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Hi, I'm a personal developer.
In fact, my earphone's sound was too bad for me. So I decided to make this app.
As a result, I think this app shows pretty high quality sound.
Thus, I decided to open to the public.
(although it contains banner ads, it has completely no problem to enjoy EQ player)

It just support full functionalities. I just make this app for you.

** Major feature list is as below.
1. 10-band equalizer
2. 3D reverb effector
3. Unlimited preset management (Basic Presets : Normal, Club,Classic, Live, 3D Concert, 3D Hall, Vocal, High Bass, High Treble)
4. Unlimited playlist management
5. Random/Sequential/Repeat ... support

** Also It is integrated with iPhone play environment.
1. It supports background music play
2. Play control in lock screen.
3. You can use the remote controller in your earphone.
4. For bluetooth users, no problem, just use it!
5. You can use iOS's basic timer to stop the music.

I made this app with pride and rewarding.
I decided to open to the public.

I hope iPhone/iPod user enjoy their music with eqPlayer.