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Thread: discount health food??

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    hey all, we are eating healthy and i would like to know where the best place to get good healthy stuff at a decent price is? I am looking for stuff like coconut oils, stevia, etc. I know health food stores carry it, but usually its through the roof costs. I found some of the stuff at walmart, but not much. is there some middle ground out there (at least for some of it)?
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    I use

    and shop regular stores for healthy items. Coconut oil is probably my biggest splurge, but I can normally piece together my healthy pantry with help from The Healthy Shopper. There's going to be a coupon posted soon that's for Blue Diamond Almond Milk - I got a confirmation from the service a few weeks back. I go through almond milk like water and sometimes it'll go on special for around $1.50 + the coupon (last year it was .55) and I'll by $40-$50 dollars worth at a time by simply price matching at Walmart.
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    I have noticed that Fortino's and most likely all RCSS stores have health food sections-look for the stack of Viva magazines in those sections (sometimes magazines are at the bag/checkout areas too)-the last two issues had a coupon page or two. Also, Fortino's flyers this month seem to have a page featuring organic produce and health food items. I'd say to keep an eye on the flyers for deals or look to see what gets the discount stickers during the week at your local RCSS/Loblaws store.
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