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    Hi Everyone,

    Although I'm new to these forums, I've been lurking for quite a while. Like many of you, I have a Costco Membership, which I use regularly.

    A little while ago, I purchased an Oreck air filter at Costco. The next week, they featured a $75.00 off coupon. That frustrated me, so I spoke to their customer service desk to see if I could get the difference refunded. I always knew they had a good product return policy, but never thought much of it. Lo-and behold, they price matched the air filter without a problem. I asked for more details about it, and they told me that if the price of an item ever dropped at Costco, I could bring in my original receipt and they would price match it. Since then, I have successfully price matched Chips, Brita filters (when they go on sale), and an Espresso Machine. Time-limit wise, they reserve the right to limit you to 2 years for most things, and 90 days for electronics (as per their return policy, but management can make exceptions). Costco will only price-match themselves - but if their price ever drops, you can retroactively price match a purchase.

    I was inspired! I did a bit more research, and (obvious in retrospect, I suppose), it seems that prices can vary by location, even for the same items. You have to go to the location with the lower price, it has to be in stock, and you must have your original receipt.

    The missing piece of the puzzle, is that you don't know if, or when, or where, the price is lower. It would be nice to know if it's worth your while to go in to Costco there, and line up at the customer service desk. Maybe the price dropped at your local store, but you just never noticed, because you donít typically go down that isle.

    Long story short - I've created a website for these situations - you can enter in your Costco receipts and price paid, and it will cross-reference everyone else's receipts to see where the best price is for what you've already purchased. Then you'll know where to go, and how much you'll save (and you can evaluate if its worth your time to price match). The more people that use it, the more it will help everyone.

    Anyhow, I've just launched it, and would love any feedback anyone might have Ė

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    Um, that's incredible. My parents regularly shop at Costco, especially for big purchases. I'll be telling people about your site. Thanks! <- Join me on SwagBucks!!

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    Wanted to let you know that this was posted on Make Cents This is really good to know.

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