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    Tmlskk01's 1st VWT Train!

    I kindly ask everyone to please read over the rules before requesting a seat if you have any questions please contact me.

    I would like to take 8 riders on this train including myself.
    Everyone is welcome as long as they have no negative feedback.

    I would suggest that you have a wishlist of 35-40 coupons (not including FPC's) with several current online coupons (websaver, etc) please remember to have a reasonable wishlist so that someone newbies will be able to send you coupons as well.

    You will be sending each rider 3 coupons from their wishlist (duplicates must be approved by rider)
    Missing coupons are to be replaced with 1 unused p stamp for 1-2 missing coupons.

    If you do not have a coupon from their wish list and cant make other arrangements with the rider please replace the coupon with an unused P stamp.

    Coupons MUST expire on or after July 31st 2012 unless you have the ok from the rider.

    Please forward me any pm's from riders ok'ing substitutions so I wont question your envie when it arrives.

    Only send exact coupons that are on a rider’s wish list please! If someone is asking for 1.00 off amooza twist please do not send 1.00 wub2 amooza twist.

    Please bundle your coupons to each rider with a paperclip, baggie or something similar and be sure to write who it is to and from.

    Boarding Pass:
    Please send 3 unused P stamps to send your envie back

    To reserve a seat:

    1. Please post in this thread to reserve your seat.

    2. PM me asap with your wish list and your mailing address.

    3. Please include at least 30-40 reasonable coupons along with several coupons that are currently available online.

    At the top of your wish list please answer the following questions:

    Toonies for Tummies: Yes or No
    Store Specific Coupons: Yes or No
    French Coupons: Yes or No
    Printables: Yes or No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Yes or No
    Online Coupons: Yes or no


    Let's have some fun!
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