i have:
(2) save $2 green j&j call in coupon-june.30,2013
(1) save $2 green j&j call in coupon-june.30,2012
(2) $5 off m&m meats from canadian tire-june.14,2012-74907973
(3) save $1 on 1 package of any marc angelo product-ned-27910921
(9) save 75cents on the purchase of any catelli pasta product-june.30,2012-10833562
(7) save $3 on any nexxus product-sept.30,2012-89288380
(6) save $1 wub any 2 minute maid 295ml frozen concentrate products-sept.30,2012-65313129
(3) save $3 on any zantac product-july.31,2013-04386722

i am really looking for j&j baby replacement pack,fpc maxx scoop or ne kind of kitty litter fpc, gillette body wash,$10 robax,open to other suggestions(multiple trades) as well thanks so much and plz pm if ur interested in working out a trade thanks