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Thread: Woman stuff

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    I've decided to try an IUD as a last option before a hysterectomy. I'm 37 and don't want kids but the IUD is for non-gyne issues. PMS for me is 2 weeks of worse muscular dystrophy symptoms (weakness, sluggish, trouble functionning), lack of appetite and nausea (and weight loss), and at least a couple days of fever and severe chills. It mentally gets to me due to length, and when i have periods as little as 13 days appart, I'm not over the PMS when it starts again. There wasn't much discussion at the gyno but I suspect it's a reaction to the hormonal changes, and a hysterectomy preserving ovaries might not fix this. I'm at very serious risk of osteoporosis so it's not wise for me to risk menopause. The pill didn't help much and I was sick, so i was kept on it continuously but i was still cycling and bleeding.

    I'm concerned over possible mood and nausea impacts and I know i can't afford either since both would negatively affect my weight gain goals. I almost had to check myself into a psych hospital when i was tried on premarin cream (estrogen). Many people don't have that issue but once you've been there, it's scary to think you could go back. If anyone has had an iud put in, I need to know what it feels like. I've been told it's no different than a pap test but... I think it's standard for a doctor to lie if they know you're afraid, and I've been lied to many times before so I'm seeking truthful info about what this really feels like. I would prepare differently if i know it will hurt more than they say- get a nurse that speaks my first language (soothing), prepare to take a taxi home, bring someone with me, mentally prepare myself for it, get everything i could need when i get home out ahead of time, book extra personal care shifts (need to request extra hours for that normally a month ahead), cancel all committments for a few weeks or tell people I may not be able to commit...

    If the IUD doesn't work out (bad side effects or doesn't fix the problem), I will probably have a hysterectomy preserving my ovaries. Has anyone around here had it in their 30s or 40s? If so, I'd like to know how your experience was.

    Please PM me if you're open to sharing. I don't know anyone who had an IUD and no one I know had a hysterectomy before age 55, and they were all total.
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    I have the Mirena installed 2 years ago. I have no side effect, barely any periods ever, mostly spotting 1x every 2 months.

    Be aware that it nothing like a pap test to install, it does hurt! Major cramping for about 12 hours. I almost passed out on the table not being well prepared mentally. Take some Advil before they install it! Have a ride home and take the day off. After things go back to normal!
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    I have the Mirena, also. Though my experience wasn't as extreme as yours, IMLN.

    It was painful for about an hour. The doctor had me as her last patient for the day so I was allowed to recuperate for a short while.

    I had to drive home since I had no-one who could drive available to come with me..

    I haven't had a period in 7 years. No spotting, nothing. It's been great and it was 80% covered by Mr Penguin's insurance.
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    I am 31 and I had a hysterectomy preserving ovaries this past march because of endometrial cancer.
    It has made a world of difference!
    I was all over the place cycle-wise, I never knew what to expect. I would go months with nothing, and then have a period that lasted a month. There were times I was convinced I would bleed to death while waiting for my operation. I once slept in my bathtub so I didn't wreck my mattress. And I hurt SO much! It was wicked bad.
    Since the surgery I am free!
    No more pms (I was the wicked bxtch of the west)
    No more periods AT ALL
    No fear of wrecking white pants or cute panties
    If you aren't having more children, and you are suffering this much, I would say have the surgery.

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    So sorry to hear of your problems. Just wanted to let you know my experience with iud. I had cramps when it was put in and they weren't that bad. However I did bleed for 16 weeks straight and then Dr. removed it. Wish you the best.

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