneiders Coupons - Facebook promo (I believe $1.00 wub2)
    $0.75 off Minigo Yogurt (from case)
    Motts Fruitsations Apple Sauce
    $0.50 Hungryman
    $1 Kraft Cheese Slices (not white, must be good on regular cheese slices)
    $1.00 Weight Watcher's Bread - RRRLF
    $1.00 Weight Watcher's Desserts - RRRLF
    Kandoo Wipes
    $1.00 Summer Fresh Dips or Hummus 2013 expiry
    Juice Boxes (oasis or minute maid)
    Juice (allen's or oasis, regular not refridgerated)
    $1.00 wub1 Ziploc (websaver)
    $1.00 Old El Paso Tortillas
    Catelli pasta (good on regular only)
    Kraft Dinner (not Cups or Smart)
    Minute Rice (not cups) - RRRLF
    Koolaid Jammers
    Lays Chips
    Kraft Salad Dressing (Not Sizzlers)
    Toaster Strudels
    Pepsi/Coke - not max, just regular
    Playtex Tampons - Good on Regular, not sport
    Sunmaid Raisins
    Sunmaid Raisin Bread - RRRRLF
    Natrel Milk (Must be good on Regular Homo Milk and on 4L bags)
    Fresh Express or Dole bagged salads (on regular bags)
    $0.75 off General Mills -
    $1.50 off Canada Dry (on cases)
    $0.50 off ItalPasta - I believe
    $1.00 wub 2 Maple Leaf, Dempsters, Pom or Ben's (facebook)
    Any PopChips
    Kraft Peanut Butter - on smooth
    $1.50 off fresh chicken (Ziploc coupons) - RRRRRRRRRLLLLLLFFFFFFF
    $0.75 off fresh produce (Ziploc coupons) - RRRRRRRRRRLLLLLFFFFFF
    any Weight Watchers coupons for food
    Superbucks (Superstore Gas station) $$ off - Good in Ontario


    Wish List

    Toonies for Tummies: Yes For Atlantic Canada
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Not food coupons

    Counts as all

    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Coke from OEP
    Colgate-palmolive $5.00
    FPC Dempster's Bagels
    FPC Eggo's
    FPC Green Giant wubHH
    FPC Kit Kat Bar (Energizer package)
    Lindt FPC
    McDonalds McBistro FPC
    FPC Oasis Orange Juice Premium only
    FPC Olivieri pasta/sauce
    Olymel VIP Coupon
    FPC Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    FPC Smarties Eggs
    FPC - Superbowl Promo

    Counts as 2

    Campbell's Red Coupon $2+
    Green Giant Vegetables WUB HH
    $3 Ground Beef WUB HH
    Healthy Choice Steamers ( BOGO
    J&J Call-in Stayfree / Carefree / OB
    Kellogg's Red Peelie
    Maple Leaf Canned Meat $1.00 WUB2 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    $5 Maple Leaf Prime Chicken RRLF
    $3 Sponge Towels WUB2 Dec Exp.

    Counts as 1

    Allen's, $0.75 on Allen's 100% Apple Juice 1.89L or Rougemont 2L, Dec 31,2012
    Armstrong Cheese Block, snacks or slices
    Barbours Peanut Butter $.50
    Black Diamond, $0.75 on any Black Diamond cheese
    Block Cheese $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Bush's Beans
    Campbell's Soup (not broth)
    Canadian Club BBQ Sauce $.50 Exp Sept 31, 2012
    Campbell, save 0.50$ on 540ml chunky soup, July 31, 2012
    Cashmere $2.00
    Catelli $.75
    Christie Crackers
    Cloverleaf Tuna (not flavored or salad kit)
    Dairy Milk Bar $.50
    Del Monte Fruit Snacks $.75 WUB1 Exp Sept. 30, 2012
    Delmonte 1$ WUB2 refrigerated fruit cups 215ml
    D'Italino any product
    Dole Salad
    Dr. Oetker Mug Cake
    Fresh Chicken $1.50 (Ziplock Box)
    Fresh Produce $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Garnier $5 wub 3
    Glutino Or Gluten Free Pantry Item $1.00 Off 3/31/2013
    Gold Fish Crackers $.50 (not Grahams) July 31, 2012
    Greenworks Save $2 WUB 2
    Hamburger Helper
    Healthy Choice, $1 Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers , Sept 1, 2012
    Helman's Mayo from Chicken Package June exp 2012 or any other
    Highliner Save $1.00 on any 215g-700g Product.
    Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Real Bacon Pieces $0.50
    icoke iTunes Pin only (says iTunes in the cap)
    Jello $1 WUB3
    Johnsonville Sausage (ground or whole)
    Lactantia Butter
    Marc Angelo
    Maxill Flosser Pic $.40 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    Minute Rice (good on white)
    Minute Rice Cups
    Mio Liquid Water Enhancer RRLF
    Oasis Orange Juice Premium only $1+
    Old Dutch Potato Chips $1.00
    Old El Paso Kit Peelie
    Purex Crystals (not WUB)
    Purex Laundry Soap
    SC Johnson $1.00 +
    Spongetowels $1.00 (4's or 6's)
    Thinsations (, tear pad or websaver)
    Tide (no inserts)
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 on any
    Zantac $3.00
    Ziplock (must be good on sandwich bags) Multiples ok
    Ziplock $3 bread coupon

    c o u p o n a n d o f f

    RRLF: Soda Cans, Ice Tea Cans, Fresh Fruit, FreshVeg, Chips – IT’S ALMOST CAMPING TIME!! Yeehaw!

    Any FPC for Food, Drinkor Laundry Detergent with a value of $2.99 or more= ALL COUPONS/points

    1. Aylmer 50¢wub1 TomatoesACCENTS EXPIRY? UPC? (? unsure where!) = 1 COUPON/points
    2. ApplesB2 bars G1 pound of apples June 30 2012 UPC 71194253 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    3. ApplesB2 bars G1 pound of apples any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    4. Arctic Gardens75¢ Oct 1 2013 UPC 49700464(Jan 2012 Shoppers Voice) = 1 COUPON/points
    5. Arctic GardensBOGO Dec 31 2012 UPC 49700536 (?unsurewhere!) = 2 COUPON/points
    6. Arctic Gardens$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701278 (?unsurewhere!) = 1 COUPON/points
    7. Arctic Gardens$2 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701324 (Jan2012 Shoppers Voice) =2 COUPONS/points
    8. Arctic Gardens$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701337 (Jan2012 Shoppers Voice) = 1 COUPON/point
    9. Arctic Gardens$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701340 (Jan2012 Shoppers Voice) = 1 COUPON/points
    10. Arctic GardensBOGO Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701382 (?unsurewhere!) = 2 COUPON/points
    11. Arctic Gardens$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49701395 (?unsurewhere!) = 1 COUPON/points
    12. Arctic Gardens any UPC=equivalent COUPONS/points
    13. Aylmer50¢ Accents Dec 31 2012 UPC 14502604 (?unsure where!) = 1 COUPON/points
    14. BananasFPC 2 lb July 30 2012 (Kelloggs Cereal) = ALL COUPONS/points
    15. Black Diamond .75¢ Cheese Dec 31, 2013 UPC 46215710 (Canada Living Magazine-RecipesPlusCalendar)= 1 COUPON/points
    16. Black Diamond .75¢ Cheese UPC 46215781 = 1 COUPON/points
    17. Black Diamond .75¢ Cheese Dec 31 2013 UPC 46215723 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    18. Black Diamond Cheese any UPC = 1 COUPON/points
    19. Black Diamond .75¢ Cheesestrings or Funcheez Dec 31 2012 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    20. Blue Diamond.75¢ Almonds NED UPC 07504222 (rep handout) = 1 COUPON/points
    21. Blue Diamond$1+Almonds any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    22. Boursin$1cheese Aug 31 2012 UPC 1420177 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    23. Boursin$1cheese Aug 31 2012 UPC 1420178 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    24. Boursin$1cheese July 31 2012 UPC 1420182 (tearpad) = 1COUPON/points
    25. Boursin$1cheese July 31 2012 UPC 1420183 (tearpad) = 1COUPON/points
    26. Boursinany UPC= equivalent COUPON/points
    27. Bush’s50¢ Baked Beans Dec 31 2012 UPC 39400169(?unsure where!) = 1 COUPON/points
    28. Bush’s50¢ Baked Beans March 31 2013 UPC39401316 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    29. Bush’sBakedBeans any UPC = 1 COUPON/points
    30. Cadbury 50¢ Dairymilk 100g bar Dec 31 201205533015(Safeway Sample Lady)= 1 COUPON
    31. Cadbury Dairymilk100g bar any UPC= 1 COUPON
    32. Campbell 50¢goldfish,V8, or broth product. July 312012 UPC 00923792 (tearpad) = 1 COUPON/points
    33. Campbell 50¢+ wub a goldfish,V8,or broth product any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    34. Carnation $1 HotChocolate any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    35. Chapmans$5Products Dec 31 2012 UPC 69302288 (mailout) = ALLCOUPONS/points
    36. Chapmans$5Products Dec 31 2014 UPC 69301735 (mailout) = ALLCOUPONS/points
    37. Chapmans$3Products any UPC= ALL COUPONS/points
    38. ChefBoyardee 25¢ any Feb 28 2013 UPC 44405641= 1 COUPON/points
    39. Chicken$1.50fresh Oct 31 2012 (Ziploc) = 2 COUPONS/points
    40. CinnamonPops $1+ any UPC= 1 COUPON/points (NOT 50¢ PLEASE I have enough ofthose nowJ)
    41. Cottonelle$2 Dec 1 2012 UPC 49101557= 2 COUPONS/points
    42. Cottonelle$2 Dec 31 2012 UPC 49102882 = 2 COUPONS/points
    43. Cottonelle$2+ any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    44. Cream of Wheat 75¢ Dec 31 2013 any UPC= 1 COUPONS/points
    45. Curel$2 any Dec 31 2012 UPC 40014454 = 2 COUPONS/points
    46. Curel$2 any Dec 31 2012 UPC 40014441 = 2 COUPONS/points
    47. Curel/Jergens$1+ any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    48. Danone75¢ any product Jan 31 2013 UPC 29505803(tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    49. DanoneSilhouette Yogurt any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    50. Dare.50¢ Real Fruit Minis June 30 2012 UPC11621616 (Fruit&Cereal box) = 1 COUPON/points
    51. Dare50¢ Simple Pleasures Moments July 31 2012UPC 11625331= 1 COUPON/points
    52. Dial$2 NutraSkin Lotion Dec 31 2012 UPC30125399 (hangtag)= 1 COUPON/point
    53. Diana$1 Sauce/Marinade NED UPC 05745715= 1 COUPON/points
    54. Diana$1+ Sauce/Marinade any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    55. Dole$1 Salad Kit NED UPC 45804221(?unsure where!)= 1 COUPON/points
    56. Dove$2wub2diff any UPCexcept 89288414= 2 COUPONS/points
    57. Dove$1 Haircare (facebook)= 1 COUPONS/points
    58. Driscoll’s$1 any product Dec 12 2012 UPC 1575600076 = 2 COUPONS/points
    59. Driscoll$1+ Berries any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    60. EGGS$1wub2 dozen Aug 31 2012 UPC 35001519(Heart&Stroke Calendar)= 1 COUPON/points
    61. EGGS $2wub2 dozen June 30 2013 UPC 35001524 (?from unsure!)= 2 COUPON/points
    62. Europes Best$1 frozen fruit OR veg March 31 2013(CanLiving Mag)= 2 COUPONS/points
    63. Europes Best frozen fruitany UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    64. Finish $2 Quantum June 30 2012 UPC 06547989 (booklet at METRO?)= 2 COUPONS/points
    65. Finish $2 Quantum Dec 31 2012 UPC 06545198 (Canada LivingMagazine-RecipesPlusCalendar)= 2 COUPONS/points
    66. Finish$5 Quantum Aug 31 2012 UPC 06546146(Jan 2012 Shoppers Voice)= ALL COUPONS/points
    67. Finish Quantum any UPC = 1 COUPONS/points
    68. General Mills$1 all cereal June30 2012 UPC 76143319= 2 COUPONS/points
    69. General Millswub any cereal any UPC= 2 COUPONS
    70. Goldfish .50¢ wub either crackers or grahams July31 2012 UPC 00923806 (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    71. Goldfish wub either crackers or grahams any UPC = 1 COUPON/points
    72. Hawaiian Tropic$1 sun products Dec 31 2012UPC 29006928(peelie)= 1 COUPONS/points
    73. Heinz $1 wub3 Heinz, Classico, Diana or Catelli UPC might be 05749889= 1 COUPON/points
    74. Heinz $1+ wub Heinz, Classico, Diana or Catelli any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    75. International Delight Regular…I don’t want Café Inspirations YUK! any UPC = equivalent COUPONS
    76. Janes$2+ Chicken any UPC= 3 COUPONS/points (NO ‘Flatjacks’PLEASE)
    77. Jello $1wub3 light Dec 31 2012 UPC 05532474 = 1COUPON/points
    78. Jello $ = 1 COUPON/points
    79. Kashi$2 Crackers = 2 COUPONS/points(
    80. Kelloggs$1 on any product June 30 2012 UPC 71579346 (peelie?) = 2 COUPONS/points
    81. Kelloggs wub any cereal any UPC= 2 COUPONS
    82. Kraft$1 shaved parmesan 141g Dec 31,2012 UPC 05532360(unknown source)= 1 COUPON/points
    83. Kraft$1 shredded cheese ( portal)= 1 COUPON/points
    84. Maple Leaf$1 Natural Selections Deli Meats June 30 2012 UPC 00605452 (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    85. Maple Leaf$1+ Natural Selections Deli Meats any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    86. Marc Angelo $1any Marc Angelo NED UPC 27910921 (facebook) = 1COUPON/points
    87. McCains .50¢ ReadyToServe Cups June 30 2012 UPC 10833663 = 1 COUPON/points
    88. McCains Harvest Splendor Medleys (will only accept from 1 COUPON/points
    89. Meat $2wub Pam Grilling or Original Sept 30 2012 UPC 44406657 (tearpad)= 2 COUPONS/points
    90. MiniWheats .50¢ CentresDec 31 2012 UPC 71578965 (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    91. MiniWheats $2.50Centres April 30 2013 UPC 71194093(Kelloggs mailout giftbox)= ALL COUPONS/points
    92. Mio $1(sample lady)= 2 COUPONS/points
    93. Nestea$1 case 12 caseof12cans Dec 31 2012 UPC 65312937= 2 COUPONS/points
    94. Nestea$1+caseof12cans any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    95. Newman's Own $1 Pasta Sauce 645ml Dec 31 2012 UPC 36304716= 1 COUPON/points
    96. Newman's Own $1 Pasta Sauce any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    97. Nivea $1 Shower( 1 COUPON
    98. Oasis .50¢ 960mL June 30 2012 UPC 2250881= 1 COUPON
    99. Oasis .50¢+ 960mL+ any UPC= 1 COUPON
    100. Oasis $1+ 960mL+ any UPC= 1 COUPON
    101. OldElPaso $1 soft tortillas any UPC( portal)= 2 COUPON
    102. Olympic .51¢ Yogurt April 30 2014 UPC 83702280= 1 COUPON
    103. Pam$1 Grill or Original Sept 30 2012 UPC 44406543 (VH GrillToThrill)= 1 COUPON/points
    104. Post wub any cereal any UPC= 2 COUPONS
    105. PringlesB2G1 June 30 2012 UPC 63815636 NOT SNACK PACK= 1 COUPON/points
    106. Pringles.50¢+any UPC NOT SNACK PACK= 1 COUPON/points
    107. Produce .75¢ fresh Oct 31 2012 (Ziploc)= 2 COUPONS/points
    108. Produce .75¢+ fresh any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    109. Purex $1 liquid or ultra packs Dec 31 2012 UPC 30125490 (Mail Sample)= 2 COUPONS/points
    110. Purex $1 Crystals Product Dec 31 2012 UPC 30125504 (Mail Sample)= 1 COUPONS/points
    111. Quakerwub any cereal any UPC= 2 COUPONS
    112. RANDOM – Bagged/Boxed Salads any equivalent coupon/point
    113. RANDOM – CocaCola &/or products$2+/BOGO 12 cans any UNICORN?= ALLCOUPONS/points (NO 2L PLEASE)
    114. RANDOM – Fresh Berries any equivalent coupon/point
    115. RANDOM – Frozen Fruit any equivalentcoupon/point
    116. RANDOM – PGX daily any equivalentcoupon/point
    117. RANDOM – Pepsi &/or products $2+/BOGO 12 cans any UNICORN?= ALL COUPONS (NO 2L PLEASE)
    118. RANDOM – Quinoa any = 1COUPONS/points
    119. RANDOM – Whey Protein Powder any
    120. Rice Krispies $1.50 Granola Bars ( 2 COUPONS/points
    121. Rogers 5 Grain Granola .50¢ Dec 312012 UPC 06303554 = 1 COUPON/points
    122. Rogers 5 Grain Granola .50¢+ any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    123. Rubicon.50¢+ Exotic Fruit Juice any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    124. Scrubbing Bubbles BOGO Trigger, Aerosol or Mega Shower ( 1 COUPON/points
    125. Silver Hills $1 Bread July 31 2012 UPC = 2 COUPONS/points
    126. Skinny Cow $5+any UPC = ALL COUPONS/points
    127. Sponge Towels $3 Dec 31 2012 UPC 12015548 = ALL COUPONS/points
    128. Summerfresh$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 88100601(tearpad) NOT SALAD or MEAL! = 1 COUPON/points
    129. Summerfresh$1 Dec 31 2012 UPC 88100685(tearpad) NOT SALAD or MEAL! = 1 COUPON/points
    130. Summerfresh$1 June 30 2013 UPC 88100861(tearpad) NOT SALAD or MEAL!= 1 COUPON/points
    131. Summerfresh$1+any UPCexcept NOT SALAD or MEAL!= 1 COUPON
    132. Sunlight $1Laundry Detergent Dec 31 2012 UPC 72613594 (tearpad?)= 1 COUPON/points
    133. Sunlight FPC Laundry Detergent Dec 31 2012 (pin redemption)= 1 COUPON/points= ALL COUPONS/points
    134. Sunlight $2+ Laundry Detergent any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    135. Sunny D$1+ any UPC= 1 COUPON/points
    136. Thinsations75¢ Snacks any UPC = 1 COUPON/points(
    137. Thinsations75¢ SnacksJuly 31 2012 UPC 05533565 (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    138. Tropicana$2+ Juice any UPC= 2 COUPONS/points
    139. Trop50$1+ Juice any UPC= 1 COUPONS/points
    140. TrueBlack50¢ juice Dec 12 2012 UPC 2630008= 1 COUPON/points
    141. TrueBlack$1wub2 juice Dec 31 2012 UPC 2630007= 1 COUPON/points
    142. TrueBlack any UPC = 1 COUPON/points
    143. TrueBlue50¢ juice Dec 31 2012 UPC 2630004= 1 COUPON/points
    144. TrueBlue any UPC = 1 COUPON/points
    145. Uncle BensRice & Sauce Dec 31 2012 UPC 08299521 (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    146. Uncle BensRice & Sauce any UPC (tearpad)= 1 COUPON/points
    147. VH Indian $1 Market Sauce Sept 30 2012 UPC44406527 (VH GrillToThrill)= 1 COUPON/points
    148. VH Sauce $2wub2 Sept 30 2012 UPC 44406530 (VH GrillToThrill)= 1 COUPON/points
    149. V8 V-FusionFPC 1.36L July 30 2012 (Kelloggs Cereal)= ALL COUPONS/points
    150. V8 V-Fusion.75¢ UPC 00924157 (tearpad)= 2 COUPONS/points
    151. V8 V-Fusion.75¢+ (tearpad) any UPC except NOT 00924144 = 2 COUPONS/points
    152. Wonderful$1 Pistachios Aug 31 2012 UPC 14103592 (tearpad) = 1 COUPONS
    153. Yoplait $1+Source any UPC = 1 COUPON/points

    UNICORN:Billy Bee Honey = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Black Beans = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Chocolate chips = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Coca Cola canned soda = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Fruitopia = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN: International Delight not Cafe Inspirations = ALLCOUPONS/points
    UNICORN: Heinz Ketchup = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN: Nestea Powder = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN: Kraft Peanut Butter = ALL COUPONS/points

    UNICORN:Kidney Beans = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Quinoa = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Refried Beans = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN:Sunny D = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN: McCain French Fries not Sweet Potato = ALL COUPONS/points
    UNICORN: Vitamin Water = ALL COUPONS/points

    UNICORN:Whey Protein Powder = ALL COUPONS/points
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    Congratulations to Couponsrule and Couponandoff for being the first and second to guess there secret buddies!! They will get choice #5 & 6 for the prizes

    Here are everyone's first clues to there "secret buddies" Take a look through the list and see what everyone has said. If it doesn't fit you, then you can cross them off your list! If it does fit you, make sure to take a note and keep them on your potential buddy list!!

    PLEASE NOTE: You may have a maximum of 1 guess per 2 it you guess after the first clue you will have to wait until the 3rd clue is posted to guess again

    Good luck Everyone!

    Couponsrule says ...
    My secret buddy has at least 1 child.
    alicia123 says...
    My secret buddy has at least 1 vowel in their name

    misstarbender says
    My buddy does not live in the same province as me

    My buddy lives in the same province as me

    Bluzsuz says...
    My buddy lives pretty much on the other side of the country from me

    Mandolimed says...
    my secret buddy works funny shifts

    My buddy and I have been on previous train(s) together

    My secret buddy lives 4 provinces away from me

    My buddy lives on the opposite coast
    CouponandOff says...
    My secret buddy is both an avid train rider & conducter

    Clue #2

    Couponsrule says ...
    My Secret buddy is looking for a coupon for a product I've never seen or heard before.
    alicia123 says...
    My secret buddy lives 4 provinces away from me

    misstarbender says
    My buddy has a furbaby

    My buddy total post are close to 1000 and on this forum

    Bluzsuz says...
    My buddy runs amazing trains.

    Mandolimed says...
    my secret buddy has a unique letter in her SC username

    My buddy has commented on the 2012 SC's Coupon Scan Zone thread

    My buddy has the letter "o" in their profile name

    My buddy has a birthday near the end of the year.
    CouponandOff says...
    is a busy working mom of 2
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    The following is a list of the top voted jokes/pics/videos from all riders who posted. Check them out and vote for you favorite! Please vote for a minimum of 1 entry per category, by posting your vote in this thread. For example; post...I am voting for post # 777 for the Funniest Joke Contest

    Train's Funniest Joke

    updated; May 16

    post #67 posted by ; Mandolimed
    post #99 posted by; Misstarbender
    post #108 posted by; Trish1980
    post #165 posted by Amy4coupons
    post #203 posted by Alicia123

    Train's Funniest Pic/Video
    updated; May 1

    post #75 posted by BluzSuz
    post #88 posted by Couponandoff
    post #106 posted by Amy4coupons
    post #64 posted by; Misstarbender
    post #110 posted by; Trish1980
    post #174 posted by ; Mandolimed
    post #204 posted by Alicia123

    Train's Most Active Rider
    updated; May 16

    Rider # of Posts Rider # of Posts
    Misstarbender 36 Pumpkin9211 6
    Mandolimed 27 BluzSuz 7
    Trish1980 14 JMarshall 5
    Couponandoff 21 Couponsrule 8
    Amy4Coupons 14 Alicia123 6

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    Who's going to be the first?

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    327 (100%)

    I would love to ride please!
    shop my webstore:

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    I would love to ride please!
    shop my webstore:

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    Quote Originally Posted by couponsrule View Post
    I would love to ride please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jemwars View Post

    I also added the "RRLF"s to my list but forgot to mention they're worth more like your list. I'm not sure if that's just assumed or if I'm to make a special note. If so, please add. Thanks!
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    I would love a seat pls- just need to revise my WL- Thx

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    sounds like lots of fun!! I would reallly like to do this

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    Everyone Please be aware I have Newly added;

    **NEW** As a bonus anyone who sends something from their secret buddies or the Conductors RRRLF list will get 10 bonus points (per item) towards Most Generous to conductor prize/Most Generous Buddy Prize!

    - This will make it fair for everyone instead of (possibly) just a few people adding it

    If anyone would like to adjust your list please let me know
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    Quote Originally Posted by misstarbender View Post
    sounds like lots of fun!! I would reallly like to do this
    Quote Originally Posted by alicia123 View Post
    I would love a seat pls- just need to revise my WL- Thx
    So Glad you joined us

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    me please

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