For trade, Garnier GC (has my full name on it) valid on any skin care product, Exp. Aug. 17, 2012 Redeemable at
Value Drug Mart
Jean Coutu


Arctic Gardens FPC or BOGO
1$ Fresh Chicken (from Ziploc boxes)

$1.50 Fresh chicken (from Ziploc boxes)
Black Diamond cheese 500g $3WUB2 (from Shopper's Voice)
$2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products (115-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533695
Save .75 on any 1 variety of Chips Ahoy! or Chunks Ahoy! Cookies (280g-350g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533624
Coca Cola/Pepsi (not Pepsi max please)
Dare/Grissol 1$ valid on any (max 2)
1$ Diana Sauce
Dove Nourishing Oil 2$ Aug. 31 2012 or any other source
1$ Driscoll berries (mail out I think)
Dr.Oetker 1$ on any 1 Ristorante or Casa Di Mama
Eggs, save $2 WUB 2 dozen eggs (exp June 2012/call-in/email)
Eggs, save $2 WUB 2 dozen eggs Expiry June 30, 2013 35001524RRLF
.75 Any fresh produce
Hellman's mayo (2012 version isn't out yet)
Heinz 1$WUB3 (2012 version isn't out yet)
High liner, 2$ on the purchase of any high liner 215-700gproduct (Shoppers Voice)
.75 Lactantia butter Dec. 2013RRLF (have enough June exp.)
Lactantia butter 1$ Dec. 2012 (from Shopper's Voice)
Marc Angelo $$ valid on ANY not the super pricey tenderloin only ( ALWAYS RLF)
Maxx Scoop FPC from Purina Kitty Kit**RRLF***
1$ Renee's Cesar RRLF
Another 1$ SummerFresh(have enough June exp.)

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