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Thread: Anyone with a child with speech apraxia?

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    My ds started speech therapy at 15 months - he had no consonant babble at all.. In fact e, o was pretty well it.. They wanted to see his play with me and discovered he wasn't looking at me at all - needless to say while no formal dx we did conclude motor speech delay. He said "bye" at 3 after a year and a half of therapy - and NOW - won't stop talking.. He has struggled with dysfluency (stuttering) but we couldn't care less about that.. My posts from 2007-2008 are pretty well largely about that and the worry I had over it.. I would cry myself to sleep at night saying every prayer possible that he would talk and "just be ok".. Truth be told he is now.. With lots of advocacy on my end.. I had countless conversations and *arguments and still do in terms of ensuring he gets what he needs.. He hasn't been in therapy for about 2 years and is now nearly 8.. There IS hope and when you feel hopeless, look at the face of your little one and dig deep down in that mommy place and keep pushing through..

    My ds is testing for his black belt in tae kwon do in December - often reads on the school announcements and loves loves singing virgin radio songs in back seat of car..

    His teacher has said "I wouldn't have noticed a thing unless we were having this meeting about it"..
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