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Thread: Top Ten Most Wanted VWL Train

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    Expired on: Sun, Jul 1st, 2012
    top ten most wanted vwl train

    please read over the rules before asking for a seat

    i will take no more than 10 riders including myself.

    Trade rating of 10+ and no negative feedback

    bp is 4 stamps or 1 fpc

    you will be sending each rider 3 cpns unless you have one of their top ten most wanted. Top ten and fpcs countas all. $2+call-ins count as 2. Bundle with paper clips or small baggies and clearly mark to and from

    1 missing cpn = 1 stamp

    absolutely no coupons expiring before june 30th

    if you would like to ride post in the thread and pm me your wishlist include at the top your top ten most wanted. Please no more than 2 fpc’s in the top ten. Below that include whether you will accept french, store specific, printed, have at least 20 others for a min of 30 max of 40

    you will be sending 10-30 cpns

    *all coupons in your top ten most wanted must be current and available *

    mail date is FRIDAY, MAY 11TH, 2012.

    feedback is mandatory for myself and all other riders.

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    2. $2 + oFF MAPLE LEAF PRIME
    6. 75c or $1 off lactancia milk (not lactose free)
    8. $5 MARC ANGELO
    9. 75 c off any one nature valley (incl. cheerios, old el paso, pizza pops, pilsbury)
    10. J & j FREE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT (good on penaten)


    COUNT AS 2

    $3 huggies diapers
    $2 kashi crackers or crisps
    $2.50 off olymel chicken
    $1.50 off gingerale
    $1 off any one Ziploc
    $3 clean & clear (j & j call in)
    Marc angelo
    $2 stayfree (j & J call in)
    $2 polysporin (J & J call in)
    $2 toilet paper(cashmere/cottonelle/royale

    COUNT AS 1
    75c on any block cheese
    .75 any Summer Fresh Hummus or Dip Product
    Johnsonville meats
    Schneiders meats (various)
    Pillars meats
    maple leaf meats (various)
    $1 babybel
    Childrens advil Tylenol, coryzalia
    $1 nestle water (good on 24 pk)
    $1 colgate Palmolive call-in
    $2 huggies diapers
    $1 off wub2 ziploc
    $1 off food/yard waste bags
    75c wub2 christie crackers
    dare products (various)
    $1 off nesquick wub 4l of milk (facebook)
    75c Mazola oil
    frenchs mustard
    75c g.u.m. product
    bbq sauce
    50c - $1 off catelli
    $1 elastoplast
    $1 royale toilet paper
    Shake n bake

    [email protected]’S WISHLIST

    Printables/ Toonies for Tummies/Stackable :N
    Store Specific or gift cards (for wish list coupons only): Toysrus, Rona, Shoppers, Old navy, Zellers, Dynamite, Gap, Jean Coutu, Uniprix. IGA, Metro, Brunet, Canadian tire (0.50$=1 coupon)
    Not more than 4 same coupons

    TOP 10

    Free Oasis juice
    FPC any
    Breathe right
    Tide/Gain liquid laundry detergent
    Maple leaf prime chicken portions
    Milk (any 3.25%) not lactose free
    Pampers gift to grow points GTG
    Royale toilet paper 12-24 rolls (not 3 ply)
    Vegetables fresh (any)
    Yogurt (any)

    Air miles
    Arctic Gardens frozen veggies
    Aylmer soup
    Bag to heart bags
    Batteries/ Duracell-Energizer
    Bear paws
    Becel Margarine
    Betty crocker cake mix only
    Bertolli olive oil
    Biolage Matrix
    Bounce sheets
    Campbell’s soup
    Cambell’s broth 900ml
    Canadian tire money
    Cereals (any)
    Cheese (any)
    Classico pasta sauce
    Clorox wipes
    Crisco vegetable shortening
    Dawn dishwashing liquid
    Dempsters oven fresh bread
    Dove bar soap only (not WUB2 different)
    Dove men
    Dynamite gift cards
    Eggs (any)
    Fruits fresh (any)
    Gap gift cards
    Garbage bags
    Gillette (Fusion blades only)
    Glade sense & spray refill
    Gold fish crackers
    Hellmann’s mayo (no light)
    Heinz regular ketchup only
    Huggies pull-ups only
    Icing sugar (any)
    Italiano bread white only
    Johnson&Johnson good on all products and baby
    Kraft regular peanut butter
    Lady Speed Stick (not stainguard)
    La parisienne liquid laundry detergent
    La vie en rose gift cards
    Lysol (no-touch) Hand soap refills

    Metamucil in capsules
    Mr clean products (no magic eraser)
    M&M meat shop gift cards
    Nature Valley
    Oasis Fruit juice any size (no smoothie)
    Old el paso dinner kit
    Old el paso salsa
    Old navy gift cards
    Pampers wipes
    Pasta (not smart/whole grain)
    Philadelphia cream cheese
    Pizza frozen (any)
    Pouding chocolate or vanilla flavor (any brand but only powder)
    Purex liquid laundry detergent
    Quaker bars/oatmeal
    Ragu pasta sauce
    Rona gift cards
    Royal canin dry dog food
    San Pellegrino water
    Scrubbing Bubbles products (not one step)
    Shick (Intuition blades only)
    Shoppers drug mart gift cards/ Optimum points
    Sun cream FPS 40+ (any)
    Sunlight liquid laundry detergent
    Tassimo t-discs coffee (cappuccino or colombian)
    Toothpaste (not sensodyne)
    Toysrus gift cards
    Zellers gift cards/Hbc points Ziploc bags

    shkyle's wishlist

    store specific-no

    TOP 10
    1.fpc diapers
    2.fpc pespi/coke
    3.Kimberely clark call in's
    4.Colgate-palmolive call in's
    5.any call ins
    6.$5 chapmans
    7.$4.00 wub chicken
    8.oasis coupons (any juice packs)rrrrrlf will take multiples
    9.koolaid jammers any amount
    10.share your breakfast kelloggs codes ( eggos, bananas, yogourt)

    counts as 2
    $3 huggies
    2.50 corn pops
    $3.00 wub hamburger
    $4.00 advil

    counts as 1
    i coke pins
    huggies codes
    disney movie reward codes
    lunchmates codes
    1.50 sunny d
    2.00 janes
    aylmer tomatoes
    .75 cinnamon pops
    cat liter
    2.00 cottonelle
    1.00 general mills peelie
    2.00 kelloggs peelie
    kelloggs cereal pin
    2.00 pam spray
    mcCain pizza
    lunchmate coupons
    cereal codes
    poise coupons
    cheese whiz
    1.50 Ginger ale 12pk
    $3 off 25 loads Tide
    $1 off 24 pkg nestle water
    .75 off WUB2 Christie Cracker
    $1 OASIS JUICE BOXES rrrrlf
    $1 off any one Smucker's DessertToppingApril30 '13
    Pepsi $1.00 WUB2, $2.00 WUB2 or BOGO
    $1 SnackPack wub 12pack
    0.25 Snack Pack puddings
    2.00 Cottonelle (dec exp)
    Pillsbury any amount
    Chef Boyardee
    Pringles B2G1 Free
    Shake N Bake ($0.75+)
    Unused P stamps
    .50 Canadian tire
    Colgate-Palmolive $1


    Advil Childrens $5+
    Arctic Gardens BOGO
    Cineplex Admit One Pass
    General Mills PINS (2) for Reebok t-shirt
    Hilton H Honors Reward Points
    Johnson & Johnson’s Call-in (Valid for all Johnson's products or Buddies)
    Kelloggs Love Your Cereal PINS (2)
    Kelloggs Share Your Breakfast PIN (or FPC)
    MAXX Scoop
    Superbowl Promo FPC (any of the 6)

    TFT: Yes
    French: No
    Stack: No
    Store Specific: No
    Printable: In colour on Photo paper
    On-line: Yes!

    **Please note, all coupons must be valid in Ontario**
    **I will happily accept ANY FPC**

    Counts as 3

    Amazon $5 GC or .ca code
    Arctic Gardens FPC
    Bananas FPC (From Kelloggs)
    Brisk FPC (Not 1L WUB 12pk)
    Canada Dry FPC
    Canadian Tire $5 GC
    Chapmans’s $5
    Chicken WUB
    Cineplex GC
    Cineplex Movie Snacks FPC **RRLF**
    Cinnamon Pops FPC
    Danone Activia FPC
    Danone Coolision FPC
    Delissio $2 +
    Delissio FPC
    Dempster’s FPC
    Eggo FPC
    General Mills cereal $2.50+
    Ground Beef $3 or $4 WUB
    Johnson's Take-Along Pack FPC
    Kashi FPC
    Kelloggs $2.50+
    M&M’s FPC
    Maple Leaf Prime $5 +
    Mini Wheats FPC
    Nordica Cottage Cheese FPC
    Nutri-Grain Bars $2 +
    Oasis FPC
    Orville Reddenbacher FPC
    PC $5 GC
    Pepsi FPC
    Philadephia Cooking Cream FPC
    Purina Dry Dog Food FPC
    Quaker Granola Bars (Chewy) FPC
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal FPC
    Schneiders Lunchmates or Grab N Go $2 +
    Shoppers Drug Mart $5 GC
    Silk True Almond FPC
    Similac Cheque $5 or $10
    Smartfood PopCorn FPC
    Smarties FPC
    Sunny D FPC
    Tetley Tea FPC
    Tide $3 on 25 load
    Tim Hortons $5 GC
    Tostitos FPC
    ToysRUs $5 GC
    Triscuit Thin Crisps FPC
    Trop 50 FPC
    V8 V-Fusion FPC
    Whiskas FPC

    Counts as Two

    Arctic Gardens BOGO (Shoppers Voice)
    Bread (From Ziploc)
    Finish Tabs or Quantum $ 3 +
    Fishing Lures (CT Exclusive okay)
    Fresh Produce 75c + (From Ziploc)
    Gillette Body Wash FPC WUB Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant
    Green Giant FPC WUB (If full FPC, counts as 3)
    Highliner $2 + (Valid on any)
    Kraft Shredded Cheese FPC WUB (If full FPC, counts as 3)
    Maple Leaf Prime $3 +
    Olymel Chicken $2.50 or BOGO
    Tim Hortons RRRoll Up The Rim

    Counts as 1

    Cheez Whiz
    Chocolate Bars (any, really)
    Colgate Children’s Toothpaste
    Delissio Pizza (normal ones that go on sale)
    Dempster’s Tortilla Wraps
    Diana Sauce (Not Gravy)
    Dog Treats (not Pedigree WUB)
    Eggs (real, normal eggs)
    Five Alive
    Gillette Body Wash $2 +
    Gillette Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant $2 +
    Gingerale (Canada Dry or Schweppes, WUB okay)
    Glad Garbage Bags (Regular or Force Flex)
    Granulated White Sugar
    Hostess chips
    Hot Stuffs
    HP Ink refillsJuice Boxes (Real juice)
    Kraft (any $ if good on any)
    Kraft Cheese (not the new white cheese)
    Lays chips

    Lunch Mate Bucks (one 5 pt code = 1 coupon)
    Lysol No-Touch Refills
    M&Ms (the candy, not the store…unless it is an FPC
    Maple Leaf Bacon (Not Ready Crisp)
    Maple Leaf Prime
    Milk (Real, normal cow milk, Neilson, Sealtest, etc)
    Minute Maid
    Motts Fruitsations
    Mr. Christie cookies
    NesQuik $1 + (WUB okay)
    Nestle Ice Cream
    Nestle Pure Life (not sparkling)
    Old El Paso (Salsa, wraps, kits or seasoning)
    Orajel (Adult Extra-Strength)
    Oreo Ice Cream Treats
    Pepsi (regular)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Dips, or Cooking Cream
    Pillsbury cookies, croissants, rolls, etc
    Pillsbury Pie Crust
    Pizza Pops
    Pledge Fabric Sweeper
    Post Cereal (Good on any, or kid friendly ones)
    Pop Tarts
    Quaker Granola Bars (Chewy)
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    Royale (Toilet Paper only, unless good on any) $2 +
    Ruffles Chips or Dips
    Sally Henson Nail Polish
    Schneiders Lunchmates or Grab N Go
    Schweppes (Gingerale, Crush, Rootbeer, etc)

    Shoppers Optimum Points
    Sidekicks (Not B3G1)
    Snak Packs
    Sun Maid Raisins (Valid on the boxes for lunch snacks)
    Sunny D
    Swanson Skillet
    Tang (especially Singles)
    Tenderflake UPCs
    Tetley Tea (valid on Orange Pekoe)
    Tide $2 + (after May expiry)
    Toaster Strudel
    Tostitos (Chips or Salsa, WUB okay)
    Tylenol – Children’s
    Tylenol – Extra Strength
    Whiskas Dry Cat Food $3 +
    Yoplait Mini-Go or Tubes $1 +
    Ziploc $1 + (Must be valid on sandwich or freezer bags; WUB okay)

    **We have 4 kids, so any peanut-free lunch snacks, fresh fruit & veggies are GREAT!

    Pumpkin's wishlist
    I will accept:
    I will not accept: Printed/Store Specific/French/TFT
    I can't stack (if I listed an UPC its because I want THAT coupon)
    ***If you have a different expiry, please pm me ***

    TOP TEN:
    FPC J&J Trial Pack <-- my little sister is having a baby

    $2 Cottonelle (Dec exp)
    $1 Europes Best March 31, 2013 (fromEaster Bakefest Booklet)
    $2 on ANY Melitta Coffee (Dec. 31,2012).
    $1 MIO Water Enhancer
    $2 Bandaid Call In(J&J-2013 only)
    $2 Stayfree Call in(J&J-2013 only)
    Ziploc—Save $3 on Bread
    $3 Clean & Clear Call In(J&J-2013 only)

    Count as 2
    ANY .50+ Call in
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    BECEL (GOOD ON ANY- not Buttery or Pro Activ)
    BIC Soleil Razors <-(this is a unicorn, I think)
    $6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    $1.50 off 1 case of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Green Teaor Canada Dry White Tea Ginger Ale w/ Raspberry! Good on 12x355ml or 10x355ml
    $2Club House La Grille 30 Minute Marinades(inside ziploc bags—wave 2)
    $1 Colgate Palmolive Call in
    BOGO Dempsters
    Eggs... carton... not omega. $1 WUB 2
    .75 Fresh Produce (from Ziploc)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    $1Fresh Chicken(from inside ziploc bags-wave 2)
    $2 Fresh Fruit WUB 2 Snack Pac(Metro Specific isOK)
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier
    $5 WUB 3 Gillette Expiry Oct 31, 2012 UPC: 66008457
    $2 any Gillette Body Wash (excl.trial size) 99599268, May 31, 2013
    B1 Gillette Deodorant G1 GilletteBody Wash FREE (June 30, 2013)
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Deodorant Feb 28,2013
    $2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Feb29, 2013
    $3 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    $1 Hain/Celestial
    .75 Honey Bunches of Oats Oct 31, 2012 #26003317
    $3+ Huggies Diapers (not WUB something else NOT BOXES)(NO INSERTS!)
    $1 J&J BABY CALL-IN(2013-please----trying to stock up for mysister)
    $1 ANY Nestea 12 pack product (Dec31, 2012)
    Old El Paso $0.50 Jul 31,2012(PEELIE)
    Olympic Krema - Save $1.50 – July 31, 2012 (from Canadian LivingMagazine)
    $1 WUB 2 RedHots(websaver)*********RRLF!
    $4 Robax (from SpinUWin promo)
    $1.50 Satin Care (2013)
    $2 WUB 2 Smart Food
    $2 Tylenol Call-in(J&J)
    $3 Any Venus Razor Jan 31, 2013 ORFeb 28, 2013

    Counts As 1
    $4 Advil Nighttime 10's/20's/40's(Dec 31 13)(fromspinuwin)
    $$ Advil Gel Caps
    $1 Always Radiant Pads, Liners orWipes Sept 30 2013
    Apple Juice (Allen’s or Rougemont)
    $0.75+ Arctic Gardens

    $0.50 Aylmer Accents Dec 31, 2012 *1per rider
    BBQ Sauce
    $1 Beneful WET July 31, 2012
    BOGO Beneful(
    $0.75 Black Diamond cheese 340-500 gDec 31, 2013 (recipe plus calendar)
    .75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g (Dec 31 2013)
    $1.25 WUB 2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs (Feb2013)
    $3 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs

    .50 Bush's Beans
    $1 BusyBone July 31, 2012
    $1 Busy Rollhide July 31, 2012

    $.50 Campbell's Chunky Soup 540mlJuly 31/12
    .50 WUB any Campbell’s Chunky Soup,Ready to use broth, Goldfish Cracker or V8 July 31, 2012
    Canned Veggies(NOT ACCENTS!) (Lesssalt is A-OK with me)
    $$ Chapmans Frozen Yogurt/Icecream
    $1 Charmin Sept 30, 2013 OR Dec 31, 2013
    $0.25 Chef Boyardee product Feb 28,2013 (recipe plus calender)
    Cheez Whiz (unicorn??)
    .50/.75/$1 Chew Lotta (dog treat)
    Chips(any kind, not WUB)
    Cliff Bars
    $1 CoverGirl, any product Sept 302013
    .75off WUB2 Christie Cracker Aug.31 '12
    .50 any Crest June 30, 2013
    Corn Pops Cereal (cinnamon is A-OK with me)*1 perrider
    .75 any D'Italiano Product 7540264 exp. Sept. 30/12
    .50 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars
    .50/.75 any Danone
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    Delissio Pizza
    $1 Dole Salad
    $2 off WUB2 different Dove products, expiring Dec.31 '12
    $1 WYB3 ED Smith 540 ml pie filling Sept 30, 2012
    .75 ED Smith Jam *1 per rider
    $$Europes Best
    $2 Europes Best Fruit Essentialsproduct, Dec. 31, 2012(REDPLUM INSERT)****
    .75 Gay Lea Gold Premium SourCream(peelie or coupon) (I am not looking for the coupon)
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Body Wash Aug31,2012 OR Sept 30, 2012 OR Oct 31, 2012
    .50 off any Goldfish CRACKERS orsnacks July 31, 2012
    .75 G.U.M
    Healthy Choice Steamers (WUB 1 only)
    $1 ANY Highliner (not type specific)
    $1+ Huggies Wipes (not WUB anythingelse)(NOT INSERTS!)
    HuntsTomato Paste or Sauce(NOT PASTA SAUCE)
    $2.00 On any 1 Irish Spring Body Wash 443ml-532ml or IrishSpring Antiperspirant/Deoderant 92g (Oct. 31,2012) (smartsource insert)
    1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Powder products,Dec. 31, 2012***RLF
    Jello Refrigerated Products
    $1.50/$2.50 Jergens
    Johnsonville Sausage—WUB 1 (any kindexcept 5 cheese)
    Juice boxes
    .75¢/$1 Keebler Pie Crust
    $1 Kraft Parmesan GRATED CheeseSeptember 30, 2012**RRLF
    $1 Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) Dec.31 '12
    $0.75 Lactantia butter Dec 31, 2013(recipe plus calendar)
    $0.75 Lactantia Butter Sept 30, 2012(from Keebler PiePackage)
    $1 on 4l or 2x 2l Lactancia Milk #13611529 December 31,2012
    Lipton Ice Tea B2G1 FREE on any 12 x355mL Lipton Iced Tea, Diet Lipton Iced Tea, Lipton Green Tea, or Diet LiptonGreen Tea. October 31, 2012.
    $1 WUB2 OR $1 WUB3 participatingMaple Leaf canned meat products Dec.31'12
    Marc Angelo
    .50+ Marzetti Dip **RRLF
    May Family Farms Deli Meat
    $1 Nestea/Goodhost<- good onsingles
    $1 Newman's Own 645ml Pasta Sauce,Dec31/12
    $1 Newman's Own Dressing 350ml or 236ml, Dec 31/12

    $1 Newman’s Own Salsa
    $1 Oasis Juice Boxes (8x200mL or 5x200mL) March 31, 2013(back ofAllens Juice Label)
    $1.50 Oasis Refrigerated jugs -any flavour (2.63L) March 31,2013(back of Allens Juice Label)
    $1.25 Oasis Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L) March 31,2013(back of Allens Juice Label)
    $2.00 anyOFF product upc 33688868 ex.8/31/12
    $2 (on 1) Old Spice Red ZoneDeodorant/Body Wash (June 30, 2013)
    B1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Solidor Body Spray G1 Fresh Collection Body Spray Free Sept 30, 2012
    B1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body WashG1 Odor Blocker Body Wash Free Sept 30, 2012
    Olive Oil (any kind, any amount)
    $1 Olivieri Dec 2012 (websaver)
    $1 Oylmel Bacon
    $2 Olymel Chicken Wings or ChickenChunkies (July 31, 2013 #2200264) <-this is the only one I want!
    $2 Olymel Peelie
    Olymel Weiners
    $$ Olymel Peelies
    .75 off any OlympicProduct
    $1.00 on any 1 Palmolive Ultra 739ml Dish Liquid (Oct. 31,2012) (smartsourceinsert)*1 per rider
    $1+ Panty Liners (any brand)(NOTINSERTS)
    $2 Playtex Peelie
    Peelies(for anything—surprise me)*1per rider
    Pop-any kind (2L or 12 packs WUB 2 is A-ok with me- BRISK is not pop)
    B2G1 FREE Pringles
    $1 WUB 2 Pringles(not snackpacks)**RRLF
    $1 Purex(from sample—not thecrystals)
    .50 any box of rice crispies squares or granola bars(161g.-200g)exp/dec 12, 2012
    Sabra Dips
    Salsa(any kind)
    $$ Satin Care Shave Gel (NO INSERTS)
    Shake N Bake Expiry Dec 31, 2012
    Secret Deodorant (NOT insert orclinical- do they exist?)
    $0.55 on any Skintimate Shave Gel Dec 31,2013
    0.75 any Skippy product (not just thenaturals) Dec 31, 2012(recipe plus calendar)
    Smuckers Dessert Topping(2013)
    $0.25 Snack Pack pudding Feb 28, 2013(recipe plus calender)
    Soy Sauce(NOT VH)
    $1 Sunrype Juice Aug 2012
    $1 Tampax Pearl Jan 31, 2013
    $1 Tampax Pearl Dec 31 2013
    $2 TamPax Radiant Tampons Sept 302013
    Tampax-- NOT INSERT
    Tempra(is this a unicorn?)
    .75(ON 1) Triscuit Thin Crisps, 225g,Rice Thins Brown Rice Crisps, 100g, Wheat Thins, 226g, or Ritz MunchablesPretzel Crackers, 200g (05532621, Dec 31 12).
    Tylenol-Infants Only-any amount
    $.75+ U By Kotex(not Tween)

    Uncle Bens “Selected” Rice(NOT JUSTBISTRO!) DEC 2012 Expiry**RRLF!!
    $1 one Venus Razor Sept 30 2013
    $2 (on 1) Venus Embrace Razor Sept30, 2012
    $1 Vim Dec 31/12(redplum insert)*1 per rider
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 Expiry Dec 31 2012
    .50 Welch’s ( OR Hang Tags)
    **ANY Gillette/Oldspice with a 2013expiry
    **ANY Pads/Liners/Tampons/Shampoo(WUB1)/Razors/Deodorant/Bodywash/Soap/Toothpaste with a 2013 expiry
    **ANY Laundry Soap/All PurposeCleaner/DishSoap with 2013 expiry

    Nat77's Wishlist:
    Printables: No
    French: yes yes
    Stacking: no
    Store Specific: No

    Top Ten Most Wanted:

    Fresh Produce $0.75
    Lactantia Butter exp. Dec. 2013 $0.75
    Enfapro $10
    Eggs $2 wub 2 dozen exp. June 20th, 2013
    Pampers $3+ wub one
    Robax $10
    Eggs $1 wub 2 dozen (heart and stroke calendar)
    Garnier $5 wub 3
    Haagen-Dazs $3 WUB 2 Haagen-Dazs, 500ml Tubs & Multipacks, any (10035216, Sept 30 12
    Gilette $5 wub 3 Expiry Oct 31, 2012 UPC: 66008457
    Gilette Razors BOGO

    Counts as all coupons:
    Any FPC (I’m not picky when it comes to free)
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC Ice cream or $5 Chapmans
    FPC Cavendish
    FPC Cereal
    FPC Dole
    FPC Egg Creations
    FPC Laundry detergent
    FPC Natrel Baboo
    FPC Nordica Cottage Cheese**RRLF
    FPC Olivieri
    FPC Philadelphia Cooking Cream
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal
    FPC Scrubbing Bubbles
    FPC Smarties
    FPC Vaseline
    FPC Yogurt
    Driscol Berries Code
    Kimberley Clark $3+
    Pampers $6+ wub one
    Kellogg’s Pins for share your breakfast

    Counts as 2 coupons:

    Amooza BOGO
    ANY Call-In $0.50+
    Aveeno Call-In $3
    Band Aid (J & J call in) $2
    Cashmere $1
    Catelli Pasta $1
    Cheese $0.75 (Ziploc)
    Chicken $1.50 (Ziploc)
    Cloverleaf TUNA $1 wub 2 (any variety)
    Colgate Palmolive call-in
    Dempsters BOGO
    Hershey $1 (must be good on chipits)
    Kit Kat fpc wub Energizer
    Stayfree (J & J call in ) $2
    Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product,$1 exp Dec.31 '13.
    General Mills $1+
    Green Giant fpc wub HH
    Hain Celestial $1 (good on a variety of products)
    Hamburger $3 wub HH
    Hunts Snak Pak Save 2$ on Fresh Fruit WUB2 4 packs 7/31/2012
    Kimberly Clark (from company, any amount)
    Lactancia Butter Dec. 2013
    MarcAngelo $3+
    Melitta coffee $2
    Neocitron $5
    Playtex bucks
    SC Johnson call-in
    Snuggle BOGO
    VH Indian Market Sauce $2 wub ONE
    Ziploc $3 wub Bread

    Counts as 1 Coupon:

    Advil Nighttime $4 valid on 10ct upc 12924543
    Advil Children’s $5
    Allen's AJ
    Alymer Tomatoes $0.50 (NOT accents)
    Arctic Gardens (no printables please) $0.75+ or BOGO
    Astro yogurt, valid on ANY
    Astro Greek yogurt
    BB Cream from garnier SAMPLE (not the coupon)
    Becel $1 on ANY upc 87410488 exp Dec 31, 2012
    Black Diamond Cheese
    Bounce $1+ (not WUB and not Dryer Bar)
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $6 wub 1 of each
    Bounty&Charmin&Puffs $3 wub 2
    Bush`s Beans
    Campbell's $0.50 WUB any Chunky Soup, Ready to use broth, Goldfish Cracker or V8 July 31, 2012
    Campino/Riesen/Werther's, FPC 135 4x6 prints from Black's Photo with 4 proofs of purchase ($39.15), Jul 31,2012
    Canadian Tire Money ($0.50 = 1 coupon)
    Canned Veggies
    Cashmere $1
    Catelli Pasta
    Chef Boyardee
    Chlorox Wipes $1
    Chocolate Cheerios $1
    Cinnamon Corn Pops
    Cottonelle $2 exp. Dec. 2012
    Christie Crackers $0.75 wub 2
    Danino Yogurt $1
    Dare/Grissol $1 on ANY one
    Diaper Genie Elite II Refills
    Dole fruit cups
    Dole Salad
    Dove Bar Soap $1.50
    Dr. Oetker Supreme Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Cake Mix
    ED Smith Jam
    ED Smith $1wub3 Pie Fillings
    Europe’s Best frozen veggies or fruit $1, exp.March 31, 2013
    Europe’s Best fruit $2
    Five Roses Flour
    Fresh fruit
    Gerber toddler meals or snacks
    Gifts to Grow Codes
    Glad Clingwrap June 30/12
    Glad Sandwich Bags June 30/12
    Gold Seal $0.50 on any
    Goldfish crackers or grahams
    Green Giant
    Greenworks $2wub2
    Huggies Enjoy the Ride Codes
    Huggies Wipes $1+
    Janes $2+
    Jergens Moisturizer $2.50
    Keebler Pie Crust $1
    Kellogg`s $2 off any or B2G free apples!
    Kraft Parmesan Cheese
    Lactancia Butter
    Lactanctia Milk $1 (regular) exp. Dec. 31, 2012
    Lactanctia Cream $1 valid on any type
    Liberte $1 Peelie
    Loblaw’s Superbucks (1 coupon = $0.50)
    Maple Leaf Prime $5
    Marzetti’s Dip
    Maxwell House $2
    McCormick Spices
    Minigo $0.75+
    Mr Christie Crackers $0.75 wub 2
    Natrel Milk $1 off any 4L upc 80104881
    Nestea $1
    Olymel $2.50
    Olymel peelie $2
    Olympic Yogurt $1
    Pampers Diapers $3+ (not wub)
    Pampers Wipes $1
    Philadelphia Cooking Cream
    Phillipio Berio $2
    Quantum Finish $3+
    Red Rose Tea
    Renee's $1
    Ryza Rice Milk**RRLF
    Sabra Hummus $1
    Satin Care $1.50
    SC Johnson peelie $2
    Schick Hydro Silk Refill $4
    Schnieder’s Country Naturals
    Sealtest sour cream or cottage cheese $0.75
    Shake ‘n Bake
    Skintimate Shave Gell
    Skippy Peanut Butter
    Smart Ones
    Smuckers jam
    Snack Pack
    Snack Size Chocolate Bars $4 wub 2
    Soft Lips $2
    Soft Soap
    Summerfresh $1
    Tetley Tea
    Tide $2+ (not wub)
    Tide $1 upc 63657119
    Tre Stella valid on any, exp. June 30, 2012
    Uncle Ben’s Rice and Sauce $0.50
    Van Houtte Peelie $4
    Venus Razor $3
    Wet Ones $1
    White Swan

    Coupon Wishlist, DebraLK

    stack/printable/french/TFT/store specific -no
    websaver/ -yes

    DebraLK's Top Ten:
    Febreze Home collection, $5, $3, or $2 (not regular P&G febreze)
    Cinamon Corn Pops e..g. cut from box/tearpad
    FPC Smarties
    save $4 WUB 2 Nestle 20-ct choc bars (from bearpaw box)
    Purex UltraPacks
    FPC MiniWheats MiniBites
    75cents or $1 General Mills products
    Oliveri pasta
    Uncle Ben's rice, good on Converted, not just bistro
    Colgate-Palmolive call in $1

    Count as 2:
    VH Steamers, B1G1
    PIN code Kellogg's share your breakfast item
    PIN code Kellogg's love your cereal
    Dempsters bagels
    yoghurt tubes, GoCoupons, 50cents
    Oliveri BOGO
    Post cereal Reebok PlayDry T-shirt PIN

    Count as 1:
    Peek Freans Life Style $1
    Schneiders, $1 WUB2 hot dogs
    Maple Leaf top dogs, $1 WUB2
    MiniWheats centres, websaver
    any Kelloggs cereal Except RiceKrispies gluten-free
    any Kelloggs bars Except AllBran or $.50 Nutrigrain bars
    So Good
    Catelli pasta (healthy harvest or smart)
    Catelli smart sidedish
    Old El Passo, websaver
    Cadbury dairy milk
    save $1 real eggs
    $.75 good on any block cheese
    $1.50 fresh chicken
    $.75 fresh produce
    pizza: any Dr. Oetker pizza ( or Delissio (from ice tea label)
    Cheeze Whiz
    Kraft cheese slices, $1,
    Amooza twists, $1,
    Activia yoghurt, $1,
    chewing gum, eg. Stride, Trident etc.
    Quaker instant oatmeal
    Crystal Light
    Hamburger Helper
    Clorox or Lysol wipes
    sports drinks e.g. Poweraide
    Cottonele T.P.
    Del Monte fruit snacks
    Heinz ketchup
    Chef Boyardee
    juice boxes, any
    Dole or Del Monte fruit cups
    Eggo waffles or pancakes
    Healthy Choice Steamers
    Minutemaid froz. Juices
    Kraft BBQ sauce
    pizza pops
    baked beans, Heinz or Bush
    pudding cups
    Clubhouse gravy or sauce
    $2 Jergens Natural Glow
    Jergens moisturiser or Jergens lotion, any
    Mrs.Dash, $.75
    Nestle/Carnation hot chocolate
    Ocean Spray juice
    Pam cooking spray
    Tetley green tea

    Anything else you think I may like, just PM me to check, I don't mind, Thanks!

    Bluzsuz Wishlist
    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – Atlantic Canada
    French – no
    Can you stack – no
    Store Specific – no
    Printables – check with me....
    **I don’t need specific UPC’s, so if there is one listed don’t worry about it!

    Top Ten Most Wanted
    1. $5 Maple Leaf Prime Portions or Seasoned, Flattened etc. - will take June 30th
    2. FPC Pepsi of any kind
    3. $5 Ice Cream/Chapmans
    4. FPC Oasis Juice
    5. Dempsters White bread - Smart Bread would be FAB!
    6. General Mills Peelie - will take June 30th
    7. Kelloggs Peelie
    8. .75 General Mills
    9. $1 Summerfresh
    10. Breakfast Promo PIN

    Count as all coupons
    FPC Coke 2L
    FPC Pepsi 2l
    FPC Pepsi 6x 710ml
    Any SuperBowl FPC
    FPC Popcorn
    FPC Oasis Juice - ANY!!!
    FPC Dempsters (product replacement)
    $5 Ice Cream - RLF
    $2, $3 J&J CALL INS - 2013
    FPC Philly Creme
    $5 Prime Chicken Breasts ( not stuffed) - RRRLF
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars

    Pretty much any FPC, just ask or surprise me, just no smellies, cat stuff or crap.

    Count as 3 Coupons
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    $1 or 2 Rice Crispies Cereal - good on Vanilla - no brown rice krispies.
    BOGO Rice Krispies - good on vanilla - no brown rice krispies please
    $1/$2 Smart Bread
    $1 Summerfresh - good on bruschetta RRLF - multiples!

    Counts as 2 Coupons
    Aquafina Vitiamin Water - oh how I wish it still existed!
    1.00 BD Cheese
    Bertolli Olive Oil
    .50 Campbells (chunky, goldfish etc.)
    $1.50 Canada Dry Ginger Ale
    $4 Cover Girl
    $1.50 Dove Bar 4 x 90 g pack
    $1 General Mills Peelie
    .75 General Mills - - RRRLF
    Graves apple juice $1 WUB 2 (945ml) Oct 31/12
    Green Giant Veggies/Arctic Gardens/Europes Best
    $1 WUB3 Heinz
    2$ on Fresh Fruit WUB2 4 packs Hunts Snak Pak 7/31/2012
    $2 Jane's Chicken
    $2 Kellogs Peelie
    Kellogg's B2 Nutri-Grain bars, Special-K bars, All-Bran bars, or Rice Krispies bars and get free apples
    Kraft refrigerated dressing
    Lean Cuisine
    $1.00 WUB2 Maple Leaf® Top Dogs, Maple Leaf Natural Selections hot dogs or Dempster’s, Ben’s,hot dog or hamburger buns.
    $2 Olymel Peelie
    Pepsi-Co, Buy (1) 2L Pepsi Max soft drink & get (1) 2L Pepsi Max Free, 84211532, Dec 31,2012
    Pepsi-Co, Buy (1) 2L Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew soft drink & get (1) Free (max value $2.79), 84211558, Dec 31,2012
    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Twistos Baked Snack Bites 150g, 23312526 (max value $2.79), Dec 31,2012
    $2+ ML Prime Portions
    $2+ ML Prime fillets, butterflied etc.
    $2+ Prime boneless skinless
    Stouffer’s/LC PIN’s
    4.00 Snack Size Chocolate bars (from Bear Paws box)
    $3 WUB 2 Sponge Towels
    Sobeys Gas $$ rebates for use on groceries
    $1 Sun Rype
    $2 WUB1 Tampax Radiant
    Top Dogs/ML Weiners - Peelies OK!
    U by Kotex - no tween please - RRRLF
    $3 Venus Razors
    Weight Watchers Satisfying Selections BOGO

    Count as 1 Coupon
    Allen's/Graves/Rougemont apple juice
    Aluminum Foil/Parchment Paper/Sandwich bags
    .75 Armstrong Cheese
    $0.75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g, any Dec 31 2013
    Baking powder
    Busy Bones
    .50 Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars
    .50 Canadian Club BBQ Sauce
    Canned Veggies
    Canned Tuna (*NOT flavored, *not salad kit)
    .75 any Catelli Pasta/Smart Pasta
    $1 WUB2 Certo
    $3/6 WUB 2/3 Charmin, Bounty or Tide
    .75 Cheese (Ziploc)
    .25+ Chef Boy R Dee
    .75 WUB2 Christie Crackers
    $2 Clubhouse Marinades
    0.75 off any Danone product (except 150/175g) with expiry Jan 31/2013 upc 29505803
    .50+ Dempsters Hotdog, Hamburger Buns
    Dempsters anything pretty much - burger buns, white bread, smart bread, hot dog buns, bagels, English muffins. Not fans of ww,multigrain, rye etc.
    $2 Downy Unstopables Fresh or Lush, June 30, 2012
    $1 Dr. Oetker Pizza (Good on Casa di Mama, Ristorante OR Panabello) Dec. 31.12
    .75+ Dr. Oetker Supreme Cake Mix
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    $2 Dial
    .75 WUB any d‘Italiano
    .35 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
    English Muffins
    $1 on Fruit wub Toblerone
    $1/1.50 fresh chicken (Ziploc)
    Free buns WUB 4 Campbells products
    .75 Fresh Veggies (Ziploc)
    $1 any Fresh Express packaged salad
    $2 Finish Quantum
    $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    Frozen Juice - not B4G1
    $1 off any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, expiring Dec.31 '13
    $2 Gilette Body Wash
    .25+ Hunts snack packs
    $1 WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012
    Kraft WUB
    .30 KD Cups
    Kernels Popcorn seasonings
    .50 Kikkoman
    .75 Lactania Butter
    .50 LeClerc Cookies
    Larsen’s Meats - Salami, bologna, Ham - not weiners please
    Lighthouse Salad Dressing
    Lipton Iced Tea cans - B2G1 free
    Lysol/Clorox wipes
    .50+ Maple Leaf Peelie
    1$ off mcCain thin crust pizza exp june 30 2012
    1$ on Mars Multipack 180g-240g or M&Ms/Maltese Stand up Pouches 162g-230g 6/17/2012
    .50/.75 Marzetti Dips
    .50 Minute Rice Cups
    1.00 Mio liquid water enhancer
    Motts Fruitsations - RRRLF
    Multi Pack Chocolate Bars/ Single Bars
    Multi Pack Gum
    Natural Selections Deli Meat
    $1 Nestea (dry drink mix)
    Oasis $1 - Juice Boxes 2013
    Oasis $1.25 - Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L) 2013
    $0.50/.75 Oasis 960 ml
    Old Dutch/Lays
    .50 Old el Paso peelie
    $1 Old El Paso Tortillas
    $1 Olymel Bacon
    $1 Olymel Peelie
    $2 off Meat WUB Pam
    Pasta Sauce
    $1 Pam Grilling or Original - 44406543 - Sept 30,2012
    Pam Baking Spray
    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips 275g, 2331255, Dec 31,2012
    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Tostitos Salsa, Salsa Con Queso or Spinach Dip (400*645mL) OR Ruffles Dips 425g, 23312568, Dec 31,2012
    Pepsi-Co, $2 on your next purchase of an 18ct Variety Pack 504g, 23312584, Dec 31,2012
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips
    ANY POP - $2WUB, $1WUB
    q-tips - hahahahahhaa
    $2 Resolve
    Renee’s Salad Dressing
    $1 San Pellegrino sparkling fruit beverage
    1.50 Satin Care
    $1/2 SC Johnson Peelie
    $1 Smuckers Dessert Topping 2013
    .25+ Snack Pack Pudding
    .50 Sun Rype
    Simply Minute Maid
    $1+ Source Yogurt
    $2WUB2 ANY VH (no thai or Indian)
    Ziploc!!! ANY!!

    Available Online
    $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    .75 Old El Paso Tortillas
    .75 General Mills
    $1 WUB2 Maple Leaf BBQ stuff
    $1 Schneiders
    $1 Olivieri
    BOGO Olivieri

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ - Y
    Stackable - No
    French - No
    Printed - Y (But Ask Me 1st Please)
    TFT - Y
    Store Specific – N
    Multiples – Y (unless specified)
    TOP 10:
    FPC – Lays/Ruffles
    FPC – J&J Take Along pack Call-In
    Heinz vouchers
    $5/3 – Gillette products (10/31/12) #66008457
    $.75 – any Fresh Produce (10/31/12) #33687966
    $5 – Marc Angelo
    Cineplex Movie Pass (not BOGO) *2013 expiry
    $2 - Cottonelle (Dec/2012) #49101557
    Spin U Win Codes
    $5 – Chapmans

    Counts as all 3:
    FPC – Bananas
    FPC – Cinnamon Pops
    FPC – Sunlight
    FPC – Cavendish
    FPC – Dove
    FPC Egg Creations 500g (NED) #42405287
    FPC - Kellogg’s
    FPC – Melitta
    FPC – Smartfood
    FPC – Triscuit Thin Crisps
    FPC – Purex
    FPC – MAXX Scoop litter
    FPC – Timothy’s coffee 12-count K-Cup pack (12/31/12)
    FPC - Quaker Chewy or dipps granola bars, 156-206g (11/30/12) #15105149
    FPC – Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated Juice
    Pin Code from Kellogg’s redeemable for fpc’s
    Schneiders vouchers
    Coke (must be valid for 355mL cans)

    Counts as 2:
    Colgate-Palmolive vouchers (if $3 value counts as all 3)
    J&J vouchers (if $3 value counts as all 3)
    Conagra vouchers (if $3 value counts as all 3)
    General Mills vouchers (if $3 value counts as all 3)
    Unilever (if $3 value counts as all 3)
    Schneiders vouchers
    Cineplex Movie Passes (not BOGO)
    $4 – Quaker products
    $4 – Advil Nightime (12/31/13) #12924543
    $3 – Bread WUB Ziplock
    $3/2 – Haagen-Dazs
    $2 - Campbell’s mail out (valid on any)
    $2 - Gay Lea Foods, Nordica or Lacteeze products (NED)
    $2 – Kelloggs
    $2 – Melitta coffee (12/31/12)
    $2/2 – Eggs, dozen (6/2013)
    $1 – Mark Angelo any product
    Bacon (not bits)

    Counts as 1:
    iCoke Pins
    $3/2 – Bic Lighters
    $3 – Venus razor (2/28/13)
    $3/3 – Greenworks *websaver* *1 per rider
    $2.50 – Jergens Natural Glow
    $2/2 – Always Radiant (9/30/13)
    $2 – Tampax Radiant (9/30/13)
    $2 – any All Bran (2013)
    $2 – Dove Nourishing Oil Care (8/31/12)
    $2 - Save 2$ on Fresh Fruit WUB2 4 packs of Hunts Snack Pak (7/31/2012)
    $2 – Janes (12/31/13)
    $1 – Johnsonville products (12/31/12) #44203984
    $2 – Melitta coffee (12/31/12)
    $1.50 – Fresh Chicken product (10/31/12) #33687979
    $1.50 – Satin care
    $1 - Becel (12/31/12) # 87410488
    $1 – Always Radiant (9/30/13)
    $1 – French’s Mustard (12/31/12) *1 per rider
    $1 - Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product (12/31/13)
    $1 – Lactantia Milk (12/31/12)
    $1 - Mountain Dew 591ml (8/31/12) #08530266
    $1 - Naturegg 12 pack (in shells from
    $1 – Renees Salad Dressing
    $1 – Ziplock *websaver* *1 per rider
    $1 – Catelli *websaver* *1 per rider
    $1/2 – fresh Eggs
    $1 or $1/2 – Jello, refridgerated
    $1/2 – Pringles Superstack (2/13/13)
    $1/2 – Schneiders Country Naturals hot dogs or sausages, Red Hots, Juicy Jumbos, Grill’ems or Ham Steaks (6/30/13)
    $ .75 -ANY Black Diamond Cheese (12/31/13) *from calendar
    $.75/2 – Christie Crackers (8/31/12)
    $.75 – D’Italiano product (9/30/12)
    $.75 – General Mills, specified products **
    $.75 – Lactancia butter (12/31/13)
    $.75 – Block Cheese product (10/31/12)
    $.75 – Black Diamond cheese (12/31/13)
    $0.75 - Triscuit Thin Crisps, 225g, Rice Thins Brown Rice Crisps, 100g, Wheat Thins, 226g, or Ritz Munchables Pretzel Crackers, 200g (12/31/12)
    $.50 - Dempster's Original Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns (10/31/12)
    $.50 – Maple Leaf Top Dogs (3/31/13)
    $.30 – Quaker Instant Oatmeal *1 per rider
    $.25 – Snack Pack pudding (2/28/13)
    $ .25 - Chef Boyardee (Feb. 2013) *from calendar
    B2G1FREE – Pringles 162-191g (6/30/12)
    B1G1FREE – Hunts Thick and Rich
    B1G1FREE - Oliveri
    Billy Bee
    Cloverleaf Tuna (not flavoured, not kits)
    Gold Seal Seafood
    Driscoll’s berries
    Kraft Dinner Smart *websaver*
    International Delight (not Cafe Inspirations)
    Dole canned fruit
    Silhouette 0+ yogourt
    Saran/Cling Wrap

    Bronwen’s Wish List
    Printables: N
    French: N
    TFT: Sure, if they are good in Ontario Y
    Stacking: No, I can’t in Ontario
    Store specific: N
    Multiples: Only if there is a *

    I'm pretty open to most food coupons so if you're having trouble feel free to pm me! I'm not sure what all is out there so you may have something I didn't know I wanted!

    Top Ten Most Wanted
    Kellogg’s SYB pin (or FPC for V8 Fusion/Yogurt/Bananas) RRRRRRLF!!*
    $$ off fresh chicken*
    $$ off fresh ground beef (not wub)*
    $2 Stayfree
    Advil from SpinuWin ($5 Childrens or$4 Cold&Sinus)
    $2 Cottonelle (Dec exp)
    $1 Europes Best March 31, 2013 (fromEaster Bakefest Booklet)*
    $0.75 fresh produce (from Ziplock, or any other fresh produce not wub)*
    $2 Gillette Men’s Body Wash ($5 wub 3 ok)
    Any FPC (other than pets or smellies, RLF food)

    Counts as Three:
    ANY food/beverage FPC (not sure all that’s out there please pm)
    ANY BOGO food/beverage coupon (not sure all that’s out there please pm)
    $6 wub3 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs (2013)
    Bryers FPC
    Cereal FPC (MUST be toddler friendly! No Grain Shop etc, RLF General Mills)
    Chapmans $2+
    Coke FPC (cans or bottles don’t really care, good on any coke product)
    Coffee FPC
    Friskies Cat Food FPC
    Huggies Kimberly-Clark Mail-Out $4 (printed from company)
    Juice FPC
    Kellogg’s pin for free breakfast item RRRLF*
    Kimberley-Clark Mail-Out, any
    Laundry Soap FPC (for HE)
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/etc (from superbowl promo)
    Maxx Scoop Litter $5
    Oasis FPC (not for shelf juice)
    Olivieri BOGO
    Once Upon A Child stamp cards (even if not full)
    $8 or $10 Pampers coupon good on any diapers (not wub)
    $5 Playtex (feminine hygiene)
    SC Johnson FPC (good on brands listed, SB etc, up to $7)
    Tim’s free coffee from roll up the rim RRRRRLF (or Timmies card ANY amount)*
    TH coffee coupon for tins (doubt these exist??)
    Advil Cold & Sinus $4+ (SpinuWin)
    Bananas FPC (do these exist aside from the SYB pin?)*
    Bounty/Charmin/Puffs $6 2013 expirey
    Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue $2 (from websaver)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken (from Ziplock)* RRRRRLF
    $4, $5 Children’s Advil
    Gillette $2*
    Gillette $5 wub 3
    Huggies wipes $3* RRRRRLF
    Kimberly Clark call in
    Kleenex or Puffs $2
    McCain pizza $2
    Sunlight BOGO
    ****LF fresh meat coupons (not wub) but not sure of all that’s out there****
    Counts as TWO:
    ANY fresh produce (NOT wub please!)
    Arctic Gardens BOGO
    Colgate-Palmolive Call-In
    Diaper Genie Elite II Refills (not sure of exp)*
    $2 Europes Best (from most recent RedPlum)* RRLF
    $0.75 any block cheese (from Ziplock)
    Call-In (any $1+)*
    Gillette body wash $2
    Gillette $5 wub 3 or more
    $2 High Liner, on the purchase of any 215-700g product*
    Ice Cream - ANY
    $2 Kellogg’s (ned)
    $2/$3 JnJ call-ins (RLF Stayfree)*
    $2 Kimberly-Clark Call-In
    Snuggle BOGO (must be good on Exhilirations fabric softner)
    Counts As ONE:
    Astro Original (NOT Greek) $1+*
    Arctic Garden BOGO
    Bacon Bits (FAKE only please, yes you read correctly haha)
    Bread (Dempsters (not Rye), D’Italiano, WonderBread, etc; NO Sunmaid plz)*
    Catelli pasta $0.75 or $1*
    Cheese (Black Diamond block/Cracker Barrell block)
    $0.75 any block cheese (from Ziplock)*
    Children’s Gravol $1 (must have longer expiry please)
    Christie cookies or crackers
    Chips coupons
    Cling Wrap
    Clorox wipes
    Coke products* (wub Old El Paso ok)
    Crystal Light (good on singles not jugs)
    Dole Salad*
    Europes Best $1 (from Bakefest, 2013 exp)*
    Eggs (real ones in shell)
    Flintstones Vitamins
    Garden Select Pasta Sauce (made by Catelli – does this exist???)
    Gay Lea butter (not spreadables just block butter – if one exists!)
    General Mills cereal (good on any, red peelie)*
    Hamburger/Hotdog buns (not sure what coupons for this are out there)
    Hershey’s Chipits (do these exist??)
    Honey Bunches of Oats (Sept 30 2012 expiry)
    High-Liner $1 any (must be good for ANY product and not type-specific please)
    High-Liner $2 any (must be good for ANY product and not type-specific please)
    Huggies wipes $1+
    $2 Kellogg’s (good on any – red peelie)
    Kraft Parmesan Cheese $1+ (powdery stuff not grated)
    $2 Club House La Grille 30 Minute Marinades (inside ziploc bags—wave 2)
    Lysol wipes
    Lactania Cream (NOT lactose free)
    Maple Leaf Natural Selections deli meat $1
    Maple Leaf BBQ (Top Dogs, hot dogs, Dempters/Ben's buns) $1 WUB 2 websaver
    McCain pizza
    Milk (NOT lactose free/soy etc)
    Nature Valley Bar (NOT value size)
    $0.75 Nature Valley (incl. cheerios, old el paso, pizza pops, pilsbury)
    Neilson butter (block)
    Neilson milk (must be good on 3.25%)
    Nestle Water (24 pack – real water not sparkling, flavoured, etc)
    Nutrigrain $1+ (no $0.50 please, Superfruit ok)*
    Oasis Cartons (1.75L) $1.25 (March 2013 from Allens Apple Juice Cans)*
    Oasis Juice Boxes $1 (from Allens Apple Juice Cans 2013)*
    Oasis Smoothies
    Olay Ribbons body wash*
    Old El Paso* RLF
    Oragel Toddler Training Toothpaste must be Fluoride Free $1+ RLF*
    Pampers code (diapers only)
    Pepto Bismol* RRLF (do these exist anymore??)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Philadelphia Cooking Cream
    $2 Playtex Peelie*
    Premium Plus (do these exist anymore?)
    Schneiders all beef hot dogs
    Schneiders Steakettes
    Sensodyne (original, no pronamel etc please)
    Shreddies $1+
    Simply juices (Simply Apple, Simply Orange etc)
    Stouffer’s coupons (do these exist?)
    Stouffer’s PINs (from regular Stouffer’s frozen dinners, not Lean Cuisine) must include UPC or it cannot be redeemed on the site!!!*
    Sunlight laundry soap $1+
    SunRype Fruit+ Veggies $0.75 (no other kinds please! Will accept for the jug or juice box of Fruit+Veggies) RRRLF*
    Tampax Compax (do these exist??)RRRRLF
    $1 Tetley (NED)
    V8 FUSION (no other please, light ok) –one per rider plz
    Venus cartridges (must be good for ANY Venus refill)

    Venuila’s Wishlist:

    Top Ten:
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal
    FPC Vaseline
    Hydrasense ($6 on any – Shoppers Voice coupon)
    Tide $3
    Quaker (call in)
    Maxx Scoop Litter
    Chapmans $5
    $10 Similac Mom
    Heinz Ketchup
    Koolaid Jammers



    FPC for anything on WL / any baby FPC
    FPC Cadbury Dairy Milk
    FPC Maxx Scoop Litter
    FPC Pasta Sauce (any, incl paste)
    FPC Tide/Purex
    FPC Toilet Paper (any)
    Cheese Whiz
    Diaper Genie Elite II Refills
    Huggies/Pampers Diapers/Wipes (no inserts)
    Huggies/Pampers (call in/mailout)
    Kelloggs PIN for Breakfast Item
    Coupon for an electric breast pump (if one even exists-ask first please)

    COUNTS AS 2:

    Brita Filters $2+(printed ok)
    Campbell's (call in/mailout)
    Colgate/Palmolive (call in/mailout)
    General Mills (call in/mailout)
    J&J $2+ (call in/mailout)
    Kimberly Clark (call in/mailout)
    Maxwell House Coffee ($1+) (ground, not instant)
    Playtex (call in/mailout/bucks)
    Purex $1+ (good on any kind – not crystals)
    Sc Johnson (call in/mailout)
    Schneiders (call in/mailout)
    Toilet Paper $2+ (Royale/Cottonelle)
    Any BBQ Sauce BOGO (printed ok)
    Any of the coupons on Hamburger Helper/Old El Paso Kits (2L Coke, beef, etc)

    COUNTS AS 1:
    Cheese, $0.75 on any block cheese
    Chicken, $1.50 on any fresh chicken
    Eggs (any eggs in a carton, not liquid)
    Produce, $0.75 on any fresh produce (MULTIPLES OK)
    Allen's Apple Juice 1.89L or Rougemont 2L (MULTIPLES OK)
    Aylmer Tomatoes (good on any – have enough Accents)
    Baker’s Chocolate
    Becel Margarine (not pro-activ/not buttery)
    Black Diamond Cheese (blocks – not slices/shredded)
    Breyer’s Ice Cream
    Campbell's Soup
    Canada Dry $1.50 wub1
    Catelli $0.75+ (any, smart ok)
    Christie Crackers/Cookies
    Clubhouse Gravy/Spices
    Cool Whip
    Crisco $0.75+
    Danone (good on 650g – no drinkables/greek)
    Dare $0.75+ (Breton/bear paws/real fruit gummies)
    Delissio Pizza
    Dempster's Breads/Hot Dog Buns/Hamburger Buns (reg buns, not thin/mini)
    Diana Sauce (no gravy)
    D’Italino $0.75+ Breads/Hot Dog Buns/Hamburger Buns
    Dr. Oetker Pizza (not wub)
    E.D. Smith Jam or Pie Filling
    French's $1+
    Gay Lea (good on any)
    General Mills (websaver)
    Green Giant (canned veg)
    Hamburger Helper (MULTIPLES OK)
    Helluva Good Dip, $0.75+ (good on any)
    Hunt’s (Tomato Sauce/Tomato Juice/Tomato Paste)
    Italpasta (good on any)
    Janes Chicken $2+
    Jell-O (instant pudding, jello powder, light ok)
    Kellogg's (any)
    Kraft Dinner (0.75+, no smart)
    Kraft Parmesan Cheese
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Kraft Salad Dressings
    Kraft BBQ Sauce
    Kraft $2wub4
    Lactantia Butter/Cream Cheese/Milk (not lactose free/soy/organic)
    Lay’s Chips
    Maple Leaf Chicken
    Maple Leaf Top Dogs
    Marc Angelo $1 - NED
    Milk (reg milk pls - NO SOY/LACTOSE FREE/ALMOND/ORGANIC)
    Minute Rice (not cups)
    Miracle Whip Mayo (MULTIPLES OK)
    Natrel Chocolate Milk
    Neilson (reg milk/sour cream)
    Nesquick (not wub)
    Old El Paso (kits, salsa, seasoning)
    Old Dutch Chips
    Pam Cooking Spray $2
    Peek Freans
    Philidelphia Cream Cheese (MULTIPLES OK)
    Philidelphia Dip
    Pizza Pops/Pockets (MULTIPLES OK)
    Pogo $1+
    Pop Tarts
    Quaker (any, rlf oatmeal)
    Rice Krispie Squares (not brown rice/granola)
    Schneider's $1+ (Grill’ems, Pepperettes, Hot Rods)
    Shake N Bake
    Skippy Peanut Butter
    Special K (Cereal/Fruit Crisps)
    Sour Cream (Neilson/Gaylea/Sealtest not gold)
    SunnyD $1+
    Tostitos (ANY/MULTIPLES OK)
    Tropicana (not Trop50, must be good on no pulp)
    Uncle Ben’s Rice & Sauce (expiring dec 31 or later)
    Unico (any canned tomato products – paste/juice too)
    VH Sauce (not Indian/Thai)
    VH Steamers BOGO
    Villagio Breads/Hot Dog Buns/Hamburger Buns
    Wonderbread Bagels/Breads
    Yoplait Yogurt (good on any)
    Aluminum Foil (any)
    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
    Bounce $1+ (must be good on sheets)
    Palmolive $1+ (oct 2012 or later)
    Swiffer Wet Jet Liquid/Pad Refills
    Tide $2+
    Axe Bodywash $2+
    Bio Oil
    Buckley’s $3+
    Covergirl $3+ (good on any, not wub)
    Dove Bodywash $2 (not upc 89288425)
    Head & Shoulders (must be good on 2 in 1, expiring after Aug 1 pls)
    Jamieson Vitamins – must be good on prenatal (after july 1 expiry pls)
    Old Spice Body Wash (good on any, MULTIPLES OK)
    Old Spice Deodorant (good on any, MULTIPLES OK)
    Satin Care $1.25+
    Skintimate Shave Gel
    Tums (not wub)

    Last edited by Anna Michele; Wed, May 16th, 2012 at 03:55 PM.
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    pm'ing you
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    coupons to trade
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    me please pming u now
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    Welcoe aboard [email protected], shkyle, amd missbee217 so glad to have you all
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    Bump in the night
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    mid-day bump
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    Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage
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    Hi! This sounds like fun! Need to add a Top 10 part and will pm
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    I'd love a spot please! Pm-ing you shortly.

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    I'd like to join please.
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    Welcome aboard, looks like we are on our way to the top ten girls of sc too lol
    aren't you one? Come on board
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    Make your TOP TEN and join in!!
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    looking for at least 4 more riders come on and ride with us compile your RRRLF items and send em on over
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