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Thread: 18,500 bp wus $75 on anything! JUNE 4th-8th!

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    I think it really depends on the different SDM stores since they're all franchises and it also varies from one province to another province. I definitely get my eggs & milk @ SDM as it's almost always cheaper than the grocery stores. Apparently, milk is quite expensive in the Atlantic provinces. I prefer SDM for quick shops (under 30 min) as it's close to my home for me to get to a WM, RCSS it's aminimum of 10 - 15 min drive in the day & not worth it as I have a gas guzzler. One thing I find really helpful is to find 1 or 2 SDMs that are staff friendly, have a good selection of items in the store & have a great clearance section. I remember going to an SDM and seeing Depends for Men on clearance for $5 & then go to Safeway on the same trip & see the exact same item in the clearance for $13. I p/u the Goodnights Jumbo Mats (min of about $13 at RCSS & WM) for $8. on clearance & managed to use a $3. coupon on 20X day, so it just depends on what the individual SDM have stockpiled.

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleBunny89 View Post
    The only thing I find SDM is good for on sale prices that are lower then everywhere else is eggs. Almost always.

    Otherwise I'd have to disagree and say that WM, NF and other grocery stores ALWAYS offer better prices hands down. I find when SDM puts something on "sale" in their flyer its often cheaper if I just go to walmart and buy it when it is not on sale there.

    It actually surprises me to read some peoples brags about paying $5.99 for a block of no name cheese or $3.33 for a case of pop when these items go on sale for way cheaper else where. (Name brand cheese often goes for $3.99 and canned pop for $2.97) Same with things such as Europes Best fruit frozen, didn't Metro have it on sale for like $2.88 a few weeks ago? Thats much cheaper then $4.99 which was the SDM "sale" price at the time.

    But at the same time I realise not everyone can stockpile what they need to make it to the next rock bottom sale. I've sometimes (rarely) found myself buying canned pop at $3.33, but if I can help it I refuse to as its a waste of an extra $0.36, more if I buy several cases.

    I think some are right that it all depends on what you buy, but for us we don't drink much milk or eat much eggs and are stockpiled on most things already. I do find that their papertowel is really cheap then everywhere else and same quality as Bounty so I always buy that.

    I think it also hugely depends on the stores I always hear people saying about managers stickers and clearance but my SDM rarely if ever has anything on clearance and when they do its like $2.50 for Lady speed stick deodorant when you can get it on sale for $2. They also never have manager stickers, only ever seen one once on a tub of Activia yogurt and it was still $4 despite it going on sale often for $2.99

    But to each their own I guess
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    saw milk is 10x the points today so I went to get those,I dont see any good deals that I need expect for the mik, will pass for this one again...

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