Hey Newbies, are you afraid to join a Virtual Wish Train due to all the hard to find coupons and specific upc's? I was too!

This is a VWT specifically for newbies, I will take 5 riders with a trade rating of 30 or less.

So here's what you do.

  • Post in the thread that you would like to join, pm me your address and wishlist. Wishlist must contain a minimum of 50 coupons before FPCS. If you need wishlist ideas, check out some other peoples (found in the trade forum.) At least 5 of those coupons must be currently available online. Let me know if you will accept Printables, French, Toonies for Tummies or Store Specific. Please do not state UPC's in your wl, as this is intended to be a starter VWT for those of you who are new to Smart Canucks, couponing, or both.
  • Once the wish lists are posted, take time to look through them and find 3 exact coupons from each persons list. Coupons must expire July 15th or later. If you wish to send an early expiry you must pm the rider and forward me their approval. If you absolutely can not find a coupon for someone you must replace it with 1 stamp for each 1-2 coupons missing. Remember, you may need to go through your own stash to make this VWT successful. Separate the coupons with a paper clip or baggie, clearly label which rider it is for and that it's from you, so that you can be rated.
  • Include 3 P stamps. Two of them are to mail back your envelope, one is for my conducting. Also include 1 exact coupon from my wishlist. This is called a boarding pass. I am not riding this train, just conducting. However if I have coupons from your wl, I will include them
  • Mail on the mail date. Get your envie weighed or put 2 P stamps on your envie to be sure. I will pm you my addy.
  • First envelope to arrive with no mistakes gets an FPC from me!
  • When you get your envie back, leave everyone feedback. Instant rating boost

So let's get started!