2 x Mug Cake FPC
1 x Great Grains FPC
1 x Kashi FPC

2 x $10 Aerius

3 x Crabby Joe's Cheesy Bread FPC
1 x Crabby Joe's Lunch Item FPC
2 x Coffee Culture Bagel FPC
2 x Coffee Culture Baked Good FPC
1 x Coffee Culture Medium Coffee FPC

BIG Wishes:
$5 M&M's Coupons (from Canadian Tire) **will trade my first born**
FPC for Coffee Culture sandwich/wrap combo (Spin2Win)
FPC Union Burger BURGERS (Signature, Regular, Little)
FPC Heathy choice steamers (or FPC's for VH Steamers, Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, Michelinas)
FPC Skinny Cow
$1 Pepsi (12x355ml) Peelies
$0.75 off fresh produce purchase (from ziploc)
$1.00/$1.50 off fresh chicken product (from ziploc)
$0.75 any Block cheese (from Ziploc)
$0.75 Black Diamond - December 31, 2013 tear pad only please!!
$5 Marc Angelo (mail out)
$5 Maple Leaf Prime - good on regular Boneless Skinless Breasts (booklet) this is not the prime portions from
$5 Chapmans (mail out)
$5 Danone (mail out)
$2 wub 2 Christie products (What's Cooking Magazine)
$0.75 Premium plus crackers (What's Cooking Magazine)
$3 Black Diamond when you buy 2 (Shopper's Voice)
$1 Marc Angelo (mail out)
$1 Fresh Express Salads (mail out)
$0.55 Bolthouse carrots (mail out)
$0.75 General Mills ( - the one that includes betty crocker fruit snacks
$0.75 Villaggio buns (from Black Diamond cheese slices)

FPC Wish List
FPC Pepsi (6 pack bottles - not 2L please)
FPC or BOGO Coke (12 pack cans)
FPC Wonderbread (cereal boxes)
FPC Lays/Tostitos (from Pepsi promo)
FPC Quaker Chewy Bars (not oatmeal please)
FPC Bacon or any meat really
FPC Oasis Juice boxes (from cereal box - not cartons please have enough for now)
FPC Cavendish (mail out)
FPC Clamato (Shopper's Voice)
FPC or HV mail outs from other companies (PLEASE ASK if not listed here, thanks!)

Other Wishes
$5 Prime Portions (
$2 wub4 Weight Watches Smart Ones (small boxes, not bags please)
$0.75 Johnsonville peelie - this has a 2015 expiry!
$1 Healthy Choice Steamers (NOT VH Steamers please!)
Any $ off Green Giant veggies (NOT when you buy Hamburger helper or anything else please)
$0.75 D'Italiano Bread (September expiry ONLY please)
$0.75 Michelinas
Dole Salad (good on EVERY type of Dole Salad, or iceberg - not spinach cherry please)
$2 wub 4 participating Kraft products (expiry July 31)
$0.50 Coca-Cola (good on zero 12 pack cans)
$1 Hunts WUB think n rich PASTA sauce AND paste (from Canadian Living Calendar ONLY please)
$1 Tostitos Salsa (on pepsi packs)
$1 Tostitos Artisan (on pepsi packs)
$1 Dare or Grissol (when you buy ONE, from magazine)
$5 Neo Citran tea/powder - not syrup please
$5/$4 Children's Advil (bubblegum or berry) exp. Dec 31, 2013 (from SpinUWin promo)
$1 Hain-Celestial mail out
$2 Delissio (rising crust or thin crust - not garlic bread pizza please)
$1 Diana sauce or marinade (when you buy ONE, tear pad coupon)
$0.50 Top Dogs (tear pad or booklet, came with $2 Maple Leaf... this is not the $1 wub2)
$0.75 Lactantia butter (2013 expiry ONLY please - from Canadian Living calendar please)
$0.25 snack pack (2013 expiry ONLY from Canadian Living calendar please)
$1 Dr. Oetker pizzas - good on all kinds (expiry December 31 - new tear pad)
$2 wub 2 dozen eggs (not $1 wub2, June 2013 expiry)
$0.30 Del Monte portable fruit cups (from packaging)
$0.75 off ANY Catelli (new, mysterious tear pad - NOT Catelli Smart please)
$1 Danone (good on any) expiry March 31, 2013 (mail out)
$1 ANY SC Johnson product (peelie)
$0.50 Coca-Cola peelie
$1 Ziploc (from [email protected] - when you buy one, not when you buy two please)
$1 Pinesol (good on any)
Lean Cuisine Pins
Heinz Beans

Also always looking for food FPC's or mail-outs from companies! Willing to accept almost any FPC or HV coupon, just message me and ask please