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    Hey Guys,

    my name is Rene Naguschewski and I'm from Germany. As some of you may know there's the biggest soccer game this year on the next weekend in Munich, Germany.

    There's a Facebook Voting, where the the first placed get's two tickets für this incredible Game. I'm on second and I need every help I can get!

    Here's the link to my photo!

    There's a blue botton with the following german text on it "Stimme für dieses Foto abgeben". Just klick on that button please! You would really make me happy if you can vote for me.

    Maybe you can share this with your friends all over the globe to help all over the world. Thank god there's the internet

    Sorry for my english mistakes. I'm german and I'll tried my very best!

    Thank you very much!
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    Your english was just fine. # 839
    Please vote for my Daughter
    Click on the 5 stars (make sure it's the 5th star) then enter email and your done.
    Her pic blue sky and she has glasses. Thank you very much
    you may vote one time per email / device (phone,desktop,laptop) ENDS 5/31
    Please leave vote #

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