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Thread: Hosting a party? Here are a few money saving tips.

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    I can host just about anything for under $15.

    My major savings comes from hosting clothing exchange parties.
    Invite everyone you know, request that they drop their garbage bags of clothing a week before the date (gives you time to set up and put aside any things that you absolutely can't live without) Ask if they can lend clothes hangers (those wine glass attachments that are used so that you know which one is yours doubles in colour coding whos hangers belong to who).
    Inc; shoes and accessories in the exchange!
    And now you don't need a new wordrobe until next years party!

    Always always always include an invitation! Staples sells packs of coloured cardboard paper for about 200 pages for $5 (I always wait for sales) You can cut each page neatly four ways and guess what? You have just payed $5 for 800 invitations! For about $1 you can get simple small size white envelopes about 100 ct. Then you can watch for sales on pretty stickers - I usually wait for $0.25 clearout sales and michells etc; but dollarama has a pretty good ongoing selection and of course that would be $1-$2..
    Invitations also always will bring a larger turn out to your parties, because people view parties by invitation as more exclusive and so they are quicker to come.
    Also it gives you a chance to give an RSVP deadline and:

    Whenever I have a get together req : "Bring an appy" If this is socially acceptable where you live, it will save you a fortune. Until you look over what everyone has brought don't put any of your own things out opened. (go for more pre-packaged items that your put out because then you may not need to open them!) Have drinks out. But with food you can just have bowls on the counter with items still in packaging. People will see the stuff when they bring in what they brought, but they will not see you placing the stuff back in your cupboards if more than enough snacks come! Save for next time!

    If you are in need of a good supply of gift packaging, host a baby shower!
    Many mothers today do not want to save the gift wrapping or even the bags.
    As hostess you can enroll yourself in the job of folding the gift wrap and bags. (of course if both the mother and mother-in-law are at the shower you want to give the job to one of the grandmas. You won't always get the wrapping but often times you will.

    Use your own glass plates and cups unless you get a crazy good sale! (under $0.50)
    You can use cloth napkins or watch for clearouts on napkins.
    Rule of thumb: If you are inviting more than 20 people buy paper and plastic, if it is under that, just use your reg dishes.

    If you are using paper or plastic or (gasp!) styrofoam dishes, include a sharpie marker. Have a note near the cups saying write your name on your cup! (some people will get a new cup every time, but if you do it this way, people are probably going to use their cup all night or only replace their cup once or twice! (don't have a easily accessable garbage! If they have to walk to the kitchen they probably won't throw out their cups!)

    Always watch for items that can be treasures at kids parties. Never pay more than $0.25 per kids gift pack (yes that includes bags, and all the prizes) you can do it with a little planning!

    Thank you for reading! I have more to say but ran out of time..
    If you have any savings advise for parties, please tell us!
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    Love this thread idea! and i love all your ideas! I will so be using some of them

    If I am planning a party and of course supplying the food and drink, I try to serve my guest what I find on sale the week before a party. So I can save as much money as possible by sale items and of course using coupons.

    I am also a very DIY person. If your having like a girly party with all your friends I find going to your local dollar store and or goodwill/value village store you can find some great things for decore. You can find a very nice vase to put some nice followers in for as little as 5.00! if you want to jazz up the table. Also, you can find some nice plates and cups there as well, if you don't want to use plastic. (But i perfer plastic lol)

    Also, if you want to have some sweets at your party going to bulk barn has some good deals. You can find some cheap candies after major holidays, Easter, xmas etc as well. Save those and use them when you need to. Get some nice big vases or even some nice clear big cups or bowels and put all the candy you can into them for your guests! I find this is good for children parties to!
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