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    Expired on: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2012
    Visit for your chance to win the ULTIMATE CANADIAN PRIZEPACK

    Each day we will publish a series of true/false questions about Canada’s inventions, innovations and discoveries to test your knowledge about this great land of ours.

    Every question is an entry and the more questions you answer the more chances you’ll have to win!

    Prizes include:
    -LEGO® Shuttle Expedition kit
    -Ganong’s Chicken Bones
    -Canada Dry heritage bottled Canada Dry Ginger Ale

    A winner will be selected July 1, 2012

    Remember, more questions answered means more chances to win!
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    It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

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    Void in Quebec

    "This contest is open to residents of Canada, except those residing in Quebec."

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    A list of all questions as of May 27, 2012. Remember each questions answered is another chance to win the Ultimate Canadian Prize Pack!

    Check back everyday for new questions!

    True or false? Habs player rocked first goalie mask. http:///KFWvrf

    True or false? Quinzhee is an Athabascan word. http:///KUyiz9

    True or false? Snow particles bond when cold. http:///MR0eEL

    True or False? A well-built Quinzhee can last for years. http:///LzrSjK

    True or false? Down is the ultimate insulator. http:///KNix7r

    True or false? Canada Goose parkas are made with a top secret recipe. http:///K3UiYX

    True or false? You can’t wear two Canada Goose parkas at once. http:///KvEwTx

    True or false? Canada Goose parkas are worth their weight in gold. http:///LqY0di

    True or false? The Newt Suit will prevent undersea death. http:///KViPuv

    True or false? Kayaks were made for hunting. http:///MO1tSA

    True or false? Koya Morita is one helluva Kayaker. http:///KViR5q

    True or False? Goalies refuse to remove masks during the playoffs. http:///LHD29y

    True or false? The Newt Suit is used to recover lost items. http:///LtZi46

    True or False? LIDAR acronym is simpler than you think. http:///JNrZI0

    True or False? JetLev flyer is big in the Capital. http:///LtZosf

    True or false? Ginger ale was banned on trains. http:///LTKCB3

    True or false? JetLev fuels flight with water. http:///KehDWg

    True or false? A goalie mask can almost stop a bullet. http:///MR0YcQ

    True or False? DEXTRE knows nursery rhymes. http:///JuIii4

    True or False? James Bond has a Canadian origin story. http:///K3Vbkv

    True or false? DEXTRE is a Canadian space robot. http:///Kei8zr

    True or False? JetLev part of new and exciting sport. http:///JuIpKq

    True or False? LIDAR used in Phoenix Mars mission. http:///LtZUGF

    True or false? Ultralight chopper mimics the hummingbird. http:///JNswtr

    True or false? The Mosquito is so small, it can fit inside a box. http:///Ku5UBc

    True or False? The Ultraheavy Chopper is called the Anvil. http:///KvFYFr

    True or false? Uno used to come equipped with a coffee maker. http:///MR1s2J

    True or false? Hypothermia reduces the need for oxygen. http:///KkIO1p

    True or False? Standard Time saves vocal cords. http:///MO4TEU

    True or false? Tree sap is an awful lot like water. http:///JZbvCe

    True or false? Military snowshoes are firestarters. http:///Jnmb8v

    True or False? Superman wasn’t always an upstanding citizen. http:///LHF6OV

    True or false? A dentist designed the first snowplow. http:///KUzW3E

    True or False? Snowplow racing is a sport. http:///LHFhKj

    True of false? Sausages inspired Kryptonite. http:///KNkccW

    True or False? Pee soaked handkerchiefs can save lives. http:///L5hNfO

    True or False? Before Mickey there was Gertie. http:///LHFAoj

    True or False? Instant replay was first used at a Leaf/Canadiens game. http:///JZdhDv

    True or False? Late Trains inspired Standard Time. http:///JFb2Bo

    True or False? The first Canadian to go to space was an arm. http:///KkJLqd

    True or false? Child-size ultralight chopper a hit. http:///KvI3kU

    True or false? The Uno is a dicycle. http:///MR2ziO

    True or False? Uno inventor Ben Gulak is the president of a special club. http:///L5iLZu

    True or false? The Canadian heartbeat is slower. http:///K3XgNk

    True or false? Pacemakers keep shrinking. http:///JNu06W

    True or false? There is no symbol for love in Blissymbolics. http:///KVjCM7

    True or false? Stem Cells to bring back the giant beaver. http:///KSUBSm

    True or false? Moth DNA is used in stem cell creation. http:///JZes5U

    True or false? Snowshoeing is great exercise. http:///MR2TxZ

    True or False: NFB’s “Hunger” is an Oscar Award winner. http:///JuJBh3

    True or false? Shipping sugar wasn’t worth it. http:///MR2YC0

    True or False? The Earth’s rotation slows time. http:///LHHULS

    True or False? Ontario is home to the longest snowmobile path network. http:///Ku8M0W

    True or False? Snowplow bikes are gaining traction in Sweden. http:///KVjL27

    True or False? Paul Bunyan was a company man. http:///KNlKnt

    True or False? Gas masks were haute couture. http:///L5jD0n

    True or False? Instant replay revealed that Trout can blink. http:///KnaMuc

    True or False? Canadians Invented the CPR Dummy. http:///MdpdBQ

    True or False? George Washington was born in Ottawa. http:///JC6UTE

    True or False? A Canadian Invented the Wonderbra. http:///MR3gJ8

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    I signed up, but there is no confirmation that you've been entered into the draw after answering questions. I've answered several questions (some right, some wrong). There is no tally on how many entries you have. Once you answer a question, you are allowed to answer it again, so no confirmation if you already answered the question, several questions have a similar theme.

    I'll come back tomorrow and try more questions, since it's an easy contest, but I don't know if I'm actually entered.

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    As soon as a person is registered they have entered the contest. The questions are only made available to a contestant once they are in fact registered and login in, so you can rest assured that you're definitely entered, and each of your answered questions are being tallied as additional entries to the contest!

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    thanks. seems the answers are spelled out though.... lol
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