I have the following FPC's for trade:
2 x FPC Liberte Organic Milk 1L valid at Sobey's Urban Fresh
1 x FPC Purina Puppy Chow ($26 max)
2 x FPC Natrel Baboo
1 x J&J Take Along Pack

I am LF:
fpc cooking creme cheese
fpc tetley
fpc silk milk
fpc timothy' kcup
fpc nordica
fpc wipes
fpc juice
fpc diapers
fpc dare
fpc coke
fpc's from pepsi superbowl package
fpc kelloggs cereals
$5/$3 children's advil
Kelloggs SYB or LYC pins (2 at a time for cereal pins)
HV Diapers
$5 playtex
Playtex bucks
Alymers tomato (websaver only)
$1/$2 nutrigrain bars
$1 Oasis juice boxes (2013 exp)
Campbells soups (not broth or low fat)
$2/$3/$4 Quaker
$2 Loreal Expertise printable
J&J Call ins (any)
Make me an offer I am open to most FPC's