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Thread: Julie's Super Easy VWT--2 coupons ENVIES on the way home to riders!!

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    Expired on: Sun, Jul 1st, 2012

    I just rode a train like this and really enjoyed it so thought I would give Conducting a try!
    (Thanks to bargain_hunter_lola for the great idea for a train)

    (no negative trade ratings)

    Please read all rules before joining the train.

    Boarding will be open until we have 10 riders plus myself OR until FRIDAY May 4th at 8pm.
    Please note that you MUST have your wishlist and addy PM'd to me by the cut off time. I prefer if you send wishlist right away so I can post for everyone to see!

    · Must have at least 40 items, no GC's/SDM points for this train please!
    · Please make your wishlist reasonable. The more reasonable it is, the higher chance you will get more coupons! Also please try to limit asking for specific UPC's.
    · Must include whether, coupons/French/Printed coupons are acceptable.

    Boarding Pass:

    • Please send 3 unused P stamps.


    • You must post in this thread AND pm me your wishlist/address for a seat. Please PM me your wishlist AND address instead of posting it in the thread, saves time and ensures all wishlists are together. (I will post wishlist as soon as I get them since I know some people myself included prefer to see wishlists before they join).
    • You must send at least 2 different coupons off their wishlist to each rider. If you do not have 2 coupons, you must send 1 stamp for each missing coupon (ie, 1 stamp = 1 coupons).
    • Absolutely NO substitutions. Only EXACT wishlist coupons will be accepted toward the requirement of this train. I will be checking all coupons!!!
    • Please limit any extra's to no more than 3 extra coupons (ie, in addition to the required 2 different coupons). This is just if people are feeling generous. Don`t want envies to go over weigh for the 3 p stamp boarding pass!
    • Send envie by WEDNESDAY MAY 9th, 2012
    • Expires on or after JUNE 30, 2012 -NO EARLY EXPIRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! I cannot stress this enough. Under NO circumstances will I accept an early expiry as requirement for this train. It's my first time conducting and I want this to run smoothly. It's too hard to keep track of all the different exceptions, so I've decided not to allow ANY.
    • You MUST seperate and mark who each coupon is for and who it is from (so that we can all give trade ratings). Please make sure you securely bundle coupons for each rider (ie, paperclip, baggie, etc), otherwise coupons may get mixed up when taken out of envies.

    Please remember that you must send 2 DIFFERENT coupons!

    Tip: I always double and triple check my envelope before I sent it out to conductor to make sure I have correct coupons and expiry dates! Want to have a quick and fun train!

    -feedback is mandatory!
    -I reserve the right to bump a rider and return envelope using the bp if there are too many mistakes!
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    1.Jmarshall--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    2.jakyak--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    3.Amy4coupons--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    4.Muyphyck--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    5.Momma2boys--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    6.mrsfreeman--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    7.masid--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    8.tarynottawa--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    9.karissadahl--mailed--RECEIVED--arrived home
    10.Shara83--mailed--RECEIVED-- arrived home
    11. Julesm14--ready
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    tft-okay if for Ontario

    Counts as all
    $5 Chapmans
    FPC for any food item
    FPC for any hair dye
    $2 CT money
    $3 Ensure chq

    Counts as 2
    $3 off ground beef wub hh
    free gg veggies wub hh
    $2 cottonelle
    $2 royal tp
    any callins/mail outs
    $1 CT money
    $2 Ensure chq

    Count as 1
    allens/rougemont apple juice
    bushs baked beans
    cheese-kraft or armstrong sherdded okay
    cloverleaf tuna-any flavoured okay
    christe crackers-triscuit or ritz
    clubhouse lagrille marinade or rub
    cheerios-not chocolate
    crystal lite
    dr oetker pizzas any
    dole salad
    d'italiano bread
    driscolls berries
    fresh express salad
    frenchs mustard
    frenchs french fried onions
    glad compost bags
    any green works
    hellmans mayo
    heinz ketchup
    international delight
    lysol or clorex wipes
    nurtigrain $1
    old elpaso tortillas
    pasta sauce-any
    purex laundy soap
    philly cream cheese/dips/cooking creme
    salad dressing--any
    special k crisps
    any special k cereal
    tampax, playtex or u by kotex tampons
    tropicana juice
    any tassimo

    Toonies for Tummies: Yes For Atlantic Canada
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Not food coupons

    Campbell's Red Coupon $2+
    Fresh Chicken $1.50 (Ziplock Box)
    Green Giant Vegetables WUB HH
    $3 Ground Beef WUB HH
    Healthy Choice Steamers ( BOGO
    J&J Call-in Stayfree / Carefree / OB
    Kellogg's Red Peelie
    Maple Leaf Canned Meat $1.00 WUB2 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    $5 Maple Leaf Prime Chicken RRLF
    $3 Sponge Towels WUB2 Dec Exp.
    Allen's, $0.75 on Allen's 100% Apple Juice 1.89L or Rougemont 2L, Dec 31,2012
    Armstrong Cheese Block, snacks or slices
    Barbours Peanut Butter $.50
    Black Diamond, $0.75 on any Black Diamond cheese (not cheese strings)
    Block Cheese $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Bush's Beans
    Campbell's Soup (not broth)
    Canadian Club BBQ Sauce $.50 Exp Sept 31, 2012
    Campbell, save 0.50$ on 540ml chunky soup, July 31, 2012
    Cashmere $2.00
    Catelli $.75
    Christie Crackers
    Cloverleaf Tuna (not flavored or salad kit)
    Dairy Milk Bar $.50
    Del Monte Fruit Snacks $.75 WUB1 Exp Sept. 30, 2012
    Delmonte 1$ WUB2 refrigerated fruit cups 215ml
    D'Italino any product
    Dole Salad $1.00
    Dr. Oetker Mug Cake
    Fresh Chicken $1.50 (Ziplock Box)
    Fresh Produce $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Garnier $5 wub 3
    Gay Lee $1.00 valid on any product.
    Glutino Or Gluten Free Pantry Item $1.00 Off 3/31/2013
    Gold Fish Crackers $.50 (not Grahams) July 31, 2012
    Greenworks Save $2 WUB 2
    Hamburger Helper
    Healthy Choice, $1 Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers , Sept 1, 2012
    Helman's Mayo from Chicken Package June exp 2012 or any other
    Highliner Save $1.00 on any 215g-700g Product.
    Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Real Bacon Pieces $0.50
    icoke iTunes Pin only (says iTunes in the cap)
    Jello $1 WUB3
    Johnsonville Sausage (ground or whole)
    Keebler Waffle Bowls and Cones
    Lactantia Butter
    Marc Angelo
    Maxill Flosser Pic $.40 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    Minute Rice (good on white)
    Minute Rice Cups
    Mio Liquid Water Enhancer RRLF
    Oasis Orange Juice Premium only $1+
    Old Dutch Potato Chips $1.00
    Old El Paso Kit Peelie
    Purex Crystals (not WUB)
    Purex Laundry Soap
    SC Johnson $1.00 +
    Spongetowels $1.00 (4's or 6's)
    Thinsations (, tear pad or websaver)
    Tide (no inserts)
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 on any
    Zantac $3.00
    Ziplock (must be good on sandwich bags) Multiples ok
    Ziplock $3 bread coupon

    *****WISH LIST****
    printables – NO--
    French – NO--
    store specific – NO-
    Websaver,,Go Coupons -yes
    TFT- as long as its valid in ont
    can you stack – NO-
    Canadian Tire money - YES .50 = 1 coupon

    RRRLF-Janes $1-$2
    -Advil (good on any)
    -any bread/buns/bagels/Englishmuffins
    -Cheese ANY BLOCK
    -BearPaws Cookies
    Bread($3 Ziploc)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips
    Campbells ($1/Valid on Goldfish, Bisto, Pace)
    -Cashmere ($2)
    Catelli ($1)
    -Chapmans ($5)
    Cheerios ($2/$1must be valid on Honey Nut
    -D'Italiano (0.75/higher -)
    Colgate-Palmolive ($1/Up)
    Dare ($1 any product)
    - Peak Freans Lifestyle (May or later)
    - Old El Paso (any value)
    General Mills (0.50, .75/$1 any)
    -Oasis from Allen's (RRRLF-JUICE BOXES/CARTONS)
    Glad Cling Wrap

    -Dempsters (Bagel/Bread)
    0.75 Fresh produce
    -Dempsters Wholegrains ($1wub2 SE/12)or higher
    1.50 Fresh chicken product
    -Dempsters $1/Bagels
    Fruit – any!!
    -Oasis Refrigerated Juice (allens cans)
    RRL any FPC Oasis

    Purex ($1-3) will also take new ultra packs
    -Zipock $1-$2
    Tide FPC/$2-$3
    Quaker Oats Oatmeal coupon or FPC (Instant Only)

    -Skippy Peanut Butter (.75/higher)
    Cleaning/ Tissues,TP &PT
    anything $2 and up on any brand of Tp, PT and tissues
    Personal Prducts
    underjams, pull ups nighttime ** RRLF
    Kids toothpaste or $1 off ANY colgate product
    Dove hair care (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray)
    MEDS--Gravol -- Triametic cough strips ($3 and up)--- Children’s chewable Advil/ Tylenol
    Whiskas $2.00off dry cat food (any or all sizes)
    $3+ for iams cat/dog food
    $2+beneful dog/puppy food 3+ for puppy chow

    WISH,, p&,, tearpads, reps: Yes
    TFT: No
    French: No
    Printed: No

    J&J mailouts
    Colgate/Palmolive mailouts
    Kimberley-Clark mailouts
    Gardein product NED
    Resolve $2
    Thinsations $$$
    Fresh eggs
    kidney beans
    Heinz ketchup
    cottonelle/charmin toilet tissue
    Quaker oats (2013 exp.)
    Any Campbell soup (broth, cream, reduced salt)
    Old Dutch Chips
    Any block cheese (Armstrong, cracker barrel, black diamond)
    Ziploc bags
    Rougemont/Allen’s AJ
    Philadelphia cream cheese
    Dempster’s bread (no bagels)
    Health choice gourmet steamers
    So good 1.89L
    Silk Almond
    Greek yogurt (liberte, oikos)
    Dr.Oetker pie fillings
    ED Smith pie fillings
    Hunt’s tomato paste
    Mayo (kraft, hellmann’s)
    Sour cream (kraft, baxter’s, scotsburn)
    French’s mustard
    Bbq sauce (Bullseye, heinz)
    Salad dressing (kraft, renee's, lighthouse)
    Pasta sauce (classico, healthy choice, hunts)
    Granola bars (no nutrigrain bars)
    Shake & bake
    Ice cream/frozen yogurt
    Quaker oatmeal
    Vector cereal
    Can pop
    Janes products (exp. later than August)
    Canned veggies (green giant/del monte)
    Dish detergent
    Vegetable oil (Crisco)
    Cool Whip
    Chapman’s ice cream
    Hagen daus ice cream
    VH sauces $2 off WUB2 (2013 exp. only)
    Knorr’s sidekicks buy 3 get one free (2013 exp. only)
    Kozy Shack pudding
    Maple Leaf Natural Selection
    Milk bones
    Oasis refrigerated juice $0.75 plus off
    Purina Dog treats
    Schick hydro refills $3 off
    Schick $2+ off
    Venus $2+ off any razor or refill cartridge
    Summer fresh dips/hummus 0.75cents off
    Cloverleaf tuna (not salad kits, no flavored)
    Smucker’s Sundae topping
    Dream whip
    Kraft $ off when you buy_
    Covergirl $4off
    Keebler ready crusts
    vim (2013 exp)
    Always Infinity product(nov/12 exp or
    Dove deodorant
    Degree deodorant (men)
    Reynold’s staybrite baking cups (2013 exp)
    Frozen veggie/fruit
    Baking soda
    Fresh veggies
    Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (that can be applied to any purchase of)
    Black Diamond, Save $0.75 on any Black Diamond Cheese 340-500g, 46215710, Dec 31, 2013
    Black Diamond, $0.75 off any Black Diamond Cheese 340g-500g, 46215723, Dec 31, 2013
    Catelli, $0.75 on any Catelli product, 10833562, Jun 30,2012
    Cavendish, FPC for any (1) frozen potato product, 24505299, NED
    Jell-o, 1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, 05532490, Dec. 31, 2012
    Kellogg's, $0.75 on any box of Kellogg's All-Bran 180g bars, 71579232, Dec 31,2012
    Pringles, buy any 2 cans and get on can free, 63815636, june 30, 2012
    Sabra, $1 off any Sabra Product 283g+, 10401157, Dec 31, 2012

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies, French, printables – no
    Store Specific – only SDM please
    Peeplies _ any just pm please

    Count as 3
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC Dove
    FPC Cavendish Fries
    FPC any laundry detergent/dryer sheets
    FPC Tampax/Playtex tampons- RRLF
    FPC Smarties Eggs- from cereal boxes
    FPC Sunlight laundry

    FPC febreze not noticeable
    FPC Huggies or pamper
    FPC Vaseline FFFLLLFF
    FPC scrubbing bubble
    $$GC no tims please
    ** any FPC for anything on my wishlist or simply pm i might accept others

    Count as 2
    $5 Chapmans -RRLF
    $5 ice cream (from cereal boxes)
    $3 J&J call in- Aveeno/Neutrogena
    J & J replacement

    Platex$5.00 call in (must be good on feminine products)

    Count as 1
    $.75 any fresh produce- from Ziploc boxes
    $.75 any block cheese- from Ziploc boxes

    Aero Bubbles $1
    Alsafa any
    BOGO Amooza Twists
    BOGO Arctic Gardens veggies
    Allens apple juice $.75 on 1.89L

    Advil Nighttime $4 valid on 10ct upc 12924543
    Advil Children’s $5
    Amooza twists $1

    Arctic Gardens stir fry, frozen veggies or rice $1 or $2
    Armstrong cheese snacks or slices $.75
    Astro $1 off any Astro product (Original, Biobest or Zero)

    AXE (Has to be good on spray

    Black Diamond cheese $.75
    $1 Black Diamond cheese RRRLF
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $6 wub 1 of each
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $3 wub 2

    Canadian Tire Money ($0.50 = 1 coupon)
    Covergirl $4 (for any product)
    Carnation Hot Chocolate $1
    Chapmans ice cream/frozen yogurt

    Cottonelle$2 Dec 1 2012
    Cottonelle$2 Dec 31 2012
    Cottonelle $2 face book promo
    Curel/Jergens$3wub2 Dec 31 2012
    Curel$2 any Dec 31 2012
    Curel$2 any Dec 31 2012
    Cheese- shredded or blocks $1+ (Black Diamond, Kraft)
    Colgate $1 on any 125-170ml
    Colgate Total- no size restriction

    Cashmere $1 off purchase of any Cashmere Ultra 6 roll product
    Expiry Aug 31/12

    Dairy Milk 100g bars $.50
    Dole Salad

    Dial$2 NutraSkin Lotion Dec 31 2012
    Dove soap $ 1.50 off 4 X 90g pack
    Driscoll’s berries $1- RRLF

    2 WUB any Dove Nourishing Oil Care product. Exp. Aug 31/12
    Dare, $0.50 on Dare Real Fruit gummies 160g or 180g, 11621586, Jun 30,2012
    Europe’s Best frozen fruits or veggies $1
    Eggs real one nor white or liquid
    EGGS$1wub2 dozen Aug 31 2012
    EGGS $2wub2 dozen June 30 2013
    Five Roses Flour
    Fresh fruit

    1lb Free apples WUB any 2 Nutrigrain/Special K bars/Rice Krispie bars

    Green Giant
    Garnier $5 WUB3 RRRRLF

    Gain laundry detergent $3 WUB2
    Gillette Fusion Razor 4$
    Hunts Snack Packs $1
    2.00 Highliner (good on any)
    3.00 Huggies (good on any NOT WUB or Boxes
    Jergens Moisturizer $2.50
    Jergens, $1.50 on Jergens moisturizer 480mL or larger, 40015011, Dec 31,2012
    Kellogg's $2 good on any (red peelie)
    Kraft Shredded cheese $1

    Kimberley Clark $3+
    Kimberley call ins
    Lactantia cream 500ml or 1L $.75 (not lactose free)
    Lactantia .75¢ butter June 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter June 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter Sept 30 2012
    Lactantia.75¢ butter Dec 31,2013
    Lactantia butter
    Lysol wipes
    Liberte $1 Peelie

    Marzetti Greek or Ranch Veggie Dip $.75
    Minute Maid juice (not frozen)


    Nivea (good on any product, not just the naturals line)
    Natrel Milk $1 off any 4L upc 80104881
    $2 WUB ONE Nivea antiperspirant or deodorant AND ONE Nivea Shower or Soap
    $5 WUB ONE Nivea Visage Product and ONE Nivea body care product
    $2 WUB any Nivea for men excluding shaving and shower
    $1 and Nivea for Men shaving Product

    OLY not P&G site or insert
    $2 (on 1) Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant/Body Wash (June 30, 2013)
    B1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Solid or Body Spray G1 Fresh Collection Body Spray Free Sept 30, 2012
    B1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash G1 Odor Blocker Body Wash Free Sept 30, 2012
    Olive Oil (any kind, any amount)

    Playtex tampons $2 peelie
    Pampers $4+ (not wub)
    Produce .75¢ fresh Oct 31 2012 (Ziploc
    Produce .75¢+ fresh
    $2 purex laundry soap (good on one RRRLF pods)
    Purex any other $2+
    Any other good peeplie that you have please pm i might be interested thanks
    $2 Royale
    Renee’s Gourmet product $1
    2.00 Resolve
    Scott Paper Towels $2+
    Sponge Towels $3 Dec 31 2012
    Shoppers Optimum Points (100 pts = 1)
    sour cream (not gay lea)
    SC Johnson peelie $2
    SC Johnson Peelie$1
    1.00 Scott Towels

    Soft Lips $2
    Soft Soap
    0.75 Scotties Peelie

    Sponge Towels 6 roll packs $3 WUB 2
    Sugar (regular only )
    Tampax tampons $1+
    Tide $3WUB2- from Duracell packages
    tin foil
    Tropicana juice $1+ (not Trop50)

    Tropicana$2+ Juice any
    Thinsation (
    Venus razor $3 off any
    White Swan $1
    White Swan Peelie .75 cents

    Wet Ones $1+
    Ziploc (baggies or containers) $2 WUB 2 or $1 WUB 1 (not websaver)
    Zabiha Halal

    ANY Gillette/Oldspice with a 2013 expiry

    1. ANY Tampons/Shampoo(WUB1)/Razors/Deodorant/Bodywash/Soap/Toothpaste with a 2013 expiry
    2. ANY Laundry Soap/All Purpose Cleaner/Dish Soap with 2013 expiry
    3. If you find any new tear pad or peeplie please do let me know always looking for new coupons

    Printed-YESif in colour from

    Counts as 2
    Any FPC
    Bogo Healthy Steamers
    Bogo Amooza (Kraft magazine)
    Bogo gravies/slowcookers
    $2.50 Kelloggs
    $5 Motrin
    $1 Naturegg 12 pack (in shells from
    $3+ Quantum Finish
    Breyer/Chapmans/Popsicle/Nestle (basically any family sizedice cream)
    Breakfast pins from cereal box
    Fresh meat (from Ziploc)
    General Mills (
    $3+ Tide
    Mailouts from –Conagra, Pepsico, J&J, SCJohnson,Kimberly Clark etc)

    Counts as 1
    $3 Colgate Sensitive
    Beneful wet dog food (BOGO or $ off)
    Busy Bones (not Rollhide only)
    Childrens Tylenol (not printable)
    Children Advil
    Oasis juice boxes
    Oasis refrigerated juice
    Aylmer (no accents please)
    Pop (any except diet)
    Chips (Tositos, Doritos, Old Dutch)
    Simply Orange/ Tropicana (good on oj not Trop 50 though)
    Baking supplies (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, pie filling)
    Triscuits. Ritz etc
    Rice Krispie squares (not granola only)
    Goldfish crackers (not grahams)
    Black Diamond (blocks ,snacksize or cheesestring ok)
    Armstrong cheese
    Kraft cheese (shredded OK)
    Old El Paso (any)
    Schnieder Country Natural (lunch meat, bacon or hotdogs ok)
    Maple Leaf Natural Selections (lunch meat, bacon or hot dogsok)
    Johnsonville (no 5 cheese or smoked)
    Tuna (flavoured or salad kits ok)
    Oikos Greek yogurt (Danone)
    Hain-celestial coupons
    Smart KD
    Dole sparklers
    International Delight/Coffee-mate
    Dempsters wraps/buns
    Christie Cookies
    Bear Paws (not cereal & fruit)
    Sunrype fruit snack or juice
    Newmas Own dressing or sauce
    Marzetti dips
    Dole/del Monte fruit cups
    Lysol (wipes or trigger)
    Clorox wipes
    Ziploc or Glad sandwich bags/freezer bags
    Glad cling wrap
    Arm & Hammer carpet freshener
    Greenworks(not laundry)
    Bandaid or nexcare (no Elastoplast)

    Mrsfreeman wish list
    Stacking- yes

    No multiples except where noted
    No printed
    French okay

    FPC finish (facebook promo, not mir)
    FPC Lay's
    FPC Coke or Pepsi

    FPC Nordica cottage cheese
    FPC quaker choc chip oatmeal
    FPC slim fast
    FPC smarties
    FPC superbowl (any) *twistos!*yum
    FPC veggies wub Hamburger Helper
    $3 Chapmans
    3.00 off Bread wub Ziploc

    3.00 off ground beef wub Hamburger Helper
    3.00 off olivieri wub chicken (peelie)
    Bogo olivieri
    3.00 Pogo
    7 stamp mcgavin bread shop(5.00 0ff) rrlf
    Bogo waterpark/galaxyland passes, Edmonton entertainment book rrlf!!(or any other source)
    Lets play bogo passes, Edmonton entertainment book (or any other source)

    Counts as 2
    1.00 Marc angelo facebook promo or other
    1.50 gingerale rrlf
    1.50 harvest medleys (
    2.00 toilet paper,any brand
    2.50 olymel chicken chunkies(go coupons)
    2.00 olymel chicken all upcs welcome!!!
    1.00 international delight
    1.00 kelloggs peelie, early exp. okay!
    1.00 off bagels
    1.00 off olivieri pasta or sauce
    1.00 wub dempsters hot dog buns or Schneider top dogs etc rrlf (websavers)
    1.00 wub 2 maple leaf products.
    con agra mail out
    .75 participating general mills products ( rrlf!!!!!!!!
    old dutch
    Oasis juice boxes rrlf
    Any ziplock coupons (fresh produce, cheese, or chicken)
    Any ziplock wave 2 coupons (fresh chicken, club house rub)

    Counts as 1
    aluminum foil
    apples, free wub nutrigrain
    aunt jemima
    betty crocker, any
    betty crocker fruit snack
    Campbells Soup, not low fat
    Carnation breakfast anytime(instant bfast) 2.00 or more
    Catelli, any but whole wheat
    Cavendish fries, any but sweet potato
    Cereals, kid friendly (not gluetin free rice krispies or mini wheat centres)
    cheese whiz
    crystal light
    delissio rising crust pizza
    dr. oekter restarante’ pizza
    dr. oekter mousse, save 1.00 wub 2 (not 50 cal)
    dr. oekter mousse, save .50 on one (not 50 cal)
    Eggs, save 1.00 wub 2 dozen eggs. from any source!
    g.u.m. .75
    Green Giant Vegetables (cans or frozen)
    Hamburger Helper
    Heinz Ketchup
    ice cream rrlf
    jello refrig. 1.00 off
    lunchables, any
    mccains pizza
    Minute rice .50, 2013 expiry
    Minute maid OJ
    old el paso
    pancake syrup
    pasta sauce
    Peak freens, 1.00 off
    Pringles-not snack sized
    quaker products, any
    saran wrap
    Shake n bake .50
    smartfood popcorn
    smuckers sundae sauce, 1.00
    Snack Puddings
    Special K original
    Sugar-not splenda
    U by Kotex liners, tween okay
    Wheat stixs
    Yop, if good on individuals, any amount!!

    if you notice anything on my list that’s old or unavail. Let me know!! If you have a new great coupon I might be interested in and its not on my list message me!! Thanks so much.

    tft-okay if for Ontario
    Printables- no

    any food/drink FPC counts as all
    apples WUB special k bars
    Milk (lactose free also okay)
    Heinz/Gerber snacks
    Cheerios (not chocolate)
    good on any General Mills product
    Pampers (good on swaddlers) Not WUB
    Similac (good on any, not just powdered)
    Maple leaf
    Allens Apple juice
    Baby Mum Mum
    Beneful BOGO
    Carnation hot chocolate
    Cattelli pasta
    Classico sauce
    Covergirl (good on ONE product not WUB 2)
    Crest pro-health toothpaste (good on any)
    Cinnamon Pops
    D'italiano bread
    Dempsters Bread
    Dempsters bagels $1.00
    dish detergent
    fresh chicken
    fresh produce
    French's mustard
    Gay lea Gold sour cream
    Goat milk (if these exist) RRRRRRRRLF
    High liner
    hagen daaz
    Janes chicken
    Kraft cheese
    Renu contact solution
    Royale toilet paper
    Sugar (normal, not splenda)
    Soda coupons (any except diet)
    Silk soy
    Toaster Strudel
    Mother hen baby food $1+
    Natura soy
    Natures path or Envirokidz cereal
    old el paso kits
    Philidelphia cream cheese (not cooking creme)
    Tetely tea
    Van Houtte
    Venus Cartridges (not WUB razor)
    Yop (if good on singles)

    Online – yes
    Multiples – up to 3
    TFT – (if it exists anymore, has to be good in ON)
    Printables – Just check with me
    Stack – No doesn’t matter

    Join my superpoints list
    Any FPC Laundry Detergent
    Tetley Tea
    3.00 Tide (when you buy one)
    Any $$ off Pepsi (must be good on diet pepsi)
    FPC Tassimo
    FPC Bagels
    Any call in greater than 1.00 (JJ and KC RRRLLFF)
    $ off wub x Kraft products
    B1G1 Snuggle $$ off (not excluding 20’s)

    2.00 regular advil (72 count)
    1.50 Chicken (Ziploc)
    .75 Produce (Ziploc)
    .75 Cheese (Ziploc)
    2.00 Majesta TP
    6$ wub 3 bounty …ect
    2.00 Clinical Secret
    2.00 Fillipp Berrio Olive Oil
    2.00 Cottonelle
    3.00 WUB2 Tide
    $$ off wub Kraft
    1.00 any Dove product (on any product)
    1.00 any Olay product (on any product)
    Manns Veggies
    Discoll Berries
    1.00 Eggos
    2.00 Pam
    Oylmel Peelie
    Olymel Bacon
    Bagged Salad
    Almond Silk Milk
    Frozen Veggies
    Frozen Fruit
    Canned Veggies (not tomatoes)
    2.00 wub 2 Dare products
    SC Johnson Peelie
    Marc Angelo
    Bear Paws
    Greek Yogurt (Astro or Okios)
    Dole salad
    Premium Plus Crackers
    Regular Triscuit Crackers
    Natural(regular milk)
    Lactancia (regular milk) (new tearpad expiry dec 12)
    Silk Almond Milk
    Lactancia Butter
    Allens Juice
    Bread (good on whole grain) (not when you buy 2)
    .75 olymel peelie
    1.00 Tetley Tea (on regular tea)
    Butter (not gea lea spreadables)
    Glad products (june expiry)
    1.00 Sponge Towels
    1.00 Bounty Towels
    1.00 WUB 1 Ziploc
    Glad products (are they any new ones out there?)
    Hellmans Mayo
    If you are having problems with my list please feel free to PM me I am easy(going)!

    Shara83's wishlist

    Inserts/TFT: No
    Store Specific/French/Printable: No
    Stack: Yes

    almost any food FPC (just ask please)
    Chapmans $5/ other ice cream
    Colgate-Palmolive $5
    High Liner FPC
    Kimberly Clark vouchers $3/$5
    Maxx Cat litter FPC/$5
    Michelinas FPC
    Pepsi 6 pk FPC (from Superbowl promo)
    Playtex $5
    SC Johnsons $5+
    Tostitos/Doritos/Ruffles FPC (from Superbowl promo)
    $0.75 any block cheese (from Ziploc)
    $0.75 fresh produce (from Ziploc)
    Christie cookies/crackers
    Coke/Crush/Schweppes/Pepsi (any pop)
    Colgate-Palmolive $1 voucher
    Dempsters bread B1G1 (websaver)
    Diaper Genie 2 refills
    Garnier $5 WUB 3
    Gillette $5 WUB 3
    Healthy Choice gourmet steamers B1G1 (
    $2 J&J call ins
    Kimberly Clark vouchers $1
    Playtex bucks
    Sensodyne iso-active $2.50
    VH Steamers B1G1
    Arctic Gardens/Green Giant frozen veggies
    Arm & Hammer laundry detergent $1+ (insert, exp Sept 30)
    Barilla pasta
    Beggin Strips
    Campbells Chunky soup/valid on any
    Canadian Tire money ($0.50=1coupon)
    Cafe Inspirations/International Delight creamer
    Catelli pasta
    Cereal-Cheerios, Oatmeal Crisp, Special K original, Mini Wheats
    Cheemo perogies
    Cheese-Armstrong, Black Diamond (valid on slices), Cracker Barrel
    Cheez Whiz
    Chips-Old Dutch/Miss Vickies/Lays/Tostitos
    Childrens Advil (Dec 2013 exp)
    Country Harvest bread
    Command strips
    Degree antiperspirant
    Delissio/McCain pizza
    D'Italiano product
    Europes Best frozen fruit (2013 expiry)
    Eggo waffles
    Folgers/Maxwell House coffee (regular coffee only pls)
    Friskies Party Mix cat treats
    General Mills $0.75 (
    Healthy Choice/VH steamers $1
    Heinz jalapeno poppers/ketchup
    HP sauce
    Hunts Thick & Rich pasta sauce/Snack Pack pudding
    Janes chicken
    Kraft salad dressing (possibly other brands, just ask)
    Kraft parmesan/Singles/peanut butter
    Margarine (Imperial/ICBINB)
    McCain frozen fries (exp July or later)
    Milk-bone soft & chewy treats 113g
    Nexxus $3
    Nordica cottage cheese $1
    Olymel chicken chunkies (not 246)
    Pam cooking spray
    Pampers/Huggies wipes $1
    Pillers products (exp July or later)
    Pillsbury products
    Pizza Pops/Pizza Pockets
    Poise (valid on any, 2013 expiry)
    Pounce/Temptations cat treats (July or later expiry)
    Purex liquid laundry detergent $1+
    Silhouette yogurt
    Smuckers sundae syrup $1
    Special K cereal
    Tenderflake (valid on any)
    Venus cartridges (not WUB razors)
    Please pm me if you have problems with my list, I am open to suggestions I'm married & have a 9 month old daughter (and a dog & cat)


    Tearpad: manufacturers only please
    Save/Brandsaver/Etc: Yes
    TFT: No
    Stackable: Yes
    Printed/store specific: Y (bc only)
    French: No
    Online: Yes

    Counts as all
    Any food FPC
    FPC yogurt (from cereal box)
    FPC strawberries
    Toothpaste any FPC
    Platex$5.00 call
    3$ off Nexus (counts as all)
    chapman's 5$
    pampers diapers (5$ off esp)= all
    3$off febreeze home collection
    Pampers 10$ from the company
    Any manufacturer coupon (mailed directly from the company)= 2 coupons (RRLF colgate/palmolive)
    Kellogg's $2 good on any (red peelie)
    Kellogg's any $2.50 cereals
    Kellogs FPC
    BOGO Arctic Gardens veggies (counts as 2)

    Counts as 1

    Any live clean or live clean baby
    Hains celestial (any)
    .75cents off general mills (websaver)
    1$ off fresh express salad
    1$ off Cattelli smart pasta
    Catelli pasta $.75 off any
    Nutrigrain bars
    Alymer accents tomatos save 1$ wub 2
    Pedigree save 3$ any size/type dog food (RLF)
    kelloggs coupons
    Kettle Chips $1
    SummerFresh dips $1
    Thai Kitchen $1
    Thinsations cookies/bars
    Tide $3WUB2- from Duracell packages
    Tostitos chips
    Tropicana juice $1+ (not Trop50)
    Venus razor $3 off any (not WUB)
    Welch’s fruit snacks
    Ziploc (baggies or containers) $2 WUB 2 or $1 WUB 1

    Cheese- shredded or blocks $1+ (Black Diamond, Kraft, Armstrong, Cracker Barrel)
    Classico pasta sauce
    Gain laundry detergent $3 WUB2
    General Mills cereal $1 good on any (red peelie)
    Goldfish crackers $.75
    Interntional Delight (not Cafe Inspirations)
    Janes $2
    Europes Best frozen fruit
    Artic Gardens frozen Veggies
    Green giant frozen vegetables
    any icecream $$ off
    General Mills $$ off coupons
    Pampers manufacturer coupons(mailed from company any amount)
    Pampers 2.50$ off
    Oasis Juice
    Sunlight (any)(RLF)
    SC Johnson coupons or FPC
    2$ off cascade dish washing detergent
    1$ off bounty
    1$ off scotties or sponge towels
    Any $ off pediatric advil
    .50 cents of welch's
    .50 cents off herbal essences
    .75 cents off herbal essences
    Any purex or woollite detergent
    Organic milk (any)
    Playtex (any)
    PLaytex bucks
    $.75 any fresh produce- from Ziploc boxes
    $.75 any block cheese- from Ziploc boxes
    $1.50 any fresh chicken product- from Ziploc boxes
    Arthur's Smoothies $1

    Last edited by julesm14; Thu, May 3rd, 2012 at 11:36 PM.

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    I'll sign up....

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    i'll grab a seat

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    mee please

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    i will take a seat on this train. lots of new faces!

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    Welcome everyone

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    Please make sure you send pm with address and wishlist as soon as you post a thread

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    updated wishlists, thanks jakyak

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    Welcome to Murphyck, got your pm

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    Have all wishlists posted for those who have joined.
    Looking for more riders

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    i am very sorry, but i have to jump off this train. i dont think i will be staying on the site anymore. thanks anyways. ahve fun!!

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    no problem mrsfreeman
    sorry to hear you may be leaving

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    if you are wondering why, check out the thread "p.b.'s stickler for the rules. I'm friggin cryin gright now!! when it gets to that point. forget it!!

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