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    Expired on: Tue, May 29th, 2012
    Tmlskk01's 1st VWT FPC Train!

    I kindly ask everyone to please read over the rules before requesting a seat if you have any questions please contact me.

    I would like to take 10 riders on this train including myself (I will not be participating in the draw for fpc's only on the train itself).

    Everyone is welcome as long as they have no negative feedback.

    I would suggest that you have a wishlist of 35-40 coupons (not including FPC's) with several current online coupons (websaver, etc) please remember to have a reasonable wishlist so that someone newbies will be able to send you coupons as well.

    You will be sending each rider 3 coupons from their wishlist (duplicates must be approved by rider)

    If you do not have a coupon from their wish list and cant make other arrangements with the rider please replace the coupon with an unused P stamp.

    Coupons MUST expire on or after July 15th 2012 unless you have the ok from the rider.

    Please forward me any pm's from riders ok'ing substitutions so I wont question your envie when it arrives.

    Only send exact coupons that are on a rider’s wish list please! If someone is asking for 1.00 off amooza twist please do not send 1.00 wub2 amooza twist.

    Please bundle your coupons to each rider with a paperclip, baggie or something similar and be sure to write who it is to and from.

    Boarding Pass:
    Please send 3 unused P stamps as well as an FPC for the draw.

    The draw:

    The conductor will be keeping 4 out the 10 fpc's the rest will be put into the draw, I will have a family member draw names from a hat.

    1st name = 3 fpcs
    2nd name= 2 fpcs
    3rd name = 1fpc

    You will only be entered in the draw if you send your envie to me on time and without problems (everyone makes mistakes so if its only a small issue i will overlook) but several expired or non wishlist coupons and you will be out of the draw.
    I will set a mail date after we have 10 confirmed riders.

    To reserve a seat:

    1. Please post in this thread to reserve your seat.

    2. PM me asap with your wish list and your mailing address.

    3. Please include at least 30-40 reasonable coupons along with several coupons that are currently available online.

    At the top of your wish list please answer the following questions:

    Toonies for Tummies: Yes or No
    Store Specific Coupons: Yes or No
    French Coupons: Yes or No
    Printables: Yes or No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Yes or No
    Online Coupons: Yes or no

    10. tmlskk01

    Let's have some fun!
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    Reserved for wishlists.

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