this is what i have for trade these are the coupons mailed to me
2x1$ any two childrens pepto bismol products exp. aug 31/12
4xbuy3and get 1free christie snacking crackers exp.july31/12
1x2$ on any one cascade action pacs exp.aug31/12
6x save75cents when u purchase any sunstar gum product(good for dental floss ,toothbrush)
2x1$ any !scope mouthwash exp.aug31/12
1x7$when u buy any crest 3D whitestrips exp.july15/12
1x1$ crest prhealth rinse exp.july1/12
1x10$ any one braun electris shaver or epilator exp.aug31/12
1x2$one gilette proseries skin c are exp.dec31/12
1x2$one manual or power fusion proglide series exp.dec31/12
1x1$ one gilettefusion proglide shave prep exp.dec31/12
2x3$any one febreeze home collction exp.aug31/12
1x1$van houtte coffee exp.jun30/12
1x2$ van houtte coffee exp.dec31/12
1x1$asana or (yoptimal french on the other side of coupon) exp.sept1/12
1x1$gay lea gold premium sour cream exp.july9/12
1x1$weetabix 400grm or larger exp.july7/12
1x1$naturegg exp.aug1/12
1x2$ on any 4 x 315ml and 400g selection of carnation breakfest essentials exp.dec31/12
1x 50cents on any one welches exp.sept30/12

nd i have more coupons that i will have to load up tommorw. toilet paper and motts,febreeze,unstoppablesand bounce.

i am looking for enfamil,enfapro,enfagrow, formula, or similac formula any kind coupons. diaper coupons, diaper wipes any kind, but prefer pampers. childrens toys or medicines ex.tylenol. i am also interested in laundry detergent coupons, pediasure coupons,.and aveeno
i am new to this so bear with me but i can finish uploading the rest tommorow on mylunch break.