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    Expired on: Wed, May 23rd, 2012
    HI there ,

    I am really looking for Oasis juice, it looks like became very popular, my daughter really needs the probiotic which is helping her for the bowel movements. I have a trade list maybe i have something that you are looking for and we can make a trade.

    thank you

    2.00 any PediaSure Complete 4x235 ml (feb 28/13)
    4x5.00 Powder Can of Nestle Follow up 900g(june 30)
    8.00 Good Start concentrated liquid(jun 25)
    10.00 Good Start with Omega 3&6 concentrated liquid( june 25)

    3.00 any Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit (june 30)
    1.50 any Swiffer WetJet Pad refills (june 30)
    1.50 any Swiffer WetJet Liquids refills (june 30)
    3x.50 any one size or scent Bounce Dryer Bar (aug 31,2012)
    2x5.00 any Flameless Luminaire (aug 31,2012)
    .50 any Febreze Air Effects (aug 31,2012)
    9x5.00 when you spend $10 on any Air Wick Freshmatic products (sept 30)
    9x5.00 when you spend $10 on any Air Wick Scented Oils products (sept 30)
    9x5.00 when you spend $10 on any Air Wick candles (sept 30)
    8x5.00 Scrubbing Bubbles bath power sprayer starter (july 11)
    14x3.00 Scrubbing Bubbles bath power sprayer starter (june 30)
    14x1.00 Scrubbing Bubbles or Fantastik product (june 30)
    14xB1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel(june 30)
    2.00 any Finish Quantum (dec 31/12)
    9x5.00 Rubbermaid reveal mop (july 31)
    9x2.00 any Affresh cleaning products (july 15)
    1.00 any Sunlight Oxi Action Power Pacs Machine Dishwasher detergent (dec 31)

    24x1.00 any BioBest probiotic yogurt with plant sterols.(31 dec )
    2x1.00 any two snack stacks Pringles (aug 31,2012)
    .75 Re-sealable Fleishmann's Canada brand corn starch(dec 31)
    .50 Maille mustard 200 ml (dec 31)
    .50 Hormel real bacon bits or real bacon pieces (oct 31)
    .75 VH Thai or indian market sauce (dec 31)
    .25 Chef Boyardee (feb 28,2013)
    .75 Skippy product (dec 31)
    .75 Fleischmann's pizza yeast (dec 31)
    8x1.00 any High Liner Pan-Sear selects 540g (june 30)
    10x.75 any 400/454g High Liner vac iqf fillets (dec 31)
    9x2.00 any 500g pkg of High Liner Flame Savours Fillets (june 30/13)
    .50 Reynolds StayBrite baking cups (dec 31)
    10x.75 Mott's Garden Cocktail (1.89L, 6x240ml or 6x162 ml) Original, Zesty or Low Sodium (aug 31)
    14x2.00 Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Granulated 275g or Splenda Brown Sugar Blend 454g (june 30)
    .65 any Eagle Brand Sweetened condensed milk ( april 30)
    .75 Kraft Dinner Smart Macaroni and Cheese (may 6)
    1.00 New Great grains cereal (may 6)
    1.00 any 240g or larger BlueWater product (june 30)
    1.00 Harvest Splendour medleys (may 31)
    .50 Maple Leaf Ready Crisp Bacon (april 30)
    1.00 Cavendish rustic red diced potatoes (jun 30,2012)
    1.00 Cavendish Flavour crisp 454g sweet potato strips(jun 30,2012)
    2x4.00 WUB 2 Nestle 20ct snack size bars (31 dec )
    .50 any RealFruit Minis fruit flavoured snacks (30 june )
    .50 any Bear Paws Crackers (june 30)
    .50 any Bear Paws Cookies ir Minis (june 30)
    .50 any Wagon Wheels Cookies (june 30)

    2x1.00 any Secret Clinical Strength (aug 31,2012)4x2.00 any Gillette Clinical Deodorant or any 2 deodorants (aug 31,2012)
    1.00 any Lever 2000 bar (4-pack) or body wash (may 31)
    8x2.00 Irish Spring body wash 443ml-532ml or any one Irish Spring antiperspirant/deodorant 92g (oct 31)
    2x1.00 any Lever 2000 bar (4 pack) or body wash ( 31 jul )

    2x7.00 any Crest 3D Whitestrips professional effects(aug 31,2012)
    4x1.00 Colgate optic white toothpaste (oct 15)
    10x1.00 Colgate 360 optic white toothbrush(oct 15)
    12x1.00 Colgat Total or Colgate Total Advanced Health toothpaste (125 ml or larger) oct 15

    2x1.00 wub 2 Pepto Bismol products (aug 31,2012)
    2.00 wub 2 bottles of Tums (dec 2012)
    2x2.00 any Zax"s original creams ( jul 31)
    $10.00 any Robax product (may 31, 2013)
    3.00 Centrum for men or women (31 may 2013)

    8x2.00 one pkg Cesar Dry Food for small dogs (july 31)
    5x3.00 Pedigree dry food for dogs (any size or variety - sept 30)
    6x5.00 Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend puppy or dog food (june 30)

    Wish List
    Pampers , Huggies coupons (HV- longer expiry date than june)
    Gerber todler drink(good for now)
    Minute Maid (frozen good)
    Milk coupons
    Oasis Juice 1.75 L - RRRRRLLLL
    Sunny D
    Dempster's bagels (not thin bagels)
    Tide (more than $1.00)
    Downy (more than $1.00)
    Head & Shoulders
    Dove soap
    Nivea soap
    Purina cat Chow dry food (more than $1.00)
    Unused stamps, GS
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    im still looking for Oasis refrigerated juice

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