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    For trade, we just picked up multiple coupons to save $2 when you buy any of the following items:

    • TWO 12 x 355ml can packs OR TWO 6x710ml bottles OR FOUR 2L bottles of Dr.Pepper, Crush, or Schweppes beverages. EXP: August 31, 2012 UPC: 12808348

    We are really looking for multiples of:

    • Save $0.75 off Black Diamond cheese (340-500g) EXP: Dec 31, 2013 UPC: 46215723
    • Save $2.00 off Europes best fruit essential EXP: Dec 31, 2012
    • Save $1.50 off Oasis 2.63L refrigerated EXP: March 31, 2013
    • Save $1.25 off Oasis 1.75L refreigerated EXP: March 31, 2013

    We also have many other coupons to trade, but have not updated our tradelist. However, if we know your wantlist, we can check and see if we can work out a trade as we are also looking for other coupons that we have not listed above.

    Please send us a PM if interested in trading. Thanks.
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    Pm'd you

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