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    I have 4 of the liberty milk FPC's left to trade.

    Im looking for wishlist items

    Jenny's Wishlist
    $ off Maxx Cat Litter (3.00+) RRRLF
    1.00 off Clorox Wipes
    Minute Maid Save 1.00 WUB 2 tearpad
    BD Block Cheese ($0.75+) (December Expiry)
    Kelloggs Cereal or Snacks ($2.00+)
    $5.00 Quaker from manufacturer
    0.75 General Mills
    1.00 General Mills Peelie RRRRRRLF
    $10.00 Maple Leaf, good on any product
    $1 Classico, any product. NED
    $1.50 any fresh chicken (from Ziploc)
    $1.00 Campbell's from manufacturer
    .50 any campbells soup chunky goldfish RLF
    Baby Wipes FPC
    Diaper FPC
    $3 wub bread Ziploc
    VH sauce
    BOGO Healthy choice steamers
    .75 on fresh produce from ziploc
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese (1.00+) (not cooking cream)
    Healthy Choice Steamers $1
    FPC 2 litre pepsi product
    FPC Trop 50
    Whiskas FPC
    Any Fruit FPC (not bananas)
    $5 Skinny Cow (on new Kellogg's cereal boxes)
    Delmonte/Aylmer FPC (mailout from company)
    Old El Paso
    Olvieri ($1+ off)
    Motts Fruitsations Tearpad
    FPC 6x 710mL any PepsiCo product from Tostitos mail-in rebate
    FPC Lays, Tostitos, Smartfood product from Tostitos mail-in rebate
    $5 Colgate/Palmolive
    FPC Dempsters Country Original bread
    Pins from Kellogs cereal boxes to redeem for Tetley tea, banana, etc coupons
    FPC Kraft Dressing
    Chapmans 5.00 Voucher
    Minute Rice (not Cups)
    Ziploc (baggies or containers) $2 WUB 2 or 1.00 of 1 (websaver)
    FPC GAIN detergent or sheets
    FPC Arm & Hammer double duty cat litter 6.4kg box (max $7.48) (apr 30)
    Any Kitty Litter FPC
    fpc popcorn seasoning (from ConAgra mail-in)
    FPC Melitta coffee
    2.00 Johnsons Baby Coupons (please no Johnsons Naturals I cannot use them)
    $3 Royale
    $3 Tide
    $6 Charmin,Bounty,Puffs
    $5 Maple Leaf
    $1.00 WUB 2 Kelloggs Poptarts
    Arctic Garden's or Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (Bogo or FPC)
    BBQ Sauce (any but Newman's Own)
    Bull’s Eye bbq sauce
    Classico Pasta Sauce
    Clover Leaf Tuna (NOT Flavored)
    Dole Salad Kits/Lettuce
    Dove Chocolate
    Eggs (2.00 +) (not liquid, not WUB Pam)
    Any Replacement FPC from company
    FPC's (most any, just msg me)
    FPC Philidelphia Dip, Cream Cheese or Cooking cream
    FPC Dempsters Bagels
    FPC Diapers
    FPC Sunlight Laundry Detergent RRRRLF
    FPC Chocolate (any)
    FPC for Purina Maxx Litter RRRRLF
    FPC Cheese
    Dempters Bagels 1.00 RRLF (looking for multiples)
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal
    FPC Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar
    FPC Lindt
    FPC Yogurt
    Fresh Vegetables/Fruit
    Frozen Fruit (Europe's Best, Arctic Gardens etc)
    Heinz Ketchup
    VH Sauce 2.00 WUB 2
    Janes Chicken (2.00+)
    Pampers (5.00 or 10.00+, NOT WUB Please)
    $3 WUB5 Kraft
    Miniwheat Centers 1.00 or 1.50
    Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce
    Thinsations 1.50 (printable OK)
    Scrubbing Bubbles FPC
    Liberty Yogurt FPC
    2.00 off Fresh Fruit
    3.00 Nexxus
    3.00 Zantac
    Wonderbread FPC
    Becel Pro Activa margarine FPC (from doctor's office)
    FPC/BOGO Kraft Amooza Twists
    $5 WUB5 participating Kraft brand
    $2/$3 Robin Hood Flour
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars
    FPC Glad garbage bags
    Hamburger Helper
    Kraft or Skippy Peanut Butter
    Catelli Smart 1.00
    FPC Tampax
    breathe right strip samples
    Baby food (jars, cereals, snacks) FPC or coupons
    5.00 Playtex
    Playtex Diaper Genie 1.00+
    Coke FPC
    $2 Kelloggs
    - Fleishmann's yeast (regular, not pizza)
    1.00 Wipes (Pampers or Huggies is fine)
    - Brita filters
    $5 Abbott Nutrition Vouchers
    Shoppers Points
    Walmart GC'S
    Stamps (Please no used stamps )
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