For trade:
FPC Natrel Baboo (exp. Jan 9, 2013)
Similac cheques, $5 and $10
Similac mom cheque, $10 (Exp. Nov. 13, 2012)
$5 off Similac lactose sensitive (exp. April 30, 2013)
$5 off Similac advance with omega-3 and omega-6 ready to feed nursers (exp. April 30, 2013)
2x $8 good start concentrated liquid (exp. June 25, 2012)
2x $10 good start with omega 3&6 concentrated liquid (exp. june 25, 2012)
$3 pediasure complete (exp. february 28. 2013)

$2 pampers diapers or pants (exp. July 15, 2012)
$2.50 pampers diapers or pants AND wipes (exp. July 15, 2012)
$5 pampers cruisers WUB pampers swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive or baby dry (exp. July 15, 2012)

Wish list:

RRLF multiples of $2 Europe's Best Fruit Essentials
$ off fresh produce, chicken, block cheese
SYB pins or LYC pins
Refrigerated oasis FPC
Basically any FPC for food

$ off black diamond block cheese, cracker barrel (any block cheese)
$2 WUB 2 dozen eggs
$ off fresh salad
$ off Boursin cheese
$1 off Peak Freans Lifestyle Selections cookies (or BOGO)
50c any Leclerc product
Cereal coupons (good on raisin bran, cheerios, mini wheats...No great grains or Alpen)
Tostitos coupons
$5 WUB 2 Slim fast meal replacement
$2 WUB 2 Slim fast snack bars

Nice N Easy 3 WUB 2, good on the regular, not the foam (from P&G brandsaver website previously)
$1 off sensodyne toothpaste
$ off Johnson and Johnson (good on Neutrogena sunscreen?)

Plus more... Just ask. No kids no pets, big stockpile, mostly just need food coupons!
Will accept stamps, gcs, shoppers points.

Thanks for looking!