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Thread: Faithful dog won`t leave partner which has been killed on the road. Text updated.

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    This story just made me cry on several levels!
    This dog loved his partner well past`` `til death do us part.``

    oops - the story was deleted.

    The dog would not leave it's partner. (The female had apparently been hit by a car.) He kept nudging her. Someone put out food and water for him. The SPCA didn't respond for 14 hours but finally came and took him to a shelter and removed his partner. He is being considered for a special foster placement since he has been listless and obviously depressed.
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    So sad. Animals feel just as deeply as we do.

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    Poor baby!!! I hope they find the perfect spot for him - lots of TLC, new friends, lots of space and stuff to do, good food and whatever else that poor fella deserves to make him happy.
    My cat Billy was depressed after we lost his playmate unexpectedly. We all needed a new kitten, so we got one, but he got sick and almost died. It was Billy who nursed him back to health. He would hold him in his front paws, lick him all over and cuddle with him. Billy was fine after that and so was the kitten!
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    OMG...what a cry baby I am. I hate reading stuff like this, although it shows the compasion and love our animals have for us. My little girl is very aware of my pain and feelings from day to day and won't leave my side if I ill, not even to eat. Animals are turely amazing creatures and deserve to be treated as such.
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    Geez almost cried..this is so sad! I really hope he finds someone that really deserves him .. .. and how super nice was this person giving him food and water... makes you wish more people would do things like this.

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